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????Nokia E63 is now more popular business mobile phone Nokia E71,
Compact, low-end machine is located in the entertainment business
models, compared with E71, although there are some in the
configuration shrinking, but the overall performance and meet the
general user needs The.

Nokia E63 and E71 in appearance design is basically the same, the same
113 ¡Á 59 ¡Á 13mm measurements design. However, the phone switch to the
plastic material on the design and feel worse than the E71 a step, but
the mobile phone thereby reducing the weight of 126 grams, without the
heavy feeling more portable. Another machine is equipped with a
2.4-inch TFT screen material, a resolution of 240 ¡Á 320 pixels (QVGA),
display is still very satisfactory.
In the camera, the Nokia E63 back of the fuselage built a 200 million
pixel camera, built-in flash and self-portrait mirror, to meet the
needs of the user's everyday shooting. In music, the machine's
built-in player supports MP3, WMA, MP4, 3GP and other formats of music
playback and video playback. Also used Series60V3.1 E63 smartphone
operating system, equipped with a ARM11 369MHz processor, and equipped
with a 1500 mAh capacity battery, making it a longer standby time, and
also supports Bluetooth, allowing users to transfer files more easily
in the .
Although the Nokia E63 and E71 compared to their predecessors had
streamlined the functions in the mobile phone is more practical point
of view, the performance in terms of performance but also to meet the
requirements of business people, and the current price is very

(Subject to specific commodities in kind, the above picture for
reference only)

Nokia Nokia E63 (WCDMA / GSM) 3G mobile phone, 3G and easy to enjoy
the fun e-mail, a type of color!
E-mail player get three steps;
Type color both full keyboard design;

Nokia Nokia E63 (WCDMA / GSM) 3G mobile phone features:
Advanced Messaging
Set SMS, MMS and email functions into one, with a full QWERTY
keyboard, enter the quick and easy.

Work online
With a full keyboard and large landscape screen, online access and
update information.

Entertainment Unlimited
In the rest of the time, with music and video Treat yourself. Songs
stored on the device, or listen to FM radio. 3.5 mm audio jack also
allows you to connect like headphones.

Easy access to the content network
Convenient and safe access through the intranet, you can always use
any important tool.

Call Features:
Built-in handsfree speaker
Automatic answer (with headset or car kit only)
Any key answer
Call waiting, call hold, call divert
Call Timer
Logging of dialed, received calls and missed calls
Automatic redial and call-back
Speed dialing
Specific language and non-specific speaker voice dialing (SDND, SIND)
Supports fixed dialing
Vibrating alert (internal)
Contacts with images
Conference Call
Push to talk

Information functions:
Delete multiple text messages simultaneously
Reader, speech synthesis
Distribution lists
Instant messaging (including Presence-enhanced dynamic business card
Broadcast Information

Supported protocols: IMAP4, Mail for Exchange, POP3, SMTP
Support e-mail attachments
IMAP IDLE support
Support for Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email
Built-in Nokia Mobile VPN
Easy and simple e-mail settings

Web browsing:
Supported markup languages: HTML, XHTML, MP, WML, CSS
Supported protocols: HTTP, WAP 2.0
Support TCP / IP
Nokia browser
- JavaScript version 1.3 and 1.5
- Thumbnail
Nokia Mobile Search

GPS and Navigation: Nokia Maps application

Image and sound:
2 million pixel camera / video camera (1600 x 1200 pixels)
Image Format: JPEG / EXIF
CMOS sensor
Digital zoom
Focal Length: 4.5 mm
Focus range: 10 cm to infinity
LED flash
Flash modes: Auto, Off, Forced Flash
Flash range: 1 m
White balance modes: automatic, sunny, incandescent, fluorescent
Capture modes: still, burst, auto timer, video
Colour tone modes: normal, medium brown, black and white,
complementary color
Active toolbar

Main camera / camcorder
320 x 240 pixels, 15 frames per second (QVGA)
176 x 144 pixels, 15 frames per second (QCIF)
Video digital zoom
Video recording file formats:. Mp4, .3 gp; codecs: H.263, MPEG-4 VSP
Audio recording formats: AMR
Video white balance modes: automatic, sunny, incandescent, fluorescent
Scene modes: automatic, night
Colour tone modes: normal, sepia, black and white, negative
Short length (maximum): about 1 hour
Video playback file formats:. Flash Lite 3, mp4, .3 gp; codecs: H.263,
Video streaming: .3 gp, mp4,. Rm
Customizable video ring tones

Music and audio playback:
Music Player
Media Player
Music playback file formats:. Mp3,. Wma,. Aac, AAC +, eAAC +
Audio streaming formats:. Rm,. EAAC +
FM radio 87.5-108 MHz
3.5 mm standard audio jack
Nokia Music Manager
Nokia Music Store support
Nokia Podcasting support
Customizable ring tones
Synchronize music with Windows Media Player
Navi ? multimedia navigation keys support
Speech Accessibility

Voice and audio recording:
Voice command
Specific language and non-specific speaker voice dialing (SDND, SIND)
Audio recording formats: AMR-WB, AMR-NB
Voice Codec: FR, EFR, HRO / 1, AMR-HR and AMR-FR
Speech Synthesis

Personalization: profiles, themes, ring tones
Customizable profiles
Customizable ring tones
Customizable video ring tones
Support the call tone
Customizable themes
The contents of the main screen can be customized for individual
business models and model

Software platform and user interface:
S60 3.1 Edition, E Series
Symbian OS version 9.2
Two home screen modes, including customizable active standby views
Voice command

Personal Information Management (PIM): contacts, clock, calendar,
Advanced contacts database: each contact can have multiple phone
numbers and email details, contacts with images
Support for assigning images to contacts
Support for contact groups
Closed user group support
Supports fixed dialing
Clock: analog and digital
Customizable alarm clock ringing
Calculator with many advanced features
Have the function of week and month view calendar
Unit Conversion
Current notes
Call PIM information viewable during
JavaTM MIDP 2.0
Flash Lite 3.0
Chat rooms and instant messaging
Nokia browser
- JavaScript version 1.3 and 1.5
- Thumbnail
Quickoffice (Quickword, Quickpoint, Quicksheet)
PDF Viewer
ZIP Manager
Document Management
Nokia Search
Nokia Maps application
Adding more applications:
- Use the "Download!" Client
- Over the air (OTA) downloads

Packing List
Battery 1
2G memory card 1
Efficient charger, AC-8C + CA-100C 1
Headphone 1
"User Manual" 1


Function parameters
Wireless Communication Protocol: WCDMA compatible with GSM

Packing quantity: 1


Appearance parameters
* Color: Black


Professional reviews
Type: candybar machine with a full keyboard
Size: 113 x 59 x 13 ºÁÃ×
Weight: 126 grams
Volume: 87 cm3
Full keyboard
High quality QVGA display

Screen and 3D:
Size: 2.36 inches
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
Up to 16 million colors
Two customizable home screen modes

Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/2100
Offline mode

Safety features:
Device lock
Remote locking
Mobile VPN

Keys and input method:
Full keyboard
Special keys: the main screen, calendar, contacts, and e-mail
Smart Input
Quick navigation using Navi ? key
Navi ? key indicator

Micro-USB connector
3.5 mm standard audio jack

Storage function:
microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, up to 8 GB
110 MB internal dynamic memory

Data network:
WCDMA 850/1900
Support TCP / IP

Local connectivity and synchronization:
Bluetooth 2.0
Support MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)
Bluetooth (Bluetooth serial port mode. BT SPP)
Network (Raw). Via TCP / IP socket is connected directly to any
specified port (also known as HP JetDirect ?).
Network (LPR). Line printer program protocol (RFC1179).
Support local and remote SyncML synchronization, iSync, Intellisync,



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pictures and specifications, and without any damage before you sign
package, or you reject, and promptly get in touch with us. In the
event of loss of goods or the number of parcels does not match the
case, both you and the courier once the presence of direct contact
shop, and we will promptly identify and express responsibility to
confirm and replenishment to the buyer, shipping by the responsible

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