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Wealth and prosperity _prosperity of ethics_


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									Wealth and prosperity (prosperity of ethics)
A socio-economic system of production aims to meet the material needs
of society as a whole. In the distribution function, mainly by the
elements of the sensitivity of marginal production sensitivity
coefficient, by a positive correlation to the distribution.
Sensitivity, which meant that a large contribution to this factor of
production; sensitivity to small, indicating little contribution of
this factor of production.
Taking into account this will have a great disparity between the
assigned amount is too large can adjust personal income tax and
corporate profits tax to be adjusted.
Government degree of mediation between the wealthy society the most
powerful person. Government to establish social security system
"pension insurance, medical insurance, housing provident fund
system, unemployment insurance, minimum living allowance, disaster
relief system, benefits system," is the degree of gap between the
affluent society the best adjustment.
Charitable principles of socialism, so strong that the spirit of the
strong and the material can be in danger of social insurance in the
storm of the weak to help. This is also a degree of social well-being
lower in the assistance.
Entrepreneurs, should require them to comply with the socialist moral
concept - the "Eight Honors and Eight Shames" concept; ask
their "veins, the blood of morality." Asking them to
law-abiding business, care about their employees reasonable wages,
working conditions, safety and environmental pollution. Respect their
legal rights, respect their personality and self-esteem, to meet the
psychological needs of workers.
The purpose of wealth creation, is to meet all the people all of
society's material and cultural needs, is to enhance the overall
well-being of society as a whole degree.
From this, the great designers of reform and opening up, the pioneers,
leaders, promoters - Mr. Deng Xiaoping's "Allow rich first, to
promote competition and ultimately achieve common prosperity,"
the principle of how the right!
Prosperity does not mean eating the same big pot, not the same
egalitarian principle of distribution.
If you do not follow the socialist principle of distribution main -
"more work, according to work", that China's economy will
fall back into the quagmire of stagnation. Stalin model, is contrary
to this principle.
If you do not allocate time according to the principles of socialism -
"distribution according to capital," who will use that money
to invest in a variety of property ownership, strong vitality of the
If not according to the principles of socialist welfare and security,
those who, for various reasons do not fit the basic livelihood of
competitors how protected?
If you do not charitable according to the principles of socialism,
there are those who love the heart of the community, emergency storm
good sense the enthusiasm, how can play a useful role in society to
Create wealth should be moral, the distribution of wealth should also
be moral. This is the basic socialist ethics requirements.

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