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									Volume and Price Analysis
Subject: turnover exclusive combat tactics

Vast majority of the stock's daily turnover between 1% -25% (not
including the listing of three days prior to the listing of new
shares), a lot of turnover at the stock concentration of 1% -21%, and
about 70% of turnover of stock at less than 3%. In other words, 3% is
an important dividing line, below the 3% turnover rate is very common,
usually not the performance of funds in which the strength of a larger
operation, when a stock's turnover rate between 3% -7% , the Unit has
entered a relatively active state, should arouse our attention, the
daily turnover of 10% occurs frequently in a strong stock, stock
prices are highly active, in general, these stock markets are being or
have been widely attention. 10% -15% on turnover of stock, if not the
history of the rise in long-term high area or see the top of the time,
it means strong Zhuanggu the massive operation, if the subsequent
sharp callback, the callback process in the volume or volume to meet
at least 1 / 3 rule or 1 / 10 rule could be considered appropriate
intervention, when a stock is over 15% of the daily turnover, if the
stock can maintain transaction-intensive areas in the day running
around, it may mean that the stock market outlook, rising with great
energy potential, is super strong Zhuanggu technical features, and
thus have the opportunity to become a market in the afternoon the
biggest dark horse.
Handicap money changing hands at the state level intervention strategy
trends tend to operate
01% -03% are not concerned about cold and cheerless without wait and
see the direction of retail funds
03% -07% relative active principles of appropriate attention to wait
and see test involved a small rise or fall
07% -10%, a high degree of active attention to buy or sell large-scale
intervention into account the steady rise or fall
10% -15% very active focus deeply involved in large-scale buy or sell
a substantial rise or fall
15% -25% across the board is extremely active intervention is
extremely concerned about the short-term surge forward or center line
clear or fall

Subject: volume picking six principles

1) Any access, are the broader market as the observation point, the
market is bad not to do, not to be confused rising stocks against the
market trend.
2) In most cases, after the price reduction is no longer equivalent
or, if the amount gradually enlarged, this is a good thing.
3) down the process, if the volume continued to shrink and the amount
of shrinkage in the day to "not think Italy" with it, and
when the share price decline has slowed down, is to buy time.
4) volume contraction, the new end point for 2 days no longer occurs,
the amount of primer already confirmed, consider intervention.
5) volume contraction, the show "reduced the amount of price
stability," the longer, the stronger the intensity of future
increases, the larger the magnitude of the rebound.
6) After the amount of bottom, if they storm out of huge, market day
to be especially careful at this time, under normal circumstances, the
volume of the surge is not a good thing, unless the amount of reduced
prices go the next day, otherwise it is just a rebound.

Topic: how to pick the bottom of the big bang dark horse

Investors dark horse in the selection of the bottom of the heavy
volume, the key is to find stocks moderately heavy volume, trading
volume does not zoom in or over-amplification, are not conducive to
the future development of the Unit. If too heavy volume stocks, the
stock tends to consume significantly more energy to do so short-term
follow-up funds are not timely relay, stocks rose to a lack of
continuity of power, so that the rose is often one step, and the lack
of actual investment value. As large volumes are modest, you can refer
to the following indicators, as the stock selection criteria.
First, the stock started early, single-day stock trading volume
greater than five days prior to the moving average trading volume is
2.5 times greater than before the 10-day moving average for 3 times.
Second, the share price one-day session early start than at least 10
or more, close more than to be at least 2.5.
Third, the stock started trading volume remained moderate to enlarge
the initial state, the amount can deviate from the target rate of
VBIAS 3 to 5 days to maintain the rapid and continuous rise in stock
prices and a period of time after the start, many times through the 24
VBIAS 0 axis.
Fourth, the moving average trading volume VOSC index of greater than 0
axis, and gradually move slowly, even if the occasional adjustment,
VOSC indicators are positive for much more than the negative of the
Fifth, the standard deviation of volume quickly rose to the stock
index VSTD rare in the history of the high position, that stock
trading volume over-amplification. The high position of the float caps
for various stocks of different sizes and were active in varying
degrees and different, so there is no certain quantitative criteria,
investors can target based on historical performance of stocks
compared VSTD.
Sixth, the bottom of the heavy volume and stock turnover although
there was an increase compared to early, but the float caps and stocks
is not large compared to the daily turnover of not more than 10% of
Operating essentials: Different surplus stock should be set only bit

Subject: the amount of days and in the amount of

¡ô How to define what is the amount of days? The amount of days before
the appearance of continuous rise in stock prices has emerged, and the
rising great extent, the current prices have been high; shares soaring
into the final continuous sharp rise in prices after the weak; Ding
Fei market sentiment, trading extremely active, positive rumors flying
around; very large degree of transaction activity, turnover for days
remain at 10% or more.
The amount of days there should be how to operate? Once the amount of
days, then away from the peak in stock prices will not be far away, at
this time in the long-term investors should start throwing the hands
of the stock, but has extensive experience of the investors know the
stock price during this period still inertia will be a great time on
the red, will not help throwing in the early to maximize profits, how
to get as much throw profit? Here introduce a "reverse
pyramid" selling method: a huge turnover in the first time,
investors began to throw in the hands of some of the stock, to
positions 1 / 4 is appropriate, and then when the stock price
continues to rise and hit a new high positions after throwing 1 / 4
and overweight sold to raise the rate of 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 (ie positions
1 / 12), which sold the original positions, the third time in sold on
the basis of the number of secondary Adding to sell (1 / 12), all
stock clearing. This way, you can make throws and stock price level of
the stock near the apex, so as to achieve the goal of maximizing
¡ô to the amount of quantitative criteria. Less than 0.2% of the
handover can be seen as to content. Repeatedly or continuously in a
region that appears to amount to the amount of area. Strong background
in land supply has a high reference value, and long-term weakness of
the popular stock, reference is meaningless. In a few cases, shrinking
from a high turnover of fast handover can be higher than the standard.
This is related to the volume shrinkage rate (including space and
In the course of stock prices (regardless of ups and downs), adjusted
by each different section of land in the amount of judgments, to
capture inventory changes! The operator tends to be more rational and

Topic: heavy volume from the bottom of the intention to see the dealer

Generally, when a stock pullback from highs to lows early, due to
large investors tend to decline in this area can not operate, but this
time they took the opportunity to gradually making positions. In
particular, investors should note that some of Zhuanggu noticeable in
the bottom area of heavy volume, the stock rose above 21 day moving
average, then take all the amount of sideways consolidation trend, and
its purpose is to clear the plate and pass the pre-locked Herd chips.
Reflected from the K line graph for the small Yin Xiaoyang, the focus
of its shares to 21 lines as the basis to adjust the volume of the
corresponding previous period began to enlarge the system in the
medium-term moving average 68-day moving average and top-down and
leveling off stock closer. Shares in the bottom of the regional
average for consolidation based on 21, 10 through 21 day moving
average line, the early form of short-term strength characteristics,
once formed two lines through line shape, the stock price will move up
into the mid-market.
1, when the stock bottomed in the low and then increased above the 10
day moving average, the volume slightly enlarged, indicating that the
incremental capital accumulation began to approach, this time not to
rush to intervene. Shares continued to rise until day moving average
above 21, if the recently released volume corresponding to the amount
of days, the price correction to be near to 10-day moving average
intervention 1 / 4 positions.
2, when the stock price pullback to 10-day moving average near
stabilized, rising again to 21-day moving average above the relatively
large volumes, while the 10-day moving average moving average on the
wear resistance 21 into the MACD should fix 1 / 4 position operation.
3, when the 68-day moving average share price successful attack, must
not chase the high operation, because at this time makers often try
for the whipsaw action to reduce the resistance. Investors should wait
for the price pullback to the 68-day moving average support level
stabilized, and after rising again to 21-day moving average above, if
the corresponding large volumes of timely intervention.

Topic: huge big Yinxian, punched a large Zhuanggu

(1) Big Yinxian more massive increase in unilateral large Ushimata,
where the first big Yinxian root huge safety factor involved in the
(2) The next day, the trend is critical, if the closing out of Yang
Xian, and the amount can be indented, dare to intervene.
(3) the date of closing huge big Yinxian, less market rumors of such
If the shares meet the above principles, the rapid intervention unit
can be realized and the generous profit goals.

Subject: Volume and Capital Flows

The operation of stock prices over the long term dominated by the law
of value, but in a period of time, the share price changes are a
direct role in specific period of time the result of supply and
demand. In a particular period, the stock market a share of total
supply and total capital or liquidity is relatively constant, at this
time, the stock price depends largely on changes in demand, that the
flow of funds. In general, capital flows and stock price is
proportional. When the flow of funds increases, the share price has
surged, otherwise down. Because of this, investors must be spotted
when the stock market stock selection within a specific amount of
funds flow. The operation of the stock market the past few years has
proven: only a certain flow of chips stocks finished the transfer of
the weak to the strong, the party may have a strong stock performance.
Speculation of a strong emerging market, if a majority of stocks in
circulation into the hands of large institutions (whether because of
underwriting, placement or secondary market accumulation), the stock's
performance sooner or later there will be amazing; If the type of the
outstanding shares of stock speculation in the main inflow of medium
and small investors after the hands of the majority of chips, then the
market performance of these stocks will look quite a long time weak.
The most important thing is to determine the flow of funds from the
price and volume should be two aspects, the specific rules are as
1, after a long decline in stock prices after the trading volume will
be gradually reduced to the amount of the past are near the bottom. At
this time, less and less volatility of stock prices, and stop down,
volume has shrunk to the limit; Since then, the volume gradually
increasing, and even put a huge amount of phenomena occurs, indicating
that there may be big money involved in the stock, therefore,
investment volume should be particularly concerned about the formation
of "foxhole" stocks. "Foxhole" formation, the
right hemisphere Cheng Jiaoliang constantly increase, or a significant
increase in stock price, trading volume surge in supply and demand
relationship that has changed, has been a big money in Jiancang
Xichou; index fell, stock prices do not fall stocks in particular
should attract attention.
2, in the process of change in the price relatively low, the formation
of double bottom, round and other technical forms, suddenly one day
produce upward gap, with the volume of effective amplification, that
have large funds into the stock.
3, experienced a certain decline in the share price after the stock
price of the first to start a modest rise or fall has been quite a
range of market index, a stock also fell, although a higher turnover
of individual stocks (significantly higher than the market of
turnover), such stocks may have big money to enter. In general, high
turnover in low-cost areas that have large funds Jiancang; large
turnover in the high zone, then there may be a large outflow of funds.
4, due to the specific policy reasons or other reasons, the case of
stock prices continuously fall, this time in the big volume but low
price does not appear further down, it means there is big money in the
5, the share price falling from 20 to 30 percent after the stock has a
considerable investment value, the stock of the situation in order to
form a small box, this time, the share price down below the bottom of
a sudden, a greater volume at the same time shortly thereafter, share
prices rebounded to above the original box, to pay attention to
whether there is big money in the positions.
6,5 days, 10 days average trading volume began to move up, or 5 days
and 10-day volume moving average lateral movement, and one day or
several days of average trading volume exceeded that large
organizations to collect chips at the bottom.
7, at a relatively low-cost regional stock market trading more than
usual, a big hand suddenly appeared on the transaction, if the big
hand appears with more transactions closing bid price of the
transaction just completed is higher, indicating an institution is
willing to sweep high-priced goods, which stocks should pay attention
to class.
8, in the emergence of large trading volume, stock prices and
sometimes there will be no individual stocks with trading volume,
price rise the amount of shrinkage of the situation, indicating that
the stock has a large main intervention, and is lift the share price.
Since then, such as the broader market rose, the stock does not rise,
but volume is shrinking, that there is no large capital outflow will,
or can not be out, when the stock price shock may be the body Xipan
action. If stocks do not generate the broader market rose even higher
this fall, from time to time to enlarge the volume, should pay
attention to large institutions in the shipment.
9, when the stock prices continued to rise for several days, a sharp
increase in trading volume, and shares rose fatigue, or even drop out
of the situation positive, indicating high swings in stock prices,
large volumes, there are funds in large organizations out of the
10, after a sharp rise in stock prices after the price rise if there
is, the case volume is gradually decreasing, the share price at this
time only by the people's confidence in the maintenance, showing funds
are withdrawn from this stock.

Subject: dark horse at the bottom of momentum to find

Bureau of tail section in the disk, long-term bull stock's price trend
has the following characteristics: 1, the band gradually reduced; 2,
the amount of shrinkage extreme; 3, is the increase in volume after
volume reduction, a sudden sharp rise in one day, and the disk out in
Yang Xian, breaking the stock plate Bureau, the share price stood
above the 10 MA; 4, trading volume continued to enlarge, and received
in Yang Xian, together with the principle of three days to leave the
reserve price; 5, a breakthrough, the average start into long array,
The consolidation period moving average is superimposed together.

Subject: dark horse to find volume changes

1, the trading volume on the position of stock price movements in a
row after a huge long-term correction and the stock price rose
slightly bold intervention can not cringe; 2, the high zone in the
huge and significant change in stock price do not chase into; 3, to
rally the shares must have a strong power base, or will not rise, the
greater the bottom of the stock power, the stronger the strength of
its rising; 4, the volume of the Round Bottoms need to be aware that
when The average trading volume usually go to pay special attention,
once the large volumes and slightly higher price, you should
immediately buy; 5, the stock market is the key to profit is to stock
selection, not just look at the general trend to make money, it will
be very easy to make the index lost money; 6, the atmosphere of the
stock market trading volume thermometer, there are many stocks shot up
not because of any significant benefit more than simply supply and
demand caused by the chip, and from the huge volume change, can detect
potential changes in the stock; 7, there is no opportunity to do the
right approach, the stock is not every day that can be done several
times a year is enough, as long as enough fertilizer to seize a few
dark horse; 8, the amount of are leading indicators of price, volume
of technical analysis and stock selection is the most important
decision-making process of the content; 9, in the rising process, if
the volume along with amplification, the price kept rising
continuously, the upward trend has remained unchanged; 10, the
downward trend in volume if amplification, indicating that the selling
pressure does not decrease, while prices remain down, it was down form
the same; 11, in the rising process, if a substantial volume expansion
followed, but the price does not continue to rise, then the resistance
increase, which is a sign of reversal; 12, in a downtrend, if there is
amplification volume, but prices slowed down, indicating that efforts
to increase the bottom support for the rally signs.

Subject: Method to the amount of bear kill

To see the amount of land, means that fell in the end, this time to
enter, will win invincibility. Can really know what to volume is the
key. In fact, when the stock price fell sharply after the stock
long-term sideways, and continue to occur with the polar low level of
volume, average close to the bonding or most of the moving average
down. When these phenomena occur, should be a high degree of concern.
Into the Optional Share in. In the time-line view, should be sideways
moves, the time-sharing amount is very small, at this time because we
have great concern, and to STARE him, and when the details of the
transaction appears on the large single transactions, and in the sub-
When the map appears the amount of dense columns, while time-line flow
upward, closing up one foot the bill appears Paibao style, we now know
that the land supply has emerged. See here, we should understand, the
original amount was later to be know, those "experts" who
say they know ahead of time to volume is deceptive. To the amount of
the original is so recognized.
Measure of real applications:
Due to the amount only after that, then we can not make to the amount
of money?
The answer is yes, but earn more and earn less difference in the level
of actual combat, to buy the land to make money and buy low lost money
in the high and low hand is the difference between a master.
When you should be so high level, in individual stocks is low and the
time-line technology more than I talk about the phenomenon occurs when
you reached in time, you can buy cheap, and the sooner you intervene,
then the lower intervention price, which is the land of the. If you
can not determine the time-line in a timely manner the amount of
premium to the ground, in fact, do not regret it, you still have the
opportunity to find a place on the amount of premium online access,
that is, the better the market in the broader market, you can also
date line appears to amount, the market opened the next day when the
broader market also to the good (the broader market also appeared
before the land supply), the opening to see stocks trading after the
single-active the first time you buy, then you can still make money.
Land supply is relative, not absolute, is the recent low volume on the
line, does not refer to the absolute amount.
Give you a hint: in volume in different periods have different levels
of operational value, Ruoshi only small when the value of the
corresponding real money at this time must not be large. Strong City,
the entry corresponding to the amount of funding can be increased to
less than half, when profits are a plus after. This is conservative,
but, to ensure the safety of your money. 5 minutes on land supply,
land supply on 15 minutes, 30 minutes to land supply, but also to the
amount of 60 minutes, but also to the amount on line, but also to the
amount of weekly online. The measure of a combat role.
The amount on line also has to this moment in terms of the domestic
stock market is not much real meaning.
Discovered in 5 minutes than 15 minutes to the amount found to enter
into the lowest ... ..., but K line to level if you odds are not high,
risk is also large. Another practical effect is that: When the line in
the week did not intervene to find a good measure of time, you can
find the time line in Japan, the Japanese did not find the time line
to line at 60 minutes to find. Generally low level of people who want
to not less than 30 minutes to find the opportunity.

Theme: The four important signal of funds approach

First, the bottom of the heavy volume is a broad market or individual
stocks Going signals. Generally speaking when the stocks to bottom in
the bottom of the plate does not have a large volume of the
amplification, but that when the stock price at the bottoms have a
greater upside, but not quietly amplified volume stocks, should pay
more attention.
Second, the reduction is repeated shocks after the capital stock of
the entry signal. After a lot of stocks down after the release due to
risks of which attract new money involved, but these funds are not
eager to move up after the intervention, but repeated whipsaw in
volatility low into the patient accumulation, " double bottom
"," composite end "and have consequently developed.
Generally not large volume of capital accumulation of stocks is not
large, oscillation amplitude is limited.
Third, try to be brave in the stocks market trends is an important
approach the performance of funds. Any strong stocks in the broader
market downturn, there is no financial support strength can not be
done, should be concerned about small stocks in which the cumulative
Fourth, weak stocks for many years after the event of a strong upside
to pay attention to bottom.

Topic: Using 5% on stock selection handover

"5% of the stock selection date Ideological hands," the
starting point is just beginning to find stocks rise, increased wave
in the medium to long term bull market held substantial weakening in
the trend of throws to achieve profit maximization. "5% of the
stock selection date Ideological hands" There are two
prerequisites. First, in a bull market into the broader market.
China's stock market has a distinct cyclical characteristics, bear and
bull alternating intervals. Second, to choose among stocks in the hot
plate. "5% of the stock selection date Ideological hands,"
the content is in meeting these two conditions, investors can consider
options at more than 5% of turnover, less than 10%, and beyond the
previous resistance level stocks.

Subject: buy shrinkage method

In general, the turnover of massive release, the stock price often at
relatively high; transaction extreme atrophy, indicating a relatively
low share price has dropped, which buy short-term look particularly
effective if a certain volume of shares within a period of time to
gradually shrink, equivalent can not shrink further, it often means
that the price will be stabilized. As for the decline to what extent,
this is not defined criteria. In general, the hot stock trading volume
in a month to the lowest level, the stage may occur at any time lows.
The method of capturing more appropriate time to buy hot stocks,
especially early in the hot stock periodically adjusted, often with
renewed wave of opportunity, this time the situation can be observed
the shrinking volume, once the capacity to hit a recent low , that may
have been the advent of low stage, while less popular stocks, stocks
in decline, are not suitable for this method, these stocks are traded
may be shrinking but stock prices still have not repeated the
situation stabilized, the reference value is not . Low shrinkage
occurs after the bottom is not necessarily important, sometimes just a
low stage. Therefore only suitable for finding short-term lows. Find
the bottom of important, need to be integrated with other methods

Subject: turnover is judged

First, the turnover of 1% to 2%, the share price run in the narrow
range of small Yin Xiaoyang, the trend in general is more prevalent in
sideways, the operation is also known as the retail market. There are
several stock market operations which do not participate in market:
First, the market shrinkage adjustment is not involved, that is a
waste of time and bear the market risk, greater than 90% odds each
Second, the market or individual stocks held by their big sun do not
participate, making this form is often the shipping time.
Third, the holders of the stock price is relatively high in the
massive release does not participate in, and this is making shipment
Fourth, the public does not participate in a profitable, announced a
financing tend to not participate in the message.
Second, turnover increased to 3% to 6%, stock price movements are
usually more active there, but not necessarily produce a breakthrough
price. If this handover would affect stock prices can continue a wave
of larger market.
Third, the turnover reached 8-15%, the stock will have a breakout,
generally relatively common platform is a breakthrough Jiancang
overstating the trend, it was known as aerial refueling.
Fourth, 25% of turnover there, and even more than 30%, belonged to the
transaction behavior, such as for Chuang, inverted positions.
To decide turnover, we must note: turnover market size is that the
level of activity to promote the size of judgments without too much
precision. Not by calculation of turnover is too precise, if passed,
will enter errors pursuit of perfection, so the turnover is judged to
see trading volume over time to measure the trend of stock prices to
run, looking for the direction of even pairs. Such as the use of
pre-contrast head area of the head area, or down by a wave form of the
increase in the cumulative form of comparing the transaction change
hands. Judged able to produce a breakthrough deal to enlarge market,
do not use a single specification, but also with other indicators
common judgments.
1, the share price movements in the relative volume of the bottom
judged formulas: large volumes, prices do not rise, for moderate
bargain-hunting; large volumes, the price of slow rise, volume and
price synchronization can be appropriate follow-up; large volumes, the
price shot up, and sealed in the daily limit, you can wait and see
holding; large volumes, the price closed at the trading board,
sometimes open and sometimes shut, turnover was massive form, that
dealer shipments, should always buy low, sell high throw well.
2, the share price movements in a relatively high volume judged
formulas: large volumes, prices do not rise, for moderate throw; large
volumes, the price of slow rise, volume and price synchronization,
moderate to heavy volume, can be fixed amount to cover short positions
or holdings; deal huge amount of release, price gains little departure
from the trend of price formation, should be adequate to lighten up;
large volumes, the price break on line, form and other important
resistance level, if not upward breakthrough test panel is generally
regarded as action may be appropriate lighten up operation.

Title: Analysis of the amount of energy

1, Qiu Feng-style content to: specific features for each time a low
amount of energy is greater than the peak before the peak of a cycle
of low amount of energy involved in this for the main symptoms. In
general, the main intervention of a stock, there is a silent process
of accumulation, once the accumulation is completed, the control disk
to move up about 30% will be entered. According to the mound every
band peak amount of energy consumed to run the total volume to be
judged, if more than float caps, then the main accumulation completed.
At this point, if the K chart also shows sound waves, you can
intervene at the bottom.
2, holding high the amount of playing style can purchase: their
performance is more than the stock after half sideways, and suddenly
the amount of amplification can be dramatic, broke through the
previous high point. Quantify the amount of rapid amplification and 5
daily, but the average daily volume of 10 lines slowly rising. From
the price point of view, as a pre-reciprocating shock Changyang will
organize a small step to make small Yangxian Yinxian step. Once these
stocks, investors should pay close attention to changes in its
turnover, specifically, the market there are two ways. A, the main
continue to hold high the high hit, a squeeze means, the amount can
continue upstream along the channel in the short term, until the
turnover rate of 80% or more, before an adjustment for shrinkage.
Reflected in the stock price run chart, for the long drive straight on
the horse movement, went along the line of 5 daily online; disk even
have retreated, also obtained at 5-day moving average support. B,
average finished lower forms show the platform consolidation, but the
average price at the top will come to the heavy volume adjustment is
completed. Even one day late the amount of average daily volume to
less than 5, will fall in the average daily volume of 10 or 20 near by
the support, indicating that short-term strength of more balanced long
and short sides. In case of such a situation, investors can lower the
amount of the fork in the 5 day average daily volume or about 10
through 10 under the average daily amount, the lower shadow part of
the intervention.
3, foxhole-style accumulation amount of energy: focus on the specific
characteristics of a time period (less than 5, usually 1-2 days) heavy
volume, and then suddenly shrink the amount of energy, but each volume
can have high-low in the amount of energy before the wave of the
bottom bit. In other words, the amount of energy has entered a rising
channel. K line from the combination of view, the amount of energy in
the first cycle, were suddenly pulled out a long Yang Xian, and then
down. Presentation box medium and long term operation, if the
continuous release huge late, beyond the previous maximum amount of
energy that at the time said the stock will enter the holding high
above stage play, which means the stock move up soon. Settled in the
main of such stocks are quite patient, in general, does not suck
enough chips in the bottom position and never act in haste. The first
attack, just do test the market reaction after the whipsaw in a number
of quiet, slips out of non-firm elements lay the foundation for future
mobilization started. For such stocks, investors tend to move up in
their time of sudden thrown, and crafty use of this psychology is the
dealer pulled up on the eve of the final will be part of the
shareholder out the door; only those who truly have confidence in
order to Dancing with the village last laugh.

Subject: Quantitative Analysis of cheating

1, the theoretical trap. Shrinkage, heavy volume of technical analysis
in real guidance in how to say have a reason. For example, not with
the amount of stock to run up and down, you can say "limitless
rebound, there is no strength"; also say "very light dish
upside shrinkage"; release a lot more can be said that
"heavy volume upside, showed their out"; " heavy volume
upside, the Lord began to rise, "and so on. Ends of the usual
argument to say that the volume, scale ups and downs are reasonable,
but, in the end the argument right?
2, operating trap. The amount of many ways to cheat: the price in a
big bang, follow the trend of hot money to attract attention. Or at a
particular time interval bang, like, crash - Zhencang and Xihuo,
pulled up - playing high Jiancang or shipping; concrete can also be
described as: handoff heavy volume; for Chuang bang, shock heavy
volume, stable heavy volume to suppress heavy volume, pulled a big
bang, on heavy volume down. On the contrary, there are similarities
between shrinkage statements. The difference is, alert volume combined
use of anti-do tricks.
3, the technology trap. In the combination of volume and turnover are
the graphical trend curve exert efforts, through effective amount of
deception to induce Techies illusions.
4, the psychological trap. Were confused by the shareholders, but not
the amount of not operating, hope heavy volume; saw heavy volume,
nervousness, fear or eat heavy volume Ta sets. In the "hope the
amount of disease" and "fear of the amount of disease"
in helpless wandering.
5, the amount of the phenomenon of cheating. Huge amount of pending
order, trace the transaction, or bulldozer tactics, large pending
order large transactions, resulting in heavy volume upside trend
false; pricing bit reactor volume, mainly in the fixed price (eg,
integer, or every 5, every 10) reactor volume, pulled up, there will
be the next hit is this scenario, the region in regulating the price
of a standard amount of the price often comes from making the heap on
the back plate; regular heavy volume, as in sideways, almost within a
fixed time every day of the fall release disk, the stock price move up
or suppressed, possibly with pictures, cheat line, or test plate that
is should not be regarded as a normal heavy volume; opening, closing
or a specific period, the amount of transient heap (often Cijing
leading shares), often occur simultaneously transaction price and
quantity, and the daily difference is the amount of regular expression
match the offer or the extremes of divergence.
6, sub volume, according to price the stock is not an isolated
operation. Can also be said that the potential volume, sub-contracting
services in the amount of potential and should be sentenced to price,
rather than ends. Here the price does not mean the general trend of
price fluctuations, but prices are likely to support a certain amount
of space to run to reach the range. I understand, the price can run in
a certain space inspection volume changes, the marginal price than the
general non-inspection, the price more easily grasp the volume of
space to run in a particular state of the degree of influence.
7, anti-cheating idea of the amount of operation.
1) The assumption that stock prices may run a few waves, then, may
change in the direction of the "wave" "wave base"
key price (pre-only hypothesis), if the amount of abnormal situation
scaling should be alert to detect whether there is transaction price .
If you can figure out in advance the price of room to run, the natural
rate can increase the sentence wins.
2) Suppose the stock at a fixed interval can occur anywhere in the
upper and lower space, that is the level of the difference (if not
profit margins, do not concern). So, when the price can be calculated
to run to run the space near the upper and lower bounds, there
abnormal trading volume, price discrimination will focus on
observation and the next step will be a callback, or other space for a
run "box"? As for the current at which the waves run very,
if not the number of wave master, you can not do short-term struggle,
a few waves to avoid being confused. Do not have to memorize the
specific measures of trading volume. For example, observe the big
bang, as long as the list continued to find larger each transaction,
trading volume continued to increase columns than ever before,
continued to increase compared to an instant change can be ignored.
Prices run about the room, with his most familiar method, much the
8, the main capital movements, and the volume is not fully reciprocal
relationship. So, how to look at volume, turnover, and the amount of
energy (including the aggregation and release), as well as chips
computing problem, from the general trend of the analysis, I am afraid
that the defects are inevitable. The end of March 2000, the market has
undergone a qualitative change in the basic. Previously have been
eliminated many so-called cheats. Regardless of the design formula, or
calculation of costs, as if the only right thing before the investment
and analysis, even in this market will lose more residues. Sometimes
we think that the algorithm is stylish, often may have a very absurd

Subject: short-term capacity to arbitrage tactics

Need a strong professional experience and feeling of a fast market,
the specific practical application and the broader market has a closer
Amount to strong market arbitrage tactics: open than the first K-line
graph, respectively in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, which
market volume which the market was large or hot, which advanced;
select those K line, the daily KDJ Chuyu low, the first root heavy
volume Yang Xian, a theme, the overall volume can be large, the small
circulation of capital stock; according to the severity of the amount
of funds and positions to choose 2 to 4 intervention and follow-up
should be left Budie funds; according to intervention stocks strength
of short-term performance of profit-taking or stop loss situation.
Vulnerable to arbitrage market, the amount of tactics: open the volume
of the final ranking of the K line graph, respectively in Shanghai and
Shenzhen stock markets, which market volume was small or what the
market led by the plate, which advanced; select those K line is down
stop position, the propeller line, K line is low, a small flow of
capital stock; choose a variety of conditions, the center line of
outstanding amount of intervention, and should allow sufficient
follow-up several times Budie funds; as long as 10% of profit to be
profit-taking .

When using this formula, note that strong in the ratio, the amount of
energy, or use the list and open-ended.
When using this formula, note that the Low and High K line and
application of the formula.
When using this formula, note that a battle of wits with Zhuanggu.
When using this formula, note that the low K line Zhuanggu.
End of the year this stock more.
When using this formula, note that the Low and High K line and logic
When using this formula, note whether the target shares to lighten up.
This is the weakest of the heaven-sent opportunity.

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