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									                    INTERREG IV PROGRAMME 2007-2013
     Northern Ireland, the Border Region of Ireland and Western Scotland.

                         PROJECT PIPELINE ASSISTANCE

                            Note on Application Process


The Special EU Programmes Body is Managing Authority for the INTERREG IV
Programme in Ireland, N Ireland and Scotland. The Draft Operational Programme is
now available for comment as part of the formal consultation on the programme. The
Consultation will close on 30th April 2007 after which the SEUPB and the respective
Member State authorities will consider responses received and amend the
programme as necessary.

It is expected that the programme will be forwarded to the European Commission for
approval in early Summer 2007 which means that approval will be expected in late
summer/early Autumn.

It is anticipated that the first call for applications will occur in early Autumn and the
SEUPB wants to ensure that applicants are in a position to submit proposals when
the programme is rolled out to ensure effective implementation of the programme
and to avoid the late start which impacted on INTERREG IIIA.

Call for Development Assistance

Under the Technical Assistance budget, the SEUPB is making funding available for
the development of joint project plans (Preparatory Projects) between
    Partners in Ireland and N Ireland and
    Partners in Ireland, N Ireland and Scotland in line with the outline objectives of
      the draft programme and its two key priorities:

Co-operation for a More Prosperous Cross Border Region and
Co-operation for a Sustainable Cross Border Region.

The thematic areas within these priorities are set out in the draft Operational
Programme. Although the draft Operational Programme is subject to change as a
result of the public consultation and negotiation with the EU Commission, it is
considered an appropriate basis on which to proceed with project preparation. The
determination on the eligibility of any activity will be determined by the final agreed
Operational Programme.

Areas of Activity

The purpose of this call is to ensure the timely commencement of the Programme.
We are currently inviting preparatory projects in respect of the themes set out below.

Themes for preparatory projects:
          Promoting innovation and growth in new and existing businesses;
          Promoting research and development
          Tourism product and marketing development; including opportunities arising
           from the maritime nature of the eligible region
          Spatial planning and cross border information analysis and sharing;
          Improved cross border coordination in local service delivery;
          Cross border solutions to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy including
           research projects
          Cross border approaches to waste management;
          Cross border approaches to environmental management
          Sustainable use of marine based resources
          Cross border transport solutions which address issues of accessibility.

Lead Partners

All successful applications funded by INTERREG IV will be implemented by Lead
Partners. A lead partner will be responsible for the following in accordance with
Article 20 of regulation 1080/2006:
     Guaranteeing the sound financial management of the funds allocated to the
     Ensuring the implementation of the entire project;
     Ensuring that expenditure claimed by the partners meets the objectives of the
        project and agreed activities;
     Verification of expenditure.

The SEUPB is therefore inviting applications from potential lead partners who can
meet the following criteria:

          Demonstrate financial management competence, this will normally involve
           having an annual turnover of not less than €750,000.
          Provide evidence of satisfactory Corporate Governance procedures.

 Assistance for Preparatory Projects

 The purpose of the preparatory project is to develop broader partnerships and
 facilitate drawing up of joint projects. The preparatory project is intended to lead to
 an application for project funding from the INTERREG IV Ireland, N Ireland and
 Scotland Programme. The award of a preparatory project does not guarantee that
 funding will be approved for the substantive project.

 Expected Outputs

 Assistance will be provided to successful applicants in order to enable lead partners
 to develop strategic projects in line with the draft programme and priority objectives
 and should result in the following:

           A detailed project plan including the need to be addressed, and project’s
            objectives, outputs, activities, project partners, main beneficiaries, budget
            and timeframe for implementation. Reports must be presented in the format
        requested by the SEUPB, and contain sufficient information to enable a full
        economic appraisal to be completed on the proposal

 Further guidance will be available from the SEUPB for successful applicants.

 All projects must be completed by the 30th June 2007, unless otherwise
 agreed. Failure to complete by this date may result in costs being considered

 Eligible costs:

 Consultancy fees
 Travel costs

 The following costs are not eligible:

 Management costs.
 Staff costs
 Overhead costs

 A single payment will be made on satisfactory completion of the project. No
 advance or interim payments will be made.

 Application Process

 Application forms are available from the SEUPB Website,
 Applications can be submitted by email to or in hard copy to
 Special EU Programmes Body, European Union House, Castle Meadow Court,
 Monaghan, Ireland. Applications will be assessed by a panel and in order to be
 considered at the first panel meeting, applications should be submitted by 23rd
 March 2007. Thereafter the Assessment Panel will meet as necessary.

 Information required

       Applications should demonstrate how they meet the programme and priority
       Applications should detail their key objectives
       Description of Partners with letters of support from partners demonstrating
        cross border nature of proposal
       Annual Accounts for 2005 and 2006 from the Lead Partner should be

A selection panel has been established to consider these applications and it is
anticipated that grant awards will be made no later than one month after the closing

For further information on the process, please contact, SEUPB, Monaghan on +353
(0) 47 77003.

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