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					Usually in good health
Li Tianping death photo
Lee combined to narrow the dead
Guajiqishou good secretary

"Secretary Li, you are too weary, you lack collapse, people take
not lose your walked! ... ..." That's non-April 21 night, is full
of copper County small? Town, village lanes under a single white, a
real young Little by little the income received back a team like
sobbing crying off buried. That day, when the village of 2,200 small
village officials received with cold tears the mother killed the good
results of other books received Li Tianping, Night away with a real
grass-roots level off for the "village" of admiration, Li
Tianping forget to leave the homeland single white village, to
understand a great addition to a small breeds hate the sense of
destruction has been new.
Lee Dizefanli
¡ñ 1956 Äê born on October 18 night
¡ñ 1964 Äê 9 months to November 1977, after the first is homeland to
teach reading and learning outside the big book
¡ñ 1977 Äê 12 months to December 1982, is a unit of the Death of
¡ñ 1985 Äê 12 months to November 2005, after the former Temple of the
village from the free, a small village books forgotten war? Town
¡ñ 2005 Äê 12 months to April 2010, after the former Ministry of
single-income members of the White Village, from the free running
master room, the village sub-collection book was forgotten
¡ñ 2010 Äê 17 April home late night fruit
Degree of fruit disease lack functional death Yat
Reporter is a single white village interview, sparse eye witness to
narrow Lee sudden cerebral hemorrhage combined income of the village
official world wide Lu Li t forget those who recall the tears back the
situation in advance.
April 17 evening, in town to go to neighboring counties-governmental
organizations should apologize survey studies to establish a path to
the old village, Li Tianping off outside the village with a few actual
generation of years later. The late night, he suddenly received a
cerebral hemorrhage, close to the hospital to save, at 19:40 together
to save the effect of maternal death.
Since the department's fall when the county seeking to promote a video
material look to the next, on April 21 night memorial for Li Tianping
behavior will be the night to escape female, daughter of Qi Village,
are conscious long rush, and 1000 had less income only The line is
several hundred meters.
Single white village with 540 non-a small village of 2,200 has been
missing. Tian-ze is worry-free village, the party received the book
forget points 8 months due to less work outside, when the village of
30 small wild bamboo shoots under the scope of the gradual reduction
of agricultural enterprises, the product entry into the sea, are the
city of Tianjin and other large supermarket, the annual output value
of 1.6 million yuan ; all dead inorganic industrial class support to
20 small family farmers to carry out; 2009 Qi village had to break all
spending 5,000 yuan, little uniformity of the next Yu Qi fee.
Leaving a small collection of words written notice Zhou Miaoliang
reporter with sobs: "He Yi lack of non-power degrees and go.
Five-day evening not to, Secretary Li left the room to do the task
master. A muddy towards people from the village to run the Department
of Mother House by the power, look see his mother running out room
lights off, that is the last day of the morning remember the lights,
out for a look, Shanghai printing, it is found that Li Shu forget
mother is being done. "
Zhou Miaoliang Road, Secretary Li was 54 years old, usually a very
good body. However, he became the first, because pressure is too
small, something personal to do with giant thick all day, all over the
back in the Dutch mission. Great fun to run the temple, the Wo group
several villages par 200 less Azeta irrigation item classes, he slept
on a day three or four large, so that 50 million yuan of funds and to
make things that continue to miss out of pity.
"He was too weary ... ..." Zhou Miaoliang only recall the
case of prior song tears drip.
1 Catholicism see evidence of small school feeling of hate
Entry into the village in a single-wide white fire clay speaking side,
no one applied anti-seize farmland in the construction of agricultural
days, the village school to teach small Panlan big stinky to inform
reporters that Secretary Li endured sufferings and that is only
running capital repair of village Big teach the old school to take. Qi
Village, 150 non-teaching age girls less real, just a rudimentary
school education side, and the only one to two year of Kai set up
courses, Mr. other year to go to a dozen universities outside the Tian
Zhufeng be read. Li Tianping office visits in which the time to
understand the situation, the eye at once wet, the smell will be back
Panlan promise that fall through sale of iron, there is no
agricultural income, but also must learn to take repair only.
For this promise, a month, he rode off into the motorcycle after the
first 16 principal county, in the end Ruyuan into the establishment of
funds approved white war. Points about to be completed in August of
two old school to take, Panlan foul Road, Secretary Li women who no
longer look than children in the village of Catholicism my school
reading this day. Tao Li Tianping only woman who's caring for the
child, Panlan foul by the recall only one thing, this is the autumn
festival in previous years, Kai has just taught the day before,
Secretary Li to face learning and teaching women to visit their
children and found that Mr. steamed rice to the Long Ti good a grid.
The first two days, he will work in the county to purchase the old
Long Ti, and removed the person.
16 per loan together a good shot Hun Lim complain
Li is to narrow the relics, the forgotten who look to a former death
together, it was not his wish to apologize to investigate the death of
the first, hides the body under a special legacy, the following
non-lending only 16.17 yuan.
Li is to narrow the field, the humble housing, fan wild with humble,
do not look down to a level of contents. Notice from the free Li
Changhui forgotten village who,, he often fight
with Lee to narrow into the well, then the smallest sense of Mongolia
is lack of non-very sweet, not only from war is not chartered to
suffer, and to eat nor charge another fee. Village people fire Xiao Ju
Road, without a master, he war only into the Li to narrow a good song
to the morning a small plane, the two have lost hungry belly ring
female cuckoo, he was Road, tomorrow, eat the "small meal."
Consequences of non-wild is a big restaurant county, spent 12 dollars
to eat a tofu gangwa a war.
Li Tianping single white village since before taking office, the
village gradually deteriorating finances, but since there is no static
public money to finance the next joint, a non-Chi is also a section to
the only 900 dollars less, I advance tickets.
Fu F: husband of the demolition of 200 women to take off without loss
Li Tianping's husband female Sun Xialian look off husband wife's
portrait, Road, husband of 30 years only intrigues women suddenly the
world together, no fighting off thoughts of sadness too. Sun Xialian
Road, the balance is not to the task, he gave the women their
husband's feelings of affectionate woman had thrown aside, he looks
she received from a class of hate. Sun Xialian young to suffer from
asthma without air-dried, not the Heat. Li Tianping even then busy,
just not in the opposition into, all bed clothes will be the evening
only. Specially in the beginning of winter frost winter, husband of
the woman washing her look see the negative impact, the extraoral an
influx of sorrow and grief warfare branch of shame, song, now, every
morning dream, a dream by will see that the negative has been warm to
her shadow.
Sun Xialian into a one-day average volume in the demolition notice
forget those things that non-life to ze power of a single one off the
best clothes. Is selected in previous years in March to charges, so he
purchased after the speech, translation company, spent 200 yuan, the
exhibition company, try off, he cried all mouth open no rope failure.
Come and go, but finished a lecture on learning in the service branch
just get it off without loss.
Children: New Year's Day as the father of four main reunited cold rice
Lee Hall Lee to narrow the children, is younger brother had been
outside the three percent maximum. Lee Hall Road, arrogant impression
of the father we would not have a "busy", no matter in which
removal of all the village is Rubi. Wang Shi previous years, New
Year's Day, good simple food groups Qijia square meal preparation, and
my father suddenly handed a two county official disputes endure busy
telephone frame. Quickly put his hands outside of the dead, continued
to mediation before the morning bell to 9 face less opposition, during
reunion dinner are four main cold. The father had been ashamed days
for Saino Road, Liang-You are certainly are wild with Allison power a
year, but the day did not go there permanently.
In 2003, the Office of Examination and the appropriate Li Qiu-sheng
Fan, fruit field of poverty, his father ran in the West seek to go pay
back the money under her teaching, then continue the night out on day
class smell mushrooms debt. Two years later, she married into the
coming year, my father just to a single white village office, without
a successful town, main road, to visit her wild Dazhong Sun. The
Father Road, she would fight, he actually slept tired days off, Lee
Hall's father sad look off a long-term loss of a weeping.
Bong Ju's Old White / Chart

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