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									UF eHR professional life
"From the U.S. financial crisis sweeping the globe, at different
stages of development of Chinese enterprises are also differences in
the organization to take Raiders. To survive break down or type of
business engaged in a business combination, sale of bad assets,
looking for areas in transition, emerging in the human resources
management people are much more cut, pay cuts, freeze on recruitment
and training plan, adjusting the organizational structure. strategy to
upgrade enterprise in the timely adjustment of strategic arrangements,
efforts to find new market opportunities, and enhance internal control
skills, emerging critical human resource management To strengthen the
performance management system and training system construction, carry
out detailed management, optimize workflow, organizational structure,
job structure and the personnel structure, the key to long-term
development for enterprises to reserve personnel, adjustment and the
permanent encouragement, etc ... ... "
Mildly entertaining, you may think this is a human resources
management consulting company to explain to customers the economic
crisis of human resources management strategy. In fact, this is the UF
vice president, eHR Wu Xiaodong, general manager of software in recent
days at UF in 2009 made new business conference keynote, pointing its
sword of economic crisis to upgrade human resource system, the
professional solution .
Professional life, this is UFIDA Wang Wenjing, president of UF's
strategic business unit for each direction, eHR Division took office
early in the Wu Xiaodong, general manager had just been the time, that
focus on the team, product, implementation and other related links
professional building.
Each private experts are eHR
Become an expert of human resource information, which is Wu Xiaodong
eHR Division of the requirements of all personnel, whether they are
engaged in sales, implementation, product management, or research and
development. Wu Xiaodong frankly, this is a specialized division eHR
Human Resources Management Service Provider the necessary conditions.
On the "professional" persistent pursuit, not only inherited
the UF "professional life" philosophy has always been, but
also from the Division of eHR business needs a deep understand the
situation changes. Which surfaced in 2008, was particularly prominent.
In 2008, influenced by China's Wall Street financial crisis resulted
in drastic changes in the overall economic situation, more and more
Chinese enterprises began to seek resources from the original
expansion to upgrade the efficiency of road type. Complete Human
Resources Management System companies are going to be determined
whether the key to victory in one of the core transition. As Wu
Xiaodong said, the economic crisis, the Chinese enterprises to upgrade
human resources management system urgently, "optimize labor
efficiency, enhance corporate performance" has become more
business for the winter holes Raiders.
Wu Xiaodong think the upgraded HR system should be sufficient to rely
on driving business value creation, along with efficient and effective
by enhancing human ability to effectively monitor labor costs. The eHR
system must also conform to upgrade human resource management needs to
change to a more professional products and services to help companies
successfully implement management restructuring and upgrading. For a
time, Chinese companies increasingly rational selection of eHR systems
are no longer superstitious "foreign brand", but more and
more software vendors value the "professional."
Is a measure of the degree of specialization team eHR software vendors
an important indicator of professionalism, this business unit in the
UF eHR a long time. More than 3 years experience in human resources
information technology accounted for 90% of the people, more than five
years accounted for 80% of staff, this division for the eHR Human
Resources Management as a professional service organization has laid a
solid talent base.
In the promotion of human resources management information process, Wu
Xiaodong deep feelings that, to meet strong market demand, we have
only eHR division is not enough to become a professional organization
to succeed, it needs with relevant professional bodies together to
promote China's human resources information, with the development of
professional services skills. Therefore, eHR Division actively and
Mercer, Watson Wyatt, Hewitt, PKU, China cornerstone of the strategy
is slightly Kwan human resource consulting and other well-known
Chinese and foreign institutions, training institutions, and Tsinghua
University, Renmin University, Capital University of Economics, etc.
institutions of higher education human resources management research
Track system of the project implementation
UF Division of eHR, although most of the past two years the
implementation of the project company is a large, complex projects,
data analysis capacity, and more for cross-regional and even
cross-industry applications, but the delivery rate is still reached
100%, software vendors in the country in the table called "the
implementation of a miracle," general manager for this
implementation services Suhua quite touched.
Su Hua still remember the Chinese People's Insurance Company of assets
(PICC) the implementation of this project difficult. With a huge
number of human resources, if they can not generate enough business
value, it will degenerate into a mere cost center, dragging down the
performance of listed companies PICC. Therefore, PICC feel the need to
accelerate the upgrading of human resources management, strengthen the
standardization of the management of human resources, so as to adapt
to changing market environment. This is a relatively heavy burden of
history the company, who complicated. In such a complex environment
for project implementation, when the Chinese leadership for Su
Services for the implementation of eHR is tantamount to a severe
Difficult to implement other projects no less than PICC. China
Telecom, China Unicom, China Post, the Three Gorges, Sichuan, tobacco
and many other large groups still did timely delivery of projects,
customer satisfaction, up to 95% on average. Induction to the
satisfaction of Su Hua is the million yuan level of large projects can
be delivered within a year. You know, on time delivery of quality
guarantee customer satisfaction is related to important issues, and
customer satisfaction is directly related to the late addition of
information systems during the vendor selection. Therefore, the
delivery rate is achieved UF can win the key indicators of customer
operations and also UF can achieve its "lasting a customer
trusted partner" Vision of key elements.
If the sum up to Su Hua Cheats delivery rate increase, as he and Wu
Xiaodong answers - professional.
Track system of the project implementation is important UF
professional services component. As early as 2005, UF had to start the
implementation process of standards and a corresponding standard,
which becomes the implementation of measures of UF, marked for the
implementation of project management and application development
platform. Standardization, the project implementation process is like
an assembly line making cars, the project implementation procedures,
documentation, results, time, responsible person and other matters,
have established the standard. Standards established, through training
and certification, to ensure the implementation of staff to achieve
the required skills at all levels of engineers, so that differences
can be based on the solution to be implemented with different
UF set up business operations systems, operation and maintenance
systems and partner systems together laid the foundation for
professional practice. UF's 49 molecules companies, 60 customer
service centers and 61 authorized service centers, 150 training and
education centers, 3,000 service experts, together constitute the
largest of China's management software industry, the service network,
anytime, anywhere to meet the needs of enterprises around the world .
This service network in the country's eHR software company is the
If a higher level, this area of business operations throughout the
system and the division into a "matrix" management model,
both to ensure the business unit to better provide customers with
professional skills, but also makes the operating system Quick
response to customer needs. Su Hua, for example, China Telecom in 19
provincial headquarters and branch offices to implement UF eHR
software systems, in order to achieve the centralized human resources
management and control. eHR Division has established a special leading
group for project management, project headquarters of China Telecom
Beijing Branch to implement by the UF, UF by other sub-branch in the
corresponding provinces to implement. Thus, synchronous implementation
of the provincial province to solve large-scale cross-regional groups
to implement the project problems and accelerated the progress of
project delivery.
eHR implementation of the project on the Division assume the role of
provider of professional skills. Division implemented throughout the
country there were 235 professional consultants, the molecular
arrangement eHR Consultant companies can own the project team to
implement eHR software systems, but also with other business unit
together constitute a consultant project team, the implementation of
the Group's financial, supply chain management production plan, eHR
and other modules. If you are unable to provide adequate first-line
branch of expertise, division of other regions through the
mobilization of expertise give support, or through the introduction of
consultants, regional project manager, expert advisor system, three
consultants, the consultants also stressed higher-level give support.
Thus, regardless of the professional skills of project implementation,
or quickly respond to customer needs local support skills can be
effectively guaranteed.
Hierarchical R & D system: rapid response to customer demand
UF research and development system is the eHR important component of
professional products, the critical task is to customer demand for
rapid development platform will become a professional eHR solutions.
It standardized components, industrial components and features of the
development of individual customers to layered "software
factory" mode together, both to ensure the openness of systems,
but also to ensure that solutions based on advanced ideas included
business practices, and effectively meet the customer's individual
The China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Corporation, eHR, for example,
has 9,000 people as a large central level, staff caucus information,
serving records, records management and information work has a very
high demand. In order to ensure the accuracy of the information
content of the material with the consistency of paper files, UF eHR
implementation of the project team made the file module development
needs. After receiving the development needs, technical R & D
efforts on the rapid organization of secondary development will be
completed in just three months, other companies usually one year to
complete the research and development tasks, specifically in the eHR
system to establish a "records management" module. In the
future, the Three Gorges of the personnel files of information can be
maintained automatically by the system, changing the original manual
maintenance of personnel files directory for many years to complete
once the situation, reducing the labor intensity of records management
staff to improve work efficiency.
In addition, China Telecom's workflow-driven, R & F Properties of
the training management, Foshan New Pearl Group, dormitory management,
BOCO the paperless office and other enterprise information management
needs of the individual, are in a hierarchical R & D the support
system has been the rapid met, a unified platform to achieve seamless
integration of the system.
Meanwhile, the UF EHR products are regularly upgraded by the way, the
enterprise application needs the best solution in the industry R &
D R & D level and the individual layer decomposition, introduced
in the solution continuous embodied to achieve the product can be
upgraded and can be added to sex, in line with corporate human
resource management changes, to ensure fast and efficient solution to
enterprise application needs, in product development to achieve
"on demand."
Application of value analysis: a new generation of the core values of
The end of 2008, UF eHR services, a well-known large clothing chain,
in the last of the eHR system, on the "information technology to
promote transformation and upgrading of enterprise management," a
deep impression.
Through the eHR system, as a cross-regional, multi-brand management
company, they did headquarters, branch at any time the situation in
real-time control and operation of the corresponding personnel data,
scientific analysis of these data and interpretation to find an
equivalent good communication with the unified business language. This
door unified "information language" easy to make everyone
into a corporate strategy and business needs consensus, but also easy
to make closer to HR HR business solutions to truly become a strategic
partner, the business sector and the more support staff so Strategy
Customer experience is indicative of the victory of a new generation
of human resource value UF eHR analysis software advantage. Wu
Xiaodong, as proposed in early 2009, economic crisis, eHR is in the
transformation and upgrading of the Chinese enterprises must have
"equipment", also helps HR truly become a "business
strategic partner," taking it in the weapon.
Moreover, in times of financial crisis, financial, tobacco, and other
Hole comprehensive enterprise group enterprise, human resources,
information technology budget is almost no reduction, but invest in
upgrading existing eHR system, using eHR control group continued to
strengthen, enhance performance management, effective supervision of
labor costs.
In 2008, Wu Xiaodong led e-HR Division hole through the extraction
hole and more customers more than the industry best practices,
completed a human resources information management, functional
management information, process management information, the victory to
become the most competitive in China human resources management
information experts. On this basis, e-HR Division, relying on
international professional development system, a new generation of HR
2008, the value of software. With this system, the Group completed the
traditional human resources business management information, based on
the value of human resources can achieve the depth of analysis, to
better support the development of human resources management,
enterprise strategy.
The value of the sample application is the "president of the
desktop." It brings together a variety of basic information, not
only to follow the staff area, position, ability to establish
personnel structure model, quantitative analysis of labor cost model
can be achieved for personnel changes, job preparation, such as people
post match analysis of the data. System with traceability, can
penetrate the layers to see the raw data, to achieve transparency in
management, human resources management to facilitate decision-makers
concerned about the transaction and change. China Unicom, China Postal
Savings Bank, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group and other large
enterprises in the application of "president of the
desktop", the value of the UF of eHR system performance very
In Wu Xiaodong view, UF's eHR system not only meets the work of human
resources, it is an enterprise-level human resources management
system, concerns about decision-making information support. "EHR
management as a business essential equipment, and will encourage
Chinese enterprises reform of human resource management, relying on
and play high-quality human resources, creativity, innovation, help
companies achieve faster development speed, higher performance
orientation, more competitive advantage. "
Into 2009, as China accelerated the pace of economic restructuring,
Chinese companies began extensive management model to the detailed
transition management. To achieve a level of innovation as a corporate
and meticulous management of the implementation, human resources have
become sustain business growth and profitability of an important
strategic asset. Human resources management software, as Wu Xiaodong
said, the management has become an essential weapon to support the
Chinese enterprises to the restructuring and upgrading of the road.

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