GSSHC Awards of Recognition for 2007

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					                                      GSSHC Awards of Recognition for 2007

1.    The attached forms are to be used to apply for Club Awards. Forms may be photocopied.
2.    The closing date for applying for all awards is Friday, April 11, 2008.
3.    All awards except for Working Dog shall be for the calendar year 2006 (January through December, inclusive)
4.    Working Dog awards shall be for races which take place from October 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008. This includes
      “fun”, sanctioned and non-sanctioned races.

Mail completed application forms to: Irwin Linker, 74 Stewartsville Road, Stewartsville, NJ 08886-3137.
Or e-mail the completed application forms to:

No applications will be taken over the phone. Please write legibly. There are a lot of dogs out there, so please don’t expect me to
know your dog’s name. I have a hard enough time remembering the names of my own dogs.

                                                GSSHC Working Dog Degree

1.    A dog must complete any race in which it is entered in order to count as miles earned toward a degree.
2.    Races must be held by a recognized race-giving organization with official rules and recorded results.
3.    A dog may work on a mixed breed team.
4.    A dog may receive a degree title only once for each degree.
5.    Applicants must provide the name of the race/organization, date, team driver and total miles per race on the form
      provided. If you are submitting results of a race for the applications of more than 1 dog, only submit 1 copy and notes
      which dog(s) the results are to be applied to. If you have any questions, call or e-mail Link: 908-213-6957 or If you have photocopies of race results, attach them to one of the applications. No need to
      make multiple copies.
6.    Mileage for an award may be accumulated from season to season. If you declared miles for a previous year’s
      awards, note the amount on the form. No need to write all of them all over again. Just record the “new” miles per rule
      5, above.
7.    The award for a dog must be applied for within one year after completing the requirements for that award.
8.    The degree titles shall be: Working Dog (WD), Working Dog Excellent (WDX) and Working Dog Outstanding (WDO).
9.    The required miles for each title shall be:      WD     -       25 miles total
                                                       WDX -          50 miles total
                                                       WDO -         100 miles total
       More than one title may be applied for in 1 year provided the total mileage requirements have been met, i.e. WDX
       needs 50 miles (25 for WD plus an additional 25 miles for a total of 50 miles).
10.    Copies of official race results must accompany the application form with class and driver noted.
11.    The GSSHC Working Dog titles CANNOT be used as an official AKC title in any advertising other than Club
       newsletter or the Specialty insert. These are club documents and not official AKC or SHCA documents.
                                       (In any of the above rules “dog” refers to dog or bitch)

                                                         Breeder Award

A Breeder Award certificate will be given to each breeder who has bred any of the dogs who receive an award that year if
also a Club member AND the owner provides the name of the Club member Breeder on the application. Please do not
assume that the Breeder’s name for a dog is known. This award will automatically be given to the Club member Breeder
you name in the application (on the line below “Owner”).
                      GSSHC Awards of Recognition for 2007 Application Form

Registered name of Dog/Bitch:
Select one:       Dog        Bitch
Club Member Owner(s):
Club Member Breeder(s):

Championship Awards
Breed Champion (CH)                                 Date Completed:           (mm/dd/yy)
Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH)                     Date Completed:
Sled Dog Degree (SHCA)                              Date Completed:
Master Agility Champion (MACH)                      Date Completed:
(UKC, CKC, NADAC, USDAA Championships)             Date Completed:

Obedience / Tracking / Agility Degree Awards
CD Degree         Date Completed:
CDX Degree         Date Completed:
UD Degree          Date Completed:
UDX Degree        Date Completed:
TD Degree         Date Completed:
TDX Degree        Date Completed:
Rally Degrees       Which Degree(s):           Date(s) Completed:
Agility Degrees     Which Degree(s):           Date(s) Completed:

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)            Date Completed:
Therapy Dog (TDI)         Date Completed:

G.S.S.H.C. Working Dog Degree
(Fill out Race Data Form for these degrees)
WD Degree           Date the required mileage was attained:
WDX Degree          Date the required mileage was attained:
WDO Degree          Date the required mileage was attained:

                   An Award will be given for each title or degree achieved by a member’s dog / bitch.
                        Titles may be AKC, UKC, Canadian Kennel Club, USDAA or NADAC.
                                   If other than an AKC title, indicate the organization.
                                  All dogs / bitches must be purebred Siberian Huskies
                              Race Data Form for Working Dog Degrees

Registered name of Dog/Bitch:
Club Member Owner(s):
Miles declared on previous Working Dog application:
Degree applied for:      WD        WDX          WDO

                      Race                            Driver       Date(s)   Miles

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