Trouble by fdjerue7eeu


Lugu Lake to leave before and Lina took a photo, leaving the QQ,
feeling good, bought dried apples and mushrooms Dorjee. Xiaofan ahead
of her sister, the Secretary did not and our one car alarms, car with
my sister and Yang Jing. Lugu Lake to Lijiang, a serious collapse the
section can not be opened, only 200 meters to climb and get off across
the car. Many villagers in the surrounding, mostly small children or
charges will be to sell Apple's baggage, very poor, has been pestering
tourists, I gave the little brother five dollars, let him buy some
stationery in the future to study hard, and now want is egg pain, no
significance. Hand side is simple non-sincere, I really do not know
what to say well. After such a long car climbed all the way scenery is
spectacular, but can not say magnificent, mountain range Well, winding
road is very dangerous, the foot of the Jinsha River is also very
aggressive. Advantageous place and then there will always be several
houses, can not imagine that these minorities do extraordinary
courage. But in the face of nature, the insignificance of the human
very simply vulnerable. 8 and a half hours to finally Lijiang water
tankers, trouble, and back to back, Lijiang I do not want to wait one
second, the next morning went to the Shangri-La. Night and visit Old
Town of Lijiang Ming Division, did not think she is a graduate of
Shijiazhuang II, many temperament reminds me of a man, hate this
pressure, angina pectoris. This girl just arrived in Chengdu is very
suited to study, have previously been closed to commit suicide, then
get better, and by the University of sentiment, fell in love with the
bicycle, you really wild. July raw, or not the same. Tiger Leaping
Gorge, enthusiastic and want to go with her once, well, wrapped in
chaos. Night stay in Lijiang was annoying, to help man-of the room,
two in the morning before I came back, no discipline, no organization,
really regret not off the phone. Band together and go to meet new
friends, just annoying lack of consensus, casual bar. Heart,
irritability, not practical. German car met daniel, Hangzhou teach
German year, three weeks later back to Germany and go to college, 27
years old. I asked why have not graduated, he said he lazy, I do not
believe. CYTS live together, visiting the city, two people
uncomfortable action, this time, respectively, and then do not travel
together, and not my style, their own hands and feet tied. Do not
write, and upset.

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