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????Wang was China Life Insurance Company, a part-time clerk in a
One day she went to the company office door, met a middle-aged man
looks very refined, a very decent back pack. See her just to open the
door of the insurance company, before it went up on the smiley face:
"Sister, you are the insurance companies do?" Wang said:
"Yes ah! What do you want?" That Wang more than ten years of
small men, self-introduction to Wang said: "I am Changchun Urban
a unit under the Bureau. there is one thing about insurance, who are
not experts, would like to ask you. "Wang is a warm-hearted
person who stops and says:" What do you want advice? "
"Is such a matter." The man said: "We have to bid in a
larger city project you would like to contracting units in the first
heads were sent to Point ceremony. You know the present situation, on
top caught are very tight. If give money directly to it, for fear
others would refuse. But we have heard it said that the very spirit of
the insurance delivery. are determined to adopt this approach. just do
not know how to do this too? head this task to me, I will to consult,
I am sorry trouble you. "
Wang saw business heart feel pleased but not. Their bottom line 4000
insurance year, somehow did not say can be done at once, certainly not
stop there. Asked him: "You can have much a volume it? I first
listen!" The middle-aged man said: "It is rather large
project, you think, how can they not be a 102 thousand million, which
is market, which fewer people do not dry! "
Wang immediately decide on their own to be taken seriously. Once said:
"You wait at the door I have to ask our head, like this insurance
for others to do how to do, who to write the name, rows can not."
She is just getting into the house, the person to catch up further
told Wang said: "Sister, you talk strategy point, it is best not
to put it so specific. I'm afraid Nongbu Hao, give people the trouble
contracting." Xiao Wang to take the hint then entered the
insurance companies.
After a child, she came back to him, saying: "our leaders say,
the situation got to write the insured person's name. Otherwise,
people also enjoy the vain insurance benefits, it is that time."
Because it is only to consult, the men said, was to go back to
reporting about the situation and decide the leadership. And told me
that their Jiaowu there. Wang had contact with him after the exchange,
on their own busy go.
Two days later, Wu Wang received a call saying that their leadership
agreed on by insurance companies do, however, that the Director is
responsible for contracting the two days not only for him to come back
to say, with Wang an appointment to come back after such contact the
A few days later, about 10:30 it! Wang is outside work, Wu had to call
back, said the Commissioner. His mouth and other special moment was
the Director of Electric too! Q Wang now? Wang, said: "I work
outside too! How to do that, I have it? Or you come?" Wu has
said: "how we act can not stand outside it! Well, I told the
Commissioner said, on to my meet in a hotel stay, and then we'll
re-implement the insurance thing. "subsequently by Wu Wang had to
her hotel address and room number, a taxi to the. See where Wu has
been waiting.
Wang arrived, Wu gave the bidding of the Commissioner have called and
asked the Commissioner's meeting did not end? Followed by the relevant
telephone Wang said: "the Commissioner said in a moment. So we
should first wait in here."
Then there is from the bedside cabinet Wu, took out a book on the
collection, where idle turn. Wang also took the opportunity to
re-confirm to see brought their own, and to the Director of Office of
Insurance for the various procedures are available. Hears someone
knock on the door, the room for two people looked up, see a young
officer was Peugeot, standing in the doorway, there are asked
politely: "Excuse me, this is a 206 room now!" Wu have
answered him: "Yes ah! how ... ...? What happened?" the
officer said: "I made an appointment the Director of the South,
and he let me wait for him here, something to do."
"Oh, you are also looking for the Director of the South, we
are." Wu a casual answer him.
Sit for a while, there is left behind in the hands of Wu book, to take
their own mug to drink water window.
Launched the book had several ancient coin designs. And the location
of the book from the officer just close. Officers on the dig to take
over the book, glanced at that Wu had: "Oh, you like Favorites
ah! Seems you these things, kinda a study of it!" Wu has said:
"Where! Head like some of our things. I often go out, so I met
him the opportunity, on the way, God help him leave. This is not, I
also took him to get me samples of it! "Yuehua Jian, from his
backpack to dig out two copper, to see the officer. The officer took
one look, said: "The thing I think I've seen. My house two days
before the child is sick, neighbors, old lady, but also carries it to
our children see the doctor at home too! I see her with a bowl labeled
coins in his mouth Tao Gu what. Later, my child's illness really well,
very strange. "
Wu has said: "You said this lady, in which to live? Her family
have this ancient coin it?" Officer, said: "She is my
neighbor, I live in the guesthouse behind. This ancient coins are No,
I do not know, unless I ask. "
Wu has suddenly show great interest, said: "Well, that can
trouble you go to ask, not far anyway. Just not now come the Director,
so he came back you." Going back to a small Wang: "Sister,
you do me a favor, take my hand, these two ancient coins, take a trip
with him. You help me see if there like this. I'm here so the Director
of the South. we both do not delay. "finish, put the two ancient
coins put into an envelope volume is good, gave Wang.
Wang won the order to smooth this business, helping customers to make
such a small matter, nothing to say, it took from the hands of Wu are
the envelope that is equipped with ancient coins, with the officers
Coincidence, out of hotels for a while, and before they went to
military family entrance, there is a middle-aged women, came on.
Officers saw immediately greeted with her playing to: "Oh! Li
Sao, what are you to Shang Naqu you? I also was planning to go on your
home!" That Li Sao, said: "I went down to do something. you
What is it? "officer, said:" I have a friend, I heard that
your family has ancient coins, "Wang officer spoke on the hands,
pulled from his pocket some of the envelopes Wu for Li Sao look Some
of the two ancient coins Wu. Lisao said: "Oh, is this. There is
also a lot of it! Is the old lady a few days before you hear of a
master, with the large price to set out." Lisao read the Wu and
some two coins, then put into the envelope, and handed Wang,.
Officer said: "The thing that no shots? You Sell who are selling,
my friend really wanted to, as you would let him see, he can be, you
do not, we sold so!" Went on to say: "just now You look like
that, give him to take two. how much money one, you told me, I give
you both received the money. "Li Sao, said:" My mother said
this as if it is 1500! " then pulled from his pocket a small red
cloth, said: "This is not that day come to see the kind of goods
are still in my pocket Chuaizhe it!" singled out from there, two
hands with Friends of the same coin Wu, to the officer. Wang told the
two officers returned to the hotel.
A hotel or Miss one person, such as South leisurely sit Director. See
They came back and said again call the Director of the South, and that
went to eat with others, not themselves off, so we have to look hard,
wait a little longer. Officers really saw the coins to get his hands
bad music! Officer said: "almost free, every 1,500 yuan, both
3000. Do you want, do not take me a while back." Wu has said:
"To, to, to, how could I not, I'll give you money. "band
then that would open his backpack, many into the fold of the RMB on
the exposed. Wang eyes see, he drew out a stack of few enough 3000,
handed the officer.
Wu has subsequently asked the officer: "I do not know her hand is
there?" Officer with the Li Sao, said he learned those words. Wu
has said: "I got to see such a manner, you help to help in the
end, with ancient coins on her hand she said all I'll take it. How
much to how much money I can not his loss." Officer thought for a
moment and then said: " I'll try, do not know what people would
do it! "
In this way, there are letting Wu Wang on behalf of himself, with that
officer have to go back and find something Lisao discuss ancient
Out of the hotel, the pace will slow down the officer, with Xiao Wang
said: "Sister, you are to make insurance it! Just in the hotel, I
see you in sorting out his contract or something. To make this line
too Burongyia! Now Most people do not recognize this, not only did not
recognize, and some very offensive. "Wang said:" Yes ah!
Gansha not easy, and you look at, and I ran with you, and not that In
order for this insurance. "officer, said:" Our ancient coins
do not know what these things, but I see this stuff used the entire
right, to the money pretty fast. "Wang said:" for the money
even faster, we is also a utility man for others, I make the
insurance, you get what? "Then, they both would have laughed.
Officer said: "can also ah! How I had no idea that things! Well,
I have an idea, do not know what you think?" "What
idea?" Wang asked. "Upon my honor big sister, our soldiers
are hard, earn money are dead, those who do business with the
immeasurably. Bad night? We head for this to take some money, there
were flew must at. money thing, this is the chance to catch up we two.
Anyway, to ancient coins of the man, he does not come, We're both
runways for others, it is better to take this opportunity, fixed
points of brains, white runway no one appreciate. "Having to
Wang is a salary worker, dreams of the rich has never been nothing.
True, she is not directed at ancient coins come. Today, things can
indeed make her feel excited and accidents. Money on hand so fast who
can not blush ah! Baal strenuous than he to make this insurance, save
a great deal. But she knows that this is not hard to get profit. Her
total of tens of thousands of dollars, a few years ago cast the
insurance on the. Others resent the insurance, she did not resent.
After retirement, energy and body felt good, was to link her doing
that, she agreed. The remaining time to selling drugs to children save
point is get down to business, money is not biting the hand.
Think of these, just like officers poor-mouth, said: "I have no
cause to which! Get rich also made them."
Officer said: "Big Sister, You're a fool, you is not that big
club sat in that we! We two is turn a hand to his hands from Lisao to
raise his price point, a moment on were done martial arts. You see how
much you could get the rest of me to come and collect. Meisha if you
said, give me a husband I immediately called him to help me prepare
money, I husband is for trading. "Yuehua Jian, will be allocated
to through his brother's phone. Listen to him with his brother, said:
"brother, I am a bit urgent, can you send personal, bring me some
money to? ... ... Me? Now in front of the hotel downstairs in our
home, ... ... ah, that line I military officer to look around, OK.
Wang has operations all officers, and a little anxious. Jiugen officer
said, and he is soon to make up one of money. And then rushed by taxi
to his brother home, to borrow a little bit with the siblings said
urgently. Brothers and sisters an embarrassing rejection, two shy of
money go into use. Jiugen great aunt with the bank, since the 23,000
dollars to her. Away before officers had asked Wang, do not come back
to the hotel looking for him, directly on the line where Ben Li Sao.
Wang is back. See officers and Li Sao, front tuck shops are not far
away downstairs to speak. Li Sao, said: "I have brought home. You
see it! But we can be good, and I was ready money. No ready money, I
will not stop until." Officer, said: "Money is no problem I
have linked well, soon to. "See Wang has returned, he asked
Wang:" Big Sister, get them for you much? "Wang himself was
taken from the brothers and sisters to the 23,000 yuan delivery to the
officer. End point officers confirmed again to the Li Sao hands, and
took over from Lisao a small pocket with ancient coins.
This time, Wang, as the completion of a task-like, and I feel relaxed.
She took the original does not appear worried about their money,
today's good to miss. Fortunately, to catch up with brothers and
sisters at home, to solve this problem. As to what that ancient coins
are satisfactory end, what is it, how much money one, and by the
officers and Li Sao, where careful calculation.
Count is over, officers look at the table, said: "yo! Late, Do
not get down to business to delayed." And then directed at Wang
said: "So be it! Sister, you start holding these ancient coins
back to the hotel, I Here, my husband sent other people give money to,
looking back I would in the past. "speaking the same time, to
hand over the small pocket on the Wang.
Wang also misses, do not matter to the delays in the insurance, their
out Gansha this coming? So holding a small pocket with ancient coins,
hurried on back to the hotel.
To 206 rooms, the room empty. She looked up look at what building,
right on the mark Yeah! Query on to the hotel front desk, waiter, said
two hundred and six of accounts statement yesterday finished. Before
noon today, all paid time. As for when the guests left, that is his
own business, has nothing to do with we had.
Wang heart suspicion, immediately turn over to find that officers and
Li Sao. To place on the left, a vast expanse of the earth, really a
clean. Were gone.
Suddenly remembered hands of ancient coins, open the bag look busy.
Had children with winter used a lot of money for other girls, no
difference, on top all engraved with the words of the dry Long Junji.
Kiosk heard several more romantic love song: "what is left,
leaving two lines of frozen tears ... ...."



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