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?????????????????????????????????????????- In recent years, Linfen
City Review Young Writers
ng Xingjian
Review of essential
New literature has been used as the native land of Shanxi Pingyang
literary center and ranked in the land of Shanxi, a group of famous
writers in and outside of this piece of land are starting a chapter
with their literary masterpiece and a solid up and walking to the
hustle and bustle The literary world has left a deafening sound and
indelible trampling course, especially the early eighties of last
century, the mid-emerged as a writer from Pingyang the backbone of
their communities, promoted to the literary world out one shining star
in Shanxi, become a "Jin rise" in general and the main
backbone. Today, we are still familiar with the names of writers and
Those articles with blockbuster novels ... .... Zhang Ping's women
series of novels "sacrifice Wife," "Sister,"
"as the tears like a river" and "Blood Spirit";
Zhou Zongqi "new wheat", "Golden Heart"
"Mother, why do you go" and "cool River sand "; Li
Rui's" lost longevity lock, "" expect, ""
Ancient Wall "and subsequent" thick soil "series;
Korean Rock Hill's" difficulties in traveling, ""
Morning Mist "and" pig comedy, "and He Xiaohu's"
outside the marriage agency ", which form not only during this
period of Linfen in Shanxi is the country's literary landscape even.
It was a golden age of literature, is a fiction can become famous
overnight can change the fate of the year. With the mobilization of a
number of key writers, promoted and diversion, take a silent Linfen
adjustment and a second round of literature has emerged literary
climax. This period on behalf of writers and representative works Xie
Junjie's "long peach River", "Peach Creek
resentment"; Hou Gui column series of novels; Po Jun "To
listen to all to listen to it"; Gu Fangping "sixth ward has
Critical Care "; Zhang Xingjian's" uncle "," on a
hillside in the small farm house, "" Mountain School ";
He Jianxiong of the" teapot wind flow "; He Xiaohu's"
iron shell under the surging "and the group of short stories, Guo
Zi . These works led to varying degrees, both inside and outside the
literary world's attention. Of course, this piece of literature
stirred sensitive area of Linfen's boom and restless again and again.
The eighties of last century, the community has just kicked off a
period of transition, and a writer (also including most of the
contemporary readers) a period of gradual maturity of the concept of
literature, from the trauma literature, reflection literature,
literature and the roots of reform literature to each of the Vanguard
Literature under a wave slap, people in China's political, economic,
and culture brought about a fundamental turning point, the urgent call
for a thorough ideological awakening, the return of the spirit of
Enlightenment literature and literary value and meaning of life
constantly asking to Humanism and the ultimate concern with the
complex. Therefore, Linfen authors of literary and creative concept is
also gradually changing consciousness.
And seeking to break through the stage, cutting-edge writers explore
the traditional literature, recasting national self, they stood in the
position tap the national spirit, the ideal of self-personality, the
formation of this phase of the literary theme. Novel "teapot wind
flow," "uncle", "Hill School", "Peach
Creek complaints" are to varying degrees with the above culture
of quality.
Into the 1990s, with the globalization era, literary environment
changed dramatically. The impact of market economy has long been lost
to literary sensation. Linfen coerced in which a natural greatly
affected. Because literature can not carry more social functions, nor
will the other creators to bring social benefits, the situation of
literature by the thousands of people crowded the trail on the road
graded into the spacious solitude of entrants, these words are not
exaggerated . Can be said that 90 years from the last century into the
new century, more than ten years, Linfen City, compared to other
brothers in the city, the writer of the few, the situation of the
silence, it has become a literary fact. Can say that this long phase
of filling the blank should be the literary novels and Qiaozhong Yan
Zhang Xingjian's Prose and after this from Linfen native land to go
out and rise of the young writers in the literary world of literature
Li Chun Hu.
Qiaozhong Yan and Zhang Xingjian literature started earlier, his pen
stopped working more than twenty years, published numerous works, they
have won the prize for literature in Shanxi, People's Literature
Award, Literary Award, and Bing Xin Zhao Literary Award, this will be
much discussed.
Tiger Li Jun said that youth can be a genius, he was back in high
school newspapers published in various literary works: novels, essays,
reviews, essays and so forth. He has a more open and sensitive
literary literary vision tentacles. The late 90s of last century there
was text name, the early works of this century, more mature, and the
renowned literary world, with millions of words over the creation of
performance won the "Prize for Literature in Shanxi in the new
century", and then there are the novel "Company Spring and
Autumn" "struggle of love", "Marriage of the
itch" and also has published a short masterpiece in the
"Resolution", "after the blessing," "front of
the wheat season," "smoke scattered" and other famous
article. Chun Hu's novel, based on reality, but rich Guiqi, his
writer's mind and keen insight, attention to the customs side,
concerned about the ever-changing world, he was excited to earn life,
but continued beyond the self, he can from overripe in the heart of
his struggle from life experiences and close out for a full range of
overlooking and looking out. Throughout his works in short, have a
distinctive idea, conception distant deep, thick and heavy atmosphere
of life and a full range of narrative angles. Li Jun from the village
to come out of the tiger or the kinds of students he kept his feelings
in this piece of Linfen native land, the theme of his novel, or a
local account for a considerable part of his creation, that has a
local ecological and cultural features of the original show, those
vivid full of legendary stories, combined with his detailed portrait
of art and atmosphere to create a place, people move to co-operate to
grow with the situation. Is based on his talent and hard work, his
conscious and encourage each other, he was given a new term of the
influential "Chung Wen Prize for Literature." Linfen -
Shanxi - China, Li Jun tiger in his mind, intelligent, smart and
hardworking, out of a real literature of the road.
Li Jun tiger is native land this massive literary pride.
The silence of the reason
Linfen situation of writers in the lean;
Linfen Houjifaren literature in recent years;
Linfen growing team of writers alone and the terrain;
Linfen writers are very few owned a small elite;
... ...
In recent years, the size of the provincial Writers Association
meeting, in the "Shanxi Literature" magazine, "Yellow
River", organized by literary bimonthly to the pen at a time,
responsible for editing their home, the provincial part of the Writers
Guild leadership Many literary critics and literary person, repeatedly
referred to such a sensitive topic, but also time and again to the
leaders of Linfen Federation of Literary and uneasy perplexed. The
reasons lie, Where is the crux? Is a profound reflection reflection,
seeking causes and take effective measures to catch up, or muddling
along unchanged, had nothing to do inaccessible? This is a problem, is
placed in a sense, a literary conscience of the literature in front of
people and insiders can not be evaded.
I once thought about, feels this is a more complex literary
phenomenon, first and foremost a cultural phenomenon. Jinnan this
land, this of course refers to the Linfen basin this rich land, since
ancient times, where rich grain and cotton, the villagers living in
the Fen River can say that good weather, food and clothing. In
addition to plowing the fields at home, to the capital city and
provincial capital in business as early as the traditional form of
life here, people's understanding of education has remained mostly
"able to write a couplet to play a thinking mind of the
accounts" level, self-sufficient small farmers economy will
certainly limit the vision of ordinary people seem to write a book
when the author is very far away from home and very strange things.
From the ideology has no such thoughts and plans. Furthermore,
"poor and for the text," Fen River farm was originally a
more affluent, yet do not want to have that rely on "paper"
support the family's poor day; this may be the reason the first place.
The second is the land and cultural heritage Jinnan too long and
heavy. This has become a rope tied to the mind. If Shanxi is subject
to "legalism," the land of cultural influence, then the
unique southern Shanxi Linfen and Yuncheng bread soaked in the juice
of Confucian culture. Gentle people, the father-son, this in-depth
cultural heritage of the blood and affect people for generations of
southern Shanxi. Embodied in the literary youth, they tend to form a
self-closing, self-esteem, complex state of mind, once the creation
blocked, they gradually give up, do not have enough confidence, but
also seems a little faint in the maintenance of that self-esteem.
Therefore Linfen of consciousness in terms of creativity or creative
behavior of the northern Shanxi Province were not so relaxed, so at
ease now, then the bowl to drink large pieces of meat shouting out
loud, then freely available in a white paper painted on the picture;
Third, in the new century, literature in the political, economic and
cultural margins, and various media has led to the marginalization of
literature in a very awkward position of literature, of how to find
their location, how break with traditional values and way of thinking?
The situation is more severe originally placed in Linfen of wandering
in front of hesitation, so just step into the literary and shrink to
pull back. Youth face many current literary life stress, to
entrepreneurs, to buy a house, to buy a car, get married, after
marriage but also to earn money, feed their families, but also live
people die people like ... ... and literature, can not bring them to
all of this, in the face of metaphysical and a physical choices, they
naturally choose real life, not to feed the poor literary poetry and
poverty; The fourth is the local government over the years not enough
attention to literature and literary talent , give an example can be
seen: the province Zhao Shuli was the provincial winner of awards in
addition, the local government to give double reward, but do not be
concerned about the issue of Linfen City addition, the local
Federation of Literary and inadequate attention to the new literature,
support the weak, especially the relevant local literary magazines,
there is no literary training of youth as an object; the five
provinces Writers Association is the peak and the two major
publications, such as not because of this literary phenomenon of
Linfen policy preferences will look like two of the Journal can be
dedicated group of Linfen manuscript, with the column form and the
form of large format special edition launched in order to promote and
inspire. Unfortunately, the peak did not do, of course, no such
obligation. Literature was originally voluntarily act, any force or
force are very different and creative mind.
Despite such adverse factors or more serious conditions, Linfen City,
literary authors and do not sign off on this, there will certainly be
no large formation of combat guerrilla warfare, literature still hold
their spirit in their lives or even an important part of . This is
like Kanghan in the fields and hills, there are still children
tenacious seedlings and grass roof in the hot sun spread a cloud of
green children and hope some of the breath of life.
Flowing spring of incomprehensible writing
In fact, each geographical literature nor are they not stopped, as
long as the rolling river of life, creativity and passion for
creativity, such as spring water is also surging.
It is life and spiritual needs.
Calm air was full of Linfen literary gentleman of a large number of
young have a more introverted of the more stubborn pursuit of
A: Fiction for the novel of the Fenmian and dignity.
Linfen's novel of the genre have been seen in the novel especially
solemn and sacred, and therefore also the holy grave and pious
attitude toward life even pondering novel. Many of the cautious to the
extreme, even writing a novella tends the modification can take
several months, and the novel actually take several years before and
after ten years of effort. They tirelessly unknown, as this land the
farmers cultivate their own land in silence, keep looking at the land,
lest miss any of the farming season and every season. They are
Jian-Zhong Song, Mayi Jie, Guo Lin, Meng Liming, Han Feng, Jia Liao
Yuan, Pan Wenjun, Li Hongying, Li Yunying, Shenxiu E, Pei Fangping,
Zhu Yi-Xiang, on behalf of the Icy and so on.
Jian-Zhong Song, Mayi Jie, Guo Lin and Meng Liming few can be said
that middle-aged writer, and calm temperament, subtle character so
that they can calmed down and thought calmly of life, often greater
than their creation. More abundant life experience and that they have
a broader writing material.
"2069" is the Jian-Zhong Song of a novel, it can be said
that in recent years, a major Linfen Novels harvest. Reflect the
strength of a novel and critical edge to reflect the unique
perspective that the last century, 2069 years or a period of unusual
fantastic day, to painful emotions, deep worry and calm reflection,
there are more open The literature expresses the view that multi-angle
period should not forget the darkness. Of the grasp of reason, but
also shaped the literature of several moving image of the tragedy with
deep poetic rendering power and rich, revealing the crux of the
problem and cause some kind of historical source of this historical
tragedy, thought-provoking, and sounded the warning bell of people.
Works grand and imposing meaningful poetic. If it defects, then the
novel a little "real" feeling, "airtight" feeling.
If you take a number of more ethereal, more calmly describes some of
the second half, that is, increase the length, but also rules and
layout, ease the need for the book.
Ma Yijie writer is started early. Fiction, prose simultaneously, in
particular, the underlying character of writing short stories, Song of
a long, quite moving. Yijie always vote in their work overseas,
Singapore and other places, often overseas, to participate in essay
and the like, also made many winners. This fact Yijie should first
occupation of the province for many years the literary front, it
should be in the "Shanxi Literature" and "Yellow
River" on the frequent appearance, and not have some luck, the
manuscript again and again year after year to vote overseas, to
participate in overseas literary selection. Because of different
understanding of cultural, aesthetic and evaluation of literature is
different from the eyes of the contributors locked province, China, is
the Mayi Jie and adjustment should be considered.
Guo Lin's novel written over twenty years, this year there will be two
in the collection of short stories published, including "long
white cloth Qi Zhang," included in the publication of Linfen
Wencong young writer, Guo Lin is a thinking man, on the side worldly
life, major changes to society of their own Chiai literature, the eyes
are cast to warm to touch, were carried out by scrutiny to rational
thinking, and his novels are tough in the pace of social process, a
social transformation farmers during the confusion, there are
intellectuals and spiritual evolution diversion ... ..., in the
expression of all this, while his familiar folk Guo Lin Xi melt into
the wind works, so there is a kind works of general warmth and sun.
Guo Lin conscious of language is extraordinary. Immersed in the
language he can fully enjoy the language being tempered bring pleasure
and joy. Unfortunately, not enough hard Guo Lin, arbitrary too, there
is no literary spirit of bearing hardships, which should be spur of
the Guo Lin.
Meng Liming is a middle-level cadres, Fenxi County, is obsessed with a
fellow literature. Recently, a novel to be published in
"agitation Villa" is a realistic, denouncing ills, the
courage to act, full length work with a humanistic concern is to
achieve doctrine out of a local on the fragrance of flowers is simple,
embodies the conscience and social responsibility of a writer and
literary pursuit. The paper is easy to see the contradictions of the
stagnation in mind that the ideal of harmonious rural life of quiet
yearning and nostalgia, a faintly modern civilization, the rejected;
is a modern material has a conflict from instinct, or accumulation in
the psychological the ancestral legacy of The reflection of a peasant
consciousness. Modern civilization is a necessary step in human
development, whether recognized or not have to accept this reality.
Puzzled as to why the process of modern civilization, it actually
becomes hypocrisy, indifference, or even sinister cunning, the power
of the soul of the devil to let people step by step, distorted or
alienated ... ... This is not just moral judgments, not just good bad
choice, which involves the complex twists and turns of social problems
and human proposition. Of course, Meng Liming yet to resolve some
literature "inside" issue. There are such as language,
structure, character revelation, and so multiple personalities.
Compared to more than a few, Han Feng, Jia distant, Pan Wenjun, who
should be younger.
Han Feng childhood, like art, painting, music, poetry, writing essays,
stories, to the later novels, Han Feng hard work and love of
literature is surprisingly touching. Difficult times in life, he can
give up everything, but its population beloved sacred literature. A
few years ago, Beijing launched a publishing house urban themes of his
novel "The urban female bully", seemingly popular
literature, in fact, than many of the pure romance to elegant
literature. Novel alternative to the performance of urban living
conditions of young women, little-known surface and within the spirit
of the "bully" life, which is a few people hit the area. Due
to many reasons, and the end of the novel should provoke reaction.
Collection of short stories "spy" to include young writers
Wencong Linfen, a small collection of his long "spy" and two
short. This is a study in recent years, Han Feng pondering the
detection of novel and creative attempt, I believe his attempt to
receive certain social effects.
Jia Liao original a few years ago in the "spark" and
"Yellow River" published novella "cross the bridge
Pagoda Tree", the novel has a good conception, there is conflict
of old and new values, a cultural collision, the concept of
confrontation and social issues relative to the convergence of novel.
Have a solid foundation of language, a sharp scanning of life, right
there on the details of the application, which a group of his recent
prose to read out the goods. "Rural Life" is his first two
years of a little lengthy, quite capable of showing the richness of
his life and the comprehensive ability to grasp material. Only as a
long, thin, or have suspected, not heavy abundance Yun. In addition to
the original Liao diverse life experience and fiction, prose and
literary training the ability to grasp the multiple factors that
should be around as soon as the Popular business turned down, pay
close attention to all the time, obsessed engage in creative. Because
no time to waste, while still young and now, published works,
including those still in literary circles, within sight of the
critics, easy to cause concern. Missed time the past few years, a
flash into the middle, then very difficult to arouse people's
attention to the. Literature is not a young rice, but the literature
is not the cause of the elderly. Ah fame early as possible! This
statement is somewhat sub-dig pit of the stomach, I hope other young
Liao Wen original and faithful to listen in, and sit down at the desk
as soon as possible, to put pen to spread out the writing paper or
turn on the computer attitude adjustment, put into action, creating a
is beautiful, busy or reason for any excuse and excuses are.
Recognizes only the works of literature.
Pan Wenjun over the years published several million words of the
marginalization of work, that marginalization is the subject of his
writing and use of the genre as well as publications issued by the
articles, publications are usually living, entertainment and culture
of comprehensive publications such as "Family,"
"girlfriend", "marriage" and so on, is in fact in
the novel genre, the story, between the Contemporary Legend, mostly
short and concise, easy to understand, the story twists and turns are
fun. Recent content and genre of the text out of the military by
several collection, regarded as a summary over the years. Pen at the
text in several military and talk to feel that for the military is a
thoughtful and talented, highly rational youth, had advised him to
prepare a red heart with both hands, both to write readable
marginalization of the popular class of things, also deeply considered
pure fiction prose writing. Wen Jun is confident that both hands can
be hard up. Fast forward a few years later, I hope Pan Wenjun able to
stick both hands to grasp the results.
Fiction writers in the ranks of Linfen, a female author is not to be
underestimated the power of this life not only in their careful
observation, careful filtering of things, there are dense and delicate
expression of thought and meticulous . Studied under the art of male
writers can not tentacles, male writers are often ignored but rather
the full expression of women where they most vividly.
Li Yun Ying's "ghost town Quicksand" is a novel feature,
three hundred thousand words in this scroll, the author shows the way
with a post-modern politics and culture, a farce, with humor, joking,
sarcasm, ridicule the language of irony where the absurdity of those
in power, corruption, grandiose. Type of emotional catharsis with
Nishajuxia, with no need to control the layout of wantonly, most
vividly expressed their likes and dislikes and emotional stance,
Hearty fun to show the impulsiveness of modern society, the
powers-that-mei, the intellectuals of the kitsch, and the kinds of
people the big farce. This is the text and the language became the
language of Li Yun Ying style. In her "North Gate Primary
Six" and other short stories in a dozen can be said to be well
placed to exploit the use, handy. We thought of writing themes may
wish to use different styles in different languages, if in the
short-long pattern in this language are a long time, giving a
Shenmeipilao feeling, I do not know of any?
Luliang living in sub-deep in the mountains to the Po Li Hongying, can
be said to have some literary talent, she has a good sense of art to
have belonged to her the kind of literary expression. She restrained
or even bizarre (not understood by more people) temperament, it seems
natural materials is a novelist. Read her novel "Wulushan
Legend", the theme of her amazing grasp of history and present of
the cross, the use of language both ways, really is an art to enjoy.
Li Hongying's novel has a texture of the language, there is a
flexibility, which restrained the contraction of the spread of what
has suddenly, publicity about, it is very sparingly to the inner sense
of rhythm that move, the flow, but also secretly gently noisy, the
beautiful and nice. Her novella "bird flew to the paradise",
lyrical, meaningful, deep, poetic, people ruminate endless.
Zhu Yi-Xiang and Chen Xiue are in the "Yellow River" has
published short stories, particularly the creation of Shenxiu E has
good momentum, the story collection "Red Belt" launch
intensive, she is certainly a reminder of Chung and promotion. Chen
Xiue novel written solid, practical, step by step, she has rich
experience of rural life, as a university teachers and intellectuals
have a more profound understanding or understanding, and therefore the
underlying performance of peasant life to write the "red belt
"and reflects the life of University Teachers," a hundred no
one with ";" red belt "mournful, deep, desolate;"
no one with a hundred "is dense, thin, weeping. Works without
exception, has the sense of urgency and compassion complex ... ...
development of rural and mining schools have become Shenxiu E two
deposits. Note that the language problem, the language of the texture
and the expression of individual consciousness and vigilance became
Generation of female authors Bingjie is a younger, on behalf of the
state is characterized by literary Bingjie thinking than writing,
reading more than experience. Large chunks of time, the young
generation of Bingjie looking at the far distant day into your
rational thinking. Generation Bingjie is an idealist, rural, quiet,
high altitude, landscape, desert, that she should never aspire to or
even fascinating place. Customs Service has made her not out of the
city's too abstract and desires, which often can not form a unity of
her metaphysical and metaphysical contradictions, sparking
self-conflict. Again and again, they gave birth to her novels and
essays. On behalf of the Bingjie Ximorujin, every word every word out
of her pen mean, she is well-considered and repeated comparisons to,
she is the kind of nuanced and delicate woman, not a hero mother, she
would prefer to lean dry fine only a son, rather than to a group of
unrestrained and indiscriminate only the number of students lack the
quality of the children of creation, she is like that. Collection of
short stories "The Melancholy of wheat," reflects her local
circumstances, also expressed her attitude and desire of the complex.
Generation Bingjie complex has some ability to grasp the novel, the
plot has to give clearance to the intricate and well-organized, for
the young, she, it is not easy. Should be plunged headlong into the
current generation of Bingjie diverse complex life, in the mundane
worldly life to go find the charm. In this way, she may change
"Ximorujin" to "ink like water", it is possible to
make their works more like nature and form of life as like a turnip
cabbage to chicken feathers.
Linfen novelist or a younger person has a lot of novel writing, to be
discussed later, here it comes naturally to prose and prose writer.
B: Prose Writing, solid stable in March.
A place to live is not necessarily fiction, but there will certainly
be a place of life prose. People have the same living conditions
prose, essays, like the life of the structure, and the quality of
life, like prose, scattered, clear, simple, temperament.
Fiction as a distinct literary style requirements of good faith and
sincere emotional state of mind to face the creation, the literary
fiction novel, after all, and art of hyperbole. Life is real and
serious non-fiction works often required, which of course is the
creation of the author and the reader and reading needs, aesthetic
needs in life.
Unlike prose fiction, is essentially different from the novel of the
package could cover up the characters and plot so to speak; prose is
thinking through a unique personality and feelings and artistic means
to the reader dialogue. Writer's own prose filled with deep feeling,
showing the author's personality, she needs a quality, a sincere, kind
temperament, of course, need a culture, a great culture.
Linfen Linfen's prose works the land as thick as condensed, Zhongling
Juan Yong, she was both a long history of tradition, and have a keen
perception of the moment. In recent years, hard work and active than
the young prose writers Wang Xiaopeng, Gao Jian record high Shuter,
senior cadres, Zhang Hongjian, Wang Jun, Cui Hai-Yun, LI Yun-xia,
HUANG Ying, rice Wenjun et al.
Wang Xiaopeng have deep cultivation, there is the love of life
embedded in literature, the arts of life have unique insight. Back in
the late eighties of last century, his poetry has a place in Shanxi
poetry, there are many fine poems kuai moxibustion population has
still want people to remember chanting anti-review, during which he
published a collection of poems " never fade season of "...
... then he turned to prose writing, after the publication of
essays" Home of the plum, "another of his essays in this
collection," the May sunshine "into the Young Writers
Series, Linfen City. Prose and read of Mr. Wang Xiaopeng, first of all
by his pure feeling for a chamber of the infection, was born in
southern Shanxi Luliang Xiangning large, he is away at school and then
return that piece of high ground, his native land is deep and intense
emotions. His prose is written in the effort to air, water, native
plants and trees, filled with love for the effort and express mail on
the mountain in Chiai. This is the most prominent feature of his work,
and the second is his prose works of cultural meaning, deep and rich.
The contents of his prose there is a different quality of prose common
culture, that is dedicated to "explore the cultural roots,"
published in the "Shanxi Daily", a series of essays, in fact
Broad and deep cultural paper, which has caused historians of great
concern; The third is the pen moves in the calm and dignified
language, the same high ground and simplicity. Language reflects a
sense of character, training and temperament. Xiaopeng language
brother calm atmosphere, seasoned, it is, and the quality of his prose
but also complement each other, can be described as a literary
landscape. In recent years, Mr. Wang Xiaopeng handedly founded the
literary journal "Western Hills BUILDING," Perspectives of
small publications, high-grade large style, influence has grown, to
promote the prosperity of local culture and literature Linfen, played
a huge role.
Goh also recorded remarkable prose in recent years, quite a literary
pursuit, in the collection of essays, "I saw the world", he
used simple writing style and vivid narrative, recorded "My
Eye" extraterritorial in the culture Also, the plot of his life,
Earth - Ding Tao people and things on earth, small pottery earth and
the Evolution and Culture. Writing is simple, natural, engaged in
small talk the same.
90's of last century, high Shuter in "Young Literature",
"Chinese prose" and Journal published "autumn
people," "another watch Hukou" and a rather special and
quite personal essays, writing meaningful, purposive long, and there
are strong strong literary charm children. Soon after they published a
collection of essays, "mind in exile", which can also be
said of this collection showcases high Shuter early prose of
situation, intensive ground campaign of the creative personality and
understanding of life, free itself, and acting freely, inadvertently
contains a deep thought of life. Most chapters inclusion of his
personal life, emotional experience and honed. Unfortunately, Shuter
for many years been haunted by the Chief Customs Service can not focus
on a number of literary thought and energy to think about and
something. The creation by his solid performance and literary skills,
collection of essays, "walking village" young writers
Wencong selected, I believe this will not be a summary, it would be
another Shuter writing a new starting point, with this one new
starting point, any literary miracles can happen.
Linfen emerged in recent years, younger artists Zhang Hongjian prose,
Cui Hai Yun also unique.
Zhang Hongjian few years ago published a collection of essays,
"ugly stone" which most of the space is a rare highlight the
critical spirit. Also recently published a second collection of
essays, "²×º£Ò»ÉùЦ" If the former Wu was a contemporary
intellectual challenge to society and thinking torture, to
contemporary social, political, social, economic and social culture to
judge and worries filling between the lines of a culture of integrity
and passion of youth and independence of thought, look sharp edge of a
critical thinker, then the latter is "²×º£Ò»ÉùЦ" is full of
little people on the ground floor and the pursuit of these little
people with the dedication of art deep respect, there is deep concern
about pregnant with deep compassion. Wang Jian was not satisfied with
the performance of the original ecology of life, he sought to explore
the strokes out into the depths of their hearts, to find more subtle
and more hidden areas more sensitive to capture the history and
projection of the times to their shed ... ...
For the "little people" always give a lot of macro Health
warmth and love, this is a big chest I, understand the sufferings of
the lapel hold people, is precious compassion, sympathy and moral
conscience, which is the state of his creation, is creation a realm.
The same character is written there are women of society Choi Yun Hai,
Hai Yun is the "newspaper of Linfen in Shanxi TV version of"
editorial and journalist, writing for several years in addition to a
number of concentric prose, but also have written a large number of
social and cultural character, the sea is Yun vision literature,
literary interpretation and assessment of ink Linfen this group of
cultural figures, she stood in the height of culture, this kind of
intellectual contemplation, trying to write their fate and life Geku
earned Fen, twists and turns soul-stirring reading. "Sunshine
grass" is not so much sea-Yun young writers Wencong De selected
this masterpiece is her own first collection of essays, not rather say
Comment Linfen read of a celebrity culture, a valuable reference. More
and more people and more comprehensive perspective to understand them.
Hai Yun sense of arts and culture of Linfen has a different kind of
Houma women of the Women of Xiangfen Yunxia and Huang Ying, rice
Wenjun, who, in prose also has made some achievements, Yunxia vivid
writing and Huangying Han Fu delicate passion gives the general layout
of a deep left impression.
Luliang young writer secluded mountain Wang Jun Xi County, over the
years quietly diligent reading pen, essay collections, "according
to Mo," was his creation of the first branch fruits of many
years, his writing is natural, lyrical, smooth writing. Tai Shan Xi
County, give him to think, to give him spiritual Xin River, he fell on
the mountains like the sting of a young grass robust small mammals,
recharge your batteries, drivers go, the convergence in silence with
full step by step in improving themselves, believe that Wang Jun, in
the coming days to create a group masterpiece come.
Several other novels I was writing prose has not forgotten, such as
Guo Lin, Han Feng, Jia Liao Yuan, Zhu Xiang Yi, on behalf of Bingjie,
also still harvesting, where more than repeat them.
C: little-known Shiyuan wonderful work.
Poetry is the soul and spirit of literature.
I always think so.
Although the publication is always the poetry published works of
fiction and essays on the following columns, which may be a convention
it. But poetry has always been high quality, the spirit of poetry has
always been clean. Tactful and subtle manner, she can convey the human
heart sounds, and explore real knowledge between Sky and earth, and
secretive. High-bound and few songs, let alone in such a superficial
and restless era, the voice of poetry was only a trace of the poor,
but also flexibility was hanging by a thread trace of, Cantabile, such
as crying, such as such as Ming Yin, wrapped in our mortal life,
resounded through the halls of our spirit.
Linfen creator of the poetry comes first should be talking about young
poet Peicai Fang, who lives deep in the mountains Xiangning Luliang
cultural immersion Yin thick patch of land on the woman, actually
generally lark mountains and woods of manned and unmanned to sing in a
decade. Her long narrative poem "Motherwort" write plaintive
emotional, sad and moving, her narrative, lyrical, Tech was among the
fusion of water and milk together, with her kind of
"Pei-style" express, enjoy the beauty, chic but dripping .




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