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Trademark, trademark registration - Millennium TM Net - Home

Trademark registration is the producer of goods operators in trademark
registration of its production, manufacture, processing, selection or
distribution of goods or services provided by trade mark registration
services in their adopted, the difference between trademark
registration source of goods or services. ..

China's trademark website

State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office, the competent
national trademark registration and management work.

Trademark Query

"China Trademark net" to provide trademark registration
information for free inquiry, in accordance with international
practice, the inquiry involved in trademark registration for
information purposes only, without any legal effect. Nevertheless, the
State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office will make every
effort to ...

Trademark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mark the origin can be traced back to antiquity, when craftsmen its
signature or "mark" printed on their works of art or utility
products. These markers evolved into today's system of trademark
registration and protection. This system helps consumers identify and
purchase a product or ...

Trademark Registration | Trademarks | Agents for | free inquiry - the
registered trademarks Online

China professional trademark industry portals, online free access to
trademark, trademark real-time news, submitted online trademark
registration, trademark registration in the application analysis,
inquiry, transfer of business problems.

Trademark Law - Law Bridge: Shanghai Senior Intellectual Property
Counsel for legal services

Trademark column, senior intellectual property attorney Chambers Yang
Shanghai Bar offers copyright (copyright) law, trademark law, patent
law, unfair competition law, technology, contract law, intellectual
property rights and other intellectual property laws and regulations
conflict, judicial interpretation, ...

IBM copyright and trademark information

Listing of United States trademarks owned by IBM and related
Trademark: trademark in China Trademark & Patent Law Office Co.,

China's largest trade website trademark, trade marks, registered
trademarks, trademark registration, trademark query, trademark agent,
trademark assignment, trademark registration Guide, trademarks of
knowledge, trademark laws, trademark Form, trademarks check software,
trademarks, Internet inquiries, ...

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