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					To daughter --- How do we grow up (Zhuantie)
?Links in this article the reason why is because I have a 8-year-old
daughter, she is growing up day by day, it is tender with her curious
eyes in the observation and imitation of the world. Whenever I see her
translucent dark eyes, I have deep concern and fear, fear that such a
society will pollute the purity of color, even this fear deep into my
dream, And I have no choice, or helpless. The future, only hope that
society can treat a child With good will, let them be happy childhood.
I hope my children a healthy personality, natural and easy, good
value, also the social harm is not dirty, like.
Wang has recently been feeling unwell, more and more white hair, and
lethargic. Often dream of the recent death of a dream, but today open
the computer, michael jackson's death came. This is my memory of this
generation of youth who, from Leslie to michael, one fading trace of
vitality. They go back to heaven is not the age of large, somewhere
seems to be fate.
I am a pessimistic person, Kande Tou death, no fear of their own, but
worry about her daughter. Daughter is only four years old, needs a
father and mother grew up with her.
In the first half to buy a huge life insurance, I was never
superstitious, but if I passed away, at least support her mother took
her to the adults.
However, such a miserable state morals and human life as the dark, if
the Pharaoh died young, how to learn how to get her to the principles
and techniques.
The Internet is a great invention of mankind, and if humans do not
die, the Internet can not disappear.
Daughter, I wrote in this virtual space, if your father can support
the adult day we will grow together, to explore how to grow up in this
world. If, unfortunately my father died young, and her mother tell
your father and your expectations of this world experience.

Section I, snobbery and apathy
Dad I remember last time you told her mother what the kindergarten
teacher scolded some of the children wearing bad, give the children
something more tape posted on the mouth.
This is your first lesson in life need to know: snobbery and apathy
Dad had to give you find a good environment, the replacement of three
kindergartens, charges only 600 yuan from the ordinary kindergarten to
charge 2,000 yuan a private kindergarten. Dad is not found the ideal
I can understand that each have such a kindergarten teacher and things
there, I know you're a clever girl, will not trouble the teacher, so I
do not worry you were the teacher punished. But I worry that you were
discriminated against teachers.
So I'll buy you a lot of expensive clothes, my father scolded last
grandmother, a foot-long T-shirt actually be more than two hundred
yuan, I know you heard. However, my daughter, I know that this thing
will give you a snob spiritual harm. I do not want you to grow up with
such a desperate pursuit of material injury, but the spirit of the
pursuit of those well-off boys incomplete. So, dad to buy you these
But one day if you can understand that brand-name clothes are not able
to bring happiness, if you are smart enough and temperament, you can
use ordinary clothes with out your beauty. I am not able to educate
you about now, because you can not bear the eyes of adults and
Those cold, those adults make of children's cold naughty things, and
my father to give you change in an environment.
Dad has come to understand, this land all the kindergartens in this
category are likely to enrich the adults, so my father decided to give
up here, had walked into the cause of, to another piece of land, but
the adults I know it would be This will not give children cold.
Dad I hope you will understand that people can choose their own lives,
choices and their lives were.
This is one thing about snobbery in your lifetime, you will encounter.
You will encounter different people and things. China and you will
encounter no right to have the right to discriminate against people
who discriminate against the poor rich, poor, poor discrimination,
discrimination against the civilian elite, Shanghai and Beijing
discrimination against outsiders, outsiders discrimination against
rural people, rural people discriminate against Montagnards, the
mountain people discrimination Montagnards. In other countries, you
will meet people of color discrimination whites, blacks discriminate
against whites, yellow yellow race discrimination, discrimination
against Chinese, the Chinese people.
For these things, you, as a yellow, as the descendants of a non-elite,
as the descendants of a small businessman, as an intellectual
offspring; First, do not discriminate against yourself, because you
are in this world God has given parents the best gift is the mind and
life and other kinds of people who are equal; second, absolutely not
to discriminate against others, because you do not have this power,
this pride is not the middle of the evolution of the human mammal
Daughter, you know, when I know you will be confident in the future
life of the world, freedom and healthy living, and those wise people
who have values, peers, understand the beauty of the world is the
freedom and dignity, then this life is father, an achievement most
proud of.
So, when you come into contact with those snobbish people, we must
narrow the mind away from these people, do not belong to these groups
themselves. Snob will not give you the feeling of happiness will only
bring you an instant feeling of vanity, this feeling can lead you into
a path of freedom, so that material and vanity slavery your life, your
life will not be free .
The snobbery from money and power. This thing is a medium of money,
that is, do you shake the car into the machine where the coins are in
the supermarket to buy chocolate that note. But it is not your pride.
You can get this thing to work for your living expenses so that you
move around in the world more free, but it can not determine your
fate, can not give you pride.
Right this thing is evil, despite some people called to give the right
thing, but this power is given, and to serve us. Rights holders who
are not worthy of our admiration. So, my daughter, you should know
right after the adult is not worthy of respect and admiration.
Therefore, rights-based snobbery is shameful.
If you can understand, my daughter, you will have the obligation and
every free man to restrain the power of it and hold it does not harm
human freedom and human interests.
Dad sleep late tonight, but not as a few days before that draft to the
two points in time, but do something you love to do: father songs,
listening to michael jackson's classic songs.
Dad saw you writhing in listening to music when dancing, and your mom
could not help but smile. Reminds me of my youth, like the singer and
song, that is the soul of music and songs were trembling.
At that time, we enjoy the music be your grandfather, and teachers to
stop, I can not understand your grandfather and my teacher, and now I
do not understand, but I forgive them. Because they grow up to become
archaic, lost the curiosity and excitement about life.
So, if you like what kind of music and singers, even if Dad did not
understand do not understand, it will not interfere with you, this is
your happiness and freedom.
If the father did not succeed in taking you to another piece of land,
then the father, and your teacher will be to negotiate, let them
interfere in your preferences. If teachers can not convince, we
replace the school, and even to give up such schools.
I had thought to leave your current kindergarten, but I think another
problem, you need communication, you need a child with the
environment. And your classmates with a lot of word recognition game
calculate how much better than digital.
So, Dad promised you that we will find a free environment for you to
grow up in nature.
Dad with the nature of this life, or, read the article did not
permissive, but you can read, right?

Section II, the real world
Father and mother to interact with you as much as possible the real
words, do not lie to you, do not coax you. Although only four years
old I know you have to understand many things. Mom and Dad are your
friends, we never see you as a child, but as an individual.
But from the start you reading, you will be exposed lies. School
teachers and those books, there are many lies there. I think you
understand that these teachers used to lie for various reasons and to
establish their own teacher authority. Among them there are a few
traditional idealistic teacher, teaching, but most have been
contaminated mind, accustomed to materialism and lies. You are an
independent person, do not need to look up to see their position, they
say to be good at identifying. We will keep moving up to the real
society and see the world in what way in the operation.
But if you live in the country, if you accept this rhetoric father, is
likely to be treated as aliens, hurt, confused. So, if we can not go
out, you should learn to camouflage their own school.
Or we can talk like that, like stay in their own home and study

The real world is the freedom of a person can choose, but not everyone
wants to know the real you. Dad is a stupid person, after a
three-year-old, did not realize how the real world is like.
I'll take you to the zoo last week and her mother watching the
animals, you see their Daisha it? Because they are domesticated,
raised the water in those fake rockery.
And we will not enter this circle.
My child, you know a person's life, no matter how cruel, how painful,
how the winds and twists and turns, by your choice, no one can call
the shots for you, whether father, mother, teacher, or what asshole,
no people have that right.
Dad can do is to tell you this right to freedom in your hands, is
given to, no one can take away.
Daughter, talking about human nature, you will read about in the Three
Character Classic, a man's nature is good. The father's understanding,
the world's men are born evil. Everyone is selfish and greedy, and
only in a society can be rich, people are free and independent, sound
and impartial legal, evil have checks and balances, this time to be
able to gradually meet the requirements of good.
Confucian culture, but why this idea? Confucius They lost because the
other way, to restrain the evil of human nature.
The Chinese are a group of lawless mob, the Chinese society has always
been a lack of faith in secular society?
Do you know what her daughter secular society? The meaning of secular
society is that people just busy with selfishness, greed, material,
vanity, snobbery, insignificant these things.
Confucian culture had to rely on two things to bind people's ugly,
first, the history of the Qing were to stay, because the influence of
Chinese culture by intellectuals and literati decay more cruel and
greedy. Only the so-called history of the Qing were left to be able to
bind them to their vanity to be a person of integrity; Second, the
good people at the beginning of spiritual support, constraints,
ordinary Chinese people can maintain this kind of concept, to restrain
evil behavior. When a person do bad things, they will be able to bind
to the reputation of such unconscionable behavior of the wicked.
However, his daughter, the society, both have lost effect spells. Grew
up in the process you must be careful, especially Chinese.
The haunt of the Chinese people must pay attention to, whether you're
at home or abroad.

I do not advocate but not against you to believe in religion, faith
makes the heart pure, but my father has been impossible to believe any
religion, because I do not feel the existence of any ghost.

Section III, on those issues of faith
All beliefs are derived from fear.
Daughter, father, when you were born, the business frustrated, always
a bad mood. Once mother and speculators, were you hear, I see you
leaning against the door on the fear of eyes. Since then, my parents
will not fight in front of your face.
Each individual seeks to rely on your grandmother often said: I have
Mom and Dad, you do not have parents.
Break up with somebody, pride sweet.
Grandparents also had father and mother, but were easily old, died
vicissitudes of life, people will die.
When people began to realize that death, I began to fear, fear that an
unknown future.
Those who are good at inciting the people, the spirit of a powerful
man, trying to be saved from the human body and control of the whole
human person, people began to use religion to create fear and call it
Daughter, if your mental strength is strong enough, you do not believe
that the world has never been superstitious.
People do not need to rely on the afterlife to save his own soul, and
all salvation in this life to complete. And this life is the only life
you treasure in this life, the end of free and independent life, the
most demand and enjoy the beauty of this world, to explore the mind
and wisdom to keep the curiosity of the world, love to love you and
enjoy your sex life will make you successful and happy.

Those so-called fair, the so-called nation first, the so-called
spreading the wealth around and sacrifice their worldly possessions
for a number of free and independent, and even sacrifice your life and
health are all nonsense.
What if some people say these words to you, which ones as Christ-like
face with a mask of noble who said these words to you, my daughter,
you have to stay away from, stay away from these evil people and
There will be many people to believe that, because they are weak, need
a sense of security, the need for a group, can offer some people tied
to the middle of the memorial table, beheaded and spraying precious
life and freedom.
All evil comes from faith, all faiths from the fear, the fear from all
the weak, weak from all the evil in human nature, greed, and doing
?Daughter, you realize that the father of the conflict?
Dad did not believe in nature spirits and religion, but the world
needs to let some of the spirits of the evil heart of hearts feel
fear; but also makes people more evil and those beliefs.
Who were driven people, people ready to sacrifice, suicide or murder,
and others who end by and do not respect themselves and other people's
lives, can you believe led them to the community to a better stage?
History of all violent revolution, never in history and a better, only
worse, as a reincarnation, never emerge!
Dad too far, and these are you can learn things, but not too
I would rather you love Travel, go around the world enjoy the exotic
scenery; I would rather understand you find your heart, intellect and
soul can communicate with the boys, spend a better life.
Here, about love and marriage, to say something?

Section IV, the things about love
Daughter, I have experienced days of youth, so I know a teenager you
may start Qingdouchukai on which person, how do you deal with this?
With her mom and dad will accompany date to see the boy in the
distance is not trustworthy, good old days at youth in love with you a
taste of sweet.
Daughter, you want to know the results? Girls do not love most of the
results, it is just a journey, but a better pure, no impurities.
I do not agree you are a teenager having sex, because your body has
not developed well; but if you are over eighteen years of age, if you
decide to enjoy sex with her boyfriend, and my father did not oppose
and constraints, just to give you recommendations pay attention to
If not psychologically prepared to deal with the difficult things, and
when the weight of marriage, pregnancy and abortion are the most harm
to the girl thing.
Many boys have only vanity, showing off their sexuality, but not know
how to care girlfriend, definitely have to identify and stay away from
these superficial boy.

In a number of emotional experience, you will encounter a person, you
are willing to spend entrusted himself and his life; but perhaps, your
life can not meet the right person, this is no regret. Because you are
a complete person, not Adam's rib.
Even if you entered the marriage hall, to maintain their independence
and personal integrity, and is the only right thing to do.
The marriage is not forever.
But if you can weather life, the stubbornly persists for the rest of
this life, this is a fortunate thing.
Indeed, life is pain, and sometimes takes two spent together.
?Recently I saw some news story about a primary school teacher in
northern ask for gifts to the children, and children of a poor family
Hengmeilengdui things.
Dad shudder.
Daughter, you have to remember that this is not what we want teachers
and education, they can not give you anything of value. If one day the
teacher do this to you, you have to tell Mom and Dad, we immediately
transfer or drop out.
I heard there is a suburb in Shanghai, Meng Mu Tang, although I am not
very deep feelings of Confucianism, but look at their attitudes
towards teaching and educating more traditional sake, we either abroad
or to a similar school to study Meng Mu Tang .
Legally speaking, the Department of Education have the right to mom
and dad take you to the regular school, but my father years after the
business time, it is to understand how to treat the law.
Chinese tradition is not the right to decide the law, but there is
unreasonable non-compliance with the traditional laws and rules.
But if we are abroad, you have to learn to respect rules and laws, but
also respect the right to have the election law.
This is a different world, a different approach.

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