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Tiens compared with Amway - Tiens unique advantages by fdjerue7eeu


									Tiens compared with Amway - Tiens unique advantages
(D) of the unique advantages of Tiens
----( 6 network interactions and the new replacement theory)

Tiens Company will own over the years from the domestic to the
international practical experience to sum up, from the perspective of
historical development, creatively put forward the "network of
interactive and new six-displacement theory" development business
strategy. "Six network" that population, resources and
networks, international education network, International Logistics
Network, an international travel, international capital operation
network, the Internet. This is the "six network" has
universal adaptability to adapt to each national and regional laws,
regulations, culture and customs, habits, at any country to develop
businesses have to get faster effectiveness. "Six interactive
network" strategy will enable Tiens business in world growth
effect generated geometrically, one of the most critical is the core
of "human resource" is any person, almost always adapt to
his (her) the success of the program; " International Education
Network "for different sub-groups based on sub-levels of
education, formation driving force;" International Logistics
Network "emphasis consumption levels, and promote common
development of related businesses, promote multilateral trade and
commodity exchange, and ultimately more capital time value;
"international travel" is employed by Tiens Tiens the world
in the 103 countries and regions to establish branch offices
registered tourist spending resources management, to provide consumers
with the most free exchange and development space, and to promote
human Resource Network in the development worldwide;
"international capital operation network" will increase the
listed company from the stock market, capital market, the value of
direct financing, and then up to the most attractive for development,
double the speed of the network; "Internet "The full
realization of the global information and efficient communication,
really achieve resource sharing, reduce Chengben, improve efficiency
of Ä¿µÄ. This "six net" constitutes a whole, constantly
virtuous circle, forming a "six-network interaction." In
addition, Tiens recently also proposed a new "triple play"
means "the international oil, an international telecommunications
network and international insurance network (subsidized insurance
cover)," created "Nine network interaction." The core
of the new replacement theory is the exchange of interests, prosperity
and resource sharing.

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