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									The new reverse osmosis membrane treatment
The new reverse osmosis membrane treatment
???Membrane technology from the point of view, ultrafiltration,
nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membrane processing and production,
and application technologies have matured. However, with the use of
membrane technology in filtration process on the expansion of the
scope of application, the membrane device in use has become even more
prominent problems. Membrane before the water pretreatment equipment
generally refers to the ultrafiltration treatment before reverse
osmosis membrane device, the water in the membrane and different
situations for different water quality requirements are different.
???As low as turbidity and iron content, the general hope that the
turbidity of less than 50 degrees, iron content of less than 0.5mg /
L, a high iron content can easily form ferric hydroxide gel plug and
attached to the membrane surface, require frequent acid cleaning force
on the extent of damage to the surface of reverse osmosis membrane,
leading to the filtration efficiency is low, as low as possible and
colloidal organic matter content, in order to reduce the breeding of
fungi and algae may be the conditions, algae are the factors blocking
the membrane surface , while the organic matter is the basic
propagation of bacteria and algae nutrients.
???The most common security filters, but can not backwashing to
restore function, high turbidity in the filter under the need for
frequent replacement, resulting in increased operating costs and
operational instability, generally speaking, meltblown filter (PP)
only removal under low turbidity (¡Ü 100 degrees) of suspended solids,
can not remove iron and manganese, dissolved organic matter, which in
many cases not well serve the function of pretreatment of reverse
osmosis membranes. Quartz sand filter: some membrane pretreatment
device using conventional glass softening resin tank, filled with
quartz sand filter treatment, although there are some filtering
effect, but mostly ineffective, mainly because the proportion of sand
than ion exchange resin, backwashing not completely, can not reverse
osmosis membrane to stabilize the protective effect. Anthracite
filters and ceramic particles: quartz sand with the same, although you
can play a role, but not ideal as the anti-absorption technology,
operating results will also be discounted. Multi-media filter of
organic matter and colloidal almost no removal.
???Desalination using reverse osmosis membrane key equipment, such as
high pressure pumps and energy recovery has also been rapid
development. In addition to high-pressure pump increasing the variety
and type, the capacity is increasing, and continuously improve the
efficiency, the special should be mentioned that energy recovery,
reverse osmosis desalination are able to become a competitive process,
the role of energy recovery denied. Energy Recovery is the first
generation of high-pressure pump motor connected to the turbine shaft,
with the desalination of sea water after the impact of high
concentration to recover the energy efficiency of about 50%;
second-generation product is a hydraulic turbocharger, the advantage
of having the pump attached to the shaft, installation, efficiency is
also 50%; third-generation products for the power or pressure
switches, each connected to the pressure to pass from the budding
seawater concentrated seawater, more than 90% efficiency, so that the
body of reverse osmosis desalination power consumption down to 3kwh/m3
???In the filtering process, because the pore size filter with
different sizes and rough surfaces, in the accumulation process, a
differential level of each filter aperture pores and cracks are
different, the reverse osmosis filter pores and cracks is not linear
but curve, it has a depth filter or filter function of the container,
changes in the flow through the pores and cracks, the larger than
average diameter of the impurities are blocked in the hole outside.
Less than the average pore size and pore impurities into the gap, in
every local, pore size and change the size of the gap, so that media
flow rate also will change, reverse osmosis coupled with irregular
changes in channels and cracks, so that part of impurities were less
than the diameter of the closure wall adsorption, adsorption of
impurities to further increase the filter surface area and structural
complexity, so that it can trap a small impurity, namely, "slag
residue," Adsorption and Desorption accuracy filter material,
charge, potential, flow, flow, potential difference is related to the
whole process is based on many factors, "metastable" state.
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