Employee satisfaction questionnaire

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					Employee satisfaction questionnaire

A questionnaire is a survey conducted to gather responses from the sample population
which helps in analysis of statistical data. It is always in written format with certain
alternatives of either two or four for the respondent to answer. The alternatives to the
questionnaire are the criterion for selection. The aim of any questionnaire is to gain
information and then analyze it. A questionnaire is the most cost-effective research tool
used. It is a feasible option to gain respondents information not troubling the population

The series of question asked should follow a proper pattern and should be very logically
formatted. It should be designed to be simple for the respondent to fill and should not be
confusing for the people. A questionnaire is used for various types of research activities
ranging from employee satisfaction, salary structures, health, fashion, product surveys,
etc. based on these types, the questionnaires are designed accordingly. It can be either
subjective or objective.

Due care should be given while constructing a questionnaire. The parlance should be very
simple and easy to understand. The sequence of questions should be in order, the
numbering should be in order, inappropriate and personal questions should not be put.
Proper checking should be done after formulating the questionnaire and before reaching
to the target audience. It should be noted that the questionnaire has captures all the
necessary information required for the required research and analysis. The whole of the
questionnaire should accumulate enough questions related to the tastes, pattern, behavior
and some very essential but minimum information about the respondent.

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