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									Employee engagement strategies

Business leaders everywhere have been thinking about their goals for the year - in light of
the economic forecast and what they can do to get the most out of themselves and their
staff. This is the year to focus on improving employee engagement.

To give you a boost, I've compiled a list of four executive coaching activities that you can
include in your business strategy goals for 2010. They will benefit you by increasing
employee engagement, improving organization culture, and increasing individuals'
productivity, all at the same time!

1. Create an engagement survey
2. Increase project ownership and responsibility
3. Tie activities to values
4. Implement recognition activities

It is expected to take another year for the economy to fully make the turn to recovery. In
other words, finances will continue to be restricted, for many, as companies and
employees feel the impact of clients/customers holding tight onto their purse strings and
the financial incentives aren't likely to be plentiful yet.

So, how will you improve employee engagement in your organization? We all know the
cliché about assumptions - ask your employees the questions you need the answers to and
make your strategy decisions based on FACTS. What are your employees motivated by
and how effective is your leadership? Finally, remember that noticing others and simply
stating kind words, goes a long toward showing people they are valued.

If you're already a pro at incorporating employee engagement strategies, be mindful that
there is always room for improvement and take it up a notch.

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