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					The difference between the financial and accounting
Finance is a discipline of economics, is a Management Accounting

Finance Professional
This professional development with money and banking, international
finance, securities, investment, insurance and other finance aspects
of the theoretical knowledge and business skills, basic training by
the relevant business, practical work in the financial sector with the
basic ability, in the banking, securities, investment , insurance and
other economic management departments and business expertise in the
related work. The professional training in all areas of the national
economy is very much needed talent, is hot professional.
A professional overview
Bring financial, people tend to think of money and banking, but some
people think American writer Theodore Dreiser's novel
"financiers." However, the exact meaning of finance is it?
Finance is the currency in circulation and credit activities in
general. She refers to the bank-centered activities of the various
forms of credit, and credit the currency on the basis of organized
capital financing. Financial industry in the country has a long
history, is the product of commodity money relations. In feudal
society, the development of commodity economy to a certain level,
currency exchange, storage and aggregation activities have generated,
these are the first form of the financial industry. In a capitalist
stage of development, financial activities have greatly promoted the
process of capital accumulation and concentration. In the monopoly
stage, the financial capital controls the entire capitalist social and
economic lifeline. Bank of China has emerged in the late Ming and the
prototype - "Silver" and the "ticket number." Now,
there are complete to the People's Bank of China as the core of the
socialist financial system, and in the economic life play an important
There are two major trends of the modern financial industry, one
network; first international. Youyu rapid technological innovation and
the unlimited expansion of the network, the financial industry into
the Internet economy, the world grows smaller, the global financial
capital of only 2% of the transactions related to trade and
production, the rest of the large number of transactions are from
Youxing virtual network of economic transactions, finance and finance
network is closely related to the international intensified. China's
financial industry, has exceeded the limitations of a single domestic
market, began to gradually imported into the vast ocean of the world's
financial markets.
Modern finance the quantitative analysis method used, if the candidate
has good math skills, professional learning in the future is very
beneficial. As we all know the "financial industry professionals
with high spending," Finance and undergraduate students can not
show a larger professional advantage, to a career in the financial
industry, learning to college or not enough.
The financial network and the international, finance professionals
have become very trendy. Graduates suitable for banks, securities
companies, investment companies and other enterprises engaged in
economic management and related work.
Finance Professional Code: 020104.
Second, professional education development
The establishment of financial professionals in foreign countries, or
very early. After centuries of development, foreign appeared a large
number of well-known Institute of Finance, such as the UK's London
School of Economics, Stanford, Wharton, Harvard, University of
California, Berkeley, and so on. The Institute brings together leading
financial professor at many world famous for training many of the
world's financial industry elite. Domestic financial professional
setting is relatively late. Since the early days, China has
implemented a highly centralized planned economic system, financial
position than ever before, while the banking system in a subsidiary
role, so the financial professionals at the outset and not taken
seriously, nor in the major university setting.
After reform and opening, along with the entire financial system
reform, in particular the establishment of four major commercial
banks, financial institutions, financial intermediation activities in
the whole society in improving status of occupied, monetary policy,
the means of macroeconomic regulation and control become increasingly
important. This time, financial professionals strong demand in the
community was born. Because the impact of the education sector in
China during the Cultural Revolution in the late 70 major colleges and
universities have campus in school time, financial professionals have
also set up at major colleges and universities.
After 20 years of development, China University of Finance has
developed into a specialist, bachelor, master, doctoral and
postdoctoral levels of an important multi-professional training, in
order to develop China's economy to develop a large number of
financial elites, the state attaches great importance to the financial
professional development and focus on training the national direction
of much-needed money and banking, international finance and insurance,
the direction of the direction of students. Many colleges now set up
financial professionals, such as Beijing University, Renmin University
of China, Tsinghua University, Central University of Finance and so
on, but the annual number of students is not significant. Some
well-known schools for financial professional bachelor, master and
doctoral multi-level training of personnel. As financial professionals
are highly sought after in the community, the financial professional
graduates is also very good after the treatment, so financial
professionals is always a very popular area. Various local
institutions of higher learning also have been introduced to do
teacher, opened a financial professional, financial professionals for
local training. Higher Education in China, self-examination also
finance professional, and very popular. Of setting up a large number
of financial professionals, the annual enrollment capacity is
relatively large. China has also appeared in many well-known financial
experts, Professor Huang Da, Li Yining, Professor Professor Fan Gang,
Professor Song Fengming other well-known financial experts in the
major teaching and research university's financial played a central
Professional is to present international financial integration,
digital development, emphasis on a wide range of students about
financial literacy, attention to empirical research and mathematical
finance model.
Nor was the domestic financial professionals integrated,
multi-disciplinary blend of direction. China's accession to WTO,
China, all financial institutions, including commercial banks,
insurance companies and securities firms are facing huge foreign
banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, the great
challenge. This has increased the demand for financial professionals,
particularly increased the demand for high-level financial
professionals, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of
financial professionals. Financial professionals are now moving in
comprehensive, high-level development. Integrated high-level financial
personnel training and training of financial professionals is being
more and more attention.

Accounting Professional
The professional training with the financial, managerial, economic and
legal knowledge and skills, analyze and solve financial and financial
problems the basic ability, in enterprises, institutions and
government departments engaged in accounting practices, and teaching
and research aspects of the business Senior management discipline
A professional overview
Accounting is the condition of commodity production, to study how the
value of the reproduction process of the activities of measuring,
recording and forecasting in order to obtain financial information
(indicators) based on the basis of economic information, monitoring,
control value of activities to promote reproduction cost of a
continuously improving economic management disciplines. Accounting
profession is economics in one of the most practical of the
professional accounting is every essential for enterprises and
government agencies as a department.
Florence, Italy in 1211 with the lending bank bookkeeping double-entry
bookkeeping, there is a sign of modern accounting. Early 20th century,
Dixie's "Advanced Accounting", Li Sier's "accounting
book", the initial establishment of modern accounting. After
analysis and cost accounting statements and other accounting has
emerged. 50 years of the 20th century, in the western developed
industrial countries, the introduction of computer accounting field,
and promote the data processing accounting research, the traditional
credit business accounting financial accounting and management
accounting into two relatively independent of the subjects.
With the gradual improvement of China's economic system, accounting
professionals will become increasingly specialized, a business unit of
accounting professionals have become increasingly demanding. In
particular the further development of computer science, so that
further increase the degree of computerized accounting, the accounting
staff is also very high requirements in this regard. However, one of
the most basic requirement is that there must be a strong sense of
responsibility. As accounting, should also have a more cautious
character, is usually has to be careful. If it is a sloppy person,
doing things so-so, do not have the potential to be a good accountant.
Compared with other economics, accounting, as a practical subject, we
must have talked to many statistics, auditing and other mathematical
disciplines of knowledge. Therefore, the accounting profession is more
suitable for students studying science, especially more prominent in
high school math students apply for the professional learning in the
future will be more relaxed cis Section. Also should consider some of
the more negative elements, especially in recent years, due to the
large number of community demand for accounting personnel, making the
accounting profession to become "hot hot" profession, the
future may be, and other popular professions, will face personnel
saturation risk of a collision, due to strong accounting applications,
this feature more prominent. Candidates should combine their own,
considering both positive and negative factors for their choice to
Accounting students need to learn, including economics, business
management, law and other aspects of knowledge into a comprehensive
talents. The graduates should first have a solid theoretical
foundation of market economy, the state's financial guidelines,
policies, regulations and systems must have a more in-depth
understanding. As for the professional knowledge, one must master the
basic theory of accounting, knowledge and skills, and a number of
modern business management knowledge; should also have the accounting
information processing, financial accounting, financial management, a
comprehensive analysis of the financial audit capacity and practical
ability not only "on paper."
Graduates for the various enterprises and institutions to do the
accounting practices and accounting teaching and research of the type
of work, but also to the various accounting firms, auditing firms, and
management departments engaged in accounting work. Overall, the
employment situation has always been good, college to work is a good
choice. If you choose to pursue graduate students, may be helpful for
future development. This professional treatment is better, such as
obtain certified public accountants, accounting firms entering in
income would be more satisfactory. But as a practical type of
economics, accounting, relatively few professional opportunities
Accounting Professional Code: 110203.
Second, professional education development
Accounting is the accounting profession, combined with the other
economic courses set up with a long history as a profession, and
foster the professional development needs of the socialist market
economy, enterprises and institutions in the independent high-level
experience in accounting expertise. The main content of the accounting
profession is the system master the basic theory of the professional,
basic knowledge, basic skills and basic knowledge of modern business
management, familiar with international accounting practices and
accounting practices. Accounting is an important part of economic
management has become an essential economic development department,
the management of the social sciences play an important role. In
modern accounting system, according to the different subjects, the
accounting profession can be divided into the basis of accounting,
financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting,
auditing, accounting history aspects.
The accounting profession after centuries of ups and downs, and
finally developed into an independent discipline system in the field
of economic sciences and management science occupies an important
Accounting concept first originated in Egypt, Greece and Rome, early
in the year before had been reflected in the records of business
operations. Despite these early accounting records and accounting
concepts worthy of attention, but these alone is not sufficient to
form a theory of the accounting profession. Nineteenth century is the
rapid development of accounting theory and practice of the period. In
1775 years ago, the accounting books and discussion is very small. In
1775-1900 one hundred years between the accounting practices and
accounting theory are at the stage of rapid development. After the
20th century, the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New
Zealand English-speaking countries as a pioneer in the development of
modern accounting theory. During this period, the most famous
theorists of the accounting profession, including Payton (W. A.
Paton), Little (A. C. Littleton), Hatfield (H. R. Hatfield) and
Canning (J.B. Canning) and others. In addition, during this period
established many of the accountancy bodies, such as the American
Accounting Association (AAA), the United States of Certified Public
Accountants (AICPA), the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
(CICA), which is to establish a unified accounting profession has
played a huge promotion effect.
China's first twenty years in the accounting profession, the
accounting profession is the predecessor of Shanghai University of
Finance and Commerce, National Institute of Shanghai one of the oldest
departments, so far, more than 80 years of history. After the founding
of the People's Republic, the establishment of the socialist
accounting, under the leadership of the state departments concerned,
worked in several institutions such as the Shanghai Finance and
Economics, Xiamen University, opened the accounting profession, so
that our institutions of higher learning began to gradually establish
accounting Major of basic education.
In 1951, the State Universities of large-scale adjustments, such as 16
universities in East China Economic Management accounting teachers,
most of the turn of the Shanghai College of Finance and the number
reached 108 thousand. April 1, 1954, Ministry of Higher Education
Finance Higher Education to convene a national meeting to discuss the
national financial education of higher principles, tasks, professional
setting, enrollment planning, unified education programs and other
issues. Again in 1962 for colleges and universities have adjusted the
accounting profession.
November 3, 1981, the State Council approved the first batch of
doctoral and master's degrees awarded graduate units, the first
professional doctorate students granted the accounting unit is the
Shanghai University of Finance and Xiamen University. After this, a
number of domestic accounting professional school opened gradually
with the right to grant master's degree, such as Renmin University of
China, Zhongshan University, Peking University and so on.
Accounting profession, such as creation of the Central University of
Finance, Dongbei University of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance
and other Financial College and Renmin University of China, Xiamen
University, Zhejiang University, Zhongshan University, University
Comprehensive foreign trade, science and engineering colleges. 1999
graduate of Accounting and twenty five thousand people reached, and
with the annual college entrance examination enrollment, the number of
the accounting profession will continue to show upward trend.
The development of the accountancy profession in China over the past
century, the emergence of many excellent accounting experts and
scholars, such as the Shanghai University of Finance and Wang Song,
the former vice president of Shanghai University of Finance, he served
from 1979-1981 Ljubljana, Slovenia Snow Visiting Professor, 1991-1992
U.S. Metropolitan State Collegeof Denver visiting professor of
accounting, Accounting Society is concurrently vice chairman of
Shanghai, Shanghai General Accountant of consultants, the direction of
international accounting research doctoral supervisor, etc.; Tsinghua
University Professor of Economics and Management and doctoral Li
Zhiwen, China National Accounting Institute consultant and Tulane
University Business School, Fu Li Fu Li Man Man, Dr. Professor and
Vice Dean and Director of the Centre, a former University of Chicago
Graduate School of Business Assistant Professor and the University of
Pennsylvania Wharton School professor and so on.
These experts and scholars in major universities for training
professionals, but also for the development of the accounting
profession has played a significant role in promoting.
With the rapid development of China's economy, China's accounting
profession should continue to be improved, fundamental research in
efforts to improve, based on the future development trend is to follow
international accounting theory and practice of the latest
developments, seize the domestic and international the focus of the
accounting field, hot and difficult, attention to international
academic exchanges, encourage inter-disciplinary and cross-boundary
cooperation in research, thereby promoting the continuous improvement
of teaching and research standards for the community to develop moral,
intellectual and physical development of the application, complex ,
export-oriented high-level accounting and financial management
personnel, so that the accounting profession in teaching and
scientific research gradually reached international level.
Hope that all students interested in the accounting profession, to
truly love the subject of this very promising and can contribute to
the development of the accountancy profession.