The balance of life by fdjerue7eeu


									The balance of life
????Today back to Nanning. Airport Expressway in Beijing, in the
plane, and colleagues talk to people and things that many companies
Reuters gossip gossip. Had mixed feelings in this world so small, so
what happened is similar to all the relations are similar to or less
the same, there is always another wave of men and women who love
messing around.
????Night hotel stay in Beijing early morning, the space for Taiwan to
see a Korean piece, one with another older girl older girl said: We do
not grow old at the time to worry about money, is the most simple
fears ; and concerns on the emotional relationship, that is the most
drawn human bone marrow. To that effect.
????Many years ago, I said a friend in trouble, money can solve the
problem, not a problem.
????This nine days in Beijing every day sitting in the car license
mounted ride in the Olympic licensed channel, next to a vehicle
blocking over the slow progress of the vehicle, penetration of all
concession area parking arrangements for the big customers one by one
they want to trip to see the leaders of layers of dissatisfaction for
the customer to the layers of leaders boomed. Ant soldiers Instead, I
worry the most secure, leaders of the fire magic smoke did not spray
on me, but there are leaders fear I hurt came to comfort me depressed.
????I am even more deeply understand why people climb to
Xiaojiannaodai right to get more more money. Because the only way they
can get someone not something others can not walk the path, can be
controlled from the command of being judged by people who choose to be
the location of command and other options to control others people to
judge others. All things are scarce as gold-plated wiping honey
temptation. No one wanted to be that he is pointing down that, no one
is Proudly pointing to his country one.
????When someone promises to fulfill the ideal of my landlady to make
money, and began to try to practice tirelessly heavy responsibilities,
I began to fear an unprecedented fear and worry. I'm afraid this
process will gradually lose I do not want to lose. I know when I get
something, I must pay in exchange for more. I'm afraid people in the
pursuit of money or the pursuit of money for me in the process lost in
the good things in a simple, emotional, happiness, peace, health,
peace, tolerance, bright, loyal, faithful, loyal, long, happy, and so
on and so and so on. I can not afford. I know people look at one of
the lost these things, I do not feel able to accept similar story.
????I know that life itself is a balance scale, if you want to add
this side of the balance weight, the other end must be paid to
increase the weight. I was afraid of that.
????A lot of things I can not lose, do not want to lose. I would
rather be a mediocre but alive Shijingxiaoren quickly.
????In order to not lose these, I would rather lose the money.

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