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Medical insurance, nice
Xinhua Zhangdian District School 5 (1) Class Pang Jincheng
I checked into the hospital on the third day, watching a lot of
hospital charges, inventory, and constantly Shangcuan of hospital
charges and the amount of the reminder notification letter to the
hospital, my parents finally made a worry.
Although only a modest look and acute appendicitis, but the cost of
hospital two days ago reached more than 3400 yuan! Dad almost two
months wages. Since her mother got seriously ill after 2005 had no
work, home, thanks to my father more than the cost of living wage.
Hospitalized for two days spent 3,400 yuan, a day after about 500 or
so needed - I was thinking quietly calculation: If I live in hospital
78 days, then it may be more than 6000 yuan, father and mother where
to raise it money then? Appendicitis ah damn, I curse you!
Great people heard you say it, the society is "not long onset,
who can not afford homes," poverty caused by the things that
happen repeatedly, the television report was due to frequently can not
afford the expensive hospital fees, but had no choice to select home
from the hospital. Dad told me that, according to the third national
health survey results, 44.9% of people nationwide not ill treatment,
29.6% of people should be patient and not go to hospital, only 25.5%
of people consider the hospital, and some other places in Beijing also
appeared in more than 500 million in hospitalization costs sky-high
price of medical events. Those days, lying in a hospital bed, I found
my father's face looming over the Jisi wrinkles, and her mother had
black hair, quietly crossing a silver there.
Our families are caught in infinite melancholy, when good news came!
Hospital day, father and mother joyfully told also glum me: "Son,
tell you a great news - your hospitalization costs, the state
reimbursed Give us nearly half!"
State to reimburse hospital costs, but also half? Look at me
skeptical, and my father took out a medical insurance for urban
residents hospitalization expense account, I saw the bottom of the
"reimbursement" of a column, and she clearly states: 2108
Free - Zibo City, introduced last year medical insurance for urban
residents, students in the School to include, as long as the payment
of 40 yuan per person per year, you can enjoy the health insurance
directory to the medical expense reimbursement benefits of 50% -70%
but also can deliver when discharged! Parents worry about the hospital
costs, really great together to solve it!
The good news is also more than this one too! Discharged a month
later, as we collectively schools participated in the "primary
accident insurance", insurance companies should reimburse the
students part of the cost of hospitalization, the school I go to the
hospital's medical history of appendicitis, invoices and other
materials, China Life Insurance Company reimbursed gave my family more
than 2,300 dollars while the original has only paid 40 yuan for one
year's premium! Thus, the two claims together, I took the hospital a
total of only several hundred dollars. Mom and Dad much lighter
burden, the original father and mother's face shrouded in gloom of a
consumer and scattered, our family once again resumed their happy and
harmonious life.
Urban residents have health insurance, nice! Have it as a backup, such
as my family no longer hospitalization ordinary people's problems to
worry about the money; "long no onset could not afford homes to
live" situation will no longer occurred in the third National
Health Census those who are sick not for medical, hospitalization
should be patient and not to the people, is now Regeneration of the
disease, should be happy to assure to the doctor, hospital, right?
Hear my father said, now our country in the countryside, have also
implemented the new rural cooperative medical insurance, my uncle who
lives in the rural Jiaonan uncles participated in the "new rural
cooperative" in the next sick patient is also essential Buyong to
worry about the fees involved.
Urban residents have medical insurance, nice! We are about to usher in
its 60th birthday of the motherland, nice!
Author: Feng Jincheng
Respective districts and counties: Zhangdian District
School: Zhangdian District Xinhua school five (1) Class
Instructor: Dong Wang

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