Exterior Paint Bid Sheet/Contract by call4angel

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Exterior Repaint for your house includes the following:

□   Water Prep – This includes a complete pressure washing of all eves, gutters, siding and trim to remove loose dirt and paint. A mixture of
    bleach and TSP is applied to all surfaces beforehand to remove and kill mold, algae and mildew.

□   Scraping and Sanding- All loose paint left or actually produced by the pressure washing is scraped or sanded off to produce the optimum
    stable surface for paint application.
□   Caulking and Filling – All windows, doors, joints, seems, cracks and knots in cedar are caulked with acrylic 35-yr. caulk. Gauges and chips in
    wood trim or siding will be filled with a wood fiber wood putty and sanded smooth or to match texture.

□   Masking – All care will be taken to avoid overspray on surrounding and adjacent structures to the home. We ask that cars be either left in the
    garage or far away on the street. Please notify your neighbors the day before we paint so they can make arrangements for any street parked cars.
    Windows, doors, rooflines, plants, decks, etc. will be properly masked and dropped off to contain overspray.

□   Siding Paint – The siding receives two coats of paint unless otherwise specified. On cedar or fur siding the first coat is back brushed to insure
    maximum penetration and grip. The second coat is sprayed only for a
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