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					TEDA Health benefits - Company Profile
TEDA - (Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area) on December
6, 1984 approved the establishment of the State Council, Republic of
China, one of China's first national development zones.
"TEDA" Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone
is abbreviated to "Teda" is the transliteration. According
to the cross-century grand strategy, "the twenty-first century,
the largest in Asia, China's best modern industrial zone" as the
goal. Premier Wen Jiabao in 2006 in the "Eleventh Five-Year"
Government work report: "Promoting the development and opening of
Tianjin Binhai New Area." Tianjin Economic-Technological
Development Area "second pioneering" has played a prelude to
a new round of investment environment, urban environment, human
environment, such as full integrated construction project at the same
time the park started.
Tianjin TEDA (Holdings) was established in December 30, 2001, Binhai
New Area is authorized to operate the central institutions of state
assets; Tianjin Binhai New Area of Pudong and the Yangtze River Delta,
Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen is the next 30 years China's economic
center; 2005 Binhai New Area industrial output value, added value for
the first time beyond the Pudong New Area; Zones in China for 13
consecutive years ranked first output value; is a veritable
"state-owned No. descent." TEDA Investment Holding total
assets now exceeded 180 billion yuan, TEDA headquarters - much of the
infrastructure investment in Tanggu belong to TEDA, a wholly owned,
controlled or shareholding enterprises, a total of 200. 5 with the
Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed companies, listed
companies outside the 3, firm size and strength of the largest in the
world. Known as the "Bohai Bay economic engine" in the
TEDA TEDA, Department of Biology is a prestigious listing of eight
companies. TEDA biological To his scientific research and
productivity, generate economic benefits, was established in 2003 in
Tianjin Yisheng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: TEDA
probiotic.) Health benefits TEDA interactive marketing "triple
play" of modern marketing theory to business model to e-commerce
for business means to "million chain, the National Health"
to business objectives, determined to "build China's national
direct aircraft carrier, China's world-class direct marketing to
create brand", in 10 years, the development of probiotic TEDA
spread over ten billion yuan output value of the business world of
large multinational groups.
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing business, the only
state-controlled enterprises;
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing business, the only banks have
their own enterprises (Bohai Bank);
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing business, the only business has
its own football team (National League teams);
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing business, the only insurance
companies have their own business (Heng insurance);
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing companies, railway companies have
their own unique (Jinbin Light Rail);
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing companies, sole owner of the scale
of China's first mobile post-doctoral station of the enterprise;
TEDA, the domestic direct marketing business, the one with the most
modern cardiovascular hospital enterprise: the regional hospital to
implement a complete air filtration or smell any alcohol taste, there
is no need to seek medical treatment of patients queuing up in the
coffee shop in peace of mind wait. The field of cardiovascular disease
in China famous "four first knife" gathered here;
China's defense industry base in the northwest of nuclear weapons, the
Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Jiuquan and Taiyuan. Commitment to
national defense base in biotechnology research in Tianjin TEDA where
it! Many important state research tasks, that is, from the current
size of China's first and most advanced TEDA International Institute
of Biological take to complete. TEDA resources and results of
scientific research, Health benefits through TEDA to integrate this
high-quality vector, development and utilization. TEDA will park at
the Bohai Bay is now hung on the billions spent for research use to
buy the giant air carrier mother (Kiev), officially named the
"No. TEDA prebiotics", both the expectations of TEDA
prebiotics, but also that the company build China direct selling
aircraft carrier ambitions and aspirations! DRAW soon! Since 2003,
although many people TEDA mixed, but we can see, TEDA has been very
safe, the background is very strong, do not owe a penny dealer, not a
dealer out over things, a lot of people actually on the TEDA do not
know, TEDA has been very low profile in recent years, although the ups
and downs but has been moving forward.
Understand the direct sales people do not understand the Internet,
direct sales people do not know understand the Internet, these two
industries is the fault, and we understand the future, trying to
direct a little more progressive, so that the two industries really
blend together. TEDA is a blend of new economic body, which includes
the Internet, direct marketing and modeling.
Do not talk about the company, about the company than you can not and
TEDA, TEDA has is a great city. Also not talk about products, product
proliferation can be said of China, because China is no shortage of
products, do not talk about your product is good, his product is not
good, do not talk about this, about the childish. When talking about
products, Haier, TCL still talking about the quality of the time, Gome
and Suning win, this is ironic, in a sense, we are still talking about
when hotels and air tickets, Ctrip won. Where to win?
We have to stop and sum up, because we are true professionals in the
channel builder. You want to become a real professional industry
people. You need to know are you selling? Do not sell products, not
sell the company, are also reference system, no system is profitable,
the performance was to make money. On the mode of only one thing to
talk about the real sector of the new model, equipped with about a
race to talk about these topics will shake the vision of people from
all industries, he will immediately understand that this is not your
fissile ignored. Days did not change, land has not changed, tools need
to change, the equipment needs changed.
TEDA is to direct and combine the true sense of the Internet is an
industry leader in the doing, the new body incorporates a new economy
industry leader. We have to remember a concept, we are a professional
channel builder, the promotion of our model, far more than the
promotion of a product more powerful. Operation of the operation is
better than to come to the flexible and effective to come. 2009 is a
tape of the fate and ownership of an entire industry. If you just take
a product to shake the market, definitely let us very tough, but we
get a platform and a model to hit the market, definitely let us be a
lot easier.
Many companies, such as office buildings and other aspects of the
hardware burned a lot of money, these are not dealers, are not be
taken. And we are in the money-burning software, is the real help to
the dealer, and investment in this area is absolutely better than less
investment on hardware. Distributors around the world can be used.
TEDA is currently more than 30 times the top information technology
research and development team for the best software dealers and users.
TEDA world launch plans:
Initial stage (2009):
1, WEB platforms, messaging platforms, and mobile WAP platform
2, TEDA supermarkets, real estate TEDA, TEDA Motor City
Up period (2010):
1, call centers, application platform
2, TEDA living area, tourism, education, health care, insurance,
banking, technology, logistics, banking contacts
Peak period (2011):
1, a comprehensive upgrade of the service platform, to meet global
2, TEDA charity, Extreme Life
About SMS platform: SMS registration, SMS payments, transfer messages,
SMS auto-reminder
WEB Platform Introduction: Personal ERP management system: We help
each member is to be treated as a group, so the system is fully in
accordance with the construction of enterprise-class standards,
capital flow, logistics, information flow, human resources, several
major elements of an ERP be evil.
Success System: Direct Selling success of the most famous eight steps,
and daily team management.
User-friendly design: the world's most user-friendly direct marketing
management system, voice assistance, animation, basic procedures,
hands-on operating tips, answers to difficult operating manuals.
Health benefits of the three TEDA Science and Technology:
Life Sciences lead the team to the formation of consumer spending and
productivity, some members spend some of the people building the team,
walking on two legs.
0-100 years of education technology face a different capacity,
different populations in need to improve the overall quality of all
our members.
Information Technology (UU) to make our communication more convenient
and fast, can really sit at home and integration team.
Buy one get two: life science products to buy, send educational
technology and information technology products.
The future pattern of China to be used:
1, TEDA's living museum (kitchen culture, culture bedroom, bathroom
culture, etc.)
2, TEDA commercial coffee bar (established flagship store)
TEDA Health benefits, TEDA life!
TEDA sense of security: legal aspects of security, from the company's
strong political and economic power, after six years of normal
operation, business model has been widely recognized direct selling
licenses to obtain just around the corner!
TEDA superiority: The company's support service system, not only quick
and easy completion dealers, distributors can bring in other companies
can not feel the sense of superiority. Now many do not understand the
domestic lay on the direct marketing, direct people to the existence
of a certain bias, an objective that the social status of direct sales
people is not high, but the company did not act to change this
situation, and we will change this industry conditions, we will better
the lives of ordinary experience, personalized service, fashion,
high-tech, advanced weapons and tools, be sure to direct people a
sense of superiority and pride!
TEDA sense of participation: the dealer is the company's owner, we
will provide a platform large enough to allow distributors to maximize
the realization of self-worth, so that our retirement platform for
dealers to become more business! Companies are planning to build a
number of subsidiaries, the formation of the Group of industries,
including technology companies, logistics companies, education
companies, business center chain, etc.; time outstanding from the
election of the leaders of the majority of dealers involved in the
company's management, with the company's shares help you become a
shareholder of the real legal sense!
In this era of quick success, TEDA Group will change this phenomenon!
First of all, TEDA as a large state-owned enterprises, the stability
of its own with a strong, direct sales have gone through six years of
tempered maturing! While other companies focus on how to pull people,
how to obtain short-term interest, TEDA enterprises to determine their
own goals: to create a direct sales distributors to retain the best
platform to make it a direct cause of people's retirement. The company
will focus on this core concept, to help each Distributor accumulated
fruits of their labor to help you keep your team and consumer groups
to make your business a long long time, from generation to generation!
Our resources:
Well-known brand mall: one minute to buy the required one hour to see
the world, whether it is a large step or small step, TEDA has always
driven the pace of business! - Sponsor a happy life!
Real estate Real Estate: building networks to provide various grades
of real estate! For members to obtain the internal price and Tuangou
Jia, preferential access to free agency fees! - Looking for people who
really know how to enjoy life, make your life into someone else's
banner now!
Professional car shopping guide: with car manufacturers to enjoy
better services, better prices! Value of the reward points! Let
dealers object to open up markets wider! - The strength, speed and
luxury blend, leading the era, mastering the future!
Our services:
First, life-long education: including all ages from small to large
content of education, for middle school students, parents and teachers
a comprehensive education network, providing network distance
education, courseware exchange!
1, Life of: both formal education, but also including non-formal
education, which includes all stages of the education system and
various forms.
2, universal: everyone in today's society, we must learn to survive,
but to learn to survive we must learn to lifelong education, because
the survival and development is the mainstream of the times, will live
to be learning, which is everyone's community New issue!
3, extensive: it includes people at all stages of all time, all
locations, all occasions and all aspects of education, lifelong
education, expansion of the Learning Centre, for the entire education
has injected new vitality!
Second, health care: service network of over 60 million people, which
involves experts from major hospitals and doctors to provide
comprehensive health services to patients staying at home, safe and
convenient medical services a doctor!
1, medical institutions: We have our own hospitals and cooperation
with the major well-known hospitals, invited as a medical consultant
physician subjects.
2, private doctors: the major hospitals, experts become your personal
physician, online consulting, alternative sources of expert
consultation, not the same choice, not the same treatment!
3, cheap pharmacy: and Neptune, consistent with other large chain
pharmacies Member price sharing!
Third, the health insurance: Whether you are single family happy, or
just have a sweet little family, or have successful careers, happy
family, whether you are walking on a journey of life which, you can
find the most suitable your protection program!
1, single family: the protection scheme for single family choice
health insurance, taking advantage of young, low rates, should try to
have a critical illness insurance, if we add several reimbursement
type and type of medical insurance benefits, health insurance will
2, sweet home: a young family of three, we should first consider the
main breadwinner for the family to buy insurance. After the first
investment protection, which is to buy critical illness insurance,
personal accident insurance and other benefits of insurance.
3, the good life: With the stability of family life and income to
reach the peak of life, but the physical condition began to decline,
this time should pay particular attention to health protection,
although the young than the insured to pay a higher cost!
Fourth, financial services: banking in addition to cope with negative
inflation, can also help pay people to create positive wealth. Money
is how to know how to use money to make money, so that the wealth
accumulated by the monthly rate would be far more modest salary, live
saving more effective!
1, financial institutions: the third in the domestic stock exchange in
coastal zone, and we cooperate with the domestic banking centers and
invited many senior planner as financial advisor.
2, private consultants: the well-known financial center planners will
be your private consultant, tailored to your suit your financial plan!
3, financial management projects: a very direct stock investment
products with the characteristics - Warren Buffett that shares the
progressive theory of compound interest in the stock market received
the greatest mysteries of growing wealth, while the principle of
direct multiplication, it is direct access to wealth the biggest
mystery continues to grow!
Of electronic direct marketing, wealth, the eighth wave
Health benefits of e-commerce ahead of TEDA direct sun does not create
a global e-commerce online store, spend lots of money supply dealer
burn the market the industry's most powerful first-class equipment!
Buy one get two: buy life science products, gift of education
technology and information technology products. Education Technology
Internet 0-100 years old inclusive education; Information Technology
Internet UU live online instant messaging, monitoring collection
features 81 monitoring site, chat, online video conferencing 50W PC
sync browsing. TEDA supermarket price of a virtual salesperson 3D
effects to the car houses a large shopping mall, small toothpick
toilet paper, gift points. Powerful but easy-to-person service center
operations support group, open declaration WAP phone, text messaging
platform to complete the registration payment of 2 cents a transfer,
the call center toll-free hotline 400, the industry's most powerful
market first-class equipment to help you put the most favorable time
doing market. Extreme life, from the beginning, TEDA Yisheng, TEDA
life! July 9, 2009 the domestic market started! B2B2C recycling
business global online electronic payment platform, once up and
immediately start!
"When you only sell a product, other people treat you as a
salesman; when you sell hundreds of products, you become a retailer;
when you have a large supermarket chain, people call you
entrepreneurs; When you involved in the retail industry, real estate,
cars, education, tourism, investment and other industries, people will
call you for the business giant. "
Direct marketing is the ordinary people create wealth and enhance the
self-important business opportunities, but we must proceed from the
business point of view, the vision to use wisdom to choose the
business platform. After a lot of information in the exchange and
filtration, the unique advantages of TEDA probiotic let us shines!
Select TEDA benefits students, is to choose a stable, comfortable
life, choose a high quality of life quality, is a fun way to create.
We look forward to each person's life can be a bit more romantic, more
of a pleasant surprise, a little more spice of life! Extreme life, one
Join the National Hotline: 15210356656 QQ Hotline: 1329878993
TEDA shopping mall http://www.tedavip.com/Shop/Web/Index.aspx

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