Taoist dirty talk _quot;dwelling_quot; chopper high prices multiply deprived of the right of young

					Taoist dirty talk "flat" / chopper high prices multiply
deprived of the right of young
China should or should not, will not be a "dwelling"
Dirty Taoist 2009-12-2
TV series "dwelling" hot topic. Main difference between the
actual allocation of housing greatly dissatisfied. However, we see
that a few years ago most of the mainstream media and mainstream
scholars have to tell you: China's per capita housing is also small,
there is substantial room for improvement. Many of the title is
"the average American house 60 square meters, 16 square meters of
housing per capita in China." CITIC Bank in particular and other
research institutions, said that China's per capita living space is
too small. Wang said China's per capita housing area of 16-20 square
meters. If China is indeed very low per capita housing, there is no
rare phenomenon goes back. If real per capita housing area is already
high, a lot of people goes back a bit strange.

High or low per capita housing area, only with the world the same
living space per capita income countries, compared with the United
States can not be compared. That is, to what extent the per capita
GDP, what is the appropriate level of housing area. The following is
according to Chinese statistics published on the website of the World
Bank, calculated according to the different purchasing power parity
income countries (the former) the per capita income (in), and the
Ministry of Construction data show that countries of different income
levels per capita housing area (after):

Low-income countries: 1149 international dollars; 8 square meters the
Middle-income countries: 4911 international dollars; 17.6 square
Middle-income countries: 5952 international dollars; 20.1 square
In high-income countries: 11 868 international dollars; 29.13 square
High-income countries: 36 100 international dollars: 46.6 square
The same table, the Chinese calculated by purchasing power parity per
capita income was 5,370 yuan, roughly equivalent to low-income and
middle-income countries 44/66 position. If converted per capita
housing, should be about 18.7 square meters. That is, if China is now
home to 18.7 square meters per capita, China is in the normal state at
this stage the level of per capita housing.

Per capita income and per capita the relationship between housing, not
to say that the same level of per capita income, like high, low, very
bad. This relationship is "usually look like this country."
Significantly high or low, will describe some problems in economic

China's per capita housing situation in the end how? Do not have to
guess, only to see National Bureau of Statistics Web site, which is
the China Statistical Yearbook data to know. Because only this data is
the data recognized in national legislation, but also the most
rigorous statistical and historical continuity of the strongest data.
The subjective purpose of the other statistics are strong, lack of

Yearbook 2008, said China's urban residents in 2006, per capita
housing area of 27.1 square meters in 2007, rural per capita housing
area of 31.5 square meters (empty, 2007 data). Accordingly, we can
calculate the end of 2009, China's per capita living area.

In 2004 China's per capita living space increased from 20.8 in 2001 to
25.0, an average annual increase of 1.4 square meters. Began to slow
in 2005 to an average annual increase of 1.05 square meters in 2006 to
27.1 square meters. 07,08 Clearly no more than two years, 2007,
approximately 1 square meter, that is the end of 2008 reached 29.1
square meters. Sharp increase in real estate sales in 2009, is
expected to end sales double in 2008, that can reach 31 square meters
or so. In recent years, expansion of rural residential housing area of
the basic rate of between 0.8 to 1 square meter. 2008 and 2009
increased by 1.7 square meters is the normal end of the year reached
33.2 square meters. China's urbanization rate is about 45%, integrated
housing area per capita in China has reached 32.2 square meters.

If so, China's per capita housing area has been unusually higher than
normal at this stage the national level. Can also say 72% higher than

Some people say that Western housing with the "living
space", so is the "use of the area," the Chinese
"housing area" that is "building area." This is
nonsense. West to buy a house is bought by construction area, who
statistics to measure the indoor area? National statistical offices?
No such statistics, the West can only be used to count the living area
floor space.

Some Chinese per capita housing area in order to go down that area of
China's urban living room area divided by urban household population
is not counted by the resident population. This is even more telling.
If there are not statistics of urban living and the people, then he
must be in another caliber statistics, and where rural housing.
Children in rural areas than urban per capita housing area, so this
will not reduce the number of 32.2 square meters.

Low per-capita housing area that people are basically developers care.

Developed an average of 46.6 square meters of living space living,
largely because the United States to raise the 60 square meters per
capita. Most countries in Europe between 35-40 square meters, the
Japanese only 31 square meters. Therefore, some 46.6 square meters
figure does not conform to reality, it is appropriate on the 38-40
square meters. If the 40 square meters by the developed countries, per
capita living space in accordance with China now, China's per capita
income should reach 18 524 international dollars, 3.2 times the level
Therefore, that China is now more than a house, according to very
good. China's housing area that is not enough, there was no basis.
Demand is the desire of the capacity to pay, highly correlated with
per capita income levels.

China's per capita housing area is already very high, there should be
no dwelling. Is not a TV show makes up it? Calculations to know.

Distribution of household consumption in China accounted for 35% of
GDP, urban and rural savings rate of about 20%. Down conversion,
income accounts for about 42% of GDP. That is, if the per capita GDP
was 10,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan per capita income of a particular group,
this group is equivalent to GDP per capita 20,000 / 0.42 = 47,618
yuan. In 2007 the highest income of Chinese urban residents per capita
income of 20% of population 30,000. Down conversion, the equivalent of
these people GDP74000 yuan per capita. In 2007, China's per capita
GDP19000 yuan, according to 5370 international dollars indicators,
conversion rate was 350/100. In so doing, with 1.2 million people in
urban per capita income reached 21,142 international dollars, close to
the level of high-income countries 35,100 yuan. Groups of these people
are mainly government officials, employers groups, teachers, doctors,
journalists in the black, gray income groups, therefore, less
statistical sample survey of black and gray income. Wang Xiaolu real
income for the National Bureau of Investigation Investigation Team,
the city is about 1.5 times the figures. Therefore, real per capita
GDP income of these people can be the equivalent of 53,000
international dollars. Far exceeding the average level of developed
countries. Otherwise, how could China build so many houses out, house
prices also mentioned how much to buy it? This 120 million people per
capita housing of 60 square meters or more are normal.

In 2007, China's urban income of 5% of the lowest income groups in
3358 yuan, equivalent to the group GDP2258 international dollars per
capita, Bisahala-Saharan African countries with high per capita 1870
international dollars is only 20% if the dwelling they had, is not
I love the motherland wode
If it were not stepped on the tail of the planned economy (1981), I
would not enjoy the benefits now living room (housing reform), the
accumulation of money in three years, and today even the price down
Chopper: high prices deprived of the right generation of Chinese
proliferation of
- A Xinhua News Agency, "Liao Wang" magazine reporter asked
Reporter: How will the recent price trend?
Chopper: from the current situation, the line has been idle the city's
housing prices, some economists believe is stagflation. I think it is
idling more appropriate in terms of market characteristics, volume and
price rise from the amount of reduction process of rising values,
trading volume has declined significantly while the prices are still
rising, the process is over, will step into volume and price Let down,
housing prices began to enter the adjustment. Adjustments have not yet
entered, saying it was inappropriate to stagflation. House prices are
actually rising.
Second and third tier cities housing prices going crazy. This is a big
problem the Chinese economy to the main characterization. Tier huge
volume, strong market flexibility, for example, the high cost of
business was to move into, young people feel that life is too much
pressure to the second and third tier cities to seek development. This
situation indicates that China's industrialization is not yet
complete, urbanization is facing recession. And by the second and
third tier cities in many companies and individuals to basically no
way out, with a mandatory requirement that housing prices are too
high, ordinary people overwhelmed if it is to the outbreak of social
crisis, and even affect the normal proliferation of the Chinese nation
. So, if you do not recycle liquidity, do not start to take measures,
I am afraid to intensify social contradictions.
The recent situation, the second and third tier cities, the Government
has as much, a lot of house prices pushed up land prices in the
contrast, therefore, house prices and first-tier cities is presented
in the first half of the same volume and price go. This situation will
be extended to the central bank until the recovery of mobility.
Reporter: skyrocketing housing prices push the cause? What
Chopper: the main factor promoting the skyrocketing housing prices
first awash with liquidity. Size of new loans this year, commercial
banks, up to 9 trillion, although no exact data reflected, but a lot
of liquidity into the real economy, real estate, for speculation is
widespread. Wen Jiabao in Shanghai, said, "to curb property
speculation", regarded as a high-level position, but only
position is not enough to make the relevant departments as soon as the
relevant provisions should be strictly enforced.
Followed the trend of devaluation of the yuan so that the people
panic, they do not believe the RMB is also used as money, and some
even think that the yuan would be like the Russian ruble the Yeltsin
era, so start saving big move, the yuan have become the house, which
we talk about the monetization of real estate. This house has lost
most of the functions of living, and become a tool for financial
speculation. Moreover, it is full speculation. Further develop, run
disturbances may occur, people will come out of money to buy physical
The third and most important thing the government attempt to save real
estate, urban residents completely broke the illusion of price
adjustment is expected to make them a profound understanding of
China's property market is not a market but a tool for the government
making money, house prices in the Government contrast is not possible
to adjust according to market rules, only go higher, buy as early as
late buying.
Fourth, China has no property tax, the property did not hold much more
cost, resulting in a large number of wealthy sectors of hoarding a
large house. Residential vacancy rate in China has long been more than
the international warning line, residential vacancy rates in Japan in
1989 more than 5% in 2008, the U.S. housing vacancy rate of more than
3% to the outbreak of the economic crisis. Japan is the housing bubble
burst, the Japanese lost 20 years. United States subprime crisis,
shrink 50 trillion dollars in assets worldwide. The residential
vacancy rate in China has exceeded 15%, the bubble burst is not
Reporter: You also had the housing bubble will eventually burst of
speech, when it will burst? After the pros and cons to the people who
brought what?
Chopper: China's housing bubble burst, is the deep contradictions of
China's economic structure, the total outbreak. Our system, to control
the outbreak of social conflicts, but can not control the housing
bubble burst. Rates depend on when the bubble will burst when the
central bank to recover mobility. Mobility of the central bank does
not recover, it will happen a lot of the RMB to buy foreign exchange
and commodities asset situation, worsening domestic inflation,
currency devaluation serious, not just the monetary system collapsed,
the entire macro will also reinvent the wheel. Therefore, the central
bank will be forced to recover mobility. First, a recovery of
liquidity the central bank will raise the stock market crash. Looking
at the situation from Japan, the Japanese government promulgated the
"land finance ordering" within two years the housing bubble
burst. Bank of China should be within two years after recovery of
mobility housing bubble burst. This is a broken path.
There is a bubble path is a problem bank assets, such as Dubai emerged
as sovereign debt default situation after the housing bubble burst.
China's banking system is a high degree of risk of aggregation, the
last two years of local government debt more than 30 years of bad
debts the original case, and the situation continues to deteriorate,
all in bank loans. Next year, but also a large number of printing
money in order to maintain the new infrastructure projects launched.
The right way this time should be wasted quickly cease postponed a
number of great works full surplus, recuperate, pacify. However, local
governments do not want to stop the interest from their overdraft of
China's future, squeezing people's blood and sweat, can not advance to
the day when the housing bubble will burst. This time will not exceed
three years.
Reporter: The young man is not fresh, "eating the old" buy a
house phenomenon, which is one of the reasons house prices are too
high, how do you view this phenomenon?
Chopper: High prices have threatened the normal proliferation of the
Chinese nation, the number of people without shelter, is not married,
is married and do not kid. Recently, a renters can not afford housing
friends asked me to give their daughter a name. I named their
daughter: An example. To say is our time, we must first ensure that
the homes of ordinary people. This problem resolved, economic
prosperity is only a joke. Month after their daughter, I was in
Beijing, specifically to see them and understand their living
conditions. I think they look great, the couple rent accounted for 30%
of income, college graduates in Beijing, work hard, even if the
pressure is bigger, does not affect having children ah. I think they
have the pressure of life in the face of this era, wrote a capital of
the people, the Chinese people. Young people of our time, even if
future generations are not breeding, it is crime against the Chinese
By the way, a data, in 2004, the Chinese population of 2,500 million
primary school students, there are 890,000 primary schools, now, new
students population of less than 10 million primary and secondary
schools decreased to 380,000. High prices are the future of a nation
overdraft is over, so what is the point of economic growth? Young
people, young people, eating is not the fault of the old, nor is it
one of the reasons house prices are too high, but our system of
residential development and supply of a problem, forcing people to
ancestors in three generations of the wealth accumulation of the
house. More shameful complicity of local corrupt officials and
profiteers, are still hoarding speculation driving up prices. Young
people who are willing to bite the old? No way means always eating.
The aging of China will be ahead of the arrival of these eating the
old family, the future will face protection for the elderly.
Q: How do "cooperative housing" this means? Number of
Chopper: I have launched a co-operative building in Shenzhen, the
people are highly enthusiastic and into the very high degree of
participation, but also I trust, I do not have any legal agreement in
the case of each of the funds of thousands into my designated bank
account. However, we encounter is that trick shot hung in the land, we
and the developers of inequality, not one level and could not get the
land. Therefore, no government-led, cooperative housing is difficult
to succeed, it is impossible to lead the local government cooperative
housing and, therefore, cooperative housing is ideal for our society,
operating on a very large degree of difficulty. To make cooperative
housing, the primary problem is the people's ownership of residential
land, back to the people.
Reporter: the problem of high prices eventually how to solve?
Chopper: pessimistic to say that Chinese society has lost the
opportunity to address high prices, that is, the accumulation of high
prices has been unable to resolve social conflicts. Led to lower
prices is the government can, and very simple introduction of property
tax, two sets of four into a down payment mortgages, increasing the
supply of ordinary residential housing prices down easily. So, an
obvious problem is that many spend most of the price bought a house in
how to do? As long as property tax, to curb property speculation, at
least line the city's housing prices drop 50%.
I figured I had four in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen city,
eating the old year, and other methods used to borrow money to buy a
house in the average family up to nearly 70 million, their assets will
shrink 50%, a large number of white-collar families into bankruptcy.
Local governments and developers to sin, so that ordinary people to
bear, it is unreasonable. So, while local revenue property tax levy
huge, however, is likely to burst the housing bubble, weigh the pros
and cons between the Government difficult trade-offs.
Do not solve the problem of high prices, the problem we face is a
national recession, the economy can not recover more than ten years,
of course, there are more people who can not afford a house into a
living, have resulted in social injustice of inequality , the
polarization intensified. Lost fair and equal society will lead to
Therefore, the high prices of the final solution, but the housing
bubble burst, and is passive burst. As to what way, depending on the
choice of history.
Mr Cao to sell before the end of housing, agricultural reserve /
chopper off crisis
Lu Lin-yuan our currency is called the people, do you want to be
Lu Qi Yuan investment strategy under hyperinflation / three major
networks / GEM & silly money
Shishu Si: "flat" off her white panties contemporary city
These days, wherever you go, no matter what, they almost always
talking about "dwelling."
This is not a hit television series, became a social topic of fire.
Spread to all sectors of the city.
??I began to familiar perseverance to all the TV talk shows to make a
recommendation on the "dwelling" in the subject. Although
this topic has been in the network merged into a sea of saliva.
User requirements should be - they have not met the best of my friends
call me all trace of sincerity and wisdom, I decided to write their
own true feelings on this movie.
I first thought of the infamous Edison Chen have been gay, he proved
to us that in this open society, in addition to master a foreign
language other than very important to master basic computer knowledge
is also extremely important. Because of his unexpected mistakes, many
people experience through the network and the many celebrity he should
not be exposed body parts. Has very serious consequences.
Because it is the body's bottom line. That is, in a civilized society,
at least to wear underwear, of course, still wearing a bra lesbian
public display are the minimum requirements, despite the nudity in
magazines and movies are generally welcomed by the masses, but most
people still have to endure forward, keep peeping state, and there are
no police on high alert around.
But full of erotic desire lines, the scene of the "dwelling"
is to go further. Because this is intertwined with love, marriage,
family, money, power, desire, work, seems to show in a realistic and
relentless despair of struggling urban house slaves, and the
"ant" who never fulfilled the dream - although these were
very diligent, brave, very long life.
Just so, this drama can not be stirred up such strong emotions Julan
society. Because the fragmentation of the times, people's value system
has been with the wealth stratification fragmented, it is very
difficult to have a common context of a feather.
From the beginning, this movie tried to strip the city glitz gorgeous,
glamorous coat, and even underpants. As completely off too, it seems
quite cruel. Most ordinary people are hurt in addition to other
emotional resonance, that is, Al-Hayat was also a fantasy, looking
through the struggle to change that fate. However, if the tower of
Babel to happiness are a few people had the patent, if you endless
busy Again, nothing, how would you face? Many people are not ready to
face the reality of the fast-approaching, so to escape, and
self-deception, to see inspirational books and even get money to
follow the success guru. Until the "flat" the emergence of
such a proposition was made even more naked display in front of many
people: if "the court death struggle, struggle is not to
die", how would you do?
If the lyrics of a famous Chao Chuan: the pressures of life and the
dignity of life which is more important? On your answer. You have no
way of escape.
To treat all couples face of sea level, but do not want to trade all
three algae only when small, have a family and not be willing to
corrupt cadres Song Siming ordinary life, it's difficult to determine
the merits of a simple choice of whether each person or commendable
criticized, because we are screwed Pakistan, are distorted, I mean,
not just living conditions, but also the underlying social and
emotional environment, perceived value.
This movie reminds us: in a bottom line is money, power and desire
breakdown of the city, little people need to stick to pure goodness,
loyalty, love, trust and care is an impossible task.
There is reasonable. It is not hard to do a multiple choice: to
survive, or called to live a decent and dignified, but they do not
have a fair and just in front of the class rising channel, you can
only do the deal, with the words of seaweed, called "meat
compensation" . Cruel? In fact, such a deal already in the
farmers or migrant workers in vulnerable sectors such for years - and
you know how many farmers to abandon the child conscious university?
How many farmers or the daughter of migrant workers prostitutes,
became mistress a little better yet? This time it was just
white-collar city - they are white-collar workers and the elite who
I do not believe do not want to believe this is the norm in society in
general, but has not rare enough to arouse our vigilance and
Therefore, the "flat" white underwear showing off the city's
beautiful carcass is not a strong build, but the wounds and ulcers.
About human nature. About passion. On the system. On faith.
This is called the pain of transition.
Worked with people of color of human nature. I said: human nature is
not black, nor white, is gray. Like nature of the bustling city. But
we must have an impulse: to make it white, instead of gradually
reduced to a black community. Keep the bottom line is not the premise
of a false oath to each person from becoming a noble, but we must
first face the real downfall of the collective. From this perspective,
the "flat" can be described as penetrating, is commendable.
Finally, think of the writer Jack Kerouac's famous saying: we can not
find the soul of the home, so our collective on the road. But at least
my body can I call the shots, not easily carries it to do the deal, it
put on underwear.

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