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					Talk about embarrassing stories to tell _20070312
Yesterday, walking in the road to the church, the thought of
gratuitous pattaya travel back in October last year, when an
embarrassing stories to tell.
Xu is the middle of the night went to Bangkok from pattaya's sake take
the flight back to Hong Kong from the airport at the beginning, I
almost faint state. With great difficulty and so on the Gulf Air
plane, I found my seat sat a man Biaoxing Bay, next to his friend.
kao, This is not the bus. I cursed the one heart. Tiger seems to wake
up unawakened by Jin and congenital people of that region is not high
degree of civilization began to make nice impression on my seat to
tell a man sat by him and so on. Public beard (a sign that the local
people, right? Not a long beard is bearded) not only allow seat
depends on my boarding pass! I have no fear of the other's
provocation, without a word turned and went to flight attendants, I do
not believe yet! I went seat before the flight attendants with theory,
this time almost all the aircraft filled. Smile with which I looked at
the winner's mentality beard: fight with this girl!
"It is from HK to bangkok" flight attendants looked at me
and just handed her boarding pass, so a sudden come.
I was shocked, and you look closely, indeed! ! At the gate I get the
return boarding pass, took out after registration to muddle the
process! !
oh, my god
In the constant I am so sorry, It is my fault the sound, I disgraced
his back to the front seat, the back may be able to feel good after a
long laugh. This is a big throw the face ~ ~ ~
A friend said I, when this man out of the chaos often Shatoushanao
Bad. I considered that, at that time if I obediently the boarding pass
to the beard does not have to see it? ! The results I have chosen not,
I defy you, I am justified!
Of course, the reason I did not like the situation many try to be
brave in my case is very individual.
Different stages of my appearance and my relatively large difference
between some personality. There was an old college teacher once told
me there is a rating: Neixiu. Then look a little tomboy in my heart
proud for a long time. 28 after the woman's taste some more slowly,
sat there, speechless still ladies. However, in some cases will make
people run into out a glasses. Hehe, a little duplicity oh.
Would like to end this episode, a man went on the road giggle a long
time. Quickly to the church, the content of this sermon is the root of
all evil greed. Greed is the ultimate desire. Regardless of the money,
property, and human, must have a limit.
Money good enough for me, to travel abroad at least once a year
(preferably more than two weeks), bought life insurance, and then
deposit was a little bit at the end.
Material can not do without, but the house does not matter with a
lifetime lease, the car will not drive Well I do not want that one.
As for the people, hard to say, this desire is the most difficult to
control. Sina also seen on the morning of a division-level leadership
struggle ministries female lover of a promising lead to fatal disaster
gossip police.
Too early today, the results here for a pass :((((( nonsense