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									Summer Camp
Elite 09 Camp for Gifted Youth Camp will open hot application
Chongqing Children's Palace Intelligent Physical Assessment Training
????You Shi-elite 3rd battalion three major subjects for Gifted Youth
dazzling appearance
????Training Objectives:?
????Experiential training scenarios in the game and team activities,
training children to be independent, life skills, develop a vigorous
and resolute good style, to change the child's bad habit of doing drag
Pita. Enhance the collective consciousness, change child's pampered,
selfish attitude, with a generous heart and gratitude. Cultivate
children's tradition of hard work, exercise leadership, to improve
child's future social standing proudly overall quality and ability to
lead a happy and meaningful summer.
????Training subjects?
????Attention to professional training ---- from the concentration of
attention, attention shift, attention started the distribution of
professional training, speed up the pace of children's writing, to
extend the focus on time;
????--- Habits of severe and strict military instructors to ask the
teacher's warmth to ease the combination of continued expansion of the
system a complete and comprehensive training, into the team concept,
advocated cooperation to share and learn to love Thanksgiving,
training children's comprehensive ability to enhance learning life's
sense of purpose, planning, self-discipline;?
????Survival training camp --- field, enter in a real crisis
management training to carry out self and mutual help;? Expand leisure
travel --- fun games, outdoor bonfire party, farm labor experience.
????You choose to participate in official Special Training Camp Junior
Elite 5 reasons?
????1, the longest Gifted: Rome was not built in a day, let alone a
few days used to develop, 3,5-day experience may be able to tell them
what to do, but not internalized into the child's daily behavior.
Through a period of 15-30 days of professional Tactical Training, you
will find: the child really changed ... ...?
????2, charges the lowest: only 100 yuan a day, let the children have
psychological, military training, physical, emotional intelligence
qualities and culture of the close guidance of several professional
teachers. ?
????3, the attention of the most professional training: the first
training camp attention, expertise and strength to change the child
with self-control is weak, absent-minded lectures, homework, easily
range of issues such as wrong topic, easy to complete summer homework.
????4, both parents can not solve the child care carefully to worry
about, leaving the child to have a happy and fulfilling holiday, lay
ahead for the ability of the new semester basis. ? 5, once every half
month rotations, the child's environment to adapt to both exercise
capacity, and give children more experience of life and learning to
meet the child's curiosity and novelty psychology.
??Military instructors: from the military personnel as.
????Professional training teachers: official attention from the
Children's Palace superior training and emotional intelligence
training as teachers.
????Teacher of life: early childhood education teacher as. Expand
teacher: professional quality development as a coach.
???"Declaration of Independence" Baby Camp
????Features: Tactical Training Camp in implementing the thrust of the
elite young premise, specifically designed for the small baby, and
develop the kids examine the environment of the strange ability to
adapt to experience the joy of independence and accomplishment.
???Age :4-6-year-old children
???Activity cycle: 3 days 2 nights
????The opening hours: July 16, 2009 -18 7 ÔÂ 28 - 30 7 31 - August 2
August 12 - 14
???Price: 680 yuan (including room and board living expenses, fares,
insurance, training expenses, clothing expenses, management fees)
???"Workshop farmhouse" Camp
?????Features: Tactical Training Camp in implementing the thrust of
the elite juvenile premise, additional results of a new socialist
countryside construction experience, visit the flower garden,
hand-crafts workshops, picking fruits and vegetables.
????Location: White City Youth Education relay base (Board of
Education designated children's training base)
????Together children aged 6-14
????Activity cycle: 15 days
???The opening time: 16 July 2009 -30 on July 31 2009 14 -8
???Price: 1980 yuan (including room and board cost of living, fares,
insurance, training expenses, clothing expenses, management fees)
??"Sunshine Body" Fitness Camp
????Features: Tactical Training Camp in implementing the thrust of the
elite juvenile premise, additional training --- Standards of physical
fitness, and the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission in
accordance with national requirements, will be the primary focus of
Military Physical Training Physical Training courses and the
integration of subjects, carry out targeted physical training
activities; to visit and experience the taekwondo, boxing, wrestling,
trampoline and other professional sports training. Enjoy professional
sports teams, senior nutritionist unified catering.
?????Location: Guang Yang Island Sports Training Base (Chongqing
Municipal Sports Bureau athletes training base)
?????Suitable for ages 6-14
?????Activity cycle: 15 days to open in time: July 16, 2009 -30 Date
July 31, 2009 -8 14
??????Price: 1980 yuan (including room and board living expenses,
fares, insurance, training costs, clothing costs, management fees)
??????Activities to protect
??????1, the safety of this event by the elite for Gifted Youth Camp
Organizing Committee is responsible for security, and for each camper
to buy accident insurance and accidental medical insurance.
??????2, the militarization of closed-end management, unified
accommodation, professional nutrition catering.
??????3, this event has 24-hour travel with the team medical care
(caused by the camper's own medical care at their own expense)
?????Registration Address: Chongqing Children's Palace lobby
Intelligent Physical Assessment Training Centre information desk can
Chongqing Children's Palace Huang Louzhi Physical Evaluation Training
?????Tel: 63868972 6,217,036,413,908,331,372
Children's Palace, 3rd Tactical Training Camp Youth Elite superior
Activity flow
Time Content Objective
7:00 --- 7: 10
?Get up
?Good Living Habits
7:10 --- 7: 40
?Morning exercises
?Good training habits, physical exercise
7:40 --- 8: 10
?Breakfast (eggs, milk, steamed rolls, rice porridge, fin dishes,
?Added energy, develop good dietary habits
8:10 --- 8: 30
?Finishing the House
?Good Living Habits
8:30 --- 9: 30
?Military training (formation, Jun Zi)
?Discipline and organizational culture
9:40 --- 11: 40
?Outward Bound:
Field direction discrimination, lost situation handling, set up camp,
looking for water, fire escape, earthquake hedge, traffic safety,
accident prevention and hedge escape simulation training, carrying out
mutual self-help rescue;
Through jungle, tanks tanks, penguin mother, birthday line, selling
cabbage, thorns water, we stood up, Indiana Jones,
Fashion show, treasure hunt camp, evolution
... ... ...
?Team awareness, social skills, leadership, willpower, observation
ability, self-care ability of survival
11:40 --- 11: 50
?Team involved in awareness and introspection capabilities
12:00 --- 12: 30
?Lunch (5 dishes + 1 soup staple)
?Added energy to develop good eating habits
At 12:30 --- 14: 00
?Good Living Habits
14:00 --- 14: 20
?Finishing the House
?Good Living Habits
--- 14:30 15:: 30
?Attention Training
?Increased attention, and developing intelligence
--- 16 15:40: 40
?Summer operation time (School Children)
Read Story Time (Preschool)
Culture study habits
Stimulate interest in learning
?EQ Development Training
Fun games, studio, farm labor experience, simulated trading,
collecting rainbow, lanterns, campaign speeches, hand-made, production
of plant specimens, the body can speak
ROTA like nose, head transmission
... ... ...
?Love, morality and self-confidence, leadership, interpersonal skills,
training and other financial business
18:00 --- 18: 30
?Dinner (5 dishes + 1 soup staple)
?Added energy, develop good eating habits
18:30 --- 19: 00
?Free dating, free alone
19:00 --- 21: 00
?Group discussions, outdoor movies, to teach singing military songs
?Team sense of participation and self-examination ability to enhance
21:00 --- 21: 50
Washing, laundry
?Good training habits, living skills training 21:50-22:00
Chongqing Children's Palace Intelligent Physical Assessment Training
Address: Chongqing Children's Palace Yellow House
Tel :023-63868972 6,217,036,413,908,331,372
Fax :023-63868972

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