Summary by fdjerue7eeu


Years to do disk summary:
1, the whole is not doing well, not poor. Emotional relatively stable
and less affected by the broader market shock, which is something I am
more proud.
2, because of the broad market, industry judging panel and other
external environment is not accurate, although the texture is very
nice selection of individual stocks, but it takes two to tango. A
similar approach has TBEA, Lanhuakechuang, JAC, Fuyao, JISCO Hongxing,
located in the "Power" is not appropriate, some of the
previous wave fired off, and sector rotation soon was soon abandoned
by the market. Main reason for the rise or the market lacks momentum,
can not put all dishes were filled with water, only water poured into
the dish another plate. Although the growth performance of the company
very well, but the market in the short term is difficult to generate
cohesion. Also, is the large institutions in this phase, especially
those good results are invested in doing the trend, the concept of
investment, transfer positions are more frequent, but nobody dared to
big cyclical plate, and the escape of faster. Chinese business growth
as the Golden Age, Morgan Stanley lead China for rehabilitation and
other positions are more frequent.
3, predict not done as the regulation occurred on the property, there
is no timely response, make no impact on the market impact of roughly
estimated. Have a similar impact on the market interest rates, raising
reserve impact on the market, IPO on the markets, additional, central
voting issue, repurchase, and so the impact on the market must make a
general quantitative and qualitative analysis.
4, on how to sell and do well. Due to excessive trust in their
judgments on good stock, not all aspects of dialectical synthesis of
factors, especially negative factors, while holding on too long, no
time profits. Excessive self-confidence of emotional behavior is to be
discarded, it is idealistic behavior, their bullish on the
stock-demand may be too much to see its positive aspects, while
ignoring or did not take into account the negative factors. In most
cases the market is on the positive factors more publicity must be
aware of this issue. In most cases, the agency earlier and better than
I know exactly what these positive factors, they are generally much
earlier than I am into some (if the stock is really good), so

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