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                                 ARTS FACULTY COUNCIL
                      Minutes of the Arts Faculty Council Held on
              March 22 2007 at 2:00 PM in Council Chamber, University Hall

Present:       D Woolf (Chair), B Hunter, N Hosseinzadeh, G Pavlich, M Dupres, H
               Krahn, P Bovair, G Epp, J Newman, A Tessier, M Henn, A Gow, B Boone,
               L Fagnan, O Cisneros, P Okeke-Ihejirika, T Spalding, D Grant, J Shillabeer,
               H Luchkow, B Linsky, C Skidmore, R. Whitinger, R. Cowan, H. Parker, K
               DeLong, L Trimble, J. A. Hawkins, J Hart, K Munro, S. Romaniuk, T
               Garvin, S Landon, A Grace, R Kaufman, L Cormack, J Selman, R Mills

Guests:        J Duncan

Regrets:       G Dacks, D Barnet,

(Copies of tributes are attached to the minutes only)

Prof Garret PJ Epp, Chair, Department of English & Film Studies presented a tribute to
Dr Bruce Stovel, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Arts Department of English and Film

Prof Jan Selman, Chair, Department of Drama, presented a tribute on behalf of Prof
David Barnet to Dr. Margaret Faulkes: Associate Professor in the Department of Drama
and former Associate Dean of Student Programs.

Prof Jonathan Hart, English & Film Studies presented a tribute to Dr. Milan Dimic: One
of the founding members of Comparative Literature, university professor, and fellow of
the Royal Society.

The dean asked the council to observe a minute of silence in honour of the departed
former colleagues.

1. Agenda

   On a MOTION by J. Hart, seconded by L Cormack, the agenda was approved as
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Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

2. Minutes of Last Meeting
   (The minutes, having been circulated in advance, are attached to the official minutes only.)

    On a MOTION by M. Henn seconded by K. Munro, the minutes of the
    30 November 2006 meeting were approved.

    Matters arising from the Minutes
    Nothing reported.

3. Dean’s Remarks
   • Dean Woolf reported to the council that there was in place a tentative agreement
     that was jointly negotiated between AAS: UA and the University’s
     administration to end the practice of mandatory retirement effective June 30
     2007. He noted that the agreement remains tentative until the Board of
     Governors and AAS: UA membership ratifies it. Arising from this
     announcement, Chairs and Associate Deans will soon meet to consider the
     immediate implications with regard to the hiring schedule.

    •   At a gift announcement on March 14th, His Excellency Dr. Musaed Rashed Al-
        Haroun, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Canada, confirmed a $400,000 gift
        that will be used to establish several new scholarships associated with the
        Faculty of Arts’ Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities Chair in Islamic

    •   On March 5, 2007, Andy Knight (Political Science) was appointed by the Minister
        of Foreign Affairs, Peter MacKay, to the Board of Governors of the International
        Development Research Centre (IDRC).

    •   Rudy Wiebe (Professor Emeritus, English & Film Studies) was awarded the 2007
        Charles Taylor Prize for his latest book Of This Earth: A Mennonite Boyhood in the
        Boreal Forest.

    •   In February, the FAB Gallery celebrated its 20th anniversary with an international
        print exhibition entitled Centrifugal: Ideas from different cultures in print

    •   Sally Rice (Linguistics) was appointed to the Landrex Distinguished
        Professorship in the Faculty of Arts.

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Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

    •   Mark Nuttall has been awarded an Academy of Finland Distinguished
        Professorship at the University of Oulu. This is part of a new program (the
        Finland Distinguished Professor Programme) designed to build long-term
        research co-operation on an international level. He is one of 16 recipients
        selected by the Academy of Finland from over 100 nominations worldwide.
        Nuttall’s Distinguished Professorship is a five-year award to build collaboration
        in research and teaching between the University of Alberta and the University of
        Oulu, as well as with other Nordic institutions and universities in northwest

    •   The unit review process mandated by the Provost has begun. Unlike the FGSR
        reviews, this set of reviews will have the advantage of being comprehensive.
        This will enable units and central administration to take into account the linkages
        among all of our activities, undergraduate as well s graduate teaching, and
        research and service. The purpose of this review is not directly to allocate
        funding, but rather to develop an up to date understanding of the character and
        quality of the units on campus that will inform planning over the next few years.

        This process has six stages-- the launch, including identifying prospective
        external reviewers; the preparation of the self study report; central
        administration review of the unit report; revision and submission of the final
        report; the review team visit and central administration's consideration of the
        review and meetings with the Dean and Chair to discuss the results of the
        review. The total process spans 16 months

        Six departments are now in the first stage of the review process. They are Art
        and Design, Music, Drama, Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology. The next
        cohort, who will launch in September, comprises Economics, Sociology, Political
        Science, Anthropology and Women's Studies. When the individual units have
        been reviewed, a comprehensive review of the Faculty will take place.

4. Question Period
   Jan Selman asked whether the Dean will at the end of the process pull together all
   the unit review study reports with a view to come up with an academic statement
   that reflects the state of the Faculty?

    Dean Woolf indicated that at some point, the Chairs of the units will meet together
    more informally to go through the study reports. This however is not meant to take
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Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

    away the itemized unit reports from the departments but rather to have each unit
    discuss their state taking into consideration the unique nature of each individual

6. Associate Deans’ Reports

    Report of the Associate Dean (Facilities Development)

    In July 2006, Assiniboia Hall was awarded to the Faculty of Arts to accommodate
    some of the rapid expansion of research, office, and common space needs. This
    follows allocation of a floor of Pembina Hall, a neighbouring building on the central
    quad. Planning for the reorganization of the Faculty in the new buildings is well
    The Department of East Asian Studies will be moving into Pembina Hall upon
    completion of renovations in November 2007. The Department of Philosophy will be
    joining the Department of Linguistics in Assiniboia Hall in summer 2008. Planning
    for the space that will open in Old Arts and the Humanities Centre as part of the
    reorganization is in progress.

    Report of the Associate Dean (Research)
    • The Research Facilitators Office (RFO) in the Faculty of Arts office now has a
      complete staff. Jennifer Thom has joined Theresa Percherson to assist our
      Research Facilitator Kerri Calvert. The RFO will now be able to provide more
      “pre-award” assistance with details of applications for funding.

    •   The McCalla committee met and made a recommendation to the VP (Academic)
        who administers the program.

    •   Several members of the Faculty of Arts including the Dean and the Associate
        Dean (Research) are involved in a review of the VP (Research) portfolio that is

    •   Preliminary results from some SSHRC programs have arrived, but not the SRG,
        and more can be made public once announced officially by SSHRC.

    •   The 2007 Roger S. Smith competition has just been adjudicated by the Arts
        Research Committee, and the results will be announced immediately.

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Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

    •   As a request from Associate Dean Dacks, the Research Committee, discussed
        performance measures, as part of an on-going discussion in various bodies
        within the Faculty.

    •   Reminders: Deadline for Editorship of Scholarly Journals Friday March 30, 2007
        and April 16, 2007 for SAS.

    Associate Dean (Student Programs)

    •   In late December of 2006, our proposals to change the high school requirements
        for admission to the BA in the Faculty of Arts, approved by this body last
        November, were accepted and passed by the GFCs Academic Standards

    •   Loosely linked to the above development are the ongoing discussions and plans
        from Alberta Education about changing the high school mathematics curriculum.
        Lesley Cormack is the Faculty’s lead and point-person on these discussions and
        plans, and anyone in our Faculty with concerns about math should consult with
        Associate Dean, Student Programs or with Lesley Cormack with statements or
        questions that we can take to further discussions – also regarding the on-line
        survey that has been sent out

    •   The Faculty’s concern on this development is loosely related to discussions and
        positions that went into our changes to the high school requirements to enter to
        BA program: we endeavour to maintain awareness, among ourselves,
        prospective students, teachers, advisors, parents that, whereas it remains
        possible for arts entrants not to present math as a required course, or not even to
        take math at all, our faculty’s advice is: (a) that for certain Arts programs the
        “pure math,” the “math for science” course from high school is necessary for
        such arts programs as economics and psychology – they need MATH 113 and
        STATS 151, and so they must be able to rise to the demands of the Math/Stats
        Department to enter those courses, (b) that even the remote possibility that a
        student might move from arts into science, business, or education should take
        into account a resulting need for this “math for science.” Another consideration
        is that students who take the other new stream of math fundamentals (a math
        stream between the old practical and the old “pure math” needed for MATH
        113) and do well in it could also present that as part of their entrance package
        into Arts, just as long as they are aware that, should they want to move into
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Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

        economics or psychology or programs such as business, science, education, they
        need the other, more pure-math oriented, math for science course.

    The Faculty of Arts Teaching Awards Committee also arrived at a number of Award

        •   The Faculty Undergraduate Teaching Awards winners are:
               David Barnet - from the Department of Drama,
               Ted Bishop -from the Department of English/FS,
               Ian Urquhart -from the Department of Political Science,

        •   The Committee also unanimously voted to submit all three of these winners
            for consideration for the University’s Rutherford Teaching Awards.

        •   The winners for Sessional Teaching Award are:
               Dr. Kelly Macfarlane -from the Department of History/Classics,
               Dr. Mark Morris -from the Department of EFS,
               Ms. Carmela Bruni-Bossio -from the Department of MLCS.

        The Committee also voted that Drs. MacFarlane and Morris, with their long
        experience and range of excellently taught junior to senior courses, should be our
        two candidates forwarded for consideration for the William Hardy Alexander
        Awards for Excellence in Sessional teaching.

        •   The Committee was unanimous in selecting, for the Faculty Unit Teaching
            Award, the German 100-level language-course team in MLCS. This
            submission goes forward, too, for consideration for the university’s unit
            teaching award.

        •   This year, it was our Faculty’s turn to select a winner for the Kathleen W.
            Klawe Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Large Sections, and the
            committee was unanimous in selecting as its winner Mr. Gordon T. Lee, of
            the Department of Economics.

    The Committee had eight outstanding submissions for Graduate Student Teaching
    Awards, and they were all approved for recognition. They are as follows:

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Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

    Cathy                Airth               English and Film Studies
    Elizabeth Wilson     Gordon              English and Film Studies
                                             Modern Languages and Cultural
    Eva                  Guenther            Studies
                                             Modern Languages and Cultural
    Claudia Cubillos     Marcu               Studies
    Elizabeth            Panasiuk            Philosophy
    Dorothy              Pawlina             Linguistics
                                             Modern Languages and Cultural
    Ellen                Pico                Studies
    Allan                Rowe                History and Classics

    •     The Second Annual Faculty of Arts Awards Night will be held on the evening of
          Thursday 10 May 2007, at which all award winners will be officially honoured.

•   R Whitinger also reported to the council that the Arts Student Association (ASA)
    had been derecognized by the Students’ Union thereby ceasing to be the official
    Faculty of Arts student association. Presently all the activities previously handle by
    the association have defaulted back to the student union. Further, the Students’
    Union has put in a place a transitional group whose responsibility is to manage the
    process towards the creation of a new student association by beginning of Fall term.

7. Report of the Executive Committee
   (The reports having been circulated in advance of the meeting are attached to the official
   minutes only)

    On a Motion by Prof A. Gow, seconded by L Cormack the Executive Committee
    reports of 8 February and 8 March, 2007 were approved

8. Proposed Amendments to the GFC Policy on Contract Instructors (sessionals)
   Representation to Arts Council.
   (The proposal having been circulated in advance of the meeting is attached to the official
   minutes only)

Page 8
Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

    On a motion by and seconded by the proposed amendment to the GFC Policy on
    contract instructors (sessional) representation to Arts Council and for transmission
    to GFC was approved.

9. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee
   Robin Cowan, Director, USSS presented the report which consisted of a program
   change for normal implementation 2008-2009 for a combined Chinese and Japanese

    On a motion Moved by R. Cowan Moved, seconded by R Whitinger, the Academic
    Affairs report was approved.

10 Arts Faculty Standing Committee Membership Updates
   (The list of committee members having been circulated in advance of the meeting are attached
   to the official minutes only)

    The council received the following updated list of committee members.
        10.1     Undergraduate Student Representation to Arts Faculty Council and Standing
                 Committees 2006-2007
        10.2     Representatives to the McCalla Professorship Adjudication Committee
        10.3     Faculty Arts Register of Committees

    On an omnibus motion moved by J Shillabeer, seconded by J Selman, all the three
    lists of committee members were received

13. Other Business

    A statement was read by Royden Mills, AFC contract (sessional) representative on
    behalf of sessionals in the Faculty.

    He commented the council for the level of discussion, noting that it gave much
    optimism to sessional instructors knowing that a great deal of discussion was
    focused around the value of research practice among the faculty members.

    He pointed out levels of concerns that contract instructors have regarding job
    security, their workload, and the degree to which they affects their energy for
    creative research.

    He noted that one of the ways to help provide support for contract instructor
    research might include opening up opportunities for more involvement in grants so

Page 9
Arts Faculty Council
22 March 2007

    that they do not have to feel that they are forced to choose between teaching and

    Royden Mills indicated that the question the contract instructors are asking is if
    there is significant ongoing discussion at the executive level about how best to
    protect the ideals of the Arts faculty when sessional instructors are being placed in
    positions of high responsibility without job security?

    In his response, the Chair expressed his great appreciation on behalf of the Faculty
    council for the work that the contract instructors in the Faculty do. He however
    noted that much of the issues raised and in which the contract instructors would
    find universal sympathy, tends to lie in the area of negotiations - an area in which
    AFC and GFC does not usually deliberate on. He suggested that since a great deal
    of issues was outside of the Faculty’s domain, they could also present the same
    issues at the Provost and VP academic level.

    14. Adjournment
        There being no other business, it was Moved by A Cliff and seconded by J Hart
        that the council adjourns. The council adjourned at 3:15 pm