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???Speak, everyone will say, but say good or bad, right or not, but
not everybody will, good, just bring you financial relationships;
inappropriate words will be your way forward The stumbling block, the
two have different. Practice has proved that human language to
communicate; in the same social environment to express the same
thought content, different social situations call for the appropriate
language with which each form, or to reach the purpose of
????Such as women and children to speak, to talk about children's
education and leading a poor Youyanjiangcu tea; and staff to speak, to
talk about the economic environment and other issues ... ... there is
little or depth does not matter, as long as you speak, they will not
help to tell you a lot about himself and his work to do. If you have
good guidance, he is probably not even mind to be out here.
????National census, a census of youth to a 70-year-old woman asked,
"who has a spouse it?" The old man froze for a long time,
and then asked, "What spouse?" Census explained: "is
your husband." This old lady realize.
????The census takers do not look at the object to speak, no wonder
the public and absurd. So, want to receive the desired effect of
expression, the identity of the object should be to see to speak, of
what people say it. Speaking as if you do not see, people will think
it sounds awkward, and even offensive, it is bound to affect the
communicative effects.
????Making verbal communication, we should say as great lengths to
meet specific requirements, from the title to the wording of group
sentence, from the tone to the expression to be losing status in
proper. Speaking as if you do not see, people will think it sounds
awkward, and even offensive, it is bound to affect the communicative
????Young and old in the social hierarchy there are differences, then,
to see what people say something, even with a decent nature. And
students to speak with the tone and the elders to communicate
naturally listen to their elders; with the tone of his speech and his
girlfriend talking with female colleagues, his girlfriend heard the
naturally listen to; with the tone of his speech and his girlfriend
talking with female colleagues, his girlfriend heard nature is not a
taste, so to see what people say nothing, naturally can not go wrong!
????We often hear criticism of some people "Shaogen Jin,"
just do not look at the situation guidance Hu means nonsense. Life as
in public life against the celebration of the birthday woman talking
about life insurance benefits; front of pregnant women said that
raising children these days no good, long hard wings to fly; of the
wedding the bride and groom said today the food delicious, I tell you
! Do not forget to invite me again next time, I must join; someone
will travel long distances, and telling them to talk about the crash
occurred this year the number of accidents.
????Maybe sometimes you just talk so unhappy, and you did not notice
you were talking to the situation, not on purpose, so maligned by
people unknowingly; also possible that less really is the root ribs,
wooden head turn, but Waner come.
????Importance of cultural traditions has always been differentiated.
On their own people "talking behind closed doors", you can
not light no words can even say something outrageous, then it all
better. The people on the outside, the total wary, "every third
person only said so, yet to know the whole cast a heart", work
Well, generally business-like. Therefore, the Department has followed
the boundaries of other conversations, the community considered to be
appropriate, in violation of the boundaries, it is considered to be
"chaotic shooting," inappropriate to speak out.
????If you speak in a formal setting seriously, be prepared in advance
and can not Luanche cities. Informal occasions, can be casually some
small talk, like you, is emotional communication, cheap talk through
the small talk. Some people say the text make up make up, some speech
is not tolerance, is not certain formal occasions and informal
occasions boundaries.
????In our daily conversation will often use "I've come to see
you," looked very solemn; "I see you successfully", and
a bit casually to see you mean. However, if the solemn occasion,
"I might see you" would seem less serious, serious, will
cast a shadow over the listener. In daily life, obviously, "the
way to see you coming", but why as a "specially to see
you", some fuss and the other side nervous.
????Generally speaking, the words should be coordination of the
feeling of occasions. There is an old lady to die at home, relatives
get together to discuss funeral arrangements. Asked the old lady
before his death, burial, but burial somewhat unrealistic, so everyone
rushes, made a view. Do not listen to the old lady's grandson, said:
"So do it, the old lady is dead and buried not burned. Now the
body at home, coming and going, and the total is not a thing, I do
burn Come on, it can save money and save trouble. "His words made
us very angry listening. If the twenty-first grandson will speak just
left, he will choose the occasion and atmosphere for the words he can
say: "Grandma is gone, I'm sorry psychology, burial and can not,
I think, or quickly arrangements for cremation good. I'm a junior,
said that to you to consider, not the big idea to clean off my aunt
made up. "
????In addition, talk with others when appropriate to distinguish when
they say, when the less appropriate. If the other side of this busy,
tight schedule, you have things to say it succinctly. If the misplaced
priorities, laughing, a brighter future losses incurred by the other
side of the offensive will be.
????As the saying goes: "What song to sing different
mountains," we understand the interpersonal relationships in the
"see what people say about what" the truth. Distinguish the
boundaries, clarifying occasions. We will be a higher level of
communication arts, which help us sail in the long journey on the road
of life.

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