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Shinjo rumor by fdjerue7eeu


									Shinjo rumor
Shinjo rumor
- New Village Family Planning Association 20 years of documentary
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Acacia Hill
?????[Children Speech] Gang Xiao Jia Wan port have to discuss three
hundred and thirty-meter stick, three generations live in a hut, half
a liter of rice hull to eat three meals a day.
????[Broadcast] This is the liberation of a folk song popular in the
county. Xiao Jia Wan folk in the Village, a village is the new group,
we can feel from this ballad, the former share of the new village of
poverty and helplessness. After the founding of New China, New Zhuang
Renmin although Kudachoushen liberate the old society, but still could
not escape the shadow of the old. And family planning, village
development is a major constraint chronic problem. In the number of
children welfare, the raising of children for old age, such as son
preference under the influence of feudal ideas, the villagers always
get out of "the poorer the more students, the more the poorer
students," the barriers.
????New Village Family Planning Association since its inception, has
gone through 20 years of trials and the Spring and Autumn. 20 years,
this brand new team through extensive publicity, so that the villagers
establish a new birth concept, to take new initiatives to guide the
villagers having fewer babies, the new results obtained for the new
Village with a new socialist countryside to the new look.
Part One: New team new ideas
????Speaking of family planning work in the new Village, this village
branch secretary, best in the world is difficult to make than new
????[New Village Party Secretary Yu Tong Qisheng new] We used to
engage in family planning work, the second notice of a meeting of the
three penalties, each engaged in action, the village more than 40
members, plus village leader and village cadres, more than 50 people
together battle, the collective open meals five or six tables, it can
be done something. Money spent, the workers also mistakenly, and
people are still running.
????[Broadcast] Most family planning users master the "surprise
gust of wind, no one asked after" the law of the way they deal
with "small surprise and relatives; big surprise, and ran
outside; no surprise, in the home." More and more "is not
dead boys endless" family planning households joined the ranks of
the guerrillas able to bounce back, making the village beyond the
control of unplanned fertility, family planning work more difficult
catch, ties between the party and become increasingly stiff. The late
80s, women of childbearing age students hide out and 7 people,
including four houses demolished due to bounce, which results in the
village family planning rate of less than 60%.
?????April 1988, the new Village Family Planning Association in bursts
of firecrackers and cheers of the villagers was born. Retired cadres,
veteran Communist Party member was elected as the president of Lee
prepared to raise.
????[Tongqi Sheng Village, Family Planning Association, former
president of the new equipment to raise Lee] At the time, my family
were strongly opposed to me as president, they say to other people
engaged in family planning is unrepeatable, is evil. This can also be
seen that the concept of family planning does not change if not lead
the people to change the concept of birth, must be thankless.
????[Broadcast] Li prepared to raise more than ten years of using
their own when the township leaders, influential among the people the
advantages, and guiding members to go door to door promotion of family
planning policies at home, mobilize the masses to join the
Association. Soon, members of the Association developed by the 7 to 32
and then proceeded to develop to 90 people. This team does not go into
the village year-round family planning publicity team. Village Council
first asked all members to take the lead to mobilize children,
relatives and friends of family planning. Each member to contact 1-2,
adhere to the visiting couple, sent home birth policy; ligation of two
women visited the families, sending home endowment insurance; visited
the operation object, sending reward items home; visited the one-child
families, send home health-care costs; visited the five guarantees, to
send home Chinese Lunar New Year goods; visits to poor households,
poor get technical, material and financial site. Compared with the
previous family planning are often used simple hard work fine, Chai
Fangzi and other administrative measures, and village associations in
the "six visits, six home" activity to win more and more
understanding and support of family planning service object.
????[Tong Qisheng New Village, six groups of six members of Peng Mei]
I do birth control during the operation, the Association's condolences
to Comrade door several times, sending food, arranging household
members to help me, but also to the town government to reflect my
situation, help me to solve the production life difficulties.
????[Broadcast] Association of the concern and help to make six-Mei
Peng deeply moved, she not only willing to do the birth control
surgery, also telling everyone that "the party's good policies,
the Association concerned about the people," and take the
initiative to do outside of work to hide cousin of Health, advised
home to do her birth-control surgery, also applied to join the Village
Association, became the backbone of the village association's
????A hard, a harvest. Through the efforts of the village
associations, students living outside the object is not to hide, and
the implementation of birth control measures have not been
implemented, the village 87 family planning clients focus on every
household to become "assured households." Fertility people
began to change in the nurture of the village women and 27 children on
a voluntary sterilization measures implemented, more than 50 young men
and women to take the initiative to postpone marriage legal age of
Medium-length: new results of new initiatives
????Family planning with development of the socialist market economy
combined; work with farmers to become better off combining; the same
combination of building civilized and happy families; strengthen the
total primary education infrastructure, strengthening of the program
management, strengthening the legal management accounting education;
total education work to publicity and education, contraception and
regular work. This is the famous "three-three Golden Bridge
Project." Village family planning association since the new date
of the establishment to take on the "three-three Golden Bridge
Project," the loyalty and good practice to do Walker. 20 years,
they opened up a mechanism to guide the use of interest-oriented
farmers fewer babies ran off the road to success.
Village people will be less new, less than an acre of arable land per
capita, how to make the whole village, especially for family planning
family get rich, is placed in front of the priority Cunzhiliangwei
Village Association. Since 1990, the village association members
farmland around 80 acres, built a field of family planning funds to
develop 20 acres of fine fish ponds, the founder of the cement plant
and the fireworks factory, the four projects were arranged one-child
families have difficulties and two women ligation household operations
or contract, to participate in project activities up to 200 people. In
1995, the total output value of 120 million project, the association
received from the project activities, funding more than 70,000 yuan,
has also been contracted customers tangible benefits.
????She called the old small wing, a new group of Village Association
10, 1991 after giving birth to the first two girls take the initiative
to implement a sterilization. Speaking of his own story, in the
ancient Near Pentecostal wing can not hide the small village of the
Association of affection.
????[Tong Qisheng new member of the ancient small village family
planning wing] I'm at home more difficult after ligation, want to be
rich and take opportunities. Preparation father come looking for my
wife, suggested I open workshop to play tofu, Xu Xiuying vice
president also helped me to borrow loans from credit unions to do
capital. Bean earned money to play, the association has more than
20,000 yuan loans to help me buy a car, buy a gold ship a partner
colleagues. Every project I get rich with the help of the association
are achieved.
????[Broadcast] the support of hard work to get rich through the
Association of Ancient Town, a small wing in the Gang opened a store
on the annual income of more than 30,000 yuan. Rich, the ancient
village of Little Wing Association has not forgotten that she can do
to help members develop their own production, the village associations
to do their best to do something to make a membership obligations. In
recent years, she supported the village to do business, roads,
schools, and to help poor households get rich and so has invested over
50,000 yuan. In 2000, the ancient small as having fewer babies Wing
typical open letter to attend the national family planning in
recognition of the 20th anniversary of the advanced General Assembly,
and by the Politburo Standing Committee, vice premier of the State
Council, State Councilor and Secretary-General of the Central
Committee Wang Zhongyu cordially received.
????Dial lit a lamp to illuminate a large area. In the new village,
like the ancient associations of small wing that helps get rich by the
way of man everywhere. After ligation of the two girl family Lusan
Mei, village associations absorb her village when members of the
Association on the positive way to help her get rich, by money, ideas,
when the staff. Lu Sanmei by the open Nanhuo shops to department
stores, business is getting prosperous. She later helped become rich
user John Doe family planning wing, LI Jin buying a car ran six
transport, two families are quickly out of poverty.
????Today's New Village, SAIF than the rich have become fashion, the
villagers were very straightforward: older parents, first make a note;
fewer children, earn tickets. In the guide and help the villagers by
having fewer babies ran off the course, and village associations took
out funds from the activities of more than 20 million households to
help solve production and living of family planning funds, the
establishment of helping the poor contact and have all the clothes out
of poverty 78, 54 Road users get rich.
In the new century, the new Village Association has established a base
of flowers, nursery stock, leather processing, gloves, plant and other
projects. With the support of powerful economic entity, the village
family planning associations to lead the way to get rich households
are increasingly broad.
NEXT: a new atmosphere of new countryside
????New village to become a haven of civilization, a happy home, which
is the aspiration of the village party branch group of people, but
also the village family planning associations and the common
aspiration of the masses.
New River Village is located in the new wall, a tributary of sand
beach in Hong Kong, thanks to the village 839 acres of farmland
irrigation, the last port where there is only one engine, only around
200 acres of irrigated rice fields, and every season of drought,
farmers pump line, both cost and loss of working time , caused by
competition for water disputes do occur. Association as the backbone
of the masses, to reflect their views and demands, in 1994, the
village associations mobilize the masses to repair channels, built the
electric discharge, irrigation capacity has covered most of the rice
????[Tong Qisheng New Village, the villagers] We are all grateful for
the people of the Village Association, practical things, we put the
newly built water conservancy projects as the new Village of the
wealth of water, the source of happiness.
????[Broadcast] Xiao Jia Wan housing market to live with the villagers
60, 200. Over the years, the villagers here do not have a good way out
the door, children go to school 2 km to make a detour. There villagers
repair a road connecting the village streets, but due to the 1.5 acres
of paddy fields occupy Street Village, Old Street village do not
agree, resulting in this way year after year without Xiu. After the
establishment of the new Village Association, the Association
positively to the person in charge of the village streets, looking for
responsible people to discuss Cunzhiliangwei, took the initiative to
do the work area households, and finally supported. Subsequently, the
association launched the village cadres and the masses, only 10 days
to fix 500 meters of road, this road is also known as the unity of the
way the local people.
????In 2008, the village associations that China Life launched
"to village security system" and family planning family
insurance business, we think that this is the love people of
childbearing age, a golden opportunity to create a warm family
planning, and actively object to the masses and to promote family
planning. Bear part of the village by the Association for insurance
money. An insurance policy, a safe, a love, a warmth. Currently, the
village has 168 people participated in the "security system to
the village", some of the family planning series of women of
childbearing age to purchase insurance. Village Association, the big
picture, and begin with a positive and good things for the masses, do
practical initiatives to relieve the worries of the majority of
Women are the subject of family planning, women's liberation is a
measure of the scale of social progress. Village Association, insists
that the liberation of women thought to improve the cultural quality
of women placed in a prominent position in the work, organizing
women's studies and cultural and technical studies. Today, the village
of 231 married women of reproductive age have mastered most of the 2-3
production technology, and the emergence of a large number of
"double science", "double than the" positive
elements. Village Association also encourages qualified women as
wives, good mothers. Annual "March" Women's Day, or 5.29
during the period, the village association has organized the "Ten
Outstanding Mother", "Ten dutiful daughter" and other
competitions for 20 years, there have been "good mother",
"dutiful daughter", "respect and care Young model
"," Body of children "and more than 300 people are
awarded. 20 years, assault events, poker gambling, theft, stealing and
other social ugly phenomenon of touch in the new Village almost
disappeared, and civilization, and progress has become common
????20 years, with the change in the new Village Idea of Marriage and
the masses to achieve the unplanned births, no nonmarital birth. No
big month induction of labor. Debts without surgery, family planning
rate, measures to implement the rate reached 100%. Ties between the
party and harmonious than ever before. Per capita net income of the
villagers by the growth of 730 yuan in 1988 to the present 5600 yuan.
The village has been awarded a civilized village, a well-off model
village, China Family Planning Association executive vice president
Liu Hanbin, and other leaders to the new village field visits, the
family planning association of the new Village of work to be fully
affirmed and highly appraised. In the national family planning
conference, Association of State Family Planning Commission called the
village "north school and village, south learn new village",
the new Village Family Planning Association of work experience quickly
spread across China.
????Into the new Village today, people hear a ballad is another:
????[Children Speech] Gang mouth now have a new village, there is a
surplus food to eat and wear, all the families live in houses, fewer
babies ran off.
?????????????????????????????????????????????August 2008

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