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									China Life series of complaints
China Life series of complaints
Data compilation by: Wong Kin Ming Master of Laws Risks of corporate
Insurance Agent: 13168886563
Hangzhou Branch of China Life Insurance Company Complaints 2006 Äê 04 ÔÂ 30 ÈÕ 15:05 Sina Finance
Source: Sina World Insurance Forum
User: West Lake Willow
I was in February 2005 branches in Hangzhou, China Life Insurance to
buy life insurance, Corning, again in June 2005 to purchase additional
medical insurance, then buy additional insurance, the insurance
company gave me the information that only a stick in the main risk
contracts on an "endorsement" did not have additional
medical insurance policy.
March 2006 I am hospitalized, and discharged after 21 March will be
the policy, receipts, invoices and all other original documents by the
clerk to help claim. March 30, I phoned salesman asked me why I never
buy the additional insurance that the insurance provisions, said she
did not remember whether the terms and told me because of my illness
was there before the insured and therefore the insurance company is
not compensable. March 31, clerk refunded the appropriate information,
I found my insurance policy has been the main glue the missing I've
never seen before in terms of additional health insurance.
I very much doubt, several phone Hangzhou Branch of China Life asked
why the departments did not give me additional risks before the terms
of the information in the exclusions clause to return after the glue?
Two weeks down, claims Division Xu Tengda, complaints and information
chief Xu Rong-ping reply to me as not recognized after the pasted and
procedures that insurance companies will not wrong, certainly at the
same time the purchase of insurance policies and the
"endorsement" with Nianshang Qu's.
The collection of information and talking to contacts and insurance
process, I had a lot of confusion:
One doubts, April 19, I linked to business processes through Baojian
Ban Wu, director of Miss, I did not inform the complaint in the case
of my insurance policy to see Ms Wu, look after Ms Wu said that the
additional terms may be claims Section Zhanshang Qu's, and assert that
"endorsement" must be there, but whether there is any
provision in the insurance she did not remember, there was the
presence of a named Wang in charge, they are not given I have a clear
answer. For the purchase of an insurance policy to the client what
information should be provided such basic business common sense,
Director and no one showed me the first time in a clear reply, know
that I buy additional insurance information provided is only a 2 -page
issue, not a dozen of people over 20 remember? In the end can not
answer or do not want to answer do not want to answer, it is necessary
to fight a question mark!
Doubts Second, China Life since November 2003 since the "China
Life Insurance Company" to "China Life Insurance
Company." My insurance is purchased in 2005, in my insurance
policy was pasted goes on in addition to additional risk provisions,
all data are the rise of the "China Life Insurance Company
Limited." Miss at WU office, I deliberately asked her to give me
a copy of the terms of additional risks and she gave me the terms of
the rise of the "China Life Insurance Company." In response,
Ms. Wu and another in charge can not explain this phenomenon. Miss Wu
when I explained the contents of my complaint is that the provisions
of this paper, after doubts about an hour later in the 15th floor of
the complaints section, Ms. Wu told me she asked, and terms of
insurance is certainly there when the. Section chief, said the
complaint was also the first floor are used in the "China Life
Insurance Company," the terms, she has asked the department to
correct the first floor. That business unit is using the terms
"limited stock" companies rise of words, while the first
floor lobby claims sector arm is not used, "Corporation"
payable to the terms of this and she said earlier, the "This may
be claims department paste "coincide, but also confirms claims
department I guess after the paste articles! Later, when I raised this
objection, the insurance company says that this is just a mistake, no
matter what the rise of the terms of its effectiveness are the same,
intentionally avoiding the stall trouble.
Puzzled 3, I see other companies China Life issued each year (I do
have 1999,2002,2004,2005.11 collected) policies in every page labeled
"first X pages of X pages" Office also has a blank page
"This page blank" message. Only in February 2005 I purchased
the policy just the first few pages marked the "first X
page" message, no page number back a few pages, a blank page
Department also no "to this page blank," the words, they
explained that This may be the computer versions. But people do not
understand is why even in 2002, policy can be very comprehensive and
systematic policy complete show the organic connection between the
number of pages, and to my insurance policy purchased in 2005 on the
emergence of such fault in? These fault to the insurance company after
the terms of facilitated pasting random and may, with the result of
the policy was pasted to a new provision to be no evidence from.
Four doubt, my invoices and payment vouchers policy, the entirely of
premium pay to the date of each is different, some on Feb. 4, some 3
February, the surprise was even greater on February 27? Faced with
these obvious common mistake, do not know, how the insurance company
to explain!
All these doubts, most insurance companies, demonstrating the lack of
integrity, quality needs to be improved staff and even the computer
system, a sophisticated text data of these big companies should not be
out of this error are found everywhere, it seems the work of China
Life Insurance Company of mistakes is a normal, good error but is not
normal it!
This policy on non-paste "stock company" on the additional
terms, a person simply can not identify with the naked eye and when
pasted, because there is no trace of anything that can differentiate.
The response to my insurance company all the people did not produce
any evidence to prove that this clause is not before there was glue.
All the signs can show this fact: that is, Hangzhou Branch of China
Life is not only a serious lack of integrity, is at work there are
many flaws in the face of these show business in front of them on the
common-sense fault, even the executives are can not explain, we will
tell you to use stalling tactics to investigate, and then turn around
to find a reason for that is irresponsible on the lightly smoothed
over you, and as the insured consumer, we always are in a vulnerable
position, how do we know that the insurance the company's operational
procedures, how to obtain first hand information for their own
evidence, to identify if the authenticity of their rhetoric then?
Insurance contract is the biggest "credit contract", but the
insurance company itself is very dishonesty, in my case this column,
first of all a mistake in China Life to the insured not to fulfill
this obligation; Second Life in China is not only wrong not to
recognize not to fulfill this obligation, but on their own terms to do
after the paste repeatedly denied the insurance, fraud, consumer
I find the relevant information: Insurance Law, Article XVII,
contracts for insurance policyholders when the insurer shall explain
to the insurance contract terms, the applicant shall truthfully inform
the insurance to the insured or insurer relating to the subject,
otherwise insurers the right to terminate the contract or not take
insurance. Insurance Law, Article XVIII provides that insurers enter
into an insurance contract should be clearly stated in the contract to
the policyholders of the insurance liability exemption of terms,
otherwise the exemption clause did not take legal effect.
In the course of nearly a month of complaints, I also feel very
helpless anger. Now, whether the claim has been important, and I
deeply appreciate why so many people so do not trust insurance
companies, so the exclusion of the insurance sales staff! So I do not
speak your faith, arbitrarily change the contract without
authorization, and refused to acknowledge the shame that act outraged,
and ashamed of you! When I lie face that spoke one by one phone, one a
fool of me, looking at the vested interests of talking, I am
speechless, I can only believe my eyes! Them as, I feel real ugly
China Life is such a despicable company!
China Life series of complaints
Data compilation by: Wong Kin Ming Enterprise Risks of Master of Laws
Insurance Agent: 13168886563
Complaints against China Life Insurance Company --- hope for your
help! ! ! ! !
Input Date :2006-8-5
Sorry to bother you, I do not know what I can see you this letter, of
course, I come here to believe that service to your website before
writing this letter to your network. I do not know where this
complaint is sent to the appropriate, if not treatment, be grateful if
you can help me go to the department or company responsible for this
I work in Beijing Sohu Web site, 25 years old, living in happy
families, but unfortunately, my father died at 2006-04-02 due to
esophageal cancer, which for my family is a very heavy blow. Mother in
poor health, and a sister, a sophomore, can be said that the burden is
not very light. These are not very important. I wanted to say that the
father during his lifetime to vote on major diseases in China Life
Insurance matter. My father, Zhang Junyi, Baoding, Hebei, 55 years
old, his father alive by relatives in China's life insurance company
insurance term insurance and Corning Corning Life Insurance. Critical
illness insurance are two types of insurance, the insurance limit to
40,000 yuan. Amount of insurance paid around 1900, the insured to the
China Life Insurance Company Baoding Branch Dingxing support company.
In general, similar to that critical illness insurance will have a
range of observation time, the concept of the two types of insurance
period of 180 days. Father time recorded on the policy 2005-02-15
insured, a time projection, the observation period should end in
2005-09-10, specific time whom I have consulted the insurance company
customer service, this time projected by the customer service help me
After this I have the exact time. Father began to feel unwell when 10
early in 2005, can not swallow to eat, his mother accompanied his
father around in 2005-10-20 to the Third Hospital of Hebei Baoding,
oncology whole body examination, the results of esophageal cancer 3
(late), the results for us to say that is tantamount to bolt from the
blue. Test results have been informed that we set the month on the
life insurance companies report insurance Hing support. Dingxing
related support staff of the company immediately began to deal with
the matter, as the insurance amount of the high, the staff requested
that we provide the appropriate documents, insurance bills, hospital
examination results, medical records, patient files and so on. Which
hospitals and other medical records staff from the insurance company
directly to the hospital extraction. Dingxing support the company
claims departments verification, confirm my father eligible, can
claim, and said that will resolve the matter before New Year's Day
2006. We are very happy. Since the company will support only 30,000
yuan xing the limits, it is necessary to cover a branch from the
Baoding insurance. Xing branch company set this report to Baoding
Branch played, hope to deal with the matter as soon as possible,
because the doctor is necessarily need to save money.
Things here are very successful, but in fact, the report submitted to
the Baoding Branch, far not the case. First of all, his father's
escape from danger Baoding Branch to date from the period of
observation is very close to the ground, and doubt to conceal the true
incidence of father time, perhaps, this time really will make people
of doubt, but things are so, and the cases and file all insurance
companies extracted directly to the hospital is not provided by us. If
we are provided directly, or you can say that we change the duration.
However, we have no chance, so I do not set up for reasons we refused.
Thus, Baoding Branch to work that we do not meet the ground, not to
continue the matter. Father doctor needs money, and forced to, we only
have to contact with the Baoding Branch, it has been dragged
Guowanchunjie, in many cases call a claims department, said Mr. Wang,
the matter needs further investigation. Because they learned through
other channels, the father may be read at Beijing hospital patients.
No problem, we gave them sufficient time, they did not actively played
the middle of a call. Because the treatment has been spent before all
of our savings by 2006 1,2,3 months, we have been unable to allocate
enough money to treat his father, during which all treatment costs,
are looking for our friends and relatives to borrow money deal, is
already heavily in debt, Moreover there is a sister college, she can
not pay tuition, but she at least eat. Wu Nai under, we can only ask
the insurance company again and again the results. They start to
finish for various reasons to reject, do not give us answer.
2006-04-02 father reached the end of life, time away from his 52
birthday 20 days. Me know, really got the disease, but if the
insurance companies can Peifu our insurance, my father would go over
time, his father walking with his sister one last time did not see, I
know he regrets not seeing his beloved daughter graduated from
college. 2006-04-09 father died a week later, I called the Claims
Division of the phone, Mr. Wang told me, through investigation, Cancer
Hospital in Beijing 2005-06-29 Zhang Junyi query to a registration
record, we are required to provide at us to this hospital's medical
information. Indeed, we have no cancer hospital in Beijing, China
Zhang Junyi Moreover, the name is not only a person called my father,
only a registration record, no medical records, it can prove that my
father in the hospital has been examined or treatment. For this
result, I expressed doubts, Mr. Wang on a very bad attitude with me to
provide to the case of Beijing Cancer Hospital and other medical
treatment that is not available if no longer matter. This is my last
time with the insurance company.
Things now from April, the insurance and then played the phone I do
not have the insurance company never contacted me, in fact, far from
the dangerous condition, Baoding, insurance companies have not shown a
positive attitude to deal with this things. Although I am not quite
understand the insurance, but also probably know, dangerous condition
of the insured within one month after the results should be out of
settlement of claims. Now the father has been dead three months,
things have not settled, I now have extremely disappointed.
Chance to enter your network, so writing this letter, if I can, I want
your help! I do not have other requirement, dead gone, I just hope the
insurance company should be entitled to the insurance, nothing more!
I can provide relevant information, insurance policy number I can
give, because the insurance policy, Baoding Branch has been taken
away, I do not know. I can provide in order to check his father's
identity card number.
???Insured: Zhang Junyi
???ID number: 132425550422409
???Insurance coverage: Corning Life, Corning on a regular basis
???Insurance Company: China Life Insurance Company Baoding Branch
???My Contact: Zhang Yuan Yuan 13651229607
???ID number: 130626198009214221
???Work Address: Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian Public Hospital No. 1
Building, 8th floor New International Gateway
???Company: Beijing Sohu website
???Complaint targets: China Life Insurance Company Baoding Branch
I know that in thousands of letters, my letters may be you can not
see, so I will not give up other opportunities, will contact the legal
department and
China Insurance Regulatory Commission to deal with. Of course, my
greatest hope is that something you can get the help of a satisfactory
solution! Thank you! Hard work!
China Life series of complaints
Data compilation by: Wong Kin Ming Enterprise Risks of Master of Laws
Insurance Agent: 13168886563
Fraud complaint in the United States: China Life issued a public
notice to respond to 2004 Äê 03 ÔÂ 19 ÈÕ 08 hours 30 minutes Source:
Beijing Times Ao Xiaobo Li Yinghui
Yesterday, less than four months of the China Life listed the
defendant broke into the United States District Court Southern
District New York news, the market in an uproar. Yesterday morning,
the China Life in the United States and Hong Kong Stock Exchange also
issued a bulletin to explain the incident. However, the stock remains
in overseas markets affected the performance of China Life in our
stock market report 18 received a green plate, closed at 4.975 Hong
Kong dollars, down by as much as 5.24% that day.
Response to rumors that China Life Insurance fraud
Yesterday, China Life's "massive violation" wind of
recurrence. Media reports said the lack of timely disclosure of
adverse information, investors have put China Life reported to the
United States District Court Southern District New York.
For this, the reporter yesterday to get confirmation from China Life,
as of press time on the eve of the persons concerned from China Life
was informed, the real situation and the circumstances related in the
media there were some differences.
According to this figure, the market the fanfare of the China Life
Insurance fraud is only investors in the United States commissioned a
local law firms and legal issues related to China Life. Then the law
firm's Web site in their own collection of other investors in China
Life, preparing for group action, the current phase of the matter not
to prosecute. China Life has commissioned lawyers in the United States
to address this issue and the matter of stock exchanges in Hong Kong
and the United States also issued a related announcement.
According to China Life's announcement shows that the company was
informed in March 16 complaint in the United States. Complaints,
mainly: National Audit predecessor --- the Chinese state-owned company
of China Life Insurance Company conducted an audit, the audit found
that the parent company of China Life does exist 652 million U.S.
dollars of the huge financial problems, but did not timely disclose
relevant information, so that investors believe that the listing of
China Life fraudulent acts, and asked law firms China Life listing of
fraud related matters. Law firm that submitted the complaint, China
Life Insurance Company and certain of its officers and directors
violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The complaint on behalf
of all at December 22, 2003 February 3 2004 period, China Life to buy
stock investors to seek compensation for losses.
SMIC is listed on the first day of crash involvement
Just created in the year raised 3.5 billion U.S. market, the biggest
IPO (IPO) of China Life case burst rumors of fraud, by this news, the
Stock Exchange yesterday listed the SMIC Mainland China has changed in
the past overseas IPO market situation that is sought after by
investors, the stock market crash occurred on that date the trend,
which opened down 10%. Analysts believe that SMIC's performance in the
market yesterday, obviously by the China Life news.
The analysts further said that at present there is no further news has
confirmed that, therefore, improper comments inconvenience. But once
the news is true, no doubt foreign investors will invest in mainland
enterprises have a great enthusiasm for the negative effects.
Securities analysts believe otherwise, this message will wave of
Chinese companies listed on the United States declined. It is
understood that since the end of China Life in the United States
created 35 million cases of the year's largest IPO, the Chinese
companies listed on the upsurge again set off to the United States.
Since the beginning of this year, a large number of Mainland companies
listed overseas have shown interest, including Shanda, Tencent, and so
later this year listing in the United States, but has been listed in
the Mainland, Chongqing Lifan, a product of Shandong, Shaanxi race
Germany and other private enterprises listed overseas are showing
interest. At present the number of Chinese companies listed overseas,
only 41, only U.S. listed companies, 4 ¡ë, market capitalization of 400
billion U.S. dollars.
Background ¡ö
China Life Insurance Regulatory Commission has illegal position
Feb. 13, China Securities Regulatory Commission chairman Wu Dingfu
news conference at the State Council, China's first life insurance
company violations position, he said the CIRC on the matter very
seriously, to draw lessons to strengthen management.
Wu Dingfu said in response to a question, a National Audit Office
carry out the normal pre-audit of the China Life Insurance Company
annual audit, mainly some of the issues before 2002. Wu Dingfu also
made specifically for the following three points: first, the National
Audit Office's audit is the audit according to law, a routine audit;
second, the audit issue is the problem the original life insurance
company in China, and China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is last year's on
June 30 formally established; Third, China Life Insurance Company
Limited is in accordance with relevant laws and intermediaries all
over the world famous, audit institutions, accrediting bodies review
later qualified companies.
Wu said of the Audit Commission had identified a number of Chinese
life insurance company violations, although the past problems,
regulators are still very important to carefully implement the audit
findings. Through the audit, in accordance with the relevant
provisions of the handling. Lessons learned and further enhance the
¡ö Links
China Life complaint in the United States
During the offering, China Life and not disclosed following adverse
Parent suspected of 652 million U.S. dollars in huge financial fraud;
In the IPO, the National Audit Office has completed the audit, and
soon its parent company announced unfavorable audit found; parent
company, the presence of illegal agents, over surrender,
misappropriation of funds and set up illegal accounts and other
offenses; violations should be China Life's stock price reflected,
after all, 2 / 3 of the original defendant is a director of China Life
or Senior Manager. According to "Morning Post"
China Life, the original notice
March 18 morning, Chinese life insurance joint-stock companies in the
Hong Kong Stock Exchange issued a bulletin to explain the incident.
Notice that, China Life was informed that one on March 16, 2004
complaint in the United States. The complaint against the company was
on the Audit Commission, the state-owned company of China Life
Insurance Company conducted the audit, alleging that China Life
Insurance Company and several of its officers and directors violated
the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The complaint represents all in
the December 22, 2003 to 2004 on February 3 during the day to purchase
the Company's publicly traded securities of the person alleged on the
audit report without proper disclosure to seek damages.
China Life Insurance is working with the company's U.S. attorney
review the complaint, is expected to make a strong defense on the
complaint. Litigation in the United States based on the nature, we
expect there may be the same or similar to the alleged of further
As previously disclosed, the Company has not received the audit report
of the Audit Commission. The Board of Directors confirm that, in
addition to listing disclosed no other matters required by paragraph
39 of the Listing Agreement to be disclosed, and the Board is not
aware of any listing agreement under the second paragraph of the
general duty required to be disclosed.


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