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"There are two tours to Taiwan, Japan, Izu Peninsula, tourism,
road conditions bad, potholes everywhere. One of the tour he kept
Sorry, said the same road just like pock. That the other tour guides
to visitors is Poetic wrote: Ms. gentlemen, we are going in this path,
it is famous of Izu charming dimple Boulevard. "
Also a problem, however, different views, determines the different
state of mind, resulting in different approaches to deal with the
Investment markets often encountered on this issue, as
"Heaven", when "Classical Poetry" by "Le
Saint" to court, the Liu Bindeng people fled the less fear,
however, the Secretary of Dingyuan Ying been seized had the advantage
of . Of course we, as spectators, can see very clearly correct answer,
however, when investing in securities market, in which we live, and
the results have been a short time to test out, so, markets will
produce all kinds of ideas: but the only two results, wait and see, to
participate. Participation is divided into so much short of two.
600 592 Longxi shares after March 27 to 18 days in the fight back to
111%, then the large increase after 10 days in 42%, of course, the
next N months can really access it "into long-term, "Leaving
aside how the stocks growing, how to end.
Here we only discuss the "main market," How to successfully
operate a stock.
I think the only two things you can do about the:
???A) good control of the chip market;
???2) control the hearts of good market participants.
Recall that just came to realize this market, the performance was
"so angry", for notes a "ferocious animals"
(attached), now to recall that he had been too naive, because not only
see the text "TCL shares," the follow-up story - success ---
not only doubled after 4 to 5 times the market recognized the same
time to see the market more mature ---- I smiled (this market, great!)
¡¾2003¡¿ attached "ferocious animal" - laughed! !
???Immersion in the stock market have been more than eight, not to
mention a lot of money to lose, a lot of white hair, alone in the
market that we saw and heard, let me see through a microcomputer
market in which small investors overwhelmed by the sad, and the
operation of the so-called capital before they Jiuzhuo the joy of
success, I deeply feel that this world of ferocious animals, but also
realize I deeply frightening in this market.
Terrible one: "reincarnated"
Any listed company in a newspaper published a profit, even has an
accountant's signature and the sensible will the "solemn
declaration", the profit turned in several times a night, can
ordinary investors can only dealer in the death of their laughter, and
finally had to find Several Spanish fly thief Dharma, let them into
trouble a few years classrooms. However, another topic has generated,
from a legal perspective: thieves to catch dirty. Today, thieves are
caught, there may be dirty to where? How can those who are deceived,
"Lamb" account? Become another major problem managers.
However, it was fortunate that the initial stage, we might find the
next home insurance you do not loss, but also off a "savior"
of good reputation, this is the so-called "zombie." For
example, you can find a similar high-tech companies in Zhongguancun
like, anyway, technology is priceless. As for who is under a lamb?
That you not pay attention to the risk of blame. Fortunately, these
lambs are the picture and start learning how to value investment.
????The second terrible: "Lidaitaojiang"
While shareholders of painstaking research which stocks have
investment value, did not think the event was a "red light"
immediately changed their attitude, perhaps the reason they seem to
always be able to see the red light changed face of shenfa fast,
simple way of make people stare . What <<Prospectus>>
<<Listing Manual>> full count, the original listing is a
shell, is simply not a glass, met with the money to take on the left,
nothing else is not, and Ji Geyi of funds did not look at all, even a
clear no books left, is this how is it? Heard in the past
Jiangyangdadao also stole money to leave a section too! Anger is the
value of the investment group of investors sued the result?
Punishment! Can be fined is who? Listed companies - or the group's
money, did not you have taken in later, when on the corporate masters!
At first glance it looked somewhat like a child listening to "the
fox to the bear biscuits" story.
Terrible three: "fabricated"
Who do not know: the implementation of China's stock market is T +1
trading system, meaning that any stock can only be one-way flow of
daily time, the implementation of this system is mainly to control
risk. However, suddenly one day, Shenyang Yinhai huge amount of rise,
according to the technical theory, rising values increase in volume, a
good thing! Then follow the trend caused by a large number of disks.
Who may suddenly find that the market outlook has carefully turnover
of more than a day float caps, is it the day it was sold cheap to buy
another high fragmentation? But this is the system does not allow it!
Suspension, the next day, the Stock Exchange issued a notice: In order
to test about T +1 system, the opening of the Shenyang Yinhai
restrictions. Can be thrown to the real money people - deserve it!
Terrible four: "pilfering"
Investors were dazzled by the market in a series of actions engaged in
the confusing mess regret not distinguish what is what is the MB ratio
price-earnings ratio on the pay large sums of hard-earned money for
investment, the stock market was born as a group to rely on stock
analysts career professionals. They introduce their successful
experiences in the same time, keep the value of written reports,
frequently shuttling between the TV and the shareholders school is
really all the difference. Of course, which also lack some quick mind,
who are not satisfied with lecture fees and reputation, but ˳ÊÖÇ£Ñò doing
some stock "prop", the most famous black mouth actually
risen in the Qingshan Paper 17 from 8 yuan recommendation after Yuan
hard, causing a large number of shareholders until now insist Castle
Peak does not relax. The cause of pilfering the black mouth onto the
Terrible five: "wolf in sheep."
While the incredible loss of a listed company when the investors stuck
with depth to a new owner, laughingly indicated their willingness to
address the plight of the company, "Could it really Huolei
Feng?" Long live the public minority shareholders Shan Hu, Yin Yu
hardly ever, The new owner said: "You have to give me free shares
in the hands of half, or roll up your blanket leave broken." So
this is not just nasty-nice, simply seizing the Ming Qiang. we have to
thank them for only half to go , if it is to leave 90%, we have to
live Yeah! did not know that there is no legal provisions together, if
illegal, then we also run a bit faster, otherwise the two major
shareholders, the market 1000 to be so dry, we can not really live!
Terrible Six: "withdraw its role"
Not know anyone who cheated, and this time the knowledge of the fraud.
I did not understand how a listed Orient Tantalum Industry rose to 40
yuan from 20 yuan to heavy volume after the can upside, who is hard
disk access? Are you really so valuable? Not it! If the truth so much
money, companies will not issue 9.4 yuan. Really not figure out! This
mystery until the stock price was cut after the opening in the widely
circulated to: the owner of a group of private equity funds were in a
friend's trick of a in between 35-40 yuan hard to accept the goods and
the friend has come to a "withdraw its role," angry knife
attack a group of bosses.
Terrible seven: "perpetrating a fraud"
Cheated cheated shrimp fish, complete fraud people cheat a friend,
this is too slow. Mo than directly to the bank, where more money fast.
Wolf's mouth is open, and how can banks make money here what? need to
find in a difficult position to help, a film that and.
"tripartite regulation may Gao Ge, using stock as collateral
you!" As a result, the cost of only 10 yuan a share pulled!
pulled! then pulled! has pulled more than 100 yuan, mortgaged to the
bank, even if half conversion, but also combined 50-60 dollars it!
removed to the benefits and other costs in a difficult position,
profits also doubled, it is cost-effective. consequences? down limit!
or Stop! further down limit! poor knowledge of the banking side of
"perpetrating a fraud" of strokes.
The eight terrible: "the house pumping ladder"
That being the case, issued to the investors to see some outstanding,
but also allow them to Chang Changxian children. China Merchants Bank
in the midst of cheers debut, as have the public funds as
Zhongxingpengyue praise, and set an example, this time, they would not
be wrong now! As everyone knows, this trick is called "pumping on
the housing ladder," is waiting for you to buy immediately after
the arrival of a convertible bond issuance. Putting aside the books
here in the end how much loss in the stock market, one on those fund
managers anxious straight Gurao, you can know how much pain they are.
Terrible nine: "stealing a march"
Say, the highest out of the TCL Communication, and not bullying
circulation shareholders, and the highest price the market within one
year of my all-inclusive, and really generous. Can come back to Zaiyi
Kan, TCL Communication cattle over the past year can be really, in the
context of such a market, a few investors dare cross? Co-tradable
shares are making in the hands, can not help but admire. But still I
do not know how they ship, and now finally understand is called
"stealing a march", IPO, after at least several percent of
the space waiting! Only please some of the management control was a
little strict, since the goods Zhuanggu not have to follow, that the
secondary market also live not live?
This list is only a few representative cases, in the interests of the
dealer before the inevitably fierce even than the animals exposed to
nature, nothing wrong with this, who here is not just throwing money,
as long as meet the rules of the game on the line. However, the most
difficult to understand we are: Is this market rules nor even a little
bit yet? How they want to dry on how dry? We have managers! Do not lay
down rules to the game too late to do! Order should not be a total let
down the media across the country, brokers are at a loss until the 70
veterans attending the broker know what the summit had nothing to do.
I do not know the end is their poor understanding of Chinese language,
or we can not completely clear the meaning of the expression of
command. The face of such a market is not fragmented, ordinary
investors can only be like a lamb in the face of such ferocious
animals, or "Thirty-Six, go for the last."

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