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									Send a letter to future self

First to engage in a little decorating blog, or the introduction of
the not-so-strange music player, followed by the layout template into
the black, just like visual effects and clean, comfortable environment
is a good start.
I have not forgotten the past few blog post that mentioned free want
to read some of his books at this stage to make a share, but today I
do not intend to write book reviews. On the contrary because that has
recently been reading a very nutritious since a Time magazine:
"New Weekly", of which a text is not long attracted me, this
is called the rise of text: to send a letter to future self letter. So
today I intend to write a blog post as a letter addressed to himself
the next 5 years. Prior to this disregard of, or let us know some
thing I read in magazines "to send a letter to the future of
their own" in the end is what the stuff:
It said that the recent white-collar workers are some of the young 798
Art District in Beijing, a company called "slow delivery post
office" of the store to select cards, ready to write a
"letter to the future." The "slow delivery post
office" provides the same letters and the general post office
delivery service, the difference is the delivery time from sender to
decide, which can be in January, the year after, it can be longer
later. It is understood that a letter is the oldest store to 2046.
Sociology experts say: ignore time "slow delivery" can slow
down the concept of industrial society of the time squeeze on people's
This society is so, there are too many courier companies, we live in
the rhythm and pressure are quite a large international metropolis, is
a lie that there is no pressure on it. Sometimes, occasionally
strange, as passers-by to see what other users have a blog, you will
find it easy to have lived most people are not so at ease now,
complain, helplessness, speculation, fear has become the main theme of
a lot of text, It's like this, especially popular ones is called:
"being employed", "is married", "is
class" in general, life is indeed too many unsatisfactory, so
have so many friends in this virtual network log will write in so many
feelings, and thus be open "slow delivery post office," the
young people put some kind of sustenance for the future, or relying on
the belief that the invisible out of such an interesting store, which
a group of people caused us concern.
From an economic point of view, the store must be to survive on the
market, there is a demand would have thought just from the side of its
operations reflect the modern pace of life, especially those that the
fastest, the biggest white-collar workers relative pressure need this
place to comfort their emotions, to express to express themselves, so
unconsciously, this group focused on the target population to rise to
this budding market.
Here I would also like to take this opportunity to own the next 5
years to write a letter:
To the future of the buildings
Hey, the guy calling you male or wave it? Thought 23-year-old male and
you are afraid to take the tide line, I think after 5 years with the
influx of culture, you should miss, right? Then call you or call a
good guy for the future:)
How are you? Is there a support themselves, live a good job, have not
become a full day just to work hard workaholic? I hope you did ~
Do you talkative? Have become more and more silent introverted, others
said that men increased with age, gradually become mature after 5
years is hard to imagine what will become of you? But I believe you
still the same bright smile, no matter what obstacles encountered in
the future, we must believe in yourself and all setbacks are
temporary, 23-year-old to understand the reason you do not forget as
time Caixing rotating vortex!
You still single? You are 28 years old that year 2015, probably best
just a man the age of marriage, I know you own the other half of the
demand is very high, they can be critical to describe, but I believe
you have not betray your own heart , no 8 was satisfied, and you will
not be forced to take other people around the pressure will own, but
still want to wish you and your friends ~
Do you play the keyboard? 5 years ago to buy the keyboard has rusted
it? You still have time to regularly swim? There is no body because of
lack of exercise seriously distort it? You'll also willing to continue
to pursue the things of their own fuel to learn?
You will know what new friends, as what you would lose a very
important person to you? Some think so negative and sad would it? But
the balance is the balance at both ends have been, ah, how can there
be not lost, did not realize there is no bitter sweet? Are you ready
to know their own development direction?
Many people say you are a precocious person, little is more sensible,
the same sensible sooner, the more demanding of their own, or as the
perfect or not? Nature of things is get rid of the bar, if tired, put
myself a fake it, no big deal, really! ~
Elva do you like so much? The lyrics say: Some people can not tell
where the good can not be replaced, but that no one, after 5 years I'm
not sure there is no place in the music Elva, will not be made films,
but if that time she really come to Shanghai to open a sing, be sure
to go on-site experience a good or bad!
You will also write blog? I think that time will be very busy, but I
feel that since nearly 5 years before you got so write down, as a
habit, not so easily abandoned, right? Hard to imagine after 5 years
and today you what your views on the issue in a huge change, I both
fear and look ah ~
Really, I do not know why some get stuck, as if feeling a little
affected in the future is not it? Feeling a bit sad how it? Very slow
to write this letter, but it is very true, the letter finally, most
want to themselves, their family, cherished friends be safe little,
happy little like ~
At 17:08 on April 3, 2010
????23-year-old Yu
So long to finally write an article about the end of the log, in
accordance with established practice or Thanksgiving links:
1 Thank you, your patience, and know this is the second draft text,
the first draft of the question because the Sina blog system,
inexplicably disappeared, but I do not despair, emotional re-organize
such a complete text, applauded for their , because this today, more
2 Thank you a lot of the first good songs, many of the programs the
Department of nice looking video, along with our growth, stimulate our
enthusiasm for life and attitude, without which, life will not be so
3 Thank you, my friends, sometimes I have always wonder, in addition
to the family, if not ingratiate themselves with you, how sad that
this is a thing ah, we should continue to fuel ah ~
Tomorrow will go to grave, has two years did not go see grandma, and
tomorrow we must go with the mentality of the most respected around
and see there, presented a bouquet of flowers, some people are not
destined to be forgotten! Good night, I wish we all want a good night

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