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					Saying Hanshang
Wuhan businessman in history to create a brilliant performance, is the
most important development of the city and one of the main energy
source. Competing flows in Jianghan, sails between the mast by the
waves, they left a wise and astute business strategy, Lingrenganpei
entrepreneurial story. Unfortunately, the results although the
splendid, splendid continues, business groups, the history of Wuhan
Images are not clear.

Wuhan, who, without help?
????And the history of the famous merchant, Huizhou, Dongting help,
Ningbo and other famous business group, compared Wuhan businessman
"help" image does not seem clear. In contrast, Wuhan, Ming
and Qing dynasties in the country as a leading commercial city, as the
"thoroughfare of nine provinces," "East Chicago"
in memory of the city are popular.
????History of urban commercial image and the image of businessmen
such a contrast between that edge of town business group and not
representative of all business groups. Therefore we can not help to
analyze the traditional business perspective to look at what we called
the "Chinese business" groups. Han is a dynamic business
process of the formation history, and it is closely linked with the
development process of Wuhan. Han is not the business from the same
region of origin, nor confined to local or provincial, but the main
business scope of the Han is still very clear. For hundreds of years
since the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the national and local
merchants are here to make a living, business, settle down. They all
belong to the list of Chinese business. In the long development
process, business people create a large number of brand-name
boutiques, some still continue to operate old, who is an important
driving force of economic development of Wuhan, Wuhan is an important
commercial and cultural representatives. Whether they are local
businessmen, Wuhan, Hubei, regardless of the size of the cause of
success or failure, as long as they have in this struggle, formed a
deep bond with this city.
Wuhan businessman shape business culture
????On the performance, Wuhan businessman in the country the status of
the business sector and the economic status of Wuhan itself recognized
by the community. Whether in the Ming and Qing dynasties, or in the
Republic of China, Wuhan businesses are in a leading position in the
country. Hankou was known as the "Town", "the world
tetramerization" one. To modern times, Wuhan Foreign Affairs and
civilian industrial and commercial enterprise development for the
national attention, Wuhan is a modern long-term economic center in
China after Shanghai, Hankou was listed as municipalities, but also
the vanguard of economic development and innovation in the city. Wuhan
has a wide range of entrepreneurs in the business community's
influence, Republic of China General Chamber of Commerce was
established in Hankou is the one of several Chamber of Commerce, and
the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, Tianjin Chamber of Commerce,
the Chamber stood side by side in Peking. In a number of economic
affairs and political movements, the Chamber can be seen the figure
????Wuhan, and Xing for business, but the context as long. In 3500
years ago, is already Panlongcheng prosperous business, and cultural
prosperity of the Du Yi. In Hanyang, and Wuchang, literary stories,
historical monuments of leaving a legacy, and Hankou Mall glorified.
????Triangle Wuhan long home improvement merchant, faced with internal
and external situation, they are avoiding disadvantages, of trying,
finally Yields. In the differentiation among the individual business,
Wuhan businessman or reflect the characteristics of some groups.
????First of all, still the geographical structure of businessmen from
Wuhan to be analyzed. Wuhan businessmen from across the country, the
integration of the Fang Yinghao. Among Wuhan cities, Hanyang rise
early, before the Ming and Qing business is also very developed, but
the decline was due to channel change. Wuchang is the long-term
administrative and cultural center, college and university in modern
times because of the rise to the learners more. Hankou, Wuhan is the
fastest expansion in the region, since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as
a commercial center continue to strengthen, attracting millions of
people to make a living in this business. After its inception, more
developed trade Hankou, even take the rise of industry, provinces and
neighboring cities and counties surrounding the radiation absorption
is more evident. Wuhan is not only the core of the regional market,
their spending power is also very impressive. As the investigation
Shenxing in "(Han
Mouth), "a poem goes:" hide complex five-party merchants
rich mergers. Have names Fan Li, one by one under the banner of the
whole. "This situation not only in the Ming and Qing dynasties
that, in modern times is also very obvious.
????Second, not only in Wuhan in Hubei to help businessmen, local
help, and other provincial businessmen. Merchants have their own
organization around, but also have their own tradition, but which in
the long-term market activity, they not only compete but also
cooperate with each other, and gradually are integrated into the city,
and become a part of Chinese business groups. Wuhan businessman
speaking competition, but not by geographical advantages that the
habit of xenophobia.
????And from the proportion of business, the commercial has been the
main axis of economic development in Wuhan. After its inception,
supported by railway and steamship shipping industry, Wuhan, more
developed trade, foreign trade and the emerging banking industry has
made considerable progress. Zhang founded the Westernization in the
industry after the new industries to be born in Wuhan, the formation
of both industrial and commercial development trend. However, the
proportion and employees for the business point of view, Wuhan is
still a commercial trade-based cities.
????Wuhan is also characterized by business, that is, Ru-business
light. Mercantilism is of the characteristics of all the merchants,
Wuhan, although it has also a regional political and cultural center,
but the business development and expansion of the city is the biggest
driving force. Venture as a natural stage, Wuhan rarely Confucian
bureaucracy, not heavy work Malibu industry. Wuhan businessman bound
by tradition rarely good at the new trend and change. Materialistic
businessmen, competition, equality, secular to the city to bring more
people-oriented temperament.
Han characteristics and smart business
????Why has a Wuhan businessman Merchants Merchants and different
characteristics? This merchant is engaged with the Wuhan-economic
characteristics of the industry is not without contact. Wuhan
businessmen are engaged in fully competitive commercial trade, and not
the monopoly of official authorized to trade. This determines the main
targets of their trading is a market with the industry, and the man in
the street, although there are official bodies, but few come through
the reading Tongru to make. Most traders do not re-examination of
Wuhan in the name of the family in the business, lacking the Confucian
imperial tradition, not to mention the familial characteristics of
Wuhan businessman is not strong. Merchants and merchants engaged in
the money business, Huai salt, grain and other industries, the
official authorized official business and business family background
plays an important role. Of course, this does not mean that traders
would not make official in Wuhan, but the familial division of labor
between officials and businessmen is clearly one or the Business is
not outstanding.
????Mercurial is a smart businessman outside the general impression of
Wuhan. Hubei known as the "nine birds," is that its machine
become flexible and resourceful, and of course a bit derogatory
meaning. However, this title is used to refer to the Wuhan business,
perhaps more appropriate. Wuhan, the main business of the business
does not depend on official authority, it is difficult to have a
monopoly capacity. Hawkers gathered in this giant city, in order to
win a foothold in the competition, is the end of Longyou potential, or
the international situation will be, depends on the individual
business skills. Wuhan astute businessmen are good at looking for
business opportunities in the fickle performance, good at creating
conditions for good when the strain along good at innovation to
survive, and they do not lack perseverance, courage and credibility,
of course, which also mixed with some cleverness. Thus, both the
number of centuries old tradition enduring, important juncture in the
political situation changes, but also there have been new business
hero a timely, one after another. In this development process,
business strategy, Wuhan businessmen are constantly enriched and
Limitations and shortcomings of Chinese business
????Han businessman also has its own limitations, it was charged that
the pioneering spirit of Wuhan businessman outgoing enough, it also
features on the market and Wuhan. Wuhan is the destination of the
public business is the business arena, the market capacity of both
large, radiation is also strong, local businessmen to compete in this
place. Able to hit the market in Wuhan, name, business already
achieved great success. Therefore, if non-essential, Wuhan businessman
is not a strong desire to go out. However, some well-capitalized,
superior strength and even the success of enterprises in Hubei
province have opened branch stores, business is very successful, but
the scale of numbers is concerned, has not yet reached with the
emblem, the Jin to help similar level.
????It was also criticized infighting Wuhan good businessman, not out
solidarity. Huguang Assembly Hall, although Hall lakes located in
various places all over, after all, covers too broad to be fully
representative of the collective image of Wuhan businessman. Shanxi,
merchants or other business group in the field are often combined to
help associations, mutual benefit, so Love has a deeper foreign land.
The critics have some reasonable, but this is also related to the
structure of Wuhan immigrant businessmen. Wuhan business itself is a
combination from all over the villages, no strong emotional memory and
the same hometown identity. Wuhan is the success of their business,
but it will not be combined into a strong bond to help. In addition,
the Wuhan business operating across all walks of life, but few
national competitive monopoly industries, it is difficult in the field
to help shape the business image.
????Collective historical image is not clear, does not mean a lack of
Wuhan personalized nature of business. For living in the hinterland of
central China's Wuhan Broad and businessmen, they are less bound by
the Confucian tradition, their business activities, the formation of a
new trend is the pragmatic, pro-business seeks profit, pioneers of the
tradition, perhaps the Wuhan Modern pioneers in the country in that
position from time to time one of the reasons.

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