Samsung mobile phone service shameless by fdjerue7eeu


									Samsung mobile phone service shameless
Samsung mobile phone service shameless
??The evening of 27 July 2010, I take calls when you close the slide
when I heard a slight abnormal sound, check the phone and found a
black screen, and intuition told me that cable may be broken. The next
day I took the warranty card to the operating room receiving warranty
Fuqing Far East issues, business offices is to be sent to Fuzhou,
China Postel warranty service points, 7-15 days to complete the
????But on the morning of July 31, Warranty point called and said my
phone should be charged 220 yuan to the warranty on the grounds that
my phone detected first roller is broken, "guess" is that I
accidentally broke, then "estimate," I did not use the time
to discover, so get in close the slide when the section of the cable,
are man-made damage, so no warranty.
????I wonder, mobile roller is broken, I do not know that it is not
broken, if it is, it is certainly what happened in the previous, to
say the least, even if we all used the phone, ask who did not Shuaiguo
phone, I have other brands of mobile phone take it directly with the
warranty when they are not accidentally fell, he said, and people
still free warranty, you Samsung is how so many of the
"estimated" and "speculation", so shameless it! I
"speculate" that guy home warranty point of sick children,
or family who had an accident, "estimates" gambling winning
his way home after being robbed, was also beaten meal, no money to
treat the So ask for warranty costs, and if so, I give, not to 220 it?
Equivalent to a funeral package of 151 yuan white package, plus send a
wreath, in 2008 donated to the quake-hit areas is not only the number
of miles.
????Besides cable problem, according to his "guess" is when
I break it off the slide. Even so, it is man-made damage? Then what I
have to open the slide has not closed better! Joke, then what is the
significance Samsung promised three bags? Is it after we bought the
phone treasures do not use, and then naturally broken within a year,
before you give the warranty?
????Noon today, Beijing has called Samsung service center explained
that the warranty is mainly for Samsung cell phone performance, I
first broken shaft, does not belong to three bags of scope. State
policy requires three packs for one year warranty against machine, but
Samsung's explanation is that the performance of the machine warranty
for one year, which altered the idea of trick or fool the kindergarten
children can be estimated, and I actually not angry, probably began to
adapt his shameless!
????I think the boss if you buy a Samsung personal health insurance,
who cut off the hands and feet after the insurance company can refuse
to settlement of claims on the grounds that the insurance company is
only responsible for ensuring the performance of his body (not
specific to sexual function) no problem, As for the hands and feet do
not belong to insurance coverage, and then later say he was cut off
arms and legs out on the street and killed by a car because of
mobility, the insurance company can refuse to claim the ground that he
is still clearly the hands and feet to the streets for the
inconvenience car killed, to some extent artificial, are suicide.
????I think if Samsung boss to go out driving Toyota trucks because
its brakes failed and was killed, then the insurance company should
not claim it? Toyota claims to do it? The problem seems more complex,
and would like to have a headache. . . . .
????Well, not these silly questions, and I still to focus on creating
their own happiness in life go, so we have money, let's go to open an
insurance company, open a person to make Samsung's insurance company.

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