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					Said Mr. Xu Jingan Chinese Japanese
Now the Chinese in China, many foreigners live and work. Most of them
are leaders in all walks of life or the elite. Compared with other
foreigners, who looks like us is the yellow skin, black hair, ordinary
Chinese people are not easily accept that they are
"foreigners" in fact.
Foreigners in China Chinese Government's attitude was very friendly,
even to say that there is a moving and rely on, and think they are
patriotic and then pick back. Many of them were in government
agencies, universities and large state enterprises in important
positions as silently as the development of China make their
Chinese foreign place is the most impressive, as the average Chinese
person is not immediately recognize the "foreigners" as they
like Bethune traveled to China, his own youth, knowledge and talents
have contributed to China, "foreign" their knowledge and
experience introduced to China, such behavior is not only to risk
being the risk of their own national media criticism, but also
burdened with the people to blame their "treason" of the
notorious ah!
Therefore, the Chinese aliens, I very much respect. For example, the
theory known as the pioneer of China's reform and opening up, Chinese
Japanese, Mr. Xu Jingan, is such an awe of the foreign friends. Mr. Xu
Lao has been regarded as China's reform and opening up the design
theory of the older generation, to develop and promote capital market
development in China pioneer. His Holiness came to China, regardless
of their aging step, and actively promote "universal value",
it Sima Nan has had a quarrel with this argument. But he insisted they
did not wear the views of the determination. Broadside Sima Nan
negative "universal value" is the negation of reform and
opening up between them is the struggle to reform and anti-reform.
Adding a foreign nationality is not an easy task, and many Western
countries (including Japan) not only set the layers of restrictions,
and require the applicant to renounce the nationality of the original.
After approval of citizenship, naturalization required to attend a
grand ceremony, and for the flag pledge. Some swear by pressing her
chest (we see Ms. Gong Li is one such Singaporean nationality), some
holding a fist oath ... ... love of country, loyalty to country,
loyalty to the country, then all seriousness had followed the
recitation. This means that they not only give birth to him to keep
his nationality of that country, and since then is not betrayed this
country just took the oath of evil, but in any case to have the oath
of allegiance to this country to join!
China also is our own nationals who love the motherland, loyalty to
the motherland's requirements. President Hu Jintao's Eight Honors and
Eight Shames patriotic loyalty in this country have the content. At
least until now, our country did not want the Chinese people of
Chinese nationality but also loyal to other countries, so China does
not recognize dual nationality. It is said that Japan does not
recognize dual nationality, to take Japanese citizenship, to give up
their original nationality.
Because of these difficulties and setbacks, suffering torture personal
experience, I more admire Mr. Xu Lao. He traveled, learning Jianzhen
monk was sent to channel the spirit of the transfer, from the wealthy
developed a poverty-stricken Japan back to China, would rather not
carry a heavy stigma Shina love love Japan, the Japanese accused of
holding the Japanese welfare Japan is not for the benefit of the nasty
"foreign inferior race." More recently for the protection of
racial purity, Japan has not ratified the nationality of the
foreigners in Japan. It was in this harsh environment, Mr. Xu Lao
still hesitate to return home to help China's reform and opening up is
really impressive.
Mr. Xu Lao is also very active on the network, opened a lot of blog,
is a concern for China's reform and opening-up direction is toward
democracy and freedom in the elderly. His Holiness has a colorful life
Xu Jingan Male Born 1941 Education: Master Nationality: Japan
Graduated from the journalism department of Fudan University in 1964,
researchers, has been appointed as the Chinese People's University,
Shenzhen University. 1964-1970, the Central Research Institute of
Marxism-Leninism; 1970-1973, the Central Policy Research Office;
1973-1978, the Political Department of Beijing Military Region
artillery; 1979-1981, the State Planning Commission Research Renke
Zhang; 1982-1984 years, the appointment of the Director of the State
Restructuring; 1985-1987, China's deputy director, Institute of
Economic Restructuring; 1987-1993, appointed director of Shenzhen
Economic Restructuring; since 1993 in Shenzhen Xu Jingan chairman of
investment advisory firm, Shenzhen New Century Civilization Research
president. Shenzhen Nanshan Power Co., Ltd. of independent directors;
Shenzhen CIMC Ltd independent directors.
Mr. Xu Lao experience of witnessing the traditional Chinese literati
"excellent learning official" by saying, it is a good young
man who learn from. In this, you need to add that Mr. Xu Lao resume
after 1993, for the deeds of Mr. Xu Lao require in-depth study of the
epigenetic as a reference:
In 1993, Mr. Xu Lao resigned from the post of director of the Shenzhen
Economic Restructuring, director of Shenzhen who will be up to
Chairman and Managing Director Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. (the
Company all of its listed as the Economic Restructuring Officer during
the period the number of listed companies) ; In 1998, the Secretary
for the innocent by the Shenzhen IESS implicated in bribery cases
Qiuqi Hai, who was forced to shell companies will be up to retire
after the sale; during this period on suspicion of bribery to Qiuqi
Hai, and Lu Gong custody by the relevant units had for non-compliance
with the regulations forced a bath. This subsided, Mr. Xu Lao advanced
Western countries to study the Theory and development experience, with
his third wife, the young immigrants across the sea to Japan and
became a sworn Japanese nationals. A few years later, Mr. Xu Lao in
the great cause of China's reform and opening up under the influence,
decided to return to China, to enter Shenzhen University as a
professor, and set up a Xujing An investment adviser, and also served
as the new century civilization of Shenzhen will either be long.
Shenzhen Municipal Government in 1998 following institutions and
organizations to learn Qiuqi Hai Confessions of a civil service
reports for reference only:
"April 1995 to August 1996, Qiu Qihai should Shenzhen
International Investment Limited, who will be up to the requirements
of xx Xu, general manager, the council approved a total of 22 million
yuan insurance funds transferred into the Mayor's Green urban credit
cooperatives, so that Xu et al xx high interest rates from poor access
to RMB 99,84 million, and Xu received bribes totaling 150,000 yuan xx,
HK 2 million. "
Twists and turns life has such a difficult experience, we generally
will have long recession, away from the crowd, and this is my place of
Mr. Xu Lao awe. He has made mistakes, but determined anew. Mr. Xu Lao
warm home and then began to actively promote the idea of reform and
opening to promote "universal value", and actively
participate in various theoretical discussions on the reform and
opening up the meeting, meetings and research. Thus gradually be
academic and theoretical circles of the attention. In order to better
promote China's reform and opening up, I think we can not because of
his Japanese identity and prevent their participation in the
discussion on China's reform and opening up a series of major issues,
nor should it prevent its participation in strategic policy and legal
issues in China research, because we dare to hear the opinions and
suggestions of foreign friends, the courage to forge ahead, thought to
be more free!
The disciples said to Mr. Xu Lao nationality of Japan Mr. Zeng Weilao
specifically been clarified on the network. But the old man himself
has not been denied or publicly dismiss the matter. In fact, the old
man can tell you that if there is some doubt the matter can be set to
the depth of the company's board of directors for the verification. As
for foreigners in China can serve as a strategic industry, the
independent directors of listed companies, the SFC and no relevant
documentation. Foreigners in China that can serve any of independent
directors of listed companies.
If Mr. Xu Lao is because of this love-love of Japanese and foreign
friends of China, our reform and opening up to be able to get the
victory today, the Chinese can foreigners in their support of the
experts made brilliant achievements. We hope that the future of Mr. Xu
Lao returned to play more heat!
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