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									Sage Xu Fan Cheng
Sage Xu Fan Cheng

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Zhan Zhifang

Early in 1982, the three of us moved from the Friendship Hotel, CASS
Tuanjiehu dormitory. Long-term non-resident Indian door had just
returned home to the near Mr. Xu Fancheng, he is researcher at the
Institute of World Religions. Mr. Xu has over seven late then, but the
body is in good health, a pair of gold spectacles in the high nose. He
was a lanky, going hands will hold a stick, not because become
difficult, and just a style. Four times a day if he was at home pipe,
never seen him smoked cigarettes. No tobacco, he took the paper peeled
off cigarettes, the tobacco into the pipe. Mr. Xu personal time to
work each day, down the stairs to take newspaper, go out walking, some
British and German rigid dogma.

He just moved in, the less and neighbors from. The summer of 1982, my
family went to Beidaihe resort, bought a very nice straw curtain
hanging in the door. The next day, after he went out to see,
scrutinize for a moment, said to me: "I studied in Germany, art,
art I know little." From then on, we started nearly 20 years of
exchanges, until the year 2000 on March 6 day he suddenly died at age

En-Yi Lu Xun

Edge is adjacent, and thus destined to learn, but he asked the
President has been kind to call me this is less than half his age
students eldest sister, also gradually on the single door of the
university asked the family have more understanding. Mr. Xu Fancheng
formerly known as amber, the word quarter of the sea spectrum famous
poem Tsuen. He is the Dongxiang people in Changsha, Hunan, born
October 26, 1909. Locally for the Han Xu, Multi-ethnic study of
people, good paintings; but not official but had to do. Mr. Xu from
official life, indifferent to life, dedication to study philosophy,
the human spirit, a person is extremely rare in modern society of

Mr. Xu is the son of the family quarters, childhood perspicacity, in
the study hall to read "classics" of the late master of
Chinese Learning Taabi'een Wang Wang autumn. Primary school, Mao
Zedong in 2023 he taught geography. Yale-China in Changsha, the famous
post-secondary school. Fudan University in 1927 admitted to the
Department of Western literature. Later I saw Beijing Lu Xun Museum
staff often to ask him, he always selflessly to help; I see a lot
about his article, I learned my right neighbor and Lu Xun in his youth
had not had a period ordinary exchanges, in Lu Xun's diary and letters
appear in many poems Quan Xu is his old publisher Zhaojia Bi that he
is a favorite of students by Lu Xun. In my curiosity, he only told me
his grace Lu Xun Yi.

May 15, 1928, he was in Shanghai Fudan University Experimental High
School to listen to the speech, Mr. Lu Xun "old and die on
the" after, his own notes sent to Lu Xun proofread, and since the
beginning and he admired the young teacher Lu communication. Later, he
edited and submitted Lu Xun, "Yu Si", to expose corruption
within the darkness of the phenomenon of Fudan University, so by the
authorities of hate, Lu Xun also be implicated, Fudan University,
became the origin of the CC wanted to send a petition might seize the
opportunity "decadent writers Lu Xun's "subject matter.
However, Mr. Lu and young people between the thoughtful but more

August 1929, David studied at Heidelberg University, the school is one
of the world's top ten elite schools. At Heidelberg University, he
majored in philosophy, as interested in art, then art history
elective, and studied woodblock prints and etchings. At that time, Mr.
Lu is trying to make the world great works of literature and prints
introduced into China, they asked him to purchase works. According to
Lu Xun museum staff told me that the current collection of modern
German books and prints, a large proportion are selected by Mr. Xu
mail; 80 years the museum has found Mr. Lu Xun he donated prints of
his own work assignments, including Lu Xun as a middle-aged, knife
rough strong, very characteristic. The print historians to research,
that these are the earliest in China is able to find the print works,
so they called Mr. Xu is the first new print creative person to
develop his prints and the modern literature and art of China made a
special contribution. Mr. Xu Xun kept talking about his youth, prints,
poems and letters, the not help reveal the big surprise and gratitude,
but of all words of praise, he was always faintly not preach. Clearly,
poetry and painting is not his regular occupation, in fact, have been
integrated into his life and spirit of a day spare, the book word
poetry, painting and carving is his greatest pleasure. In his nearly
90 years old, at his own expense printed more than 100 of the
wire-bound collection of poems, called "Punta housing
Poems," his income since the creation of 30 500 since the first
classical poetry, recorded the history of his unique mind .

He learned something, but unable to obtain a doctorate. In August 1932
in his doctoral thesis to be done replies, rushed back to China
because his father was seriously ill, but his father has died. After
that, he get home financing, do not return to Germany. He stayed in
Shanghai creative essays by Lu Xun recommended in the
"Declaration" and "free talk" last published by
pen and thought the shape of Lu Xun, the sense of smell in this attack
ineffective reactionary author Lu Xun. There are still apologized to
Mr. Xu said: "Mr. Lu took a lot of criticisms for me." Then,
both he and Lu modern German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's thought
were very interested, he translated the autobiography of a Nietzschean
body works, Lu Xun actively to introduce it to Shanghai Companion Book
Printing Company Zhaojia Bi, personally assume proofread, signed by
the Vatican in 1935, Cheng's "Nietzsche's autobiography," is
translated from the original country's first Nietzsche book . Lu Xun's
translation of Nietzsche, he also proposed another more important
work, "says Sulu sticks," Mr. Xu is a sense that profound,
poetic language works, can not help but hesitate to ask: "Who
translated publication ah "Lu Xun about his editor to look for
the" World Library "Journal of Dispute about. But the young
Fancheng actually request to Zhenduo: translated a volume published in
one volume, pay roll of money. Zhenduo heart some misgivings,
translated by half if not translated to do then asked how Lu Xun, Lu
Xun's well aware of the Vatican clarified its people from as high,
with Nietzsche gas, also noncommittal and said: "Yeah, he put
conditions" The results, Mr. Xu had registered, such as the
translation of the book about staging. Zhenduo recommend to readers,
said: "This translation is translated from the German-Vatican
JP's; his style Speaks Louder and Nietzsche are in the same way, we
may no longer have to pay more praise." Book published soon by
the Commercial Press and the title set by Lu Xun, "Sulu support
Quotations." The same time, published his translation of
Nietzsche, the other two books, "glow" and "knowledge
of happiness." The translation of today, researchers and
translation industry remains Nietzsche Nietzsche as the most style of
high quality goods. Unfortunately, the Japanese war of aggression
against interrupted his translator program, Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan,
Chongqing he found trail, has the Central Art College in Kunming to
teach art history and English, teaching at the Central University in
Chongqing, act as a codification of the Central Library, Edit
"Book Monthly", etc..

Modern Tang Seng

Mr. Xu Fancheng way of life over there unfortunately, but also more
fortunate. 1946 by the Ministry of Education appointed him to India
Tagore International University teacher of Chinese Buddhist scholar
Ouyang doctrine, after abandoning the corrupt Kuomintang government in
the foreign country. Exhausted the life of hand, forced his
determination to go to South India, it shell Nice Sanskrit studies,
for this reason had to start with Lu Xun. Years ago, he had a
bookstall on investment for the mother to see Lu Xun scriptures
engraved birthday "idiot", so often to ask a number of
Buddhist Lu, sir also carefully explained to him, also opened a book,
let him go alone Reading. From then on, he gradually for the Buddhism
interest of Mr. Lu Xun, in his poem addressed to a "feel to
Buddhism have fruits and Zen do not intend to provoke An atmosphere
carry on. Nuwa not fill TANG Department, who seek training sequence of
orchids." I guess Lu Xun in the course of conversation with him,
revealed his translation of the Tang Dynasty Buddhist regret that he
had a "fill TANG" the vision. He finally get soaked in the
birthplace of Buddhism and Indian philosophy, religion, Sanskrit, as
long as 33 years. I say he is a modern Tang Seng, he tells me that:
"India is a big country, China is a big country. India can not
understand Chinese. However, China can not understand India."

To this wish, he entered the Indian sage Room Lie Luo frequency
division multiplexing and hymns Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi
said "Shing" College. There he met in the West most
prestigious hospital mother Mother. This is a lifetime of admiration
for Mr. Xu French woman whose real name is Mira, but we call her
Mother, the West meant the sacred mother. Mira was born to a noble
family, his brother was Governor of Algeria, she care home to the
Orient, studying Eastern religions and some mysterious power law, drew
much divine power. On one occasion, Mr. Xu has long arm pain, Mother
know, the point of him, and his arm like the future never have been
there. Mother great influence in the West, and now every year
thousands of people visit from around the world to go to college where
she lived, many people also asked to stay. Mr. Xu in India, published
four from the French translation of "Mother's words," out in
China a. Mother love Mr. Xu as their own child, she for him to learn
to create good work environment and give to Mr. Xu 12 big house,
appointed him as the Chinese Institute of International Education
Centre, the staff director of the real only two gave 10,000 Hong Kong
dollars so he bought in Hong Kong Chinese type, printed works he
considers useful. Although the college does not pay, living hard, but
Mr. Xu can do what he wanted. He fully to the Institute's collection,
over the knowledge of Buddhism have a major impact on the ancient
Indian spiritual philosophy of Vedanta "Upanishads" over a
hundred species, gradually translated ancient thrust to weight of 50
species. He also translated the important books of Buddhism,
"Sthiramati <30 Insight> Shu Buddhism", the classic
Hindu "Bhagavad Gita" and the gal in big Saddam's "line
of cloud messenger," and so on. College of the late founder of
Room Lie Luo frequency division multiplexing is a remarkable and
revolutionary spirit of the philosopher, and his knowledge has
considerable influence in Europe and the United States. Mr. Xu
energies to let Chinese people know him, one after another of his
important works translated "Comprehensive Yoga of" four,
"He that Clay properly Sri Lanka", "Life on the
sacred", "Bhagavad Gita FORUM" and so on. Given the
West's understanding of India than China, he also actively introduce
Chinese culture to the West, written in English, "Confucianism of
ancient micro," "Primary Works" and so on. In India he
has published about 20 books, India can be described as pure cultural
exchange and cultural exchange envoys world.

But his books are mostly published by Institute of Chinese books only
in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao area circulation. Miss his
native country more strong, when the order for the motherland and the
people saw him do the work for them I asked Mr. Xu: "When did you
want to return," He said: "I want to go back three times .
the first time in 50 years, Mother told me and I would like to return
to the idea, Mother said that I will be sorry to leave, she will
regret I left, I did not come back; 60 years, I again proposed to
return home Mother furious and said: 'You can not go,' I can not
leave. "I said:" Mother saved you, otherwise you may become
obvious to 'rightist' and 'Cultural Revolution'. "Mr. Xu
said:" Mother has many channels, the Chinese do. I've never seen
She's been so much gas, I will not mention the. until Mother96 years
after the death of Indian power, the big house to take back, the lead
characters are melting away. "Mr. Xu has been intolerable. Then
someone wanted him to settle in Hong Kong, he did not want to return
to the mainland. He did not Chinese passport, through the Chinese
Embassy in India, there is funding to help a friend, he was returned
to the motherland in 1978. He said the feeling at that time said:
"I really want to cry, and I leave the country 53 years."

After returning in 1978, he was employed as researcher at the CASS
Institute of World Religions. He almost lose a minute of the time
working to overcome difficulties, published and edited with the old,
and some can be republished. 1984 published "50 Upanishads"
not only print, won the award translation results, Taiwan was also
reproduced, was named treasure of our country's academic; his early
translation of Nietzsche's writings have 11 re-published. In addition
to the old was outside that he has committed to writings, published in
1994, "Lu Wang described" modern spirit of the philosophy of
the idea of reviewing neo-house Lu Jiuyuan, Wang Shou-ren is a school
of "Mind"; in 1996 it published "I addiction
solution." His books in English, Zhu Yi there, "Zhou Zi-tong
book" 1978, "Zhao of" 1985, "Consciousness-only
Works" 1990. India was set for him 30 years to articles published
100 essays, but he was quoted Lu as saying: "I thought all the
ills of the attack, the text shall perish with the current problems at
the same time," he only had one adopted the materials to print a
wide , view the unique little book, "Miscellaneous different
school said," 1988. Academic works published in today's difficult
circumstances, he returned 20 years has also produced more than 20
kinds of books, a book each year, showing his academic taste more and
more people have been appreciated. But his knowledge of a stomach do
not seem to "sex" play around in his 85-year-old began his
long-nurtured another big plan - Yi Zhu esoteric Shingon Buddhist,
that the "Tripitaka" Central Plains, according to ancient
Sanskrit transliteration of the esoteric mantra, the true meaning of
its release, imprison people solve the mystery of the spirit of the
millennium. In addition he plans to re-translate the
"Bible", etc..

Mr. Xu has studied the "Bible", "Koran",
"Tripitaka" and other world religious texts, he studied
religion with Western Christianity, Catholicism; with South Asia
Brahmanism, Buddhism, Hinduism; with Chinese Taoism, Confucianism, and
so on. The Tang Priest is one of the modern not a linguist, he was
fluent in English, German, French, Sanskrit, also studied Greek,
Japanese, Hindi, etc.. So, he may also proofread the same book in
several words. His old things have a natural love, he loves the
Chinese classics, poetry, ancient words and ancient paintings. Love
foreign classics, poetry and so on. Mr Tsui is a fearless academic
research, then he must bite hard bones. His rich experience of Chinese
classics, and his translations of classical poetry to use more
vernacular. He felt the only way to correspond to the taste of the
classics of ancient India. Ten years ago, he said to me: "Now the
translation," Bible "are some mistakes. Unfortunately, China
does not have a use with the" Bible "translation of
contemporary classical" Bible "." Unfortunately, due to
the long life of simple living alone, led him to severe malnutrition,
the end result of severe pulmonary effusion and die, and could not
complete his great plan.

Mr. Xu spent his life thinking the world in search of treasure-house
of the noble spirit of humanity's treasures, he translated a number of
the motherland, Germany, France, India, the spirit of the classic
philosophy to Huitong different mental phenomena and the world view of
the world to achieve mutual infiltration of the harmonious,
understanding and position.

Friend and friendship between generations

Vatican JP does not love the social communication, but he has 12 close
friend and a group of intersecting deep friendship between

Mr. Feng Zhi is the University of Heidelberg in Germany, when his
students, two people 60 years of friendship. However, the encounter
with the often debated question of learning. Mr. Xu said: "We are
three days a row." Fung died in before the two of them there is a
problem not clear, is a scholar's name last two letters are er or re,
they will be good to find the author's signature subject, showing that
the two family scholarship of serious scholarship. He heard many
people in the "Cultural Revolution" of persecution, he had
several concerns and asked the two old friends He Lin Feng Zhi and
plagued by what the two old man and no one said a word. I saw in some
book was denounced Mr. Feng Zhi's account showed them to him, he
looked after the very sad.

He is a very weakened, people. Japanese War, a Mr. Xu in Hunan, Mr.
Feng Zhi in Shanghai. Mr. Xu has been criticized translation is wrong,
Mr. Feng Zhi wrote an article says nothing wrong with Mr. Feng is a
recognized scholar in Germany, Germany had given him had awarded four
awards. Later, have told Mr. Xu that matter. Mr. Xu said to me many
times: "I played for two months, Feng Zhi's battle of words

After his return, it has been taking good care of Mr. Fung. He has
great work "50 Upanishads," the difficult publication upset
after Mr Fung that President Hu Qiaomu wrote to the Academy of Social
Sciences, only to make this world philosophy, religion, classics and
Chinese readers to see. Mr. Xu Feng, a regarded as a family, once Mr.
Fung and his wife to Germany to accept the award, when foreign
exchange is limited, but they are still as Mr. Xu to purchase his
favorite tobacco. New Year, they will not forget Mr. Xu. One year's
New Year's Eve, I went home to see his Mr. Xu things ready for the New
Year no. His family has not the slightest New Year's atmosphere,
accompanied by sparse firecrackers downstairs, he put the moves
people. At this time, two teenage epigenetic boy, jumping a jump into
the house, shouting: "Xu Gonggong, Happy New Year, I ask you to
eat dinner grandparents." Talking to two people are busy divvying
Mr. Xu helped put on coat, rush off to the side of a hobble around Mr.
Tsui. The next day Mr. Xu asked Mr. Feng Zhi only know two
Seven verses for Mr. Xu had "friends who return books flu",
the final two lines goes: "Zhujun Shou, such as stone-solid, such
as Japan Kisaragi such as River Water", and that is Mr. Feng Zhi
wishes. Died in 1993, Mr. Feng Zhi, David cried. He and I talked many
times about his piece of that past: War started, David returned to his
hometown in Hunan, then, Mr. Feng Zhi's home has been occupied Peking,
he brought back from Germany with the precious books Mr. Xu Long
chateau sent to save. In order to resist the Japanese invaders did not
expect the KMT's invasion, set fire to the city of Changsha. Mr. Xu's
home was burned to the ground, of course, with Mr. Feng Zhi's book
also burned. "Avid reader" of Mr. Feng Zhi after that, but
never mentioned the book and Mr. Xu things. Mr. Xu is often talk about
the matter, said: "Feng Zhi people s right, honest and

Xu Fan Cheng and Feng Zhi Heidelberg, Germany, 1931

Mr. Xu last time in the hospital, he spent almost a month's time to
write tombstone for Mr. Feng Zhi. He has rewritten several times, but
let me see my advice. I am a layman for calligraphy, often less than a
point on the comments, Mr. Xu is not angry, but tell me patiently,
like, "It is a traditional method, not easy to get," and so
on. He loved Mr. Feng Zhi, his use of the most beautiful words ever
the memory of the friend. Mr. Xu and Mr. Feng Zhi feelings better than

Mr. He Lin is Mr. Xu's students in Germany, but also to study
philosophy. Mr. He Lin know Mr. Xu to return home, need to book, it
will be a collection of his many years selflessly lent Mr. Xu,
including many sets of bindings and Germany brought back the original
book; Hai Ba lend a German typewriter Tsui. In order to facilitate the
scholarship friend, Mr. He Lin has really generous. After returning
from Mr. Xu, he and Feng Zhi, He Lin three old friends every year to
the altar in the park on a restaurant together, every time, David will
be happy for a while. Once, he told me to come back to eat: "I am
not as good as He Lin Yeah. Attendants wrong to give a dish the next
table to us, He Lin took up chopsticks eat, I can not do." The
three of them experience and many have different temperaments, but
sincerity and love so that they formed a friendship that endures for

Although Mr. Xu went to Germany first, but he was the youngest. Mr. He
Lin, and Mr. Feng Zhi has passed away a few years ago, Mr. Xu often
think of a good friend, recalled the happy moments with them, they can
not help but sad.

However, he would come to see a group of his close friends. He said
his daughter Feng Yao Feng Zhi Ping as the "star students",
because the early years when living in Fengjiashan, taught her
practicing calligraphy since childhood to learn her good work and
household management is the expert, Mr. Xu has been invited each year
to be making clothes is the Secretary YAO Ping Feng long help; Feng
YAO Ping also got tea Jisong Tsui taste, to Germany to visit relatives
must bring tobacco and coffee to Mr. Xu, as close as father and
daughter. In Beijing, and his only granddaughter Jiang Lirong a
distant, all the family chores and even some of the simplified font
proofing work, he will have to hire help couples Li Rong; their
grandfather's ethics articles also follow the example of Mr. Xu's
death in , religion donate to the legacy of Mr. Xu Li Rong 20,000
yuan, a point she had not left Mr. Tsui's last wish to donate
according to Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The Office of the Director
of Li Yufeng religion in the life to Mr. Yu Xu a lot of help for the
elderly by the time she see a doctor-patient transfer; the fish in
minutes, sometimes do the Li Yufeng sent to Mr. Xu. Old trust in her,
when he was dying to see her, could not help holding her hand and said
with deep feeling: "We are 20 years of friends ah"

Usually to Mr. Xiang Xu asked young scholars learn more numerous. A
few years ago, "Reading" magazine editor Zhao Liya often to
Mr. Xiang Lao Approximations and became his Zhiyou, she and her friend
Lu Hao of Shanghai publishing vertical to Mr. Xu's Classical
Traditional Collection "Peng housing Poems" out a lot of
power, often do forgive and forget, Mr.. Beijing Lu Xun Museum Yao
Xipei often come at New Year and the elderly mess, I once asked Mr.
Xu: "introduce you to the article, which articles the best,"
he said: "They write, mostly their own feelings some and not
mine. Yaoxi Pei was more practical. "originally it was only a
profile of his life, works Thousand Character Classic. Mr. Xu told him
to learn Sanskrit and some of the 23-year-old "child", such
as Peking University, Yang Mei Mountain Eastern languages and her
husband and friends, they very much respect, Mr. President to save
precious lives, and actively visit Medical History Medicine;
President's sudden death, they could not help but weep aloud, mourning
loss of a mentor. Rumor that Mr. Xu eccentric, in fact, he is a
scholar Yan Oi plain.

Mr. Liao Qiuzhong my house to study linguistics, he and Mr. Xu to
return home the same year. Mr. Xu has done since and neighbors, his
business trip abroad each time, would like to be home, like a small
gift to the President with copies; also often discussed with Mr. Xu
learned. Mr. Xu is also of my friend and teacher, David taught me
classical and traditional Chinese painting. Because I studied computer
software, text, poor foundation, not hard; also often go to hospital
surgery, struck out the next six months can not go on that bed, but he
would still always encouraged me. In 1991, my husband suddenly passed
away, David saw me, raised his left hand Jinzuan said: "The brave
to brave." Later, I always look to blame their own, told me:
"Life is like a book, There are no books there is no errata
sheet. your errata is short. "I suddenly see the light, the mood
from melancholy to struggle out.

Our building who have admired Mr. Xu, the Deputy Secretary-General of
the Department as hospital Mr. Sun Gengfu, Japan Mr. He Fang, Jin,
philosophy Munden, Mr. Ding Shengshu language became a friend of Mr..
But many people do not understand they have suffered from Changsha his
Mandarin translator Mr. Dong Leshan big one, I told him that if Mr. Xu
is not so difficult to understand. One day, he decided to visit Mr.
Xu, the two wrote a few back and forth is unable to communicate.
Finally, the two Chinese had no choice but to use English, the results
quite an enjoyable conversation. Later, Mr. Dong said to me, Mr.
Tsui's English is really good. Mr. Dong is a translation of "Red
Star Over China" and "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"
and other works of the great translators, sharp and succinct language
of his work. He said Mr. Xu good English, it is not an ordinary good.

Hard learned, not Muming Li

Mr. Xu learned, from hard work. He got up before dawn every day. A cup
of coffee, you back in Sanskrit. After daybreak, he set in the drying
stage to do their own series of exercise. Then, in living room smoke a
pipe tobacco, take a break. To 89 o'clock before breakfast. Ate
breakfast, went to the northern house down to business, or write a
book or translation, has been to stop working until 12. Then, in the
living room reading the newspaper. Point about lunch. One-hour nap,
then up and smoke a pipe tobacco, another work. Evening, usually does
not work, unless the manuscript reminder borne. In order to ensure his
good health to do more work in India, often in the 40-degree heat
scooted under. In the last two years he often complained that their
old love storm, I said: "You sleepy and go to sleep." But he
felt it a waste time, to drink strong coffee refreshing.

30 years, Mr. Lu Xun Xu Fan Cheng gift poem

I asked him: "how did you learn Sanskrit," he said: "I
was first learning university in India, Rabindranath Tagore. I go as a
professor, I teach people the Chinese, who tutor me Sanskrit. Every
day half-day school, to learn hard ah. Sanskrit is to the back, and
now I have to read a passage every morning Sanskrit it. "after
his 90-year-old to live in the hospital every morning but also back
Sanskrit. He has given me back too, is like a Song, nice. After his
death, I helped organize his suicide note, that he brought back from
India were moth-eaten full of holes in the Sanskrit books, with his
neatly written in English annotations. He is not bound by time and
space constraints, you can communicate with the ancient Indian sage
who is also the cultural exchanges between China and India achieve the
highest level of the people, descendants hard to reach his height.

Mr. Xu is also a good grounding in mathematics. When chatting with me,
he said, his decades in the Indian, no Chinese calendar, he would own
calculations. One year, someone said that he considered the Spring
Festival difference a day; later, someone from Hong Kong back to the
calendar, it found that he was right. He also told me that Egypt is a
solar calendar, the Chinese moon calendar, most accurate solar
calendar is the Mayan calendar combined calendar with the moon.

He also told me to study in Germany, his professor said to him:
"Learning to live, not live to learn." Can I see him to 90
years old, or live to learn. In 1984, my daughter a few months time,
often to his side to play. Once, he said to me: "If I did not see
your daughter, I do not know that I was dead or alive." He would
drill into the book goes. 80 years old when he said to me: "I
want to doing all the." Not two weeks after, he began writing. I
said: "You is not doing all the right, how also wrote Yeah,"
he said: "Then I do all day long Yeah," I said: "You
draw on every day, writing, engraved stamps." He said: "Is
not become Wanwusangzhi was."

Tsui demanding their own, very strict, including his own theory. Once,
he said to me: "My" I addiction solution "out of so
many years, and how not a criticism of the article, ah, I see nothing
wrong in some areas, how no one writing it." My heart think there
are a few people today can fully understand what he's learning he can
not criticize the people who formed much of the contrast ah.

Mr. Xu lofty aloof man, not Muming Li. He said to me: "My
liberation will not name because I do not profit." Did what he
did to him and Lu Xun's relationship and knowledge, or available to a
variety of titles, but he often dodging not see the kinds of
information media. Over the past 10 years, he often is paid, that is,
not royalties.
Awareness Week 1998, cancer prevention and control, my friend and I
plan to open the concert for cancer patients, but not enough funding.
He knew immediately after the donation of 1,000 yuan, donors, he is
one the largest donation. Came back, I am He said: "I know you do
not like the well-known on the music at that is a 89 year-old
donor." He said: "This is not said." After his death,
from the relics He found a variety of receipts, the thing he had not
spoken to me.

Mr. Xu also seemed odd in other places. For example, tens of meters
from the floor, where we built a new building three 20 layers, as
disturbing given 1,000 yuan per household. He believes that money
should not be, they donated the Project Hope. Also, "Wenhui
Reading Weekly" Every year, sent him a newspaper, he insisted his
set, that the newspaper should have set ourselves.

In addition to his home in lights, telephone, refrigerator Feng YAO
Ping wanted him to buy, and no electrical appliances. His life is very
simple, but other than fat meat, the no fault in the diet. He told me
to give him up several times his frayed sweater sleeve, and now very
few people wearing a sweater so broken. Although Mr. Xu is often
dressed in shabby clothes, but his own body style a kind of vulgarity.

But he is not a timid person. On one occasion, Mr. Xu gave me
something, I'll then also he more ceremony. He said to me: "You
see spring clean clear Yeah, crystal clear. Major rivers do not mix
mixing Yeah, Nishajuxia. However, clear spring water may not even be
shrimp. Major rivers do, being ignorant, Nishajuxia can has
everything. people do things we must have courage, not only pay
attention to small things, can become big. "I was there on his
first lesson of philosophy course.

Mr. Xu's life in pursuit of the liberation of the human spirit. He was
fortunate to come into contact with the spirit world, the essence of
philosophy - Nietzsche and the room Lie Luo frequency division
multiplexing; Did he really thought of Lu Xun and Mother biography,
articles created a moral national treasure with excellent scholar. I
had the honor and he became neighbors, the man he admired and learning
for me. I would like people to know more about this hard at learning
the modern sage.

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