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									Rui Chong Wai Yip Group
Rui Chong Wai Yip Group
"Rui Chong," the font contains "forge ahead, pioneering
and innovative" in Italy, the company's history dates back to the
20th century, 90 years, officially formed in 2000 to become Rui Chong
Wai Yip Group. We work through a realistic and pragmatic, to seize the
strategic opportunity to promote their own development, so that their
time in just eight years, developed into the main business include
real estate development, business management, high-tech product
development, cultural and creative industries , property management,
capital operation and other six areas, the net assets of more than 20
billion yuan of the diversified enterprise group. Its eight
subsidiaries: Rui Chong real estate, construction pregnant Accton
works Ruichuang Chinese international media, hundreds Scala property,
Mong Kok shopping plaza, Shi Jia blue dragon, and its real estate
projects Rui Chong International Centre, North Shore 1292 achieved
very good sales.

Rui Chong is a fast growing company, is also a corporate ideals and
beliefs, we have achieved, "tens of billions of Rui Chong,"
and "international Rui Chong," as the medium-term business
development goals. To this end we always adhere to the
"development and management, innovation and inheritance of
both" development strategy, will be "people-oriented,
innovation should be, responsible for the integrity, collaboration,
sharing" as a corporate decision-making, behavior values, will be
after many years of accumulation, summarizing and refining from the
"3J" concept as employee standards of conduct.

Ruichuang people know whether we can achieve customer value, is to
determine the success of enterprise change the rules. Over the past
eight years we have kept the benefits of deep, in the years ahead we
will continue to provide our customers maximize the value of deep
thinking, completed the giant fiber. Ruichuang people are well aware,
though their prospects involved in the industry, but the competition
is fierce, and only through sustained innovation, professional and
efficient work to continuously improve product and service quality,
can never stand at the forefront. YU Si rather than the line into
words, Rui Chong conduct in good faith, innovation and Ye, Lide
responsibility, the value is bound to stand the world, will make the
brand a century Evergreen.

We regard our staff as our most valuable asset, willing to attract the
best and the most potential to join us.

We would like for staff to create a good working environment and
provide rich content and various forms of training and fringe
benefits, while also providing challenging work, so that our employees
fully display his talent to create new space for development.
Ruichuang vitality stems from the creativity of employees, employee
innovation, the company thriving, sought-after employees, the company
activity resident; the company's development needs the power to drive
by the staff; we in the industry's success is attributed to our staff
, so let the best businesses and employees of development, is our
eternal and unremitting pursuit.
Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Wang Jing Science Park
Human Resources Phone: 01064717373 Contact: Wang Fengxian
Graduates Recruitment Information
First, the chairman of the board secretary
1. Office of the Chairman instruments, records management
2. Office of the Chairman calls received treatment visit
3. Assist the chairman of external and internal communication and
4. Chairman of the daily maintenance of office
Professional: Open
Experience: Experience limited
Personality: image quality is good, more than 1.65 meters tall,
outgoing and energetic. Good communication, patient, strong sense of
Skills: you can drive and are familiar with Beijing traffic, college
education, English language standards
Salary :1800-3000 yuan
Second, the front desk, administrative clerks, Development
Commissioner, human resources management and other positions
Recruitment Professional: Management, art related
Number :10-20
Job requirements:
1, undergraduate education, the overall quality of a good, good image
quality, front desk jobs over the woman 165cm tall, female 1.60 or
more other positions;
2, a team player, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking,
computer skills;
3, steadfast, dedicated, loyal, adaptable, able to withstand pressures
and challenges;
Salary Negotiable (1500-2500)
Above Requirements: good health, recognizing the company's corporate
culture and values, serving as student leaders is preferred; at least
more than two years in the business plan, or do not vote.
Resume Please attach recent one photo.
Salary: labor contracts signed after a perfect insurance policy, after
the internship can be assigned to different positions, career
development prospects good

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