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Only recently that Shanghai residence policy, in fact, exploit us in
disguise so that we possessor of some of the people of Shanghai, with
our money what to fill their payments deficit ... ... do not have any
use for us. Until the time we retire, then spend a lot of money or beg
for their local government accept, or accept the ghosts become no one.
Look at the role of residence:
1, aged:
Shanghai accounts are held, old-age pension systems into Shanghai. Who
hold a residence permit, old-age insurance old-age insurance system in
Shanghai is not included, can not receive pension in Shanghai, but to
leave Shanghai, they can extract some personal accounts pensions, pay
part of the enterprise will be integrated into the social
co-ordination, not to extract. As for how the future retirement
residence permit holders who need to see where the household
registration policy has nothing to do with Shanghai. (Not the company
paid part of the social co-ordination, that place will be accepted in
Shanghai n years after the people? That companies pay for our society
does not become part of the overall welfare of the people of Shanghai
yet? Who Our pension will be responsible? Furthermore, if only to give
back to our own that part paid, then why should we have had to the
Shanghai government, we will not keep their A? forced to forcibly take
away our money. Since We are not responsible for the welfare, why
should we collect our money, since there is such a bandit act of
2, medical
Under the existing policy, you do not retire, basically no difference
between the two (minor illnesses are part of their own money to pay
for medical care), retirement does not take hold residence permits
Shanghai Medical Insurance (Medicare money we pay is For the future,
with health care when old and young, when there will be serious
illness of a few? companies to pay that part of the money was snatched
3, the unemployment
Shanghai account holders who may be registered unemployed receive
unemployment benefits after, residence permits are not registered, can
not receive unemployment benefits.
(Holding a residence permit can not be registered as unemployed, why
receive unemployment insurance payments? Not only pay part of the
company, even we ourselves have to pay that part of the Shanghai
4, Provident Fund
Now it seems that is the same as the (Government is not responsible
for our pension and health insurance, but also wants us to do their
house slaves, the evil intentions).
5, education for their children
Shanghai accounts are held, in accordance with the provisions of the
Shanghai Education Bureau, the county to achieve the nearest school
for their children who hold a residence permit, children can enter
school in Shanghai, but usually restricted (non-Shanghai residence
registration number of street children will arrive worse schools
costs), the test University, Shanghai accounts not only in the Exit
Examination (an estimated number of Shanghai can not go back to the
students to test into it)