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					Reading "Please give me the results> Thoughts
Reading "Please give me the results> Thoughts
Please read me the results of this book, the people were deeply
touched, that I matter in my life or in the future will return to work
in Africa, most of the book includes seven sequence I have carefully
read, the book to The results for the center, around the task,
attitude, action, accountability and implementation carried out
separately, the following is after I read the book in some of the
Firstly the task from the not to result. He is clear from four
perspectives: task does not equal results; results - to be a bottom
line of the staff; do The result is a responsible person; results:
complete control in their own hands. Why is the book mentioned at the
beginning of countless people who have great wisdom, but only a few
people succeed. Take our business, if our enterprises are to expand,
we rely on what? We rely on our employees in the outcome of survival,
so in order to create a strong company, we must first learn to build a
strong team, the team must be results-focused, results-oriented.
Therefore, as the staff we have only one day in the enterprise, it is
necessary to provide the results, each get a reward, all know how to
Mentality decided to act. The single from the three to elaborate the
relationship between attitude and action. First of all action is from
the "Results mentality" Take our company, at the end of a
good performance, when early relaxed state of mind, trying to meet the
existing performance, naturally, did not take the initiative to adapt
to the market to grasp market action. The results of mind; not want to
but have to. This is a determination that with this commitment, afraid
they do not a want to do it? Staff would like to open one, with
sincere customer, and then think of a single such determination, Who
can not open orders?
The third aspect of the book, said the decision to act is the result.
Only actions have results, and faster, action should be careful not to
be distracted, get the main dash forward, not to make excuses. Saying
action may not have results, but no action will not have results. no
matter how you think, no matter what you think, and regardless of how
high your level of thinking, can not get the results by thinking,
always only from the operation be impossible to get by thinking. want
results, we must first action. If there is no action, and God help
Lock responsibility to lock the results. Each of us will have a
responsibility to shoulder, no matter what you are in a role you are.
And we are talking about here is the responsibility of management
responsibility, this responsibility will be like a monkey jump, as a
manager you have to be careful the monkey, jump on you at any time, so
we have to lock shop liability, everything should be
"responsibility to the people", everyone affairs, everything
was tubes, and These things must learn mutual supervision and
inspection. the risk control in the event that prior to the employees
that know how to do things.
How to do a real implementation. First of all there are 48 words the
implementation of scriptures, followed by the failure of execution
from the Scriptures in the lessons. The world is not always
successful, nor ever fail, when we look forward to the success comes,
first learn the face of failure. Failure is the mother of success, to
be successful. to embrace the first failure. from the failed execution
to draw Scriptures to treat failure, pain and happiness.
So what is the implementation of guidelines for the 16 words to sum
up: the results of early, self-back, targeted, focused repetition.
The key lies in the implementation process of protection, determined
first, success or failure of the second, the speed first, a perfect
second, the results of the first, reason second.
Finally, I would like to end a sentence with which, remember, God will
never solve the problem to one you, please give him a result. To get
hurt by the product you on your own

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