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Insurance Marketing in practice, a client from exposure to the last
traded, on average one to two months, and customer turnover rate of
less than 10%, 90% of customers are lost time during the month
occurred The. Of course, some loss of customers due to their own
specific circumstances and eventually give up, but there are a
considerable number of customers lost because of insurance salesmen in
the latter part of customers to track insurance products are not fully
display the characteristics of the psychological trend in time to
guide customers caused. Therefore, after the initial contact with
customers, timely follow-up, once again explain to the customer in a
timely manner the benefits of insurance protection is vital.

Complete customer tracking table
In the initial interviews with clients, perhaps you have a preliminary
understanding customer needs, but not enough. You need to create a
detailed customer profiles and customer tracking to keep the process
of adjustment. Only then can you know who the key tracks, what
customers really need protection, where to move him. Whether or not
transactions, each contact with a client, immediately fill out
customer information form; fill key customer contact and personal
information, customer requirements and insurance transactions, not the
real cause of turnover; according to the possibility of transactions
will divided into promising, there is hope, in general, fill out
little hope of four levels for the future track of customers; customer
files to be time to adjust. Note: Customer information shall fill, the
more detailed the better. Client Information Form is the marketing
staff of the "treasure bowl", should be properly kept.
Customer rating as the case may be, for periodic adjustments. Daily or
weekly, should be carefully analyzed, according to the customer table
check marketing situation and take appropriate action.

Customer tracking points
1. Linked to ongoing, but not too frequent for some time. Focus on
effectiveness, do not follow the interval is too long.
2. Contact purpose: try to establish close personal relations, the
implementation of relationship marketing.
3. Encourage customers to voice their concerns, Do not promise to
customers. To keep the customer informed of the market and the
company's good information.
4. Each case must be detailed track record. Customer tracking, their
circumstances or needs may be changing. In order to accurately grasp
the status of each client, while in contact with customers, make a
detailed record is necessary, it will remind you of accurate and
timely follow up on how to continue.
5. Regardless whether the transaction, require customers to be gently
introduced to help customers.
6. In track, visiting customers, make sure there are ready to fight
the battle. In other words, they should understand that the customer
record to reflect the contents of a time and place of first contact,
customer name, age, occupation and insurance needs, ask key and so on.
All the records from the exchange to find a starting point, such as:
answer customer questions, reasonable excuse, concern recent
7. Play up calls should be prepared before the contents of what to
express, order, rhythm, and asks, simply, kind.
8. Marketers to fully self-confidence, be patient.

Customer tracking to give the reasons
With customers to maintain continuous liaison with the process, if
each time with the same reason, not take a few times, customers will
feel disgusted. Therefore, change from time to time contact reason is
a very effective way. You know, as long as provide valuable
information to customers, will not lead to customer rejection.
Customers always want to really learn more about insurance knowledge,
the operation of insurance companies ... ...
1. Invite customers to participate in various promotional activities
organized by the company.
2. To provide a variety of insurance-related information.
3. Provides good news for the company and the country's financial and
insurance policies and developments.
4. Concerned about recent developments and the latest customer to
purchase requirements.
5. Notified the company introduced new types or new types of insurance

Insurance can access search for a new one by the China Insurance
Industry Association's "insurance salesman Forum" website, I
heard that site is by a contractor called safety net in the 21st
century, the site should have the insurance you want to learn new
Daily services to the insurance company, you feel?
?Very warm
?Comparison of enthusiasm
?Poor service
?Very poor
Escape from danger, when you call the customer service hotline to
report when the insurance company:
?Turn immediately
?Wait a minute Turn
?Need to make two or three times
?Total access barrier
Your occupation
?Civil Service
Your gender
Your age
?18-25 years
?25-30 years old
?31-40 years
?41-50 years
?51-60 years old
Insurance company personnel in the business, there is no license to
produce the exhibition industry?
?Everyone present
?Most of the show
?Rarely produce
Insurance business, selling insurance to you, whether to give you a
detailed explanation of the terms?
?Basic introduction clearly
?Only introduced as part of
?No description
The sales process you satisfied with the service?
?Very satisfied
?Not satisfied
?Very satisfied
Insurance companies have prompted the staff or inform the process of
handling insurance business?
?Written reminder notice + oral
?Written reminder
?Verbal notification
?Not in any way
After the signing of the insurance contract, usually those who can
enjoy all the following customer service? (Multiple choice)
?Complete performance of services under the agreement
?Most of the available
?Provide individual
?Never perform service
When consulted on the issue, the insurance customer service:
?Very professional, very helpful
?More professional, helpful
?Not sure, to consult staff before being informed of the business
?Very professional, answered wrong
?Can not tell
Does the insurance company continued to pay premiums timely
?Reminded each year, and the initiative to come to collect
?Every year, phone alerts, but do not take the initiative to collect
?Send payment notice each year
?Little reminder
?Never reminded
Do you think that renewals convenience?
?Very convenient
?More convenient
?Not very convenient
?Extremely inconvenient
There is no uncertainty as to the time of sale claims such as this
cause trouble?
?All this is very detailed, no trouble
?Part of this, little trouble, a good solution
?Some trouble, but also to solve
?This is not detailed, more trouble
?Told very little, I do not know how to claim
Purchase of insurance, usually those who have enjoyed the following
customer service? (Multiple choice)
?Holiday greetings business personnel received
?The insurance company's customers pay a return visit
?Receive new product information
?Reminded the continued payment of premiums
?Customers to participate in the club
?Participate in some financial forum
Insurance companies to provide you with continuous service is?
?Every year, and the frequent
?Every year, but few
?Only the first few years
?First year
?Never had
Escape from danger, when you call the customer service hotline to
report when the insurance company:
?Turn immediately
?Wait a minute Turn
?Need to make two or three times
?Total access barrier
Attitude of staff report:
?Enthusiasm, more informed considerations
?Comparison of enthusiasm
?General attitude
?Poor attitude
Report, the customer service personnel told the following are the
contents? Customer service personnel arrived at the scene of the time
2. Claims process 3. To the insurance company claims the material to
be prepared 4. Time to get reasonable compensation
?All this
?This three
?Inform both
?This one
?Nothing tell
Insurance companies to handle your business whether the process in
accordance with the provisions from the operation?
?Process operations in strict accordance with the provisions of
?Basic process operation required
?Part of the process operations as required
?Do not follow the flow of basic operation
For counter business, insurance companies, the staff is patient and
Report, the insurance company claims the rate of procedure?
?Very timely
?More timely
In what way do you usually know the insurance policy
?Windows Consulting
?TV, radio
?Outdoor Publicity
Do you think the insurance company customer complaint channels are
?Very smooth
?Not smooth
?Do not know how complaints
Do you think the insurance companies handle customer complaints is
timely piece?
?Very timely
?More timely
?Not timely
?Little or no deal
If you purchase insurance, most types of insurance products to buy?
?Home Insurance
?Motor vehicle insurance
?Liability insurance, credit insurance and guarantee insurance
?Participating insurance
?Voted with the insurance
?Universal Insurance
?Critical Illness Insurance
?Hospitalization Insurance
?Accident Insurance
?Student Insurance
Depending on your current financial ability to pay each year was the
insurance premium?
?1,000 yuan
?1001-2000 yuan
?2001-3000 yuan
?3001-4000 yuan
?4001-5000 yuan
?More than 5,000
In your experience, insurance companies, insurance salesmen in the
business of insurance without concealing important information
relating to the contract? (Such as the risk insurance clause does not
undertake the relevant provisions of insurance Peifu)
?Not purchase the insurance
Insurance company staff, marketing staff is on the middle ten days of
hesitation and the surrender of the provisions made a clear
?Not purchase the insurance
Your insurance company and its staff to consult the insurance matters
for the convenience?
?Not consulted
Whether the provisions of the insurance company dividend distribution,
the return on a regular basis?
?Not purchase the insurance
Insurance company staff are required to handle your insurance claims
after escape from danger?
?Not purchase the insurance
All your materials are complete, the insurance company whether the
time for payments insurance?
?60 days
?More than 60 days
?More than one year
?Not purchase the insurance
Insurance companies for claims staff whether there Chinakayao
?Not purchase the insurance
Do you think the existence of the insurance contract, "King
terms"? What is the content?
Your insurance company's overall assessment of how the level of
?Do not know
If you are ready to buy property insurance, you will choose the home
insurance companies?
?China Ping An Insurance
?China Pacific Insurance
?Chinese People's Insurance
?Huatai Insurance
?China United Property Insurance
?The land of China Insurance
?Wing Insurance
?Hua An Property Insurance
?Wing Shing Insurance
?Tian An Insurance
?Volkswagen Insurance
?Ampang Insurance
?Sunshine Insurance
?Du Bang
?Bank Insurance
?Pacific Auto Insurance
?Ming An Insurance (in alphabetical order, any discrepancy please
contact the insurance company timely and Letters)
If you're ready to buy life insurance, you will choose the home
insurance companies?
?China Life Insurance
?China Pacific Life Insurance
?Ping An Life
?Sun Life Everbright
?Haier New York Life
?Xinhua Life Insurance
?Tai Kang Life
?Minsheng Life Insurance
?Life Life
?Union Life
?Prudential Life Insurance
?Ping An Annuity
?CIGNA & CMC Life Insurance
?Haikang Insurance
?Huatai Insurance
?Rui Fude Health Insurance
?Italian Life
?PICC Health Insurance
?American International Assurance
?Life in Macro
?Cathay Life Insurance
?Heng An Standard Life
?China Insurance
?Harvest Life
?United MetLife Life (in alphabetical order, any discrepancy please
contact the insurance company timely and Letters)
How do you know that insurance companies?
?Radio and television advertising
?Newspaper and magazine advertisement
?Outdoor and other advertising
?Relatives and friends

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