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Pu'er Tea (pu er cha)

Column: direct re-processing of raw products and artificially
accelerated general and then processed from the fermentation of cooked
general, the type system and distributed on two types of tea and
pressed; finished products are still ongoing with the natural aging
process, with gets better with the unique quality. Yunnan Pu'er tea is
large-leafed varieties are made fresh leaves, also known as Pu'er tea.
The appearance of the cable stout mast, red or brown color zeu Run,
commonly known as liver-colored. Mellow sweet taste, has a unique
child Chen flavor, the "beauty tea" reputation.

Tea Horse Road

Tibetan proverb: "Jiacha hot! Plus Xia hot! Plus shuttle
hot!" In Chinese means: "Tea is the blood! Tea is meat! Tea
is life!"

- From the snowy plateau fiery praise, pointing to a gorgeous ancient
cultural events: Tea-Horse Road.

Tea-Horse Road is a route before Sinotrans Yunnan Pu'er tea, the most
important for "three six-line", three, namely: North Road
line to Beijing; West Road line to Tibet; South Road, then to
four-wire or a Southeast Asian country. Among them, the route to
Tibet, the oldest, is also the most difficult conditions. The line
already started the latest from the Tang Dynasty, on the formation of
Dali and Lijiang in the history of prosperity. Pu'er tea sold by the
possession of Lijiang, go to the old cases Tibet (Shangri-La) and
Kham. Tea into the Kham, part of the wood, the Xiangcheng, Inagi,
Litang sales, some to Tachienlu (now Kangding) to Yunnan bamboo basket
packed for the leather package, move on, take the line of
transportation between Tibet to Lhasa and other places . Long way to
go, numerous obstacles.
Ming and Qing Pu'er the center out to the international radiation five
"Tea Horse Road":

Pu'er Tea Horse Road by the mainland provinces transit through
Kunming, Beijing; Jiang Lai Pu'er tea over from River City to enter
Vietnam Laizhou, and then transferred to Tibet and the Europe. Pu'er
tea from the dry season by rolling through Simao, Lancang waxy, and
then to Menglian out of Burma. Pu'er tea over Mengla Mengla from, and
then sold all over northern Laos or the South Pacific; Kengtung from
Pu'er tea ceremony, Jinghong, Menghai, Daluo the Myanmar Kengtung.

Now, many still preserved in Yunnan Tea Horse Road complete sites,
such as the famous Old Town of Lijiang July Street, the history of the
town of Lincang Lu, Ning'er County peacock floor and so on.

Pu'er Tea Horse Road to the domestic marketing provinces and
autonomous regions and exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar,
Thailand, France, Britain, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, Macao and other
countries and regions, renowned in the world.

A long history of tea

Yunnan tea¡¿ ¡¾bronze tea original habitat in the world, national,
worldwide source of various tea producing areas in Yunnan Pu'er tea.
Pu'er tea is a long history, according to the earliest written records
- the Eastern Jin Chang Qu ? "Huayang" infer, as early as
three thousand years ago Validity period of the Pu people in Yunnan
tea has been tea offering to the ancestors of King Wu of Zhou, but The
name was not tea.

¡¾Name¡¿ early Middle Ages the name or tea made by tribal name, or
because of geographical names derived. To the Tang dynasty, began a
large-scale cultivation of tea production, known as the "Cape of
tea"; Song and Ming Dynasties, tea was gradually realized during
the Central Plains and in the national socio-economic trade began to
play an important role.
Peak¡¿ ¡¾Late Antiquity to the Qing Dynasty, tea reach the first peak,
"Dian Hai Yu Heng Zhi", said: "Tea & P re-name the
world ... ... Dasan weeks eight hundred years, into the mountains for
those hundreds of thousands of tea, tea drinkers to buy, transport in
various locations "; tea started to become a royal tribute tea, a
country gift given to foreign envoys; the last emperor Pu Yi, the
palace said," drink Longjing summer and winter drink Pu'er
"; ... ... recorded in the Qing Dynasty scholar Nguyen Phuc said:
tea name all over the world, especially in the capital weight. The
early Qing Ming, is the highest price during the tea, scholars Chai
calyx "Brahma Lu Cong Lu" records that "... ... and
warm tea Wei Hou, production Wu Yi, who preferred leaning states, such
as price and payment. Tea are that: The ratio of Pu'er Longjing, the
ratio still Shaoling the Inner condemnation of those who know - that
is: when the price of tea tea silver (or gold) twice! to the war
between the Republic of China, tea has been a certain development,
many of the old times there are relics of tea, we drink together now
taste very good artistically, but the price of a high, counterfeiters

¡¿ ¡¾Modern loneliness until the outbreak of war between the new China,
Yunnan, the tea industry recession barren; but after the liberation of
a very long time, attention Yunnan tea production tea, green tea; did
not inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of tea; or even
destruction of large areas of deforestation hundreds of years and
replaced the ancient tea terraces planted vegetative propagation of
tea, tea cakes Seven traditional technique of interruption of half a
century; However, it is worth mentioning that in 1975, Yunnan Pu'er
ripe tea began production.

¡¾Climax¡¿ With the economy in recent years, the development and
improvement of living standards raised, in recent years, people began
to attach importance to a strong health care function and fascinating
taste of tea, fashion trend spread to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan
from Southeast Asia, back and Yunnan, and then rapidly affecting the
country, and thus be, follow the trend of speculators very public,
when the counterfeit goods; cohabitation, degree of disorder Yunfei;
three to five years, violent heat Puhan. Fortunately, this traditional
tea during the restoration of traditional crafts, people awareness of
the value of tea, the quality of awareness is more rational.
[Edit this section] the national standard tea
Pu'er tea introduced in 2008, national standards and will be December
1, 2008 into effect.

The national standard for the definition of tea, tea must be within
the scope of protection of geographical indications of Yunnan big
leaves drying green tea as raw materials, and within the scope of
protection of geographical indications in the use of specific
processing technology made. Provisions of the State Administration of
Quality Supervision, tea products, the scope of protection of
geographical indications is: Kunming, Yunnan Province, prefecture,
Yuxi City, Prefecture, Wenshan, Pu'er City, Xishuangbanna, Dali,
Baoshan, Dehong, temporary Cangzhou City in 11 city-owned 639 villages
and towns.

National standards for tea by the Yunnan Provincial Government
Information Office, Agriculture Department of Yunnan Province, Yunnan
Province Quality and Technical Supervision jointly issued. China Tea
Marketing Association, told reporters that the Secretary-General Wu
Xi-end, non-protection of geographical indications within the region
can not be called Pu'er tea produced in Yunnan tea enterprises outside
the scope of protection of geographical indications to buy tea made of
tea can not be called tea.

Xi-side explained that the business two years ago because the tea is
hot fried, Fujian, Guangxi, Guizhou and Myanmar, Vietnam and many
surrounding areas in Fujian enterprises to invest in tea processing
tea, causing confusion in the market. Although the tea market in 2008
with the gradual cooling, most of these firms have withdrawn from the
processing of tea, but in order to further standardize the market to
avoid the recurrence of this situation, the introduction of tea or a
national standard is necessary .

It is understood that, as of the end of September 2008, Yunnan
Province, a total of 852 tea production and processing enterprises to
obtain a food production license, only these companies can produce
tea, tea of good quality which can be labeled products of geographical
indication symbol tea .
[Edit this section] the function of tea

Yi Chong-resistant bubble tea, easy easy-going operations. Well-aging
tea, not bitter is not astringent, even dipping also choking a long
time, easy to preserve tea, tea, full of changes of conversion. From a
definition, tea is a "living organism", the main feature is
the tea, the body is complete, the ongoing
"post-fermentation" (or after-ripening, aging effect), as
time extended, it is becoming more stable flavor conversion inside,
and different body of Chen have of the tea flavor are different, this
is Ming Tea, a tea cake may take up to tens of final completion of the
last hundred years, because playing away from the tea erected until
the hot water into the pot, it is all in a "modern progressive
tense" all the time into the process.

Pu'er tea is "drinkable antique." Few drinks or food with
tea this "to drink, to hide," the double feature,
"Everyone can drink, the older the higher price," the new
tea is available daily for all drinks, the old Pu'er tea, but
"price for gold and" elusive, if the "Pu'er
balance," the left is the "collection value" is not
only up or a "durable goods"; the right is the
"drinking value" , is to drink a little piece of the
"Consumer Goods", that "time" is a walk in between
the "weight", weight to the left as time goes on, this bread
and tea collection the higher the value, and vice versa, much of the
available collection of tea similar to red wine, both stress the same
year, origin (wine, tea), pay attention to the rarity and conservation

Health benefits of tea:

1, the lipid-lowering diet

Tea and fat metabolism is closely related to tea after the
fermentation process produces a unique new chemical substances, some
of which contain fat lipase enzyme, can produce decomposition of fat,
and thus the effect of weight loss tea.

2, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerosis

3, anti-cancer, anti-cancer

Scientists compared a large number of people to prove that drinking a
lower incidence of cancer in people. The tea contains a variety of
rich anti-cancer trace elements, a strong tea to kill cancer cells.

4, Glister teeth

Tea contains many physiologically active ingredients, with the role of
disinfection, it can get rid of bad breath and protect teeth.

5, Huwei, Yang Wei

In appropriate concentrations, drinking tea mild stimulation of the
stomach does not produce, sticky, sweet smooth, mellow tea into the
human stomach to form the surface of the membrane attached to the
stomach, the stomach's protective layer of a beneficial, long-term
After drinking tea can play Huwei, Stomach role. This is the domestic
consumer advocates drinking tea tea for the title of "beauty
tea", "longevity tea" the main reason.

6, anti-aging
The study shows that the process of lipid peroxidation in the human
body is one of the mechanisms of human aging. Tea contains vitamin C,
vitamin E, polyphenols, amino acids and trace elements with
antioxidant effects, anti-aging process, so tea is called
"longevity tea."

7, radiation

According to the Guangdong Zhongshan University, etc. He Guofan
carried out with the tea results show that drinking tea can be lifted
by 2% cobalt-60 radiation-induced damage.

8, sober

"Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" contains:
"The most general treatment of oil kept the pericardium tea,
scraping intestines, sober up first." Fact that medical evidence:
the polyphenols in tea can promote ethanol metabolism, has a
protective effect on the liver. So that the normal ethanol metabolism
can proceed smoothly. Tea can increase vascular contractility.
Caffeine has a diuretic effect, can cause rapid excretion of alcohol,
to reduce the harm drunk. Hydrolysis of tea alcohol can also add the
necessary vitamin C, excited by the central brains of alcohol
anesthesia. Thus play a hangover effect. And tea hangover, not to hurt
the spleen and stomach, does not make a lot of drunk are vomiting,
nausea and pain occur.

9, beauty

Pu'er tea can regulate the metabolism, promote blood circulation,
regulating body, the natural balance of body functions, and thus have
the effect of beauty in overseas known as the "beauty tea."
[Edit this section] and pharmacological care of tea
Pu'er tea has long been affirmed by the addition to its good quality
tea, refreshing thirst quencher, as well as special medicinal
properties, tea has long been documented pharmacological function of
Gu Pu, Qing Zhao Xuemin, "Supplement to Compendium of Materia
Medica," says: "Puer Wei Xiang Wen tea, bitter taste of the
moment ... ..., oily solution poison cattle and sheep, virtual people
disabled. bitter by phlegm, intestines scraping through vent. tea
cream and black as paint, sober up first, preferably green, digestion
phlegm , Qingwei fluid, is also particularly great skill. " With
the changes in the environment of modern life, the ubiquitous
carcinogen, can be said that modern people living in the shadow of
cancer, in fact, as early as ten years ago, tea has long been
anti-cancer effect of the tumor by the Kunming Medical College
Research confirms that in 1991 Asia Pacific International Conference
on Access to world-tumor recognition.
[Edit this section] the classification of tea
(A) Classification according to production method

Health Tea: natural way after picking fermentation, tea is more
exciting, put the tea will be transferred after years of gentle, good
old Pu'er is usually such a system of law.

Mature tea: a scientific man with a mild tea fermentation to make tea
to soft drink. After the 1973 cut-off point.

Students brewing tea out of the water is green, cooked, brewed tea is
red and gold

(B) Classification according to storage mode

Dry storage Pu'er: means stored in ventilated, dry and clean
warehouse, so that the natural fermentation of tea, aging 10 to 20
years better.

Wet storage Pu'er: usually placed in more humid places, such as
basements, cellars, to speed up the fermentation rate. Destruction of
the contents of tea more often, or musty smell mud, wet storage,
although the speed of Pu'er aging faster than the dry warehouse Pu'er,
but prone to mildew, adverse to human health, so we do not advocate
the sale and consumption of wet Pu'er positions.

(C) classification by appearance

Full contribution level emperor Wang Qizai wild tea cake tea tree
trees 1 Health and cakes, tea cakes: a flat disc-shaped, seven seed
cake weight 357 grams each, that is, the old units: seven two, seven
for each cylinder, Forty-nine said ÆßÆß represent the meaning of many
children, hence the name Seven cake.

2, Tuo: shape with the size of jobs, each weight 100 grams, 250 grams,
there is now Mini Tuo -5 grams each of 2 grams.

3, brick: rectangular or square, 250 grams -1 000 grams of mostly made
of this shape is mainly to facilitate the delivery.

4, Pumpkin tribute tea: pressed into half-melon shaped sizes, from 100
grams to several hundred pounds are.

5, two thousand tea: pressed into pressed bar of different sizes,
heavier than the weight of each article of tea (the tea has a minimum
of 100 pounds or so), hence the name: two thousand tea

6, loose tea: tea has not been pressed during the molding, like the
loose tea in the tea bar is loose tea, made into tea with the whole
mast cable stout tea leaves, but also a useful part of the shoot tip
made from the bud tip of small strips of tea.

7, intermediate tea, the higher goods and cakes mostly Tuo Cha Tea
[Edit this paragraph] The brewing and drinking tea
1, the tea brew should choose a large pot belly, because the high
concentration of tea, with a big pot belly too thick to avoid tea.
Proposed material should choose clay pots. Teapot.

2, the amount of tea brewing: Brewing Pu'er tea when the amount
accounted for about 20% of Royal Coffee Pot, the brick tea, tea cakes,
poke later. Exposure to air two weeks, and then brew taste better.

3, brewing tea: first crossed the hot water for tea time is essential
for this process. Because a good vintage store at least a decade or so
tea, so they may carry some of the dust inside. The first brew of tea
in hot water in addition to wake up the taste of tea, the tea also has
to be clean of impurities. First brew faster, as long as the can of
tea to wash, no need to soak out the taste of it; and after the second
selection bias can be determined according to personal preference.
After the tea cools, or even the full flavor, it can be confused when
the summer or colder than the ice after the drink.

4, drink hot tea to smell fragrant, toast nose, then you can feel like
a lot of ideas Chen aromatic flavor nostrils, and its sense of
elegance Qin Xin, not orchids under the Qing Ju.

5, Pu'er tea to be hard, drinking entrance, obtaining the truth before
they can rhyme, though the entrance was somewhat bitter tea, but to be
the mouthpiece of tea in the room to pause, they can feel the tea
through the teeth, gum infiltration Qin by Kam-chun, have returned to
the tongue base of tongue, this time mouthful of fragrant, nectar
"fluid", refreshing, and body fluid lovers, lingering
thirst, which was the best tea experience "back to the rhyme .
[Edit this paragraph] health benefits of tea
Thousands of years, tea favored by consumers, because the good quality
tea. At the same time unique flavor of tea, but there is a natural
transformation of its related to the process, transfer cooked the tea,
after special processing, fracturing into different sizes and shapes
of the tea group, placed in a dry place dried naturally. Then
transport requirements, packing into the basket, transported overseas.
Situated in the border areas of Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan is
located in the edge of sleep, high mountains and insurance. In ancient
times the traffic is very difficult, thanks to caravan beef tea to
help Sinotrans, the mountain road a long time delay, and some sections
of caravan can only go twice a year, cattle can only take one year to
help turn the tea in Malaysia back, back of the bull tossed a long,
sun wind and rain, so that it contains material slowly transformed,
leading to more tea independence Teze Ming, Chen Hong flavor thicker.
Efficacy function has doubled. Calyx with diesel in the year 1925,
"Brahma Cong Lu Lu", Qing Zhao Xuemin, "Compendium of
Materia Medica Found removal" "Simao interview,"
"Physical little knowledge", "Baicao Mirror",
"Southern Yunnan Wen Jian Lu" and other classics, are tea
detoxification, medical treatment records. In recent years, Pu'er tea
at home and abroad on the physiological and pharmacological functions
of a more in-depth study of the function of tea also has been further
developed. New research found that tea has a cosmetic effect, known as
a "beauty hot", you can. Deep detoxification. Tea can
thirst, refreshing, detoxifying, laxative. Particularly plagued with
constipation for MM, with tea, can regulate gastrointestinal and
restore normal function. Solve the acne caused by constipation and the
"lady killer" bad breath problem; can get rid of dull skin.
Effect is one of the biggest tea can reduce blood lipid levels, blood
vessel dilation, thereby accelerating blood circulation, address the
skin caused by poor blood and various annoying dark spots; can
Slimming Firming. Paris, France, Santoni, director Emir Carolina
School of Medicine clinical teaching than the doctor for clinical
trials in Yunnan Pu'er tea: "Yunnan Pu'er tea in reducing lipids
and cholesterol content has a positive effect," therefore, insist
on drinking tea, can achieve weight loss, lipid-lowering,
antihypertensive effect.

First, the efficacy of tea tea tea is mild, warm stomach does not
Shang Wei. This is particularly evident on mature tea. General lightly
fermented tea, love tea people, are indeed "Unbearable
Lightness" scruples, especially those of us drink tea all day and
the modern diet is not normal, in caffeine, tannic acid, a long-term
immersion, the Search intestine scraping often suffer from stomach, I
believe many people have personal experience. So a lot of tea
particularly suitable for entertaining friends. Most of excessive
drinking friends have Wei Han's problems, Pu'er tea Nuanwei unique
effect, so that their families are particularly good day to drink, you
can also make him feel an intimate concern.

Yunnan Pu'er tea is tea in the tea, is a warm stomach, lowering,
raising gas, prolonging life and the holy tea products. The oldest tea
trees in Yunnan, the king, but also the origin of tea, back in the
late Ming Dynasty and Tongzhi years, the emperor, the royal family
will be advocating in drinking tea, tea time is the rise time. After
the tea is a fermented tea, a "longevity tea" of the name,
also known as "drinkable antique" can be long-term storage,
the more the more Hong Chen.
[Edit this paragraph] Heaven personalized health drinks drinks
1. Geographical Indications: Yunnan tea is unique there. Unique
geographical location, creating a rich endoplasmic Yunnan tea, Pu'er
tea in Yunnan is also fundamental to beat.

2. Rich flavors: Yunnan ten different days of the unique climate, the
achievements of tea "mountain blindly," "Ten Ten
mountain flavor." Different areas, shape, color, flavor and
quality, no similar characteristics.

3. Green: Yunnan is a frontier province, the industrial industry
behind, and in many tea is basically not a chemical company. This also
ensures Yunnan Pu'er tea, clean, pure natural green quality.

4. Gets better: a long history, unique drinking culture, creating the
Yunnan Pu'er tea gets better features.

5. Heaven: natural plantations have gone through wind, rain, time,
catalyst, so that the content and taste of Pu'er tea in Yunnan
Province to be sublimated, as in life. This is the tea of Heaven.

6. Personalized drink: rich in quality, distinctive flavor and the
many and varied taste, so tea at multiple levels to better meet the
modern needs of a variety of drink.
7. Healthy drinks: tea, a variety of high content of elements, trace
elements, and the best water-soluble, the release of, so tea became
synonymous with health.

How famous Pu'er tea in Yunnan Province, because of his unique
characteristics of the seven, so that tea into the market gradually,
developed into a promising industry!

Yunnan Pu'er tea is a raw materials, production technology, health
requirements are stringent requirements on the types of tea. But it
aroma, taste, brewed into tea, but there is no uniform standard
methods. This is why the make tea, different ages, different walks of
life, different color, different body of people can be found, the
reasons for your favorite tea. Pu'er tea is an inclusive, it is a
distinctive tea.
[Edit this paragraph] ancient and modern tea table "mixed
Kunming has also: "nice dress, but prime, delicious tea, rice
with soup, however," the saying goes. Yunnan Pu'er tea caravans
carried to the Diqing, Tibet, Tibetan people play with the tea butter
tea with butter, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, herders with milk or mare's
milk drink milk tea, etc., are actually loved by the public, you can
drink from the catering "mixed drinks", Yunnan Pu'er tea
exports can develop a sense of delicious "mixed drinks."

Tea into the dish

In addition to drinking tea, but also can be used into the dish, its
main benefit is to greasy, clear the stomach, so tea are mostly used
for cooking meat. On the other hand, how sweet aroma of tea flavor
into the dish, you can also icing on the cake. Tea into the dish with
the premise is to use high-quality tea. Guangzhou is now the Pu'er
dishes less than Hong Kong and Taiwan, in Taiwan, has developed a
series of complex "Pu'er dishes," such as Pu'er chicken,
fish, Puer, Pu'er shellfish, eggs, Puer, Pu'er Tiao Qiang and so on.
1. Pu'er elbows

First with tea (tea leaves removed) soaked PIG ELBOW, to its oil
fishy, and then re-entry stew pot. Or directly in the tea to add a
variety of sauces, then add PIG ELBOW simmering. PIG ELBOW Dunlan
until the fragrance of tea into the meat. Greasy elbows and to the
oil-one of Pu'er wonderful here, not only added a tea oily solution.

2. Chrysanthemum, Pu'er smoked pigeon

With chamomile, tea leaves and brown sugar, dry in the pan, with the
resulting smoke to smoked pigeon meat. Pu'er tea's flavor, aroma of
caramel into the pigeon, the glycol sweet, taste good not only hurt
the stomach.

3. Pu'er ribs stew

This case is ribs ribs stew soup into the slow steaming tea come.
Which add sugar and salt, taste class.

4. Tea porridge

With tea and chamomile tea, with its tea to porridge. Determines the
color of tea, but it was red in the porridge with black color.
[Edit this paragraph] tea - Process
Traditional tea production process: picking, fixation (Health and
drying, Guo Chao), rolling (hand-rubbing group), dried, sorting,
steaming of suppression, the final dry (dry, dry.)

Modern production technology (artificial aging): tea, fixation (Guo
Chao, drum), rolling (machine processing), dried (drying), humidifiers
moisten the heap (sprinkler, tea fungus), drying, sorting, steaming
suppression type, the final dry (drying).

Pu'er ripe tea they be pharmacological, raw tea, no, older students,
tea (raw P) can have. Therefore, possession of goods should be based
on goods and old Pu'er tea, drink the fermented tea of Health
guidelines exist. Understand the tea, to understand the aging of the
people, are aware of raw tea three aging process is to avoid high
temperature: fixing, Maocha dry, pressed tea drying. The following
students to talk about the production process in general several
important links.

P = pan carefully Maocha moderate fixation + + product of natural sun
dried dry indoor natural ventilation

P = Health and fixing bad drum machine raw tea leaves drying + +
Hongqing finished drying temperature drying room

Dian Dian Green and Green:

Yunnan Pu'er Review of raw materials - drying green Maocha, which is
Yunnan Green, green tea and Yunnan Hongqing main difference is in the
fixing process and the drying temperature for the sun, or drying, that
is, temperature and time control. Of course, Yunnan Green special
"taste the sun" is irreplaceable characteristics.

1, fixing: the traditional "Yunnan green" tea, tea
production process is the tree from the Yunnan tea leaves picked, the
first after a brief air-dried or solar withering, and then frying
fixing. Modern "Yunnan Green" Roasted tea pot temperature of
180 degrees up and down, the whole six minutes or so. After fixing the
color from the bright green leaves turn into a dark green or dark
green. Modern "Yunnan green" tea production process, is the
fresh leaves into the fixing roller or Guo Chao.

2, rolling: the traditional process is rolled by hand, the modern is
by mechanical rolling, rolling out of the traditional pure tea soup,
mechanical rolling coarse particles lead, tea often appears cloudy.

3, dry: Traditional Yunnan Green is usually completed about 10 o'clock
in the morning picking, fixation, rolling and other processes, to 10
o'clock on the wool shared equally in the mats to dry to 4 pm or so,
during this period would also like to flip once or twice . Yunnan
green dryer is commonly used dry, the temperature at 100-130 degrees.

4, the steam of suppression: by autoclave machine to make tea pressed
into a cake-type materials, powered type, brick type.

5, the final drying: Yunnan Green autoclaved dried naturally after 2-3
days, or 2 hours after the pros and cons of sun dried 1 day, one month
of natural storage of the factory. Yunnan Green autoclaved backward
drying room, hot air drying by 45 degrees immediately after leaving
the factory.

Dian Dian blue and green used to produce the tea process comparison:

1, the tea made from the beginning, Yunnan, Yunnan green blue and
there are obvious differences, the general aroma of Yunnan, whether or
green color are more noticeable.

Yunnan Green: Cha (dark green, green gas) tea (grassy, bitter and
strong) Securinega (dark yellow, toughness good)

Yunnan Green: Cha (bright green, fragrant) tea (clear sweet, crisp but
thin) Securinega (yellow-green, toughness difference)

2, after 1-2 years of Chen Fang, the deterioration of Yunnan green
gradually fleshed out, Yunnan Green's just gets better and better,
"surfaced." Until 5 years, the rich Yunnan incense into the
old green tea, which is already a waste of Yunnan green garbage.

Yunnan Green: Cha-(red-brown shiny, Chen Hong) tea (clearest honey
sweet) Securinega (toughness)

Yunnan Green: Cha (Anhe dull, boring tidal flat flavor) tea (muddy,
musty) Securinega (toughness difference)
Dian Dian green and blue reason why there is such a big difference
lies in the dry and in different ways. Dryer temperature up to 130 ¡æ
or more, only 6 to 7 minutes, be an end to tea drying process. The
residual heat to kill the tea polyphenol oxidase, peroxidase and
catalase, solidified within the tea polyphenols, interrupted its
further development and changes in conditions, or changes the
direction of development and change. Scientists on the kinetic
properties of polyphenol oxidase made experiments, the optimum
temperature of 37 ¡æ, extreme temperature 60 ¡æ, more than 60 ¡æ or more
rapid inactivation of the enzyme - dryer make tea out of life, only
more keep the more bitter. "

Drying green, Hongqing, Roasted:

Drying green, Hongqing, Roasted tea in the traditional classification,
belong to the same type of green tea, they are the same as the initial
system process combination, are fresh, fixation, rolling and drying.
However, the drying green, Hongqing, Roasted technical requirements
for processing is not the same, forming a distinct quality of style.

1, fixing: Guo Chao drying often use green Maocha fixing, fixing a
lower temperature, leaf temperature under 80 ¡æ and more, less passive
PPO, low boiling aroma is not entirely disappeared, fixing air leaves
through the grass, Fixing level of more tender. Hongqing, Roasted
Maocha: Guo Chao, roller, steam, hot air fixation are available,
fixing temperature is high, mostly in leaf temperature above 90 ¡æ, and
complete destruction of polyphenol oxidase, low boiling aroma
disappeared, fixing leaf through the fragrance, No grass gas, fixing
the extent older. Low temperature drying green Maocha fixation, enzyme
activity was retained, with grass gas. Conducive to the late tea
"fermentation." Hongqing, Roasted fixing temperature is
high, and complete destruction of activity is not conducive to
post-tea "fermentation."

2, rolled: rolled by hand using traditional drying green, cell
disruption is low, often below 40%. Less tea spill, tea stout complete
less oily dark green color, broken off shoots less Maocha particularly
resistant immersion. Hongqing, Roasted Maocha: In addition to high
quality tea and delicate, but often separated into two parts by
mechanical rolling, cell disruption is high, at 45-60% or more. More
spills tea leaves thick section tight, shoots broken off more than the
color dark green oily, raw tea leaves as the sun-resistant foam green.
Drying green hand-rubbed Maocha, cell disruption is low, loose tea,
thick section of porous, is conducive to tea store,
"fermentation" in the gas exchange and accelerate aging.
Hongqing, Roasted often by mechanical rolling, the heart of Article
tight, slow aging.

3, dry: sun dried directly after rolling green Maocha, raw tea leaves
generally about 8% moisture content. Dry brown oily dark green
slightly less dry. Hongqing Maocha: avoid the sun. With drying cage,
hair dryer decile fire, fire two feet dry in the middle go by sharing
cool water. Can also be used roller, steel fry and then bake fried
machine. Maocha 4-6% moisture content, color dark green oily. Roasted
Maocha: avoid the sun. With rollers, steel fry machine decile hair
fire, the fire enough to stem speculation twice, in the middle to go
by the share of cold water. Cage can also be baked, fried and then
baked before the dryer. Maocha 4-6% moisture content. Phi frost gray
green color. Green Maocha sun drying drying, slow drying, raw tea
through the "Solar taste" tea apricot translucent, the
bottom of a Lotus, with green gas. Hongqing, Roasted by hot, dry, hair
tea green, with floral and fruity.

Drying green tea raw materials, bitter as the first choice, soup and
yellow, bitter savor dissipate over time. Year spring buds, spring
tip, hot jade color taste of spring, consumers can easily identify;
Hongqing, Roasted flavor fresh, green soup, with rice or chestnut
slightly fragrant, but not obsolete after a bitter Gan. After many
years of storage, drying brown leaf color red, Hongqing, Roasted leaf
color black, the end of drying green tea after brewing slightly
wrinkled dark brown, and Hongqing, Roasted tea is more smooth bright
end, the bottom color is very close to black tea. Hongqing and Roasted
in the oxidation and fermentation process have a common ground, when
wet, the event flows, water to become bitter. Hongqing and Roasted
enemies with wet, while the sun is green and damp as a friend. Natural
aging and artificial fermentation of raw and cooked Pu Pu have been in
contact with the hot and humid place, and thus distinguish whether tea
mixed with non-tea Hongqing and Roasted there are other methods, in
addition to observe the bottom of leaves, the contrast is very
important to taste . Generally speaking, the proportion of Roasted
Hongqing and the more severe the greater the bitterness.
[Edit this paragraph] tea - How to choose tea
Yunnan Pu'er tea is the main origin of the last 10 years, began to pop
up in various places, have tea in the health sector research
hypolipidemic, slimming, anti-cancer function of tea in particular,
the longer the tea is stored the more energy efficient, so quite
dramatic change in the price. Identify new and old tea because tea
sustainable fermentation, so that gets better, the price is of course
more expensive. The new tea that is just made tea, the appearance of a
Pekoe green in color, flavor and intensity, the old tea refers to the
longer-Chen Fang tea, because after a long period of post-oxidation,
tea appearance maroon, white hair also turn into brown.

Press tea aroma

Pu'er tea is usually poorly preserved produce musty, some traders to
cover up the smell, will join chrysanthemum flowers. So if the
argument that there is chrysanthemum tea, or smell a fragrance that is
not pure tea quality.

Identify the color of tea

Please try clerk or boss to observe the color of tea. Because after
years of sustained development aged Pu'er alcohol, tea darker, but not
as black as lacquer; and the new lighter color of tea tea. However,
this will serve as a reference, because even if the new system will be
deep tea, best way is to try to drink.
Try to drink

Try to drink tea is the most important part of the purchase, for a cup
of tea is good, combined food does not taste drink from the trial can
be fully known, a cup of good tea is not musty, and will not be
grievances. Pu'er the new system has Pekoe, and lack of aging, so
there will be bitter; aging tea, pekoe turn lilies, the nature of a
mild, non-irritating, it tastes more glycol.

How to taste the tea fresh it?

1, to distinguish from the aroma of cooked Pu'er tea is the result of
Ottawa because of the heap, so it generates a stream of cooked flavor.
Generally only less than ten years of dry storage Chen cooked tea
(according to tradition, had not moldy dry storage tea tea), can be
heard from the surface of a stream of type of tea cooked flavor. About
ten to twenty years or so, the sense of the surface of cooked flavor
is gone, the feeling that the tea can be cooked from Weixiang. 1973
between the change from tight tea made of the material the first
cooked tea, known as the "thick brick 73", it has been
twenty years, in terms of type of tea or tea, have no sense of cooked
flavor , there is an "incense." Aquilaria is a cooked taste,
after a long dry aging and changing positions in the best cooked over
tea tea. Cooked flavor, cooked flavor, and incense is the most direct
and effective resolution raw tea and cooked one way of tea.

2, from the liquor warehouse to identify dry tea, Pu'er tea is a
chestnut red and raw, heavy fire near the tea liquor, even aged raw
tea, such as have been eight, ninety history of the old Ma No
Celebration tea brand, and its tea color only slightly more than five
decades of red marks round tea Pu'er tea deeper. The color of cooked
tea tea is dark maroon, or even close to black. Therefore, species in
the modern classification of tea, black tea as the tea category is
ripe for Pu'er tea liquor related.
3, dry warehouse from the bottom of leaves to identify the end of
Pu'er tea was raw chestnut deep maroon, and Taiwan Oriental Beauty Tea
is very similar to the end of the color. Article leaf texture and full
soft and full of freshness. Celebration of a bubble tea Securinega
old, can show a hundred years ago, the kind of fresh vitality.
Securinega mostly cooked Pu'er tea showed dark chestnut or black, leaf
texture, thin and old hardware section. If the fermentation is
serious, there will be significant charring, as is grilled over the
fire. Some of the older leaves, leaf breakdown, separation of a root
veins, like the dry leaves that long soak in the water like broken
rotten. However, some cooked tea Ottawa heap if not long, not heavy
degree of fermentation, the bottom end will be very close to the raw
tea leaves. Conversely, some students in the production process of
tea, for example, after rolling tea flush, can not be dried
immediately, delayed for a long time, the bottom will show dark brown,
the soup will be more concentrated and dark, with only a slight
fermentation exchange heap have the same cooked tea.

Tea will deteriorate it?

Tea if you save properly, it will only get better, but at the time of
purchase will find marked on the packaging of tea shelf life, it is
because the provisions of food will need to sign, in fact, drinking
tea when the consumer is will not have to care. Also, if that musty
tea, usually due to improper preservation, not buy.

New strong tea flavor, strong irritant, high mountain tea or used for
drinking tea were more accustomed to. Chen Fang old Pu'er tea over the
years, after a long period after the oxidation, tea has become more
moderate without stimulation, can promote the metabolism of the blood,
does not stimulate the stomach, but also health is said to help air,
Air, and stored more time passes, the higher the degree of oxidation,
tea taste more alcohol.

Read tea Year: tea price, class, year storage of tea is an important
factor, a tea bricks bid from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan, mainly because
of Pu'er tea that gets better argument, so moving the 20-year business
, 30, said even 50 years, 60 years of treasures, tribute, the price is
speculation on the day of the year in fact, there is no tea effective
way of identification, and if stored properly will also affect the
quality of tea, the only way is to drink, and comparing. However, this
was the year to provide a simple method of identification of tea
leaves for reference.

Year to identify ways tea, watching the appearance of tea: the new
color of tea fresher look, with white hair, and strong flavor; tea
after a long period after the post-oxidation; tea appearance was
maroon, but also turn into yellow Pekoe brown.

Different packaging colors: vintage usually had pressed tea, the
packaging of the White has become obsolete with time, and thus
slightly yellow paper, so you can hand-wove paper and start printing
color of aging, which only as a reference, not an absolute basis,
because there may be some unscrupulous traders take advantage of this
psychology, Chen yellow wrapping paper Diaobao secondary products.

Read tea years: In general, the tea is usually the year divided as
follows: Prior to 1949 the production of tea during this period known
as the antique tea, such as the number of years employed Song, Xing
years with tribute, celebrating a hundred years No, the same Chang old
number, Jing Song No. employed. Usually placed within a tea cake made
of glutinous rice, like the name printed paper, called the fly.

1949-1967 China's tea industry to change production levels by the
Indian tea, which is the word in the packaging of tea, red or marked
with different colors for the first batch of India for the second
batch of green, yellow and India for the third .

After 1968, when the production of tea cakes are no longer printed on
the packaging of Chinese tea company size, change the choice by the
tea factory production, referred to Yunnan Seven cakes, including:
Snow Cake 73 Cake, big mouth small green print, small yellow printed
and so on.
[Edit this paragraph] The Appreciation of Yunnan Pu'er tea
Mainly by observing the shape of tea, liquor color, aroma, taste,
Yedi, and packaging for appreciation.

Appreciation of Pu'er tea in Yunnan

1. See the appearance

Look look, first look at the tea bar, bar is complete, Yeh or tender,
old leaves larger, thinner leaves; smell the smell and look of dry tea
dry tea color and clarity, quality of Yunnan Pu'er tea Chen Xiang
revealed dry tea (some may contain bacteria dried incense, Chinese
incense, fragrant dried longan, dried mildew smell, Zhang Hong, etc.),
is no different, complex flavor, color brown or brownish red
(liver-colored), with oil Run luster, reddish brown in the (commonly
known as red cooked), of the cable fat, less broken tea break; mass
times or only slight Chen Hong Chen gas, even with acid or other
miscellaneous taste sour taste, thin the cable is not tight full,
color dark brown, dry dark dull.

2. Look at the soup

Mainly depends on the depth of soup, bright, high-quality Yunnan Pu'er
tea, bubble tea out of the red, dense and bright, with the
"Golden Circle", Tom seems to have the oil bead above the
membrane. Quality of times, but not thick red tea, less bright, but
tend to have dust-like material suspended one, or even black, hair
black, commonly known as "soy sauce soup."

3. Smell the smell

Mainly take the heat and cold sniff sniff, hot smell the aroma of pure
look different, look at the cold smell the aroma of persistence;
quality thermal Chen Hong was significantly strong smell, and pure,
"Gas being" strong, long, cold smell Chen Hong , is a taste
of cool Gan. Quality of times there are Chen Hong, but mixed with
sour, rancid smell, rust water taste or other miscellaneous taste, but
also some "smell musty."

4. Products taste

Mainly from the smooth taste, sweet to feel a sense of being and
throat. Mellow taste of high-quality, smooth mouth, throat, sweet,
tongue base fluid; mass times the taste of plain, non-slip mouth, not
sweet, tongue discomfort on both sides, and even "Shibuya
Ma" feeling.

5. Look Securinega

Securinega mainly to see color, leaf quality, finished look bubble out
of the Securinega incomplete, is not also maintain the flexibility.
Red brown color quality, uniform light, miscellaneous small flower,
leaf sheets full, leaves soft, non-corrupt, non-hardening; mass times
the color of flowers mixed, black hair less bright, or leaf mass
corruption and sclerosis.

Yunnan Pu'er brick tea appreciation

1. Look packaging

Most of Pu'er brick tea packaging with the traditional packaging
materials, such as tissue paper inside the packaging, packaging with
bamboo leaves, bamboo baskets, tied with hemp, bamboo silk, but also
for the majority of tea Addicts are accepted identity. Check whether
the material clean and odor-free packaging, the packaging is tight,
upright, firm, shape and tea packaging size is closely fit the body,
is loose; tissue whether the cotton quality, clarity of writing and so
on. In addition, other forms of innovative packaging, attractive
packaging, also have little detailed examination.

2. Appearance
Mainly depends on the degree Leveling, tightness, color, tenderness,
uniform degree, to see whether the correct form, edges and corners are
neat, the cable is clear, whether the fall from the surface layer.

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