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                                PERSUASIVE WRITING ASSESSMENT

                       Excellent                    Good                  Satisfactory           Needs Improvement

Introduction     The introduction is       The introduction           The introduction           There is no clear
(Organization)   inviting, states the      clearly states the main    states the main topic,     introduction of the
                 main topic, and           topic and previews the     but does not               main topic or
                 previews the              structure of the           adequately preview         structure of the
                 structure of the          paper, but is not          the structure of the       paper.
                 paper.                    particularly inviting to   paper, nor is it
                                           the reader.                particularly inviting to
                                                                      the reader.

Sequencing       Details are placed in a   Details are placed in a    Some details are not       Many details are not in
(Organization)   logical order and the     logical order, but the     in a logical or            a logical or expected
                 way they are              way in which they are      expected order, and        order. There is little
                 presented effectively     presented sometimes        this distracts the         sense that the writing
                 keeps the interest of     makes the writing less     reader.                    is organized.
                 the reader.               interesting.

Conclusion       The conclusion is         The conclusion is          The conclusion is      There is no clear
(Organization)   strong and leaves         recognizable and ties      recognizable, but does conclusion. The paper
                 readers with a feeling    up almost all the loose    not tie up several     just ends.
                 that they understand      ends.                      loose ends.
                 what the writer is
                 arguing for.

Accuracy of      All supporting facts      Almost all supporting      Most supporting facts      No facts are reported
Facts            are reported              facts are reported         are reported               or most are
(Content)        accurately.               accurately.                accurately.                inaccurately reported.

Commitment       The writer                The writer                 The writer attempts        The writer makes no
(Voice)          successfully uses         successfully uses one      to make the reader         attempt to make the
                 several persuasive        or two persuasive          care about the topic,      reader care about the
                 strategies to try to      strategies to try to       but is not really          topic.
                 show why the reader       show why the reader        successful.
                 should care or want to    should care or want to
                 know more about the       know more about the
                 topic.                    topic.

Cooperation      Partners successfully     Partners collaborated      Partners wrote a           Partners were unable
                 collaborated and          and cooperated with        persuasive essay           to successfully
                 cooperated with one       one another to write a     together. Partners         complete their essay.
                 another to write a        persuasive essay.          needed a great deal of     Partners had a
                 persuasive essay.         Partners needed            help from the teacher      difficult time
                                           minimal problem            to solve cooperation       cooperating and
                                           solving help from the      issues.                    collaborating.

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