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Take the joint development, the revitalization of China's agriculture
??????????- Research from the Sanlu milk powder incident, and the
future development of agricultural production in the long-term
mechanism for food safety
Zhang Yunfeng CHIC International Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai
Dr. He Chaoxing Fellow, Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese
Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing 100081, China
Shocked the nation and the world "Sanlu milk powder
incident," China's dairy production will be brought into an icy
winter, its destructive effect throughout the dairy chain in the
conduction and radiation, is the dairy industry and the whole
agricultural industry a near devastating blow to agricultural
production and processing enterprises in China have brought huge
economic losses and credit crisis.
See the whole process from the Sanlu incident, the Government adopted
a series of after the incident, remedial measures, such as: to be held
accountable, punish those responsible, start the state machine,
repealed exemption mechanisms for a range of means to protect the
public interest to to avoid recurrence of such incidents. However, the
Sanlu incident itself concealed deeper problem, by no means a variety
of administrative measures taken by the government can fundamentally
solve, because the vast majority of agricultural enterprises in China
due to lack of long-term mechanism for food safety, especially safety
scientific monitoring mechanism, we can not simply from the source to
prevent such incidents from happening. Therefore, studying how to
formulate a long-term mechanism for food safety and science is the
control mechanism should be in-depth study of current issues.
Based on the Sanlu incident led to the deep-level analysis of the
reasons put forward on the strategic significance of China's
agricultural enterprises have long safety of agricultural products - a
joint strategy model, described in detail while the agricultural
industrialization, standardization, standardization of Strategy
Development Model and the composition of the theoretical analysis and
practical results demonstrate the feasibility of its strategic
significance for China's agriculture to industrialization,
standardization, standardization of the direction of development of a
new idea, but also to solve rural issues in China reference, to supply
the domestic economic sector and business people to discuss.
1. Food safety problems because of
1.1 Agricultural irrational industrial structure, and uneven
development as the "Sanlu incident," planted hidden
China's current irrational industrial structure of agriculture,
agricultural industry, agricultural production and supply chain,
agricultural processing, agricultural marketing are three main aspects
of development is highly uneven. The main supply of raw materials as a
corporate farming and breeding industry in China by the impact of the
rural household contract responsibility system, and its development is
lagging behind, and very loose, and its small-scale industrialization,
standardization, standardization is not high, the difference in
quality of agricultural products very large; Therefore, regardless of
business thinking and market awareness how ahead of, and regardless of
the equipment and how advanced production technology, they can not
change the quality of agricultural raw materials, the enterprise will
inevitably because the product quality problems can not get rid of
market risk, so the industrial structure of agriculture will naturally
become "Sanlu incident," a hidden danger.
1.2 The lack of effective, scientific and rational mode of business
development, balance of interests eventually led to the incident
Today, the rapid development of market economy, economic efficiency
has been considered the core business and life, yes, companies want to
grow and develop to be the center around the economic efficiency of
enterprises to develop strategic planning, but many domestic
enterprises in the development of enterprise development strategic
planning process, while neglecting the surrounding economic
environment and other related resources important influence on their
development, resulting in the significant limitations of strategic
planning in the short term may cause rapid development of enterprises,
but in the long run, this planning may well be a devastating blow to
the enterprise. Sanlu incident led to the most fundamental reason is
precisely because the balance of the interests of balance due!
First presented in front of us as several important agricultural
industry chain link "Enterprise", "milk stations",
"dairy farmers." So, this should be tied a rope of three
grasshopper, which is belong to the same part of the agricultural
industrial chain of three different interest groups, should have the
same life and death, is closely aligned, but for their own interests,
ignoring the the other two parties, resulting in "Sanlu
buildings" drained, after problems, and blame each other, the
reason is because there is no scientific and rational Sanlu Group's
strategic development.
In fact, the Sanlu incident, the cause and effect precisely because
there was no "risk and profit sharing" business model,
resulting in all sectors of the agricultural industrial chain in the
interests of the backward side of the powerful enterprises, farmers
are weak because can not compete with the market and can not get from
the corporate side, when the legitimate interests of their own, only
through other extraordinary measures to ensure their interests are not
damaged, part of the milk station, dairy farmers stealing evil
trickery to add melamine to milk and other chemical raw materials, the
surface quality requirements to enterprises, not knowing the final
result is really shooting itself in the foot. Therefore, enterprises
simply to pursue their own economic interests, ignoring the interests
of the environment and with their own bodies and other interests
related to the development of strategic planning, and ultimately led
to the "Sanlu incident," the inevitable result.
2. Our long-term mechanism for food safety research
2.1 Strengthening corporate social responsibility and historic
mission, strict control of food safety and food quality standards, the
objective of safeguarding China's agricultural products in the
international image and national economic interests
Throughout the pattern of agricultural development in today's world,
all economic integration in the world economy, driven by the formation
of scramble, each flame of development. With the industrialization of
agriculture in developed countries has basically become the
development of modernization, while China is still lagging behind
agriculture, as agriculture systematic, integrated, labor, capital,
technology, business and other agricultural resources are not all
related to better use, business intense competition between their
respective development, conflicts, competition, eating each other,
spent a lot of resources, and more serious is that some enterprises in
China's immediate interests to abandon the enterprise should have
moral standards, regardless of food safety problems to themselves and
potentially the whole industry great harm, damage to food in human
health, adding a large number of chemical additives, which greatly
hurt the interests of all relevant bodies, all without exception, our
country has become a systematic fragmentation of the agricultural
system, agricultural economic environment unprecedented destruction.
The lack of a good economic environment in the agricultural resources
of the relevant subject will inevitably lose the basis for its
participation in international competition, a loner, so what is to
survive, how to talk about development, and eventually will make
China's agriculture has been developed by the eroded step by step, the
domestic agricultural enterprises will also be swallowed up by large
international agricultural group.
Reform and opening up, the Patriots became capable of farmers in the
unprecedented development of China's agriculture a vital force in our
country from the world of agriculture is facing challenges of economic
integration in the case, those created by entrepreneurs who are
connected on the market, then the farmers under enterprises, seems to
have become the main force of China's agricultural development.
However, when China's agricultural enterprises need to establish a
good reputation in the international arena and establish a brand image
of the critical period, just because some "name brand"
companies, irresponsible key state enterprises, coupled with the lack
of long-term strategic objectives and scientific, rational management
model, making the booming Chinese agriculture by being a huge hit.
Therefore, we need such a number of enterprises - with a high degree
of social responsibility and historic mission, to look at our economy
as a whole, from the overall interests of the overall situation of
agriculture, strict control of food safety and food quality standards,
through the establishment of a sound , scientific and rational
development of agricultural industrialization model, taking into
account the practical interests of the related resources, in the fully
embodied the principle of fair distribution of benefits on the basis
of China's agricultural resources to conduct comprehensive integration
of all relevant to guide relevant enterprises on the basis of balance
of interests United playing a national large-scale agricultural
industry groups, the formation of China's overall agricultural
development of the situation forward, to ultimately enhance the
overall competitiveness of China's agriculture to address the core
from the world economic integration, the challenges of competition,
re-establish our agricultural products and agricultural markets in the
world a good image.
2.2 with international standards, and explore for the overall
development of enterprises and to ensure food safety, a new strategic
"Sanlu incident" to the Chinese agriculture as well as the
enormous damage the Chinese economy is no doubt serious, "Made in
China," the army is facing an unprecedented challenge, perhaps
the result of the incident can not help but make Sanlu the Chinese
people has always been bullish on China and even Foreign investors are
pessimistic about the economy and disappointed, but we in turn want to
look at the historical background of turmoil, any ants are not immune,
the crisis following, there will be opportunities there. Establish
relevant quality management system to ensure no problems with
production and product quality.
Besides Sanlu incident has given China's economic and agricultural
enterprises have brought tremendous damage, but also to the economic
and agricultural enterprises in China has sounded the alarm. In the
current unfavorable international and domestic economic situation, the
Chinese economy and the world economy will face a re-shuffling
process, and re-shuffling process, is exactly the process of collapse
and the rise, are in crisis in the agricultural sector enterprises is
facing tough choices - is drained in a crisis, or in the face of tight
encirclement challenges and opportunities, how to get rid of Sanlu
milk powder incident leading to this agricultural crisis in China, for
the final victory?
According to lead to "Sanlu incident," the main reason for
the deep-level analysis, we advocate the establishment of a
"market-oriented agriculture as the leading core investment
management companies, trading companies to support market development,
factory processing services to supplement, cooperatives technology
management as a link, through the use of information technology (ERP)
high-tech means, so the farmers for the production of main
agricultural and related resources in the production can reflect the
distribution of the stock of scientific and rational management
mechanism based on the integration of interests of the alliance formed
( namely Agriculture Union), mutual cooperation and common development
standardized production, thereby strengthening the core
competitiveness of enterprise "development mode (ie joint
strategy mode), this development model can ensure survival and healthy
development of enterprises.
Here we have to look at what is the joint strategy mode, he can for
the future development of China's agriculture and food safety
mechanism to play what role, the key question is whether there is
actual joint strategic model based on it? The following model will
show the joint strategy, with examples of the value of this strategy
Structural diagram of the Joint Strategic Model:

2.2.1 Model of the Joint Strategy Joint Strategic Model Development Goals - the standardization
of agriculture and agricultural production, standardization and
From the current agricultural development in international and
domestic situation, there is no outstanding product quality Chinese
companies will not be able to gain a foothold in the international
market, it let alone development. With advances in technology, rapid
economic development and continuous improvement of material life,
people, countries in the world pay more attention to food safety and
health issues, we only through the standardization and
internationalization of production, realization of China's
agricultural and food production enterprises, the full control of
processing and selling, essentially produced to fully meet
international market quality products in order to re-establish
agriculture and agricultural products in China a good image in the
international community to achieve international standards of
agriculture and, in order to expand exports, create foreign exchange,
the final phase of agricultural development by leaps and bounds.
Therefore, our goal is to develop joint strategies mode, completed the
industrialization of agriculture to our direction, so that our
agriculture and agricultural production can be based on the industry,
agriculture and agricultural products to achieve synchronous,
standardized management, standardized production, and thus strengthen
China on agricultural production, processing and selling the entire
process of quality control, improve the quality of agricultural
products, thereby strengthening the market competitiveness of
agricultural products in China. the core of the joint strategic model - link mechanism
joint-stock interests of the
Through the United States, New Zealand, the more developed countries,
agricultural development, agricultural history research, I believe
that the industrialization of agriculture is to ensure the realization
of agricultural standardization, standardized basis, there is no real
sense of the industrialization of agriculture, agriculture can not be
achieved standardization of , let alone improve product quality and
other issues. However, our farmers under the household contract
responsibility system under decentralized management, how to promote
agriculture to industry direction, the deepening of the market
economy, it is has plagued our country and the biggest problem of
agriculture-related enterprises. Since the reform and opening up,
China's agricultural areas have been implemented factory model,
"company + association + base + farmers" Order patterns and
agricultural cooperatives and other methods, hoping to realize the
industrialization of agriculture, however, only the agricultural
cooperatives patterns within the region with some success, to achieve
a small range of agricultural industrialization, and on this basis to
achieve the standardization of agriculture and agricultural production
and standardization of factory mode and "enterprise + base +
farmers + association" order model were implemented in our proof
is not suitable for China's national conditions.
Through the success of the cooperative model, I think: the successful
experience of co-operative mode in its advocacy of a can to safeguard
the vital interests of farmers in the interests of the distribution
mechanism, through the second return to farmers the benefits, to
mobilize as agricultural farmers in the production of the main
production enthusiasm and creativity and the ability to co-operatives
under the guidance of unified management and development of
standardization, standardization of production to ensure product
quality and enhance market competitiveness of agricultural products.
But why can not the cooperative model to promote fundamental
development of our agricultural industry, the formation of the
regional cooperative model is smaller, mostly composed of farmers
spontaneously, did not possess a certain strength of the business as a
backing to support its participation in the process of market
competition is still in a weak position, still can not resist the
competition from the market a huge risk. Meanwhile, the cooperative
model, while in China the road leading to the industrialization of
agriculture has achieved some success, we can only say that the
cooperative model for China to go the road of industrialization of
agriculture provides a number of successful experience, but it can not
promote our agriculture to industry of full forward.
Therefore, the author through years of research on the
industrialization of agriculture, combined with their years of work in
the agricultural sector experience and learn from the successful
experience of co-operative mode, from the overall situation of China's
agricultural development, based on the development of cooperatives,
through the development of a joint-stock interests of the joint
mechanism as the core content of the joint strategy of agricultural
industrialization model will be "Agriculture, industry,
commerce," connected together to achieve a comprehensive and
balanced development.
Advocating joint strategy mode coupling mechanism shareholding
interests through the development of agricultural industrialization
has always been. First, China's agricultural industry chain through
the relevant resources in the agricultural planting and breeding,
processing, marketing and sales of three main components (ie,
agricultural, industrial, commercial) interaction for each of the
related resources are divided into specialized agricultural products
marketing company, processing plants, planting base management
companies, cooperatives, planting bases (dispersed farmers) and other
5 different interest groups; Then, the five interest groups into
different forms of capital, to rely on joint-stock form of the
integration of profit mechanism interests of the Union, namely
agriculture industry alliances, investment management companies in
agriculture together under the unified leadership of the development
of standardized production, in order to strengthen the agriculture and
agricultural enterprises to the effective control of the whole
production process.
Joint strategy advocated by the shareholding pattern of the interests
of the joint mechanism for agricultural industrialization development
model of the core, drawing on the cooperative model mechanism for the
reasonable distribution of benefits, not only can the same as the
mobilization of agricultural cooperatives in the process of
industrialization of the main development of the relevant resources
standardization of the production of enthusiasm and creativity, from
the overall situation of China's agricultural industry and maintain
the process of agricultural industrialization in agriculture-related
interests of all the collective interests of the body, but also to the
interests of all agriculture-related bodies in the expression
"risk and profit shared "common development based on the
standardization of production, comprehensively enhance the overall
agricultural capacity to resist risks. Development of joint strategies based model - under the
management of joint-stock cooperative planting base
China's agricultural industry chain in all sectors, especially
agricultural cultivation (aquaculture) part of the most complex and
most critical, should involve a wide range of stakeholders are many
and complex, if the product is grown (cultured) link control is not
good, it will seriously the quality of agricultural products
processing and marketing, not only to enterprises and agricultural
resources of the main relevant tremendous loss, but can be extended to
the entire industry, even to the entire country a huge blow to the
economy, Sanlu event is the biggest example.
Over the past few years, some domestic enterprises and foreign
invested companies in China engaged in agriculture Gong Changhua
investment, partly to reduce production costs, on the other way by the
plant to achieve the industrialization of agriculture, in fact just
the opposite, the development large-scale industrialized agriculture
can not get rid of egalitarianism big pot growing phenomenon, because
it changes the identity of farmers lost their rights as stakeholders,
combined with its own quality is not high, conservative thinking and
other factors seriously affect the enthusiasm of its work to improve ;
In addition, the area growing the factory wide scale, increase the
difficulty of farm management, farm workers, sabotage, work is not
serious, or even possession of public property and so often happens,
the farm did not yield a product, not the quality of the second
Eventually, companies not only failed to reduce costs, but also
because companies suffered huge economic losses and bankruptcy.
Model advocates joint strategy: investment in agriculture to
market-oriented management company, and farming (aquaculture) links
social capital and rural labor into capital, establish production
cooperatives, and social capital in agricultural investment management
company under the guidance of the Rural Investment development of
standardized products, cultivation (breeding) base, the base is
divided into a number of production units in the production
cooperatives, under the unified guidance and management of the
development of standardized production, eventually forming a
"unified technology management, production and operation of an
independent" Commission by the combination of the agricultural
industry alliance, which can meet the international market to produce
high-quality agricultural products and processing of food raw
Guide social capital and rural labor capital, establish standardized
agricultural production base, the agricultural investment management
companies can either get rid of the investment risks of industrialized
agriculture, but also to ensure that deep processing of agricultural
products and raw material quality, processing and marketing of
agricultural products (exports) to lay a good industrial base. platform for effective management of the joint strategic model
- information monitoring system
Joint strategy model is based on integration and cooperation as the
core, equitable development as the fundamental interests of all
parties to ensure the distribution of scientific and rational, and
ultimately the full integration of agricultural resources. And to
complete the plan, no financial transparency, no financial management
in a scientific, systematic and can not be implemented. Therefore,
must use modern information technology - ERP management software,
product flow driven by the Commonwealth, the banks control the flow of
capital, electronic information platform for information flow, the
alliance management process more rational, to support the effective
implementation of the overall strategy of alliance .
Mode information system alliance strategy flow chart: Strategic Model of supervision and management mechanism of the
joint - Agricultural Union congress system
Model is a joint strategy for the agricultural Industry Chain
cultivation (farming), production, processing, marketing links the
three main Huanjie the economy as a whole business model, relating to
the business scope, stakeholders than ever before, we want to be
recognized, not only have an effective management mechanism, but also
need a set of scientific supervision and management mechanism to
ensure that all relevant resources of the main agricultural collective
interests of the joint strategy model can be successfully implemented.
To promote joint strategic model of supervision and management: the
organization of the agricultural investment management company of
agricultural industrialization on behalf of Alliance members, set up
Union Congress, Alliance members elected by the region. Informed the
General Assembly on behalf of the Union League member state of
business within one year and second-year development plan, listen to
and examine the core leader of the Union League of operating
conditions of the report, and the Alliance to monitor all business
activities, to the General Assembly in favor Alliance views and ideas,
and then aggregated to form a resolution to implement the agricultural
investment management company.
Joint strategy to ensure the supervision and management mechanism
model is more scientific, fully reflect the agricultural investment
management companies operating in the process of open, fair, just, in
the Union on the basis of Congress system, for the Government and the
operating system audit unit to monitor the Alliance to safeguard the
interests of alliance members to make rational, orderly and healthy
2.2.2 Practical exploration joint strategic model
Since 2006, the joint strategy model in Dalian Tian Fu Long Fruit
Industry Development Co., Ltd. began a planned, step by step test the
implementation, in the development of standardization, standardization
achieved some results. In 2006, Dalian Tian Fu Dragon Fruit Industry
Development Co., Ltd. in Wafangdian initiated by the introduction of
joint strategic model of social capital with farmers for equity joint
ventures, investment and development of the international standard of
600 acres of grape planting base stock, through the company for two
years number of correct guidance, so that farmers in the efficient
organization of cooperatives management and technical guidance,
according to the organic food production Yaoqiu grapes achieve
standardization of production, the production of Jufeng grapes in the
domestic market, said Shaw. In 2007 the "League fields" for
the brand's successful entry into grape in Hong Kong, Singapore,
Thailand and Malaysia and other international markets, have also in
Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Beijing and other markets has been
launched, and by local consumers received, the market price of their
products even more than the import of fruit, although in the case of a
joint strategic mode, the days of Lucky Dragon's decrease in profits
than in the past, but because of investors, farmers, cooperatives have
been the benefits, farmers enthusiasm will be an overall improvement,
with full production in accordance with management requirements of
enterprises engaged in standardization, standardization of production
and improve the quality of the grapes, and enhance the enterprise's
competitive advantage in the market. Now, add the days of Lucky Dragon
alliance system farmers themselves have to admit, the past, farmers
lack effective guidance of the enterprise, in total disregard of
product quality, and the blind pursuit of production, output of grapes
per acre to 3000 kgs / acre, resulting in poor quality grapes , farm
price generally at 2.4 yuan / kg; However, in the days of Lucky Dragon
Company in accordance with the joint strategy model growing base of
shares of the form, through the company's effective guidance, the
growing base of grape production strictly control the control of 1500
kg / mu Although the production cut by half, but because enterprises
in strict accordance with international quality standards for the
implementation of production, the quality of their products look and
taste from the obvious on its distinction from ordinary grapes, and
its products in the market price is raised to 18 yuan / kg It is
impossible to imagine the past, the price farmers; days of Lucky
Dragon Company and the base of farmers is not used in order for
agriculture, but farmers in the base price of shares by grape quality
assessment, although the surface of base a lot of lower production of
grapes, but the same varieties of grapes, due to improved quality, the
base income of farmers per acre than in the past 2,000 yuan;
prediction model based on analysis of the joint strategy, even if the
conditions of a market downturn will lead to lower corporate and
income of farmers, or even losses, but joint strategy mode,
enterprises, cooperatives and farmers scattered but the collective
ability to resist risks has been enhanced at the same time, with the
distribution of enterprises in the interest of the scientific,
rational, is bound to attract more farmers to join the system, the
enterprise strength also will continue to enhance its business scale
and efficiency will be gradually expanded, development prospects will
be better!
In early 2008, the day the company received Fulong Wafangdian holders
and local community funds raised by farmers planting base
standardization of the requirements of the expansion, and guide social
capital to complete the second batch of 500 acres of high standards of
grape planting base, according to more than two years agricultural
products with the development of joint strategies mode standardization
of the results of industrial base, Tin Fuk Lung plans to full
implementation in 2009, information monitoring system, TASC
supervision and management system on behalf of the General Assembly
and a series of measures to accomplish the industrialization of
agriculture overall build strategic alliances enable the joint
strategic model to be fully implemented in the enterprise in order to
achieve a comprehensive strategy to transfer business, in order to
encourage enterprises to the secondary development. Joint strategic
model for the first test in the days of Lucky Dragon Company
implemented its name brand by the name of Tin Fuk Lung grape named as
the "League field type" of agricultural industrialization
development model.
A joint strategic model on the part of the comprehensive agricultural
integration of all relevant resources, agriculture in China will
comprehensively improve the collective ability to resist risks, while
promoting our agriculture to industrialization, standardization and
internationalization of direction, reshape China's agriculture and
agricultural products in international good image on the market.
2.2.3 The strategic significance of the joint development model the use of joint strategies model on the full integration of
agricultural resources, and enhance the overall ability to resist
risks of agricultural
This joint strategy mode the overall strategic concept of the
industrialization of agriculture through agricultural investment
management company for the core of leadership, co-operatives as a
link, the use of high-tech means of information to the farmers for the
production of main agricultural resources of the relevant information
in the fair distribution of production stock management mechanism
based on the integration of interests to form alliances, not only to
overcome the phenomenon of egalitarianism big pot, but also in the
household contract responsibility system does not change the case of
the economic system, variable dispersion of small farmers under the
unified leadership for the enterprise production The large scale
production, investment management company established in accordance
with international competitive environment of the quality system, the
use of high-tech, modern manufacturing equipment, agricultural
standardization, standardization, improve the technological content
and quality products, thus enhancing our agricultural products in
international competitive advantage on the market. Development to improve the current disorderly competition in
China's agricultural environment in which agricultural enterprises
from competition to cooperation, and ultimately toward a unified,
comprehensive agricultural enterprises enhance our overall efforts
To undertake business as a market upstream and downstream connection
intermediate farmers, in order to be competitive environment in the
international long-term survival and development, we must have a sound
and a huge market network system and the production of products to
meet the raw material supply system, both complement each other, are
indispensable. However, in the present chaotic development of
agricultural economic environment, even if the enterprise in the
market development and raw material supply system has made efforts,
but also did not escape feudal hegemony, each nibble of the vicious
competition, the enterprise went up and down , scramble, and
ultimately drop a lose-lose. How to avoid this risk, and is placed in
front of us need to be solved.
Joint strategic model of agricultural investment management company
focused core of leadership, to promote investment in the form of
joint-stock production, equitable distribution of benefits in
accordance with the shares, mutual cooperation, formed a
"risk-sharing, benefit sharing," the economic interests of
the community, the common development of standardized and standardized
production. This model changed the original concentration of power,
loose management, private ownership of the functions of weakening
economy, a direction to the shares of international cooperation,
strengthening the functions, management science, management mechanism
and reasonable stock of agricultural union. Information through the
use of high-tech means, fair and impartial monitoring mechanism, the
interests of security mechanisms, and improving the transparency,
credibility, enhance cohesion and solidarity, access to agricultural
resources in the main body of the full support of, and thus make
cooperation more closely. This strategy model can effectively promote
the health of agriculture in China, orderly and healthy development,
thus promoting a real sense of agricultural industrialization,
standardization and standardization, comprehensively enhance the
overall competitiveness of China's agriculture.
There are joint strategic model constraints: insufficient funds if the
business, personnel structure is irrational, the limited capacity of
market development, joint strategic model will be subject to certain
constraints. Enterprise funds, market size is small, then it can only
be implemented in a small range. Therefore, if there is a strong
financial strength and have a certain market-based enterprises to
implement the joint leader-level strategic model, it is possible to
gradually improve the current development of China's agricultural
disorderly competition, guiding China's agricultural enterprises from
competition to cooperation, and ultimately to uniform, comprehensive
agricultural enterprises enhance our overall force. In order to solve the problem of agriculture to provide a new
From an economic point of view, the "three rural" issue is a
matter of whether China's economic development balanced economic
problems, and from a political perspective, the "three
rural" issue is a matter of whether the long-term stability of
our country and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese political
problem. Then national wealth of farmers, farmers are strong, the
country strong, think of it, an agricultural population accounts for
the vast majority of countries, the country's population, agricultural
development disorder, backward rural economy, farmers talk about how
poor the state of long-term stability, so what is the great revival.
The Sanlu milk powder incident exposure, not only exposed the problem
of an industry and deeper rural issues have been fully revealed.
In order to solve rural issues, our Government has been introduced in
agriculture, the preferential benefit farmers, and through subsidies,
incentives, loans and other related measures in the hope that by
encouraging some people get rich first, and then driven to another
part of the common prosperity of people goals. But "times have
changed, then nothing is easy", along with China's economic
development, and indeed make up some people get rich first, and formed
a certain scale of business entities, but these companies failed to
establish a joint development with farmers operating mechanism, it can
not change the widening gap between urban and rural areas, the
polarization between rich and poor, farmers are still poor, rural
areas are still backward, agricultural development is very uneven.
Joint strategic model for companies just to work with farmers to
create a joint development of agricultural industrialization
management mechanism, on the one hand, joint strategic model not only
can not change the household contract responsibility system based on
the rural economic system, so that farmers spread can be integrated
with the enterprise, enhance the collective benefit the
competitiveness of domestic and international market-oriented and
effective remedy defects in the household contract responsibility
system, to solve the existing economic system of rural small farmers
scattered between production and big market contradictions; the other
hand, standardization of business-led farmers to develop production
and the development of uniform quality standards of agricultural
production, deep processing of agricultural products to enterprises
from the plant - storage - processing - sale of the entire process
control, enhance the overall quality of products, Reconstruction of
the agricultural good image in the international arena; Furthermore,
the joint strategy mode to encourage students to test out the rural
home business, leading the farmers to develop along with the business.
Back to Business students can not only ease the pressure on urban
employment, but also to rural areas and farmers bring in advanced
ideas and concepts, in order to raise the knowledge level of the rural
labor force. From this point of view, the joint strategic model for
the realization of a country with rural industrialization of
agriculture, manufacturing standardization, quality standardization,
environmental ecology, urbanization goal of a new socialist
countryside provides a new idea, if the United strategic model can be
in the country to promote, achieve a virtuous cycle of development of
agricultural and rural economy will probably take off again become a
Through joint strategic model is the practice of many years of
research and in-depth analysis of reform and opening up on the basis
of a variety of agriculture, combined with their experience in the
agricultural enterprises, the future development of agriculture in
China developed a bold strategic development framework, but also in
China's current market economy planned to promote the safety of food
production and agriculture to industrialization and standardization of
the basic law of development.
From an economic development perspective, such an overall strategy for
agricultural development model to solve some of agriculture-related
business management system, improve labor productivity, improve the
economic efficiency of enterprises, improve the income of workers to
provide protection to prevent future similar incidents Sanlu, and to
our agricultural enterprises in the current international and domestic
situations to gain new vigor and vitality, get second chance in a
crisis; the impact from the political side, may be able to promote the
APC problem solving to provide a new idea, and to achieve long-term
stability of our country and accelerate achieving the great
rejuvenation of Chinese nation's dream to provide strong support.
Standing of the joint strategy model is the development of global
agriculture to achieve the political unity of the height of a
scientific, rational economic means to develop the overall
agricultural development strategy, through the strategic concept of
the basic structure of the show, and the practice of implementation in
the enterprise, I believe that the joint strategy model should be
worthy of our country's economic sector, academia as well as
agriculture-related enterprises to further explore and study this as
our reference for future development of agriculture.
Photos: Union Field-style investment strategy of agricultural
industrialization chart

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