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					Outdoor feelings
????What is outside? First of all, definitely play. And is a new play
method. When the tour with a tour group had been reduced to a shopping
trip, Zijia You edge of the vehicle traffic jams. We suddenly find
themselves sleeping tent, walk do not have fun looking at the scenery.
Barry is different from sitting in a large general tourism travel and
outdoor sports are a kind of consumption as investment in physical and
endure hardship in exchange for a happy process. The cost of different
inputs to produce the experience of nature is different. Live in the
stars, you can only sing the night sky as big as the Big Dipper as a
kind of legend. And rely on hungry, too tired to appreciate the
scenery was more dead than alive, there will your heart, not the mere
existence of the camera. A few years ago, I inexplicably received a
text message: "Walking in Xinjiang White Haba, one day through
sun, snow, clouds, hail, at the moment, looking up at the stars."
Texting is not linked to a multi-year female university students. At
that time I thought, so romantic, send to the SLC? See snow, hail on
the excitement up my wish? Last year reunion, I asked her why she give
me a message? She was surprised that "will not you? I send you
such a message? Possible for the first time outdoors, so excited, the
Short Message." I Sigh. But then his face unbearable beauty of
the heart, we also unceremoniously send a large number of spam
messages to harass friends and schoolmates, as if it is not so filling
the body can not express romantic feelings.
?????Outdoors is a trend. Of course Paojiu Ba is also a fashion, but
clubbing beverages, outdoor fitness. The round-trip account of a
calculation, the difference too big. Moreover, decadent nightclub is a
place where people, bathing in which body and mind for a long time
easy to fester. When you appear in person before a jacket, we easily
think of your fitness, health, and mental and physical qualities of
sunlight overflow. A few years ago, playing outdoors, or a handful of
non-mainstream it may be, and now, the streets, schools, companies
everywhere wearing sweaters and Emergency underwear grasp the tide of
people. A holiday, mountain forest, a constant stream ALICE backpack
walking on the road. City roads are often dressed in riding clothes,
mountain bike pedal the boy, and look further than the open Ferrari
cattle. Honk not give you how to give way.
????Outdoor power equipment is also part of this fashion. Always
advocated specialized outdoor equipment, but equipment manufacturers
are gradually develop to the fashion, to meet the growing fashion
outdoor elements. When we are still climbing when the simple, always
dressed in casual cotton sympathy, interest and even courage, but
always well-equipped donkey along the casting looks of contempt. Start
also does not matter. Once in a great-grandmother of Chongqing
Jiufengshan with experienced climbers found with their professional
equipment than we do. In their sense of superiority, we finally
realized, no longer repairing equipment, and in this circle may not be
able mixed up.
????In addition, there are many fashion of playing outdoors. Such as
the bastard, is said to play outdoors on the way men and women bastard
refresh, blood circulation, such as magic to overcome the high
counter. However, no moves made before, when one can only know how to
bastard thing.

????Outdoor is also a life experiences. Outdoor risk, but the feeling
of defeat is to stimulate the risks, people become addicted to. During
the Spring Festival, Chengdu 2 Mix to Siguniangshan for survival
experience. They only carry equipment and food simple, set foot in the
snow of winter, the road to adventure. When the pack of local
newspapers reported the news of two missing when people think they are
an incredible reckless attitude towards his own life. On the eleventh
day of their disappearance, we all desperation, two water flows drift
to a small power station, was finally rescued with the help of local
people. When I look at photos when they were rescued only find them in
panic-stricken, just like Savage, but bright and piercing eyes. It
appears that the road to eat insects, drinking urine, repeated
jumping, drifting across the water flows in the ice in the journey of
escape, has trained two pure menfolk.
????In fact, most outdoor enthusiasts will experience such impulsive
phase. Smooth the initial stage, people often become dizzy. This is a
dangerous period. I remember years ago when we played through the
mountains, the more I heard what lines desolate rugged, easy to get
lost, the more feeling ran high. Of course, we also quickly impetuous
treatment better. That one just got lost in the mountains 30 hours,
several men he wanted to remain each other's passbook accounts,
passwords in case the. This unforgettable risk education, very
productive. Now we are facing the mountain, all honest, five this
idea. God Bless always keep praying prior to departure, rookie,
pleaded no wind, no snow. Through life experiences, we learned
humility, and learn to respect a more powerful forces of nature.
????Outdoor is a spiritual product. The busy city life, the spirit of
anxiety also put more people into the outdoors. Economic crisis has
reduced people's income, but increased with the spirit of the stress
and anxiety, health, and the free exercise of the demand to go to
outdoor sports as a tourism product upgrade.
????The more rampant economic crisis, people increasingly want
emotional catharsis. Outlet channel in the city are almost all toxic,
bars, KTV, night clubs, online games, will only make people more
lonely and crazy. The essence of outdoor sports was the spirit of joy
and peace of mind, in walking or climbing trip to face the most simple
self. Although is a hard physical labor, but in fact the spirit of
outdoor products to sell. This is precisely the heart of the city can
not provide. Therefore, ill treatment or short-term restoration of the
city, the outdoor sports is almost a monopoly.
????But having said that, outside of a quote in no way cure the
sticking plaster. When you're stuck with the pain by market into the
mountains, or take the pain for the property will look off peak, there
is not a refuge for you, nor is the infirmary. Escape never let you
get relief. You have to face responsibility for their own lives and
plight. You can not always get outdoors on the way, that the lake
fills the daylight clouds, the sky was blue too unpredictable, that
transparent air and bright sunshine to dark and crowded than the city,
That makes you wandering in the city the edge of life and outdoor
life. A person will not hand alpenstock became saints, life is not a
result of which peaks you climbed change.
????In fact, the outdoor life can give you is a kind of courage to
overcome self, a will to carry on, a determination to overcome
difficulties. Nothing more.
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