Out of Network Marketing Mistakes

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					Out of Network Marketing Mistakes
???A lot of knowledge of network marketing companies still remain in a
few years ago.
????Mistakes are a lot of outdated hampering the development of
enterprises today.
????Like any growing things, the current rapid development of Internet
marketing in the same time, there are a variety of problems, many
companies understanding of network marketing there are also many
????Internet Marketing = Website Promotion?
????That network marketing, many people immediately think of building
Web sites. In general, a web site is that many network marketing
companies are the first step, but far from all of network marketing.
????Imagine, if you are the owner of a cosmetics company, a happy day
built a company's Web site. Web site built was pretty, but a few days
you worry - the vast "network" the sea, who can find you?
Who visits your site ah? This is a very real problem. After the
establishment of the company website, to make this website be
effective, must also make their target customers can easily find your
site. At this time, some professional companies - such as China's
first Internet real-name real-name registration and search companies -
3721 to appear. These companies can assist you to resolve these
practical operational problems.
????In addition, the use of the Internet as a marketing tool the
company must also consider many other features of the Internet and
offline with other factors.
????With network marketing company website is just the beginning of
it, we need to develop, including site promotion, including systems,
network marketing plan carefully in order to truly see the results.
????Network Marketing = e?
????Many e-commerce companies often equated with the network
marketing, or that include e-commerce network marketing, or network
marketing includes e-commerce. In fact, e-commerce have in common with
the network marketing, but there are more differences, the two are not
mutually inclusive.
????Content of e-commerce is broad, the core of electronic
transactions, e-commerce transactions and to emphasize that all
aspects of transaction process electronically, and online marketing
focus is the primary means of Internet marketing activities. That is,
one of the hallmarks of e-commerce is to achieve the electronic
transactions, the focus of network marketing before the transaction
phase of the publicity and promotion. Have shown that the definition
of network marketing: network marketing is their overall marketing
strategy is an integral part. Can be seen, whether traditional or
Internet-based business enterprise business, and regardless of whether
the occurrence of electronic transactions, you need to network
marketing. But network marketing itself is not a complete commercial
transactions, but to provide support to facilitate transactions, and
therefore an important part of e-commerce. In particular, before the
transaction occurred, the network marketing play a major role in the
transmission of information. From this sense, e-commerce can be seen
as the advanced stage of network marketing. In the absence of a
complete e-commerce companies before, the same can be carried out at
different levels of network marketing activities.
????Network Marketing = online sales?
????Internet marketing is sometimes confused easily with online sales.
Online sales course is online marketing, but the two are not the same.
Network marketing online sales is to a certain stage of development
the result, but not the only result.
????The purpose of network marketing is not just to promote online
sales, in many cases, the network may not be able to achieve online
marketing direct sales. But may contribute to the increase in offline
sales, and increase customer loyalty. The effect of network marketing
performance in many aspects, such as: to enhance corporate brand
value, strengthening the communication between the customer and expand
the channels of foreign information dissemination, improving customer
????Content from the perspective of network marketing, online sales
are just one part, and not have to have the content.
????Many corporate Web site does not have the conditions for selling
products online, the site mainly as a business channel for publishing
product information, website promotion through certain means to
achieve the purpose of product promotion.
????Nothing to do with the traditional network marketing company?
????Some companies believe that: I am a traditional company, network
marketing has nothing to do with me. However, a large number of
traditional companies in recent years has continued to benefit from
online marketing.
????Such as insurance, marketing, quality of personnel is not high and
the current insurance marketing in the implementation of the human
wave tactics, so that about 10% of the residents of the insurance
sales personnel to take "behind closed doors, ignore the"
attitude. Insurance marketing is not high overall quality of personnel
has also led to about 66% of the residents do not understand
insurance, insurance industry and therefore subject to a great extent.
Then there was the insurance network, such as: customer access to the
insurance company set up by the professional insurance services site
(such as: China People's Insurance Company of ePICC service platform),
select the online company provides insurance products, if any, will
certain insurance coverage, then fill out the application form online,
make an offer insurance. After underwriting by insurance companies, to
agree or refuse to cover the back cover, by the insured on the
Internet or through other means to pay the premiums. After the
insurance company receives premiums, send their insurance policy.
Policyholder or the insured can enjoy the services of insurance
????Many people may have seen the "Jack Welch's
autobiography," Jack Welch is an e-commerce "fanatics."
Edison invented the light bulb, from the era of General Electric
Company, handed down the traditional enough, right? Now it has become
the world's largest e-commerce and network marketing companies out.
????Internet marketing than traditional marketing
????Without the guidance of the overall strategy of network marketing,
conventional marketing methods to bring the network effect is very
limited. However, if taking into account the number of network
marketing is not just a simple combination of methods of operation,
but a number of aspects related to the systematic project, the network
marketing, marketing strategy to enhance the overall level of all
aspects of the network marketing done very carefully , has a lot of
network marketing to traditional marketing methods can not match
????Because network communication with extensive and fast. Web site
and other infrastructure to establish complete, network name, network
search, and so step by step the external environment, the country and
the world's Internet users can learn the first time the company's
information, a comprehensive, in-depth attention to the company's new
products, new services, all aspects of information Then companies can
take advantage of the power of network marketing "unlimited
extension of" corporate tentacles.
????Network marketing is the department of affairs?
????Marketing practice in the network, often encounter this situation:
although the company has established a website and online products for
the company detailed information, but the company clerk in the foreign
relations business is very reluctant to introduce their company's Web
site. After the operation on the understanding of some companies found
that: The company website is restricted to a certain extent, its
playing the role of network marketing! For example, some of the
company's sales policies and regulations: the order through the
company Web site is the company's sales, and sales performance does
not matter, of course, no performance royalty, so business people will
not want to allow users to more information through the website in
order to avoid his white hard. This situation comes to be separated
from regional operations may be more apparent. If there is no
reasonable sales policies, are likely to be between the cross-regional
sales problems, which can potentially affect the company's sales
performance. This is the online marketing and offline sales of the
conflict between the common.
????Situation like this is also reflected in many aspects, such as:
the maintenance of the corporate Web site, which department should be
based? Is a marketing-led, or led by the Department IT? When the site
features a problem or can not meet the marketing needs, you should
apply to the proposals which departments? Network marketing
enterprises to develop in the early, often encountered in various
types of network marketing and management related issues, and
sometimes need to address these issues in various departments to spend
a lot of time to communicate.
????When the network marketing norms gradually after the fact, the
problem is quite simple, because the enterprise network marketing
experience confirms a fundamental problem: network marketing,
marketing strategy the company level, not just a department, a region
can work undertaken.
????It seemed that this is not a big discovery, but whether to
recognize this, and straighten the location of network marketing,
network marketing strategy for the development and implementation of
vital importance.
????Only from a strategic height and understand all aspects of network
marketing and planning, and put into practice one day, you will
inadvertently ushered in a new world. Internet marketing brought
far-reaching implications in the future will show even more fully