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?????I remember when the New Year, had promised three wishes, I hope
this can come true, the health, the love, the cause. So far, seem not
to be realized.
????I hope I and the family safe and healthy desire, and my father did
this year, gallstone surgery; hope that their love may appear, has
been Yurenbushu been single; hope our business can turn, been the most
times a unit fired in advance squid.
????22 left Pangu, 23, was smashed by the sack, 24, looking for work,
25 to Mongolia Zhungeer Kaolin Co., Ltd. resistance work, commitment
Hohhot cashier Kong, the result being cheated pulled Xuejiawan,
factory mountains, and workers living in the same dormitory, where
even a plug washing did not! Have to work on Mondays to Saturdays, in
the mountains for a week has not come back, so I fooled them, so to
have the opportunity to return to Hohhot, at 15:30 on the on the 29th
to come back, non-stop and sit on the car Helingeer to Mengniu
interview, came back that I had to Mongolia resistance, until finally
the afternoon Mengniu phone, though not ideal, but if there is a copy
of the "five insurance fund" the work of the bottlenecks in
the current situation I am also unemployed doing pretty well, I hope
tomorrow the interview is successful, the day after tomorrow will be
able to work. I have had to endure hardship well prepared, and
reconciliation to accounts, overtime ... ... Although the pain, but to
put up with! Think of mother's decades of no rest days, working 13
hours a day, such a high intensity of work for a weak woman is how the
tenacity of the need to adhere to! Mother to the family, 30 years with
a weak shoulder and his strong support for the people! Both to the age
of retirement is not able to enjoy peace of mind, but also more than
10 hours per day of physical exertion, I am distressed mother, so I
have to take efforts to reduce the burden of her mother. Hope that
tomorrow can be successful as long as the company's normal, as long as
the pay and benefits can go up to five insurance payments, the
Zaikuzailei to bother I have to insist!
?????As to why I called the original topic, because through the last
few days I look at my situation a number of people and things. In
fact, I was forced by the dismissal in the 23, 24, I look at it on
their own to work, first, whether good or bad, on the 25th had further
to go to work, but in fact only when the day vagrants only. Although
they find the ideal job is not I quit, however, I did not free the
middle of the time, it is also not idle. During the Pan Gu is on June
5 to July 22, during which I have not received wages, the firm in July
due to my salary, Mongolia owes me 4 days of wages, as the hands
holding the debt, So, a little tight cash-flow for the time being. In
my period of unemployment looking for work, my best friend GJ clear
that this matter has not called me a call. Also known as WRN is my
best friend and I were talking in the qq on that after this incident,
it was a perfunctory, even say hi no play on the diving was. More
dramatic is a chat over a year has been talk of good friends on-line
today, after I greeted him and said just three four sentences actually
say that I love whom a sudden change of face chat chat whom, who
willing to talk with me go crazy on whom, really strange! Even more
interesting is that this users had also promised "Remember, ks
will never ignore you." Although at the time that laughable, had
the network is the illusion that these things are not worth
remembering, but this is no sign of the situation suddenly turned
hostile, or very little experience, can I committed any recent or
avoid anything, best not to talk Why? Ha ha ~ ~ ~ count this year, I
really only just one day of unemployment, how the staff came around
the 180-degree turnaround? Really sinister! Dad said is, in addition
to parents, who can not believe. Now, I do not love, I do not know my
love would be like, I do not know my love can not believe. But my best
friend, called my good friend the news that unemployment actually my
comfort with a repeat of the ugly point of call or chat with phone
calls! I'm really sorry! Instead, I fear has been my message to my
phone that I pass away before being good friends that can not sustain
and Bai Jie Liu. The two friends, when I went to Xuejiawan period,
send the information has been asking me about what the new unit, do
not be fooled, note license plate number, the license plate number to
me, they have to be careful ... ... I moved, the original is not a man
by my side has not. Thank you! As Zhao Hongtao, you bastard! When the
years spent in vain, I was also so good to her, Shanghai Pudong
Development strokes teller unemployment for me is just a wonderful
opportunity because there is no banking experience, fear is not even
the chance to test, Zhao Hongtao a bank of contacts , I just please
help me to call her, I have a chance to be written, how much money
that I give, not even the busy help! Even if do not want to help put
some of the words of the circle, even if you had said I could ask you,
fool me again after the call to hit, but no, I know that you lied to
me, at least not that I get less milk blatant injustice! the son of a
bitch woman was anything but polite and I say this busy I can not
help, I do not have time to call. Put your mother's fart! I fucking
live day by day not believe you even have time to call no! I also do
not want to help get the milk, fucking shame!
????These are what people ah? What is morality in any society ah?
Where is the harmony? Are harmonious to his mother's purse yard
corrupt dirty! I pride when you are around me a little bit difficult
for a few days you all gone! I understand, I have seen the truth!
After the shit you guys snob thing I do not want contacted, how kind
of love his mother how kind it! It turns out that you need me at the
time, I have suffered; the original, I need you in when you are gone!
Oh ~ ~ What a share bliss and misfortune when I, that was it.

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