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					                 Prospera’s Employee Handbook Tool
                 Prospera® will help you create a complete, printable handbook that contains
                 a cover page, welcome letter, employee sign-off sheet, table of contents, and
                 handbook policies all customized to fit your organization.

                                                               Start	by	giving	your	handbook	a	

   Then,	select	the	policies	you	want	
   to	include	in	your	handbook	or	
   create	custom	policies	from	scratch.			
   You	can	model	your	Employee	
   Handbook	after	your	existing	Policies	
   &	Procedures	manual	in	Prospera,	
   ensuring	that	your	Employee	
   Handbook	covers	the	same	policies	
   in	your	HR	department’s	Policy	&	
   Procedure	Manual.	 	        1-800-231-9981
                                Prospera’s	Employee	Handbook	Tool

                                                                    Prospera	has	a	large	
                                                                    library	of	policy	templates	
                                                                    to	choose	from.

  The	templates	can	be	used	
  as-is	or	customized	to	fit	
  your	organization.	 	      1-800-231-9981
                               Prospera’s	Employee	Handbook	Tool

                                                               Next,	choose	the	layout	for	your	
                                                               Employee	Handbook.

             Finally,	print	your	Employee	Handbook	
             including	a	cover	page,	table	of	
             contents,	welcome	letter	and	employee	
             sign	off	page.		Print	options	include	
             PDF	and	RTF	(Rich	Text	Format).

HR	Professionals	would	agree	that	having	
an	established	Employee	Handbook	ensures	
you	have	taken	the	time	to	communicate	
expectations	to	your	employees.	Let	Prospera®	
help	you	create	and	manage	your	Employee	
Handbook.		Click	here	to	register	for	a	free	
30-day	trial.	 	       1-800-231-9981

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