Or a diary by fdjerue7eeu


									Or a diary
????Some things I do not know how to say, before and after the time
for a week, excited to go to work last Monday, but returned home this
Monday, I heard the news that friends will not believe, in fact, for
my own run, do like a dream.
????Today, I resigned. In fact, should not be said to be resigned,
because, although on a week of classes, all the procedures and did not
run. This week, let me know in a lot of things. I remember the first
day at work I told myself, no longer a child her parents, and have
grown up. This week is my adaptation period, turning point, so I
quickly change student status, to adapt to society. But this morning,
political commissar, chief of the office called me and told me that my
procedure somewhat lacking, ministries and agencies, PUC will not
recognize, so I was a little mental preparation. But I to understand
that this is an excuse, because my situation Urban Council, the
ministries and agencies are very clear and I have consulted ministries
and agencies, the relevant Council's leadership, they said, my
situation to meet the employment conditions, as long as reported to
our unit, they will approve for the record. But as I have already
signed up to work a week later and told me that my procedure in
question. That excuse too far-fetched, because only the local Bureau
of Personnel in the card I, yet it ministries and agencies, and the
PUC pushed to the body. I know the situation, call the PUC with the
ministries and agencies, ministries and agencies PUC responded that
the code they did not know the cause of strokes. Although the name is
the name of ministries and agencies, but they did not know, that this
move is the local Police Personnel and the Public Security Bureau had
planned, and not by ministries and agencies, law enforcement powers
are only effective at the local, out of the After the county-level
city is not recognized in other places. As a result, I no need to stay
in that place, and that compiled nicely is the cause of the police, is
actually a police assistants. And, in that work, the unit is not to
pay pension insurance Police Association.
????In general, the cause code to recruit police, the ministries and
agencies and the Urban Council for the record, through the ministries
and agencies agreed, there will be supervision and review of the
entire leadership of ministries and agencies, or ministries and
agencies commissioned by the PUC and the City Personnel staff
supervision and review, But this time we only recruit local people in
the Personnel Bureau and Public Security Bureau, Urban Council or the
ministries and agencies did not see the person, showing that this is
only county-level city of self-assertion!
????I have nothing to say, anyway, has been home to peace of mind at
home, preparing for next year's civil service examination review it!

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