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									                       PowerPoint Reference Handout
                             ASIA-CALL 2006

Daniele Allard (U. of Osaka):

How to Use PowerPoint (free tutorials and tips):
(training in PPT 2003)       (tutorials in PPT 1998) (+ games and other resources) (tips) (tips and tricks)
(article and links about using PPT for ESL teaching)
(companion to Powerful PowerPoint for Educators, David M. Marcovitz (2004))

Other Resources: (MSoft site) (various information + links) (links to PPT-related links) (various links (some commercial) and materials)
Game Sites : (site used during workshop)
(this site also contains a link to the author’s favorite game sites) (creating games; links)
(various games, templates concerning various subjects)

Downloads, Templates & Material: (ESL/EFL lessons using PPT) (collection of presentations) (activities and templates) (linguistic funland resources)
(various educational material) (sound and video site links, various ideas) (free sounds) (links to sound sites, not all free)

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