Revised April 10, 2007

Article I             Purpose

Article II            General Duties of Governing Board Members

Article III           Duties of Elected Officers

         Section 1           President
         Section 2           First Vice President
         Section 3           Second Vice President
         Section 4           Treasurer
         Section 5           Secretary

Article IV            Appointed Officers

         Section 1           CGSOC Representative
         Section 2           Community Assistance Chair
         Section 3           Historian
         Section 4           Hospitality Chair
         Section 5           Membership
         Section 6           Newsletter Editor
         Section 7           Parliamentarian
         Section 8           Property
         Section 9           Publicity Chair
         Section 10          Reservations Chair
         Section 11          Retiree Representative
         Section 12          Special Events Chair
         Section 13          Volunteer Coordinator
         Section 14          Ways and Means Chair

Article V             Standing, Special, and Ad Hoc Committees

         Section 1           Standing Committees
         Section 2           Special Committees
                             a.     Nominating Committee
                             b.     Constitution and Bylaw Revision Committee
                             c.     Community Assistance Committee
                             d.     Budget and Finance Committee
         Section 3           Ad Hoc Committees

Article VI            Finances

         Section 1           Dues
         Section 2           Fees
         Section 3           Contributions

VII      Special      Voting Procedures
         Section1            Voting when the Board is not in session
         Section 2           Proxy Voting

VIII   Approval


                                ARTICLE I - PURPOSE

The purpose of the Bylaws is to establish operating procedures for the Fort Leavenworth
Spouses’ Club (FLSC).


Section 1: The duties of the Board members shall be those implied by their respective
titles and those specified by these Bylaws and by the Constitution of the FLSC. The
duties in this Article describe the general duties of all board members, and shall include
but not be limited to those listed.

The members of the Governing Board of the Fort Leavenworth Spouses’ Club shall:

       a. Be present at each Board meeting or notify the President of their absence in
       b. Provide a written monthly report to the President and Secretary. A copy of
          this report should be kept with the After Action Report (AAR)/Continuity Book
          for each position.
       c. Notify the President at least two days prior to the Board meeting of any
          agenda item other than the monthly report.
       d. Report verbally to the Board at the monthly meeting.
       e. Regularly attend general membership meetings, FLSC luncheons, and FLSC
          social functions. Coordinate with 2nd Vice President in advance, as needed.
       f. Support revenue producing activities through attendance and/or
       g. Regularly submit articles relevant to their position prior to the monthly
          deadline to the Newsletter editor.
       h. Appoint Standing Committee members as required by their position and as
          per FLSC Bylaws after conference with and approval of the President.
       i. Prepare and submit a proposed budget at the beginning of each Board year
          in July, and a revision at the January Board meeting.
       j. Compile a current AAR detailing activities and responsibilities during the
          Board year to be completed no later than the May meeting of the Governing
          Board. Should there be additional information to be included in the AAR, an
          addendum may be added through 31 May. (Three copies - one for the
          President, one for the Secretary, and the third to be passed on to the board
          member’s successor.)
       k. Maintain a notebook (Continuity Book) containing:
          1) A current copy of FLSC Constitution and Bylaws.
          2) The current year’s minutes, financial statements, reports, contracts,
              properties inventory, articles published, policies and procedures, a copy
              of Army Regulations or Policy Letters regarding Private Organizations at
              Fort Leavenworth, and other materials pertinent to the position. Minutes
              and financial statements of the preceding year may be stored and
              transferred electronically.

            3) After Action Reports from the preceding two to three years.
       l.   Pass AAR and Continuity Book on to the successor upon the departure or
            expiration of term of office. Should there be no successor in place at this
            time, the Continuity Book shall be passed to the President.

Section 2: Resignation must be submitted in writing to the President and will become
effective upon written acceptance.


The duties of Elected Officers shall include those described in Article II with the addition
of, but not limited to the following.

Section 1: The President shall:

       a. Preside at all Meetings of the General Membership, the Executive Board, the
          Governing Board and shall be an official Member of all committees except the
          Nominating Committee.
       b. Ensure that the Constitution and Bylaws are upheld.
       c. Appoint a Parliamentarian, Appointed Officers for each Standing Committee,
          and a Chairperson for any Special Committees deemed necessary, after
          conferring with the Advisor and/or Honorary President.
       d. Call special membership, board, or committee meetings, as needed.
       e. Establish board policies and procedures at the beginning of the board year.
       f. Confer with members of the Governing Board to review job descriptions and
       g. Write checks in the absence of the Treasurer and Co-sign with the Treasurer
          any disbursements in excess of $500.00.
       h. Coordinate the purchase and presentation of farewell and/or appreciation gift
          for the Governing Board. The funds for these gifts will be budgeted for, and
          paid from, the Operating Fund.
       i. Be bonded at FLSC expense.
       j. Prepare an FLSC activities calendar and distribute same to the Governing
          Board with appropriate updates on a timely basis.
       k. Shall represent or appoint a designee to represent the FLSC in the Fort
          Leavenworth Community at the Community Town Hall Meetings, Newcomers’
          Orientation, Welcome Coffees, and other community councils deemed
       l. Prepare a monthly article for The Sunflower.
       m. Prepare an agenda for the monthly Board meetings and distribute same to
          the Governing Board.
       n. Invite the spouse of the Commanding General to serve as Honorary
       o. Request that the Parliamentarian execute telephonic or electronic votes.
       p. Coordinate both the Welcome and Farewell of the spouse of the
          Commanding General and the Newcomer’s Welcome Tea with the Hospitality
          Chair and Advisor(s).
       q. Appoint a member to fill any vacancy occurring in the elective or appointed
          offices, except those filled by succession. These appointments shall have the
          approval of a majority vote of the Governing Board.

       r. Remove any member of the Board or Committee for just cause with approval
          of the Executive Board.
       s. Ensure that validation and tax documents are prepared, filed, and
       t. Authenticate, by signature, all acts, orders, and proceedings of the
          association, and in general, to represent and stand for the FLSC.
       u. Be entitled to vote when the vote is by ballot and in the event of a tie.

Section 2: First Vice-President shall:

       a. Assume the duties of the office of President during a temporary absence or
          should the President be unable to complete the term of office. In the event
          this is necessary, the First Vice President shall appoint a successor to the
          First Vice President’s position; the successor must have the approval of the
          Governing Board through a majority vote.
       b. Be responsible for the organization and coordination of the FLSC Activities
          Sign Up Day(s).

               1)     Meet with the President and Advisor(s) to establish criteria for
                      selecting instructors, classes, and activities to be offered at the
                      Activities Sign Up(s).
               2)     Confer with the Director of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation,
                      hereinafter referred to as DMWR, on current policy and ensure all
                      FLSC vendor policies and procedures are in complete
               3)     Establish written Vendor Policy and Procedures, to include the
                      percentage of class fees due to the FLSC and the amount of
                      member and non-member instructor and activity fees, at the
                      beginning of the board year which will be presented to the
                      Governing Board for approval in June.
               4)     Schedule the use of an appropriate social facility (currently the
                      Frontier Conference Center) and coordinate with same for the
                      logistical needs of the vendors; refreshments; and act as liaison
                      between the vendors and the FLSC.
               5)     Collect monies and contracts from instructors and submit collected
                      monies to the FLSC Treasurer within five business days.
               6)     FLSC sponsored activities shall be exempt from class fees.
                      (Article III, Section 4, FLSC Constitution)
               7)     Submit relevant information to FLSC Publicity Chair and
                      Newsletter Editor in a timely manner for optimal coverage for the
               8)     Coordinate decorations with the Second Vice President
               9)     Advertise for and procure instructors; execute instructor contracts;
                      schedule non-member instructors on a space available basis.
               10)    Coordinate and arrange for food at event.

       c. Coordinate FLSC PAIR Day(s) (Post Activities, Information, and Registration)
          activities with DMWR and manage FLSC booth and display throughout the

       d. Establish written Vendor Policy and procedures for FLSC monthly luncheons,
          to include the applicable fees charged, and present to the Governing Board
          for approval in June.
                1)    Recruit vendors for luncheons. Vendors are not required to be
                      FLSC members.
                2)    Collect all applicable vendor fees and submit to FLSC Treasurer
                      within five business days.
       e. Be responsible for procuring the President’s appreciation gift, which will be
          budgeted for and paid from within the Operating Fund.
       f. Serve as a FLSC Liaison to Fort Leavenworth Advisory Councils as
          requested or deemed necessary. Specific councils will be determined at the
          beginning of the board year after consultation with the FLSC President,
          Honorary President, and Advisor(s).
       g. Serve on Community Assistance Committee.

Section 3: The Second Vice President shall:

       a. Assume all duties of the First Vice-President in his/her temporary absence.
       b. In the case of simultaneous vacancies in the office of the President and First
          Vice President, the Second Vice President will assume the office of
       c. Be responsible for proposing and organizing programs for the association
          year, and present the proposed programs to the Governing Board in August.
       d. Book dates with the social facility for all FLSC monthly functions after
          coordinating with the President.
       e. Act as a liaison with the social facility , DMWR or other available avenues to
          provide equipment, table set-up, and other logistical needs for FLSC monthly
       f. Arrange for appropriate honoraria or gifts for those persons presenting
          programs, when applicable.
       g. Provide decorations for the FLSC monthly functions and coordinate with First
          Vice-President for Activity Sign-up decorations.
       h. Establish a Luncheon Committee, with the President’s approval, to assist with
          catering, drinks, prizes, decorations, and program activities. The Second
          Vice President will be the FLSC authority over luncheons and will be
          responsible for the final selection of the caterer, menus, theme, and
          decorations. The Second Vice President will sign any necessary contracts as
          a representative of FLSC.
       i. Coordinate with Reservations Chair in finalizing reservations for FLSC
          monthly function.
       j. Coordinate with both Publicity Chair and Newsletter Editor for optimal
          coverage of the monthly functions.

Section 4: The Secretary shall:

       a. Be the recording officer for all meetings of the Governing Board, Executive
          Board, and General Membership Meetings (whenever business is conducted)
          of the association and their proceedings. Minutes of all Governing Board
          meetings will include the names of any member not in attendance at each

       b. Be the recording officer for all meetings of the Budget and Constitution/Bylaw
       c. Submit a rough draft of the minutes to the President for approval no later than
          one week after the meeting. The approved copy will then be distributed to
          the Governing Board no less than one week prior to the next board meeting.
       d. Submit the final copy with any necessary amendments to the board via email
          distribution, with one copy to be posted on the FLSC website for the General
          Membership within one week of the validation of the minutes.
       e. Forward quarterly one copy of the monthly approved minutes and the
          financial statements to DMWR.
       f. Properly enter any telephonic or electronic votes and the results as given
          from the Parliamentarian in an addendum to the minutes to be read at the
          next scheduled Board meeting.
       g. Maintain the FLSC historical file as stated in Article X, Section 1 of the
       h. Familiarize his/her successor with all records and files of the association.
       i. Prepare and dispatch correspondence for the association as directed by the
       j. Collect and deliver all FLSC postal mail no less than once weekly.
       k. Order and purchase all social stationery for the FLSC.
       l. Report to the Board all correspondence received for the FLSC.
       m. Prepare and distribute to the Governing Board the Board roster to include
          names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, with respect for
          their privacy considerations.
       n. Be responsible for collecting one copy of the AAR from each FLSC Officer,
          both elected and appointed, for the FLSC permanent file no later than 31
       o. Be responsible for the storage and eventual destruction of FLSC files, as per
          Article X, Section 1, FLSC Constitution.

Section 5: The Treasurer shall:

       a. Submit the record for the annual audit of the accounts not later than two (2)
          weeks following the end of the FLSC fiscal year, May 31.

                       1) Should there be a mid-term vacancy in the position of
                          Treasurer, an audit will also be performed.

       b. Establish policies to cover debit and credit procedures at the beginning of the
          board year.
       c. Keep itemized accounts of all receipts, disbursements, supporting vouchers
          and records.
       d. Receive all dues and monies, maintain a General Operating and a
          Community Assistance Account, per the annual budget , and disburse any
          checks for the FLSC as covered by the approved FLSC annual budget. All
          checks over $500.00 are to be co-signed by the President.
       e. Collect all accounts receivable and maintain them in an accredited financial
       f. Submit copies of reconciled monthly bank statements for all accounts to the
       g. Deposit all funds within 72 hours of receipt.

       h. Distribute approved Community Assistance grants to the Community
          Assistance Chair in a timely manner upon receipt of the list of all approved
       i. Pay legitimate bills and reimbursements in a timely manner.
       j. Use a proper double entry record keeping system to maintain the account
       k. Prepare and present a financial report monthly to the Governing Board to be
          included with the official minutes.
       l. Retain a copy of all property inventories for insurance purposes.
       m. Ensure properties of the organization are properly insured as deemed
          necessary and approved by the board.
       n. Chair Budget Committee meeting in August to include the Executive Board,
          Ways and Means Chair, and Special Events Chair to prepare an annual
          budget to be approved by the Governing Board in August and presented to
          the General Membership for final approval in September.
       o. Review, along with the President and Advisor(s), the budget in January and
          recommend adjustments if necessary for approval by the Governing Board in
       p. Prepare Quarterly Sales Tax Statements and pay by due date.
       q. Comply with current IRS requirements.
       r. Ensure non-profit tax status is in force.
       s. Be present at all fundraising and social events to facilitate financial
       t. Review and amend, if necessary, all insurance and bonding agreements.
       u. Invest funds in a Money Market account to ensure highest rate of interest,
          while leaving sufficient funds in the operating and community assistance
          accounts as per Article VI Section 3d (FLSC Constitution).
       v. Arrange for a timely and orderly transfer of the financial records with the
          newly elected Treasurer no later than May 31.
       w. Appoint, after receiving approval from the President, an Assistant Treasurer
          to assist with the above job duties.

                             Article IV - Appointed Officers

The duties of each non-elected (appointed) officer shall include those as noted in Article
II – General Duties of Board Members as well as, but not limited to, the following as
noted and implied by their respective titles.

Section 1:   The CGSC Representative shall:

       a) Serve as liaison between FLSC and CGSC spouses.
       b) Share information between FLSC and CGSC
       c) Help recruit volunteers and members from CGSC.

Section 2: The Community Assistance Chair shall:

       a) Establish a Community Assistance guideline at the beginning of the board
          year and present it to the Governing Board for approval. The guideline must

               1.   Open and close date for Community Assistance solicitation.
               2.   Eligibility criteria for those wishing assistance
               3.   Disbursement formula for available funds
               4.   Distribution plan

       b) Request emergency Community Assistance fund disbursements from the
          Governing Board not to exceed $1000. Emergency Community Assistance
          disbursements must be voted on and approved by the FLSC Governing
       c) Appoint, after receiving approval from the President, and then preside over, a
          Community Assistance Committee, to assist with review and consideration of
          community assistance requests and disbursements. The Community
          Assistance Committee will be governed by FLSC Bylaws, Article V.
       d) Provide information regarding availability of funds and procedure to request
           to both the Newsletter Editor and the Publicity Chair for timely advertisement.
       e) Present approved recommendations of the Community Assistance Committee
           to the Governing Board for approval at the March meeting.
       f) Present to the General Membership the approved slate of Community
          Assistance disbursements and sponsor a vote by the General Membership to
          approve the recommendations as approved by the Governing Board. This is
          to be done at the March General Membership Meeting.
       g) Coordinate with the Treasurer the issuance of checks for all approved
           Community Assistance disbursements.

Section 3: The Historian shall:

       a) Maintain the official FLSC scrapbook, preparing copies for the President and
          Honorary President, if they so request.
       b) Be responsible for the photography at all FLSC functions.
       c) Submit digital copies of photos from FLSC functions to the Publicity Chair and
          Newsletter Editor for their use.
       d) Arrange for an official photograph of the FLSC Governing Board.

Section 4: The Hospitality Chair shall:

        a) Coordinate with President and Advisor(s) the Welcome and/or Farewell of
           the spouse of the Commanding General and the Newcomer’s Welcome Tea.
        b) Form and supervise a committee to assist with the planning and execution of
           the Welcome and/or Farewell Teas.
        c) Share with the Property Chair the set up and clean up of monthly Governing
            Board meetings.
        d) Assist the First Vice President in providing hospitality duties at the Activities
            Sign-up function(s).
         e) Establish a committee to welcome members to FLSC monthly functions.

Section 5: The Membership Chair shall:

      a) Verify eligibility and enroll all members and maintain the membership forms
         and database roster.

             1. The FLSC General Membership roster is the sole property of the
                FLSC and will not be sold or loaned. All personal membership
                information will be maintained with the strictest confidentiality.

       b) Extend an invitation of Honorary Membership to all eligible persons After
            conferring with President, Honorary President, and Advisor(s).
       c) Extend an invitation of International Membership to all eligible persons. See
           Article V, Section 6, FLSC Constitution.
       d) Collect membership dues and submit funds to the Treasurer within five
           business days of receipt.
       e) Order, process, and issue FLSC membership cards.
       f) Provide a listing of names from the membership roster to the Reservation
           Chair no later than the reservations deadline for the month.
       g) Provide the names and mailing addresses of members to the Hospitality
           Chair for necessary social invitations.
       h) Provide the names and mailing addresses of members to the agency
           responsible for the mailing of the club newsletter, the Sunflower, no later
           than the 10th of each month.
       i) Prepare and distribute membership directory no later than the December
           General Membership Meeting.
        j) Provide a year end print copy of the Membership List for the Secretary for
            the permanent file.
       k) Recommend the membership fees to the Governing Board for approval in

Section 6: The Newsletter Editor

     a) Create and develop creative vision for the FLSC monthly newsletter, The
     b) Establish policies and procedures at the beginning of the board year to cover
        content and publication of the newsletter.
     c) Appoint, with the approval of the President, a committee to assist with the
        writing, editing and/or distribution of the newsletter.
     d) Coordinate with board members and committee members (writers) the
         solicitation of articles.
     e) Edit all written submissions.
     f) Develop visual design of newsletter and coordinate publishing of newsletter.

Section 7: The Parliamentarian, a non-voting member, shall:

     a) Ensure that Board Meetings are conducted according to the proper
        procedures as outlined in the FLSC Constitution and Bylaws, all applicable
        post and Army regulations relevant to private organizations, and Robert’s
        Rules of Order.
     b) Advise the President, as needed, and aid in ensuring the FLSC Constitution
         and Bylaws are followed.

      c) Ensure that each board member has a copy of the most current FLSC
         Constitution and Bylaws.
      d) Nominate members to the Constitution and Bylaw Revision Committee to the
         President for appointment and then preside over said committee. See FLSC
         Constitution Article XIII and FLSC Bylaw Article V Section 2b.
      e) Submit a copy of the revised Constitution and Bylaws to the Installation
          Commander for approval, after appropriate FLSC approval has been
      f) Submit a revalidation request for a Private Organization Operating Permit to
          DMWR in the Spring of odd-numbered years.
      g) At the request of the President, administer any telephonic or electronic votes,
          and relay the results to the Secretary and President.
      h) Chair a Nominating Committee, providing each member with a packet
          containing an active membership roster, elected officer job descriptions, and
          current Board roster.
      i) Serve as Election Officer and prepare and dispense the ballots, oversee the
         election process, count the ballots with an impartial Club member in
         attendance, and announce the results to the General Membership.
      j) Install the incoming elected officers at the May General Membership Meeting.

Section 8: The Property Chair shall:

     a) Establish usage policies for the Smith House and loan closet and present
        them to the Governing Board for approval in a timely manner.
     b) Coordinate the use of space and equipment authorized for use by the FLSC
        and work with the First Vice President on assigning Smith House use for
        activities’ classes.
     c) Maintain an updated property inventory, to include property held by each
        board member, and provide a written copy to the President semi-annually and
        a copy to each member of the Governing Board annually.
     d) Serve as custodian for the Smith House and ensure maintenance and upkeep
        of the building is provided in a timely manner.
     e) Order necessary supplies for the upkeep of the Smith House.
     f) Maintain accountability and collect deposits of all property items when they are
     g) Share with the Hospitality Chair the set up and clean up for monthly board
     h) Provide advertisement information to the Publicity Chair and Newsletter Editor
        regarding the availability of the Smith House and FLSC property for member
     i) Maintain, organize, and supervise storage of property in the Smith House, in
        cooperation with the Second Vice President (luncheon decorations). A
        thorough inspection and cleaning must be done at least once annually.
     j) Serve as custodian of all keys to exterior and interior doors of the Smith
     k) Collect usage fees and submit within five business days to the Treasurer.

Section 9: The Publicity Chair shall:

      a) Establish policies and procedures in a timely manner to cover events

        and practices of the FLSC board year.
     b) Promote and publicize all FLSC activities approved by the Governing Board.
     c) Serve as Publicist for the fundraising activities for the year and advertise the
        event in all available media.
     d) Serve as Publicist for the Community Assistance Committee and advertise
        the availability of funds and application deadlines in all available media.
     e) Serve as Webmaster or appoint, after receiving the President’s approval, a
        Webmaster. The Webmaster shall be responsible for

            1. Maintenance of the FLSC website, known as
            2. Obtaining content information from other board members.
            3. Utilization of the website to inform the general public about FLSC
               business and appropriate non-FLSC Fort Leavenworth activities.
            4. Promotion of the website through search engines with other
               webmasters, specifically those of a military or military spouse nature.

Section 10: The Reservations Chair shall:

     a) Establish a Reservation Policy and present it to the Governing Board for
         approval in July.
     b) Accept reservations and collect money for FLSC functions.
     c) Create appropriate name tags for members and guests at social functions.
     d) Provide reservations information to both the Publicity Chair and Newsletter
         Editor. The Reservations Policy must be printed in The Sunflower twice
         annually and must appear on the FLSC website.
     e) Submit all funds collected at social functions to the Treasurer or President at
         the end of that function.
     f) Submit all funds collected through the mail or after an event to the treasurer
        within five business days of receipt.
     g) Bill all “no shows” for social functions and collect fees for submission to the
        Treasurer within five business days of receipt.
     h) Report reservations total to the Second Vice President on the reservation
        deadline date.

Section 11: The Retiree Spouse Representative shall:

     a) Serve as FLSC liaison with the retiree community in the greater Leavenworth
     b) Coordinate with DMWR the FLSC participation in the annual Fort
        Leavenworth Retiree Appreciation Day.
     c) Help recruit volunteers and members from the retiree community.

Section 12: The Special Events Chair shall:

     a) Propose no less than one, or more than three, major fundraising event for
        approval to the FLSC Governing Board at the beginning of the board year,
        and subsequently acquire approval from DMWR for same.
     b) Organize and conduct the event(s) as approved by the FLSC Governing
        Board and DMWR.
     c) Appoint, with the President’s approval, a committee to plan and execute the

          approved fundraiser.
       d) Serve on the Budget Committee and Finance Committee.

Section 13: The Volunteer Coordinator shall:

       a) Establish policies and procedures in a timely manner to cover
          volunteer registration, reporting of hours, and appreciation.
       b) Attend quarterly Installation Volunteer Action Council (IVAC) meetings as a
          representative of FLSC.
       c) Maintain a volunteer file of FLSC members and coordinate with committee
           chairs the necessary volunteer force.
       d) Maintain a list of job descriptions for potential FLSC volunteers.
       e) Work with the President for nominations and prepare Fort Leavenworth
           Helping Hand
          Award packets for submission to the Installation Volunteer Coordinator (IVC).
       f) Prepare appropriate Volunteer Appreciation program.
       g) Serve as Volunteer Coordinator for the FLSC fundraiser(s).

Section 14: The Ways and Means Chair shall:

          1) Propose, organize, and conduct all continuing revenue producing projects
              for the FLSC Ways and Means concern.
          2) Follow proper inventory and accounting procedures.
          3) Maintain stock and inventory.
          4) Coordinate with the Treasurer the payment for purchases or orders.
          5) Operate a sales table at FLSC functions, Command Team Seminar
              (CTS), PAIR Day (optional), and any FLSC Special Event.
          6) Coordinate with the Spouse Training and Education Program Manager
              (currently Mr. Scott McCoy the dates
              for the PCC Sale each month.
          7) Complete sales reports and provide treasurer with money to be deposited
              and any other receipts within five business days.
          8) Serve on the Budget Committee.
          9) Provide sample merchandise for display at PAIR Day event(s).
          10) Update inventory listing after each sale event.
          11) Prepare quarterly physical inventory reports and year-end “Cost of
              Goods” report for Treasurer for audit purposes.
          12) Advertise merchandise and/or sales events in The Sunflower and FLSC
              web site.
          13) Establish a committee to compile and publish an FLSC Cookbook, if
              requested by the Governing Board.

                       SECTION 1 - STANDING COMMITTEES
All Standing Committee chairpersons of the Governing Board shall form their own
Committee members from the General Membership. Prior to their appointment,
members of Standing Committees must be members of FLSC in good standing and be
approved by the President.


The President will appoint chairpersons of Special Committees as deemed necessary.

       a) Nominating Committee shall:

              1. Compile a slate of elected officers for the following board year.
              2. Maintain confidentiality of all committee proceedings.
              3. Be composed of the Honorary President, Advisor(s), and other
                 representative FLSC members in good standing. No member of the
                 Nominating Committee shall be nominated for an elected position.
                 The current FLSC President may not sit on this committee.
              4. Be chaired by the Parliamentarian in February, who will:
                      i. Announce the slate of candidates at the March Board meeting.
                     ii. Announce the slate of candidates at the March General
                         Membership Meeting and accept nominations from the floor.
                    iii. Provide the slated President with a list of persons interested in
                         appointed board positions.
                    iv. Serve as the Election Officer during FLSC Elections.

       b) Constitution and Bylaw Revision Committee shall:

              1. In all ways comply with the FLSC Constitution, Article XIII.
              2. Be created and meet in January of each odd numbered year and be
                 chaired by the Parliamentarian.
              3. Be composed of the President, Honorary President, Advisor(s),
                 Secretary, and at a minimum, one Governing Board member and one
                 General Member. The members (Governing Board and General
                 Member) of the committee are to be nominated by the
                 Parliamentarian and approved by the Executive Board.
              4. Consider all written and signed amendment proposals from any
                 member of the FLSC, two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.
                 Additionally, the Committee may incorporate additional suggestions
                 and ideas presented by its members.
              5. Review a draft of any complete amendment or amended document
                 paragraph by paragraph. No vote shall be taken on the adoption of
                 the separate paragraphs, however a consensus agreement must be
                 reached on the amended documents as a whole.
              6. Have no less than three days to review the amended documents prior
                 to their presentation to the FLSC Governing Board.
              7. Submit to the Governing Board their recommendations for
                 amendment to both the FLSC Constitution and Bylaws.
              8. Prepare a minority report in the event that no consensus is reached
                 which will also be presented to the Governing Board.

.      c) Community Assistance Committee shall:

              1. Be composed of the following voting members: chair person,
                 Treasurer, 1st Vice President, one Governing Board Member, and
                 three general members. Also included as non-voting members are

                 the President (may only vote to break a tie), Honorary President, and
              2. Investigate community assistance requests and submit their
                 recommendations for disbursement of Community Assistance funds to
                 the Board for approval by a majority vote. The recommendations do
                 not have to be approved en masse and may be singled out for
              3. Give priority to projects benefiting the military community.
              4. Not give any one entity more than a 30% share of the available
                 Community Assistance funds.

       d) Budget and Finance Committee

          1. Proposes a budget for the FLSC fiscal year prior to the August Board
             meeting. The budgets will be approved by the Governing Board at the
             August board meeting and the General Membership at the first General
             Membership meeting
          2. Conducts a budget review in January and reports to the Board in
             February the results.
          3. Is chaired by the Treasurer and consists of the Executive Board, Ways
             and Means Chair, and Special Events Chair. Should additional members
             be necessary, they will be appointed by the President.


Ad Hoc Committees shall:

       a. Be established by the President after conferring with the Advisor(s).
       b. Be chaired by a member appointed by the President after conferring with the
       c. Consist of a committee appointed by the Chairperson, upon approval of the

                              ARTICLE VI - FINANCES

Section 1: Membership Dues
       a. Are determined by the Board at their June meeting after considering the
           recommendations of the previous board.
       b. Must be paid prior to enrolling in FLSC activity classes.
       c. Are non-refundable in any circumstance. Memberships are not transferable.
       d. Cover the period from the date of payment through the end of the current
           board year.

Section 2: Activity Fees for the FLSC Activities Sign-Up classes cannot be refunded
except in cases of PCS moves or class cancellation by FLSC.

Section 3: Contributions shall be accepted only as gifts to the association with the
express condition that the contributor shall not thereby acquire or own any funds, or
possess an enforceable rights or interests in any funds of property of, or any special
consideration by the FLSC.


Section 1: Voting when the Governing Board is not in session.

When an immediate decision is required, precluding a scheduled meeting of the
Governing Board, the President is authorized to make a request for a telephonic or
electronic vote. The following guidelines apply and must be utilized when voting is
required outside of the scheduled meeting of the Governing Board.

       a) The President will authorize the Parliamentarian to implement either a
          telephonic or electronic vote.
       b) The Parliamentarian will provide each member of the Governing Board with
          the details of the issue to be voted on and will execute a vote, either
          telephonically or electronically.
       c) All members of the Governing Board must be contacted and given the
          opportunity to submit their vote and a quorum of the members must be polled.
       d) The members of the Governing Board must be informed it is a voting
          procedure; must be read or emailed the full motion, along with the name of
          the individual who made the motion and the name of the second; and must be
          asked for their vote.
       e) The polling must be conducted expeditiously. A simple majority vote is
          necessary to approve the motion.
       f) The President or Parliamentarian will inform the Honorary President and the
           Advisor(s) of the vote and enter such action and its result in an addendum to
           the minutes to be read at the next meeting of the FLSC Governing Board.
       g) The minutes will include the exact words of the motion, names of the members
          who either could not be reached for polling or did not respond to such polling
          before the deadline, and the exact accounting of the vote.

Section 2: Proxy Voting

There shall be no proxy voting in writing, by phone, or electronically.

                                  Article VIII - APPROVAL

These Bylaws were approved by the Governing Board at a regular Board Meeting of the
Fort Leavenworth Spouses’ Club held on April 11, 2007.

In witness whereof, the following officers affix their signature.

Approved by Governing Board on                 _____________________________

__________________________                     ______________________________
Lynnette Burge                                         Maggie Landis
President, FLSC                                        1st Vice President, FLSC

__________________________                     _______________________________
Date                                           Date

Judith Fandrich
Parliamentarian, FLSC



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