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					On Happiness
On Happiness (2007-11-06 13:42:46)
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????In fact, all around me in the eyes, I'm a happiest woman, of
course, I think so, too does not measure the balance of well-being
scale, do not really know how to measure, in my view, contentment is
happiness, my even think that happiness is the exchange, a price to
pay, more or less it will be the case, have experienced emotional
mountain, feeling more wading through a river, now married, and is
happy is happiness, or the starting point of life or cause in the end,
I really can not tell, maybe it was that serious, but I really do not
----- husband on to say, little to eat clothing, really big to the
cause of every possible choice, wake up, dress in the evening too lazy
to wash her husband with a hot towel to wipe her face to me, I like to
eat every day, as long as I fancy something more you have to meet, but
having left their buying clothes, --- - daily at bedtime or wake up in
my ear would say "I love you baby" no matter how long
business trip, keep the phone every day, good happiness, but happiness
come with this, perhaps the frustration of, I and my husband engaged
in a career and life work together, this may also called happiness, I
used to change with the change after marriage, to a few off from the
arbitrary, from calm to inclusion, from what it preaches, to think
twice underwent, from steel to soft bamboo over, perhaps I should have
said there is no doubt that the happiness of women - how can I do
Is still the talk should not say or tell their own right, will
probably speak out their own comfortable, and even to judge whether he
was wrong, there a few days before the project, I think good, to go to
Korea, traveling all fees must be other pipes, her husband on business
in the field, I know he definitely will not let me go, call in the
past Sure, maybe more like watching Korean weekdays, more like Korean
culture, which is really killed me, and he thought I just to go to
South Korea, depressed ---- 4, this day is a Sunday, noon to host my
old friend not seen for 10 years, declared a man, with the United
States to his girlfriend (not a love relationship between Lu ) because
we are in the same industry, firm size, even if it takes one should be
my strength as he was in the evening to my uncle also had 66 birthday,
from morning to dinner before the husband has not been happy, from
time to time also There are many complaints, I know no rest his
business trip to deal with company matters, had on Sunday he would
like to relax, go fishing, well, I have no way, I would like to rest,
then how to do it, this day to be outside arrangement, psychological
simmering air, but also bad attack, I really do not want to quarrel,
as powerless to change time, we must face the healthy and happy,
really no use complaining about bringing good projects ---- friends,
as is the same industry, I think he has let me learn from, they want
my husband to see the information, he did not see one until today, he
said that so many industrial and commercial tax matters, how can Xian
Xin, but if we see ,---- do not study the consequences ----- I can not
think, before I hand a project, and have investors, because investors
and I set to meet at 9 pm on things (since that time from the plane
to) delayed because the plane after 10 more years to give me a call,
from her husband do not cooperate with me, because there is no
principle, why is 10 pm also met with a married woman, cooperation can
talk during the day. I say only this intermediary at the time the next
day to travel ----- The results I gave up, because I do not want my
marriage, feeling as affected by fame and fortune, he never trip when
I do not participate in social activities, except her husband's Nv Shu
Xi talent can be, even if is not a business trip, I almost can not
arrange social activities, because 80% is not, even if dinner and a
female employee, went to bars (if I recall more than 1 year or even
two years did not go to bars the KTV is also true, for I was once a
professional voice actor, really --- because of my hobby is singing)
more to say half a day, or went without full recognition, and his
argument is how can a girl no man down kind of place unaccompanied,
but his entertainment would I best take on each set, of course, he is
well-intentioned, other men still do not want my wife to follow it;;;
can I really heartfelt to him freedom, let him get in his friends
really relax that day, I really am embarrassed last meal, he a man,
bend over backwards to told me that - to - put off a day bar for today
right? Leighton time I do not know what to say - really want to say, I
really do not want to ah --- Well long story, I think I'm
narrow-minded, do not trust your husband, wife does not virtuous fame
be back up, husband and I harm could that trust, but do not know why
--- for example lots to talk about, What a lot of things I forgot,
they were reluctant to think of it, everything it should be inclusive,
because I really respect in another very happy, it is an exchange when
it, but I lost to the future, in the end I choose to abandon the cause
of the family, or choose to abandon the cause of the family, perhaps
the two can take care of, but there's not not a problem, because I
entertainment industry can not but I can not help learning industry
innovation, or will be left behind, then the company's survival would
be a problem, my husband is in finance, and we had a good marriage,
quit work and dedication to help me, because I a business advantage
but no Shou meaning, we should learn from each other, really do not
know how to have best of both worlds, wish to give me some more free
space, the space of imagination and innovative thinking, to cause
strong, then I retreated home too late, because I really can not do
without my business now